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1 x 31 Days SeedBox Giveaway

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1. Apply here. Please Do not PM me.

2. Do not post any proofs unless i ask you to do so.

3. Do not start spamming me with any possible way (Messengers, PMs etc)

4. Post here why you want it.

Winner will be a active user:

  • With nice Giveaways.
  • With helpful threads/posts (Tracker Reviews, Open Signup Trackers, News, Tutorials).
  • Who fulfilled requests.
  • Active on the forums.
  • Active on the Shoutbox.
  • Who promoted IS in various way.
  • As always Donors have more changes.




Winner: @

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omg dont believe that finally someone decided to do make a giveaway for seedboxes


please i apply for that


i really need it i can give you proof if you want it, i barely apply for any invites but this please really need it 



                         Add Rep and Leave a feedback


do you understand            if you having fun?                  it's a rising sun                           it's a man killing                              what's that feelin'

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Awesome GA

i apply for seedbox

The house is very low connection

I need to protect my private trackers ratio has

I can show you evidence of high lvl private tracker rate trackers to maintain low ratio

In some seeds of my private trackers so hard I want to increase the rate of

Speedtest can show proof of home connection speed

I constantly have to use seedbox



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