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"Snowy sky burst white deer, laughing book God Xia Bi Bi Yu", the fourteen words represent the three old martial arts martial arts classic masterpiece, and these martial arts classic masterpiece has also been remodeled into N different versions of the film , Television is widely circulated, its influence does not lose the international blockbuster!

     Jin Yong, formerly known as Charles Liang Yong, born in 1924, Zhejiang Haining people, was born family. University majors in English and international law. He was founded in 1959 to set up the "Ming Pao" in Hong Kong, where he was the editor-in-chief and the president for 35 years. During the period of "Ming Pao Monthly", "Hong Kong" Ta Kung Pao "and" New Evening News " "," Ming Pao Weekly ", Singapore" New Ming Daily "and Malaysia" New Ming Daily "and so on. In 1972, Jin Yong printed seal pen, wash basin.

     Mr. Jin Yong created countless lifelike heroes, or righteousness, or is also evil, or two sleeves breeze. Which heroes who also cherish the masterpiece of God, really envy others! [Em41] Remember a child, saw the Huang Rihua version of the Eagle Shooting Heroes, the results really secretly practice the dragon eighteen palm, their own walls did not hit me on the eighteen palm, but also suffer my sixteen palm. [Em3] kid, you really is a martial arts martial arts! Haha! [Em5]

     I believe that like high-definition friends, is also a friend like martial arts, have a martial arts dream. It is through the CHD's east wind, here together chatter nibbling, talk about everyone's mind heroes. Chat rules are not limited, the content is not limited! Talk about the good will be given to the station a certain amount of magic reward! An example of a chat format is as follows:

     What do you like Kim Yong's novel: "Condor Heroes"
     One of your favorite heroes and gods: Yang Guo, playing the dog bar method
     In the novel you most appreciate the words: Xia of the big, for the country for the people
     Talk about your understanding of this sentence: Xia is chivalrous people, love to fight the injustice of people. Old knight refers to some of the rivers and lakes, these people's social status is generally not high, among the knight can be called heroes must have the worries of the people, sacrifice justice.
     All the TV version of your favorite version: 95 years old days, Li Ruo Tong version
     TV or novel which plot the most able to impress you: Yang Guo and little dragon girl with the practice of jade heart, was found, resulting in the little dragon woman practice injury, Yang Guo angry and stinker will be a dead battle, to protect their own kind of woman's gas field It is so handsome.

     Incentive rules: The event set up a special award, first prize, second prize, third prize four awards, of which the number of awards and awards are as follows
     1, a special prize: reward 20,000 magic value;
     2, first prize two: the reward 12000 magic value;
     3, two prize three: the reward 8000 magic value;
     4, three prize four: the reward 5000 magic value;

     Event deadline: April 30, 2017
     All the essay are in this post, the corresponding format to reply. The number of words is not limited, the more the better.
     This article is strictly prohibited irrigation! The The All irrigation posts will be deleted.

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