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We have a discord server now. Now you can talk to fellow Invite Scene members in a more convenient way.

The invitation link to #welcome is: | Note that sharing this link may only be useful for Invite Scene members.



To gain access to the rest of our channels, you must link your Discord account to your Invite Scene account. You can do this by going to your Account Settings and clicking on Discord. Direct link:



• We don't have many rules. Use common sense, don't be an asshat, be helpful, respectful, and try to contribute.

• File requests are not permitted anywhere on this server. We also don't allow file sharing as we cannot verify the integrity of the upload.



At the moment there are four channels in our Discord Server. We may add/remove more in the future. They are:

#welcome - that's where you are right now, dummy!

#announcements - where we post announcements regarding Invite Scene and our discord server.

#general - this is the general chat for whatever you want to discuss.

#support - you can seek limited support here. We still encourage you to use our website for optimal support.


Suggestions for different / new channels are welcomed but we try to keep the list small.

If you don't have discord installed on your PC or Mac, download it here:
Discord is also available for iOS or Android devices.

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24 minutes ago, Martin ◢◤ said:

Why do not use RocketChat?

Its free, stay in your own site and have for many OS.

The point of using discord is not about whether people are staying on our site or not. A lot of users probably have discord installed anyways and joining a chat with fellow Sceners might be fun and social. It's basically like having a Skype group for  Invite Scene, but a little better.

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