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[TV] BroadcasThe.Net | BTN | TV | January 2014 Exclusive Review

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BroadcasThe.Net Review 2014





BTN is a ratioless TV show only tracker.
All torrents are very well organized by TV shows, individual seasons and episodes. Single episodes, except pilots, get trumped (deleted) when a season is finish airring.
cene torrents are extracted from archives, and all user uploads are not allowed to be archived. All internal release are double upload, which is helpful if you are trying to progress through user classes. From time to time they have a site wide 2x upload as well. Highest class normal users can reach is Master, who have the ability to give away unlimited invites. 
They recently added the Overload class which is almost impossible to reach, you will know what I mean if you check out the user class chart below.
Tracker name : BroadcasThe.Net
Tracker genre : TV
Tracker type : Ratio Free
Tracker registration : Invite only
Maintaining ratio : N/L
Bonus system : Yes
Home page
Class stats
Tracker stats
Browse / Categories
User classes & Promotion


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Awesome and perfectly done. Thanks for using IS watermark. 

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