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Waffles Staff Picks: March 2016 Edition
2016-03-07 07:48:15
Waffles Staff Picks - March (November) Edition

Welcome to the March edition of the Staff Picks. These were intended for November, hence the theme, but due to various site problems we've had, never got put up, so here they are now, and we should be able to get back on track with these picks going forward. 

Please remember we do not look to balance genres or purposely seek out diversity - these are simply albums by bands that we love, and hope that you find something you enjoy as well. Note that each pick may be an individual track, or an entire album (for the purpose of the theme). In every case, however, the entire album will be FL. Thanks go out to our resident designer groovyds for creating the collage for this month. 

If you notice that there are missing formats for any of these , feel free to add them, then, and this is important, report them using the report feature, asking for the torrent to be made freeleech. Remember, if you don't see the red FL banner on the torrent page, the torrent isn't freeleech. 

And in other news, we have a new mod...medicalfools! He's spearheading the Radio Waffles project, and hopefully that will be successful and will generate some activity around here. Welcome aboard!
Theme: Remember(ance)/Never Forget



Artist: George Harrison

Album: All Things Must Pass

Track: I Remember Jeep
He passed away November 29, 2001


Artist: The Chills

Album: Kaleidoscope World 

Track: I Love My Leather Jacket 

Originally released on a 12" in 1986, it was among the songs collected onto Kaleidoscope World for its 1989 US reissue. Martin Phillips wrote this song about the leather jacket bequeathed to him from former bandmate Martyn Bull, only 22 when he died of leukemia in 1983. This jacket is, as he puts it, his only concrete link with an absent friend, therefore, a rememberance of him. He wears the jacket in the music video:

Kaleidoscope World is an excellent anthology of early Chills singles. Other excellent tracks here include Pink Frost, Doledrums, Rolling Moon, and the title track. 


Artist: suis la lune

Album: distance/closure

Track: "better parts"

If you listen to this song once you will be emo forever. I'll never forget how good this band is, probably.


Artist: Katatonia

Album: Viva Emptiness

Track: Burn the Remembrance

"Viva Emptiness" is my favorite album by the Swedish metal band Katatonia, and "Burn the Remembrance" is my favorite track of it. If you want to listen to a great heavy metal band, check it out!!


Artist: Mineral

Album: Power of Failing

For when you want to twist the knife.


Artist: The Kinks

Album: The Kinks are the village green preservation society

Track: Do you remember walter?

Nobody did songs with nostalgic imagery as well as the Kinks. I almost feel like i'm there when I hear this song.


Artist: The Shirelles

Album: Anthology: 1959-1964

Beautiful music from an era that I will never forget. 


Artist: Bob Marley & The Wailers

Album: Rastaman Vibration [2002 Deluxe Edition]

Track: No Woman, No Cry (Live)

Don't forget about your woman, or maybe if you don't have one you may not cry :)


Artist: Hüsker Dü

Album: Metal Circus

Track: Real World

"Hüsker Dü" means "do you remember" in some Scandinavian language. I do. I remember hearing this band for the first time during Jason Lee's part in Blind's Video Daze. I can close my eyes and replay most of his part by heart still. Those times were golden. We were healthy, loud, and honest.


Artist: The Used

Album: Artwork

in a world constantly knocking one down, with people thinking they know what is best for you shooting down your dreams and telling you to give up, learning to persevere and pick ones self up is invaluable to ones mental health and success within ones environment - after losing someone important to me and my dreams to relocate overseas falling apart, this album helped me through an extremely difficult time and reminded me there is always light at the end of the tunnel no matter how bleak things might seem at the time.

"sharpen up your teeth your dreams are more than worth defending, in a fight thats never ending..."
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