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Hey Guys !


I Need Experienced Members ,,

Want The Best Replies !


First Question : About This Plan :

Seedbox URL:



Disk Space (per user) 700 GB

Memory 3 GB

Active Torrents Unlimited

Bandwidth Unlimited

Downlink (shared) 1 Gbit/s

Uplink (per user) 300 Mbit/s

Users Per Server up to 5

Dedicated IP icon_yes.jpg

Monthly €24.40


Is This Plan Is Good For Seeding In Trackers [ Specifically Chinese Ones , With Lots Of Leechers/Seeders ]

How Much Could It Reach [ By Approximation ] In Upload/Down Speed ??



My Second Question :


In Compare With It's Price ,, Is There Other Better Plans On Other SeedBoxes Companies , Offering Better Speeds , HDD Space With This Amount Of Cash ??


Waiting For Help ,, Thanks ..



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