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We've Hit Seven Years!

Happy Birthday Everyone!

It's been seven long years since PTP first came kicking and screaming into this world. While we've grown significantly over the years, our passionate love of cinema and our unwavering focus on the community have remained unchanged. We've been through many hardships over the years: staff changes, hardware failures, and large scale attacks. Every few months a new crisis hits...and yet here we stand. Alive. Not only have we managed to survive -- we've actively thrived. PassThePopcorn is quite possibly the largest quality cinematic archive in the history of the world. Let that sink in for a second. We're blessed with a dedicated family of staffers, a fantastic FLS team, and a vibrant and wonderful community. We're on the verge of archiving 125,000 films, and 300,000 individual torrents. 

And it only gets better from here.

We could never have gotten this far without you, our users. You are the ones that make this place so incredibly special. We're glad to have each and every one of you as part of our extended family. And so, to show our thanks, let's unwrap some presents!

-- Much love, the PTP Staff

Recruitment is back
It's been a long time coming, but we're finally ready to open our doors to new users. In the next few days PTP will start recruiting members from a few of our closest allied trackers. If you have a friend who has been looking to join, now is their chance. 
As a reminder: Personal invites should ONLY be given out to people you know well. Inviting people from public places, or people who pm you asking for an invite (even if their ratio is good) is strictly forbidden. Leave the recruiting to staff.

New party hats!
Deep in our secret underground lair: Show
The people demand hats. Who am I to stand in their way? We've completely stripped down and re-coded the party hat system. We've also added a ton of new hats. Have you ever wanted to wear a kitty on your head? Well now you can! New users are now given 48hrs of party hats as a welcome gift, and sent a helpful pm explaining how to engage with the site and community.

Better bonus store
You can now use BP to help boost low-bounty requests. We hope this encourages people to fill all requests, and makes our archive even stronger. You can also buy the ability to subscribe to all new posts in a forum, and unlock new types of partyhats. We have some other fun stuff in the works too, including a special treat for those of you who are Custom Class.

Stylesheet picker
While this nifty feature has been implemented for a few months, many of you may have missed it. Swing on over to thestylesheet picker to easily view and change which stylesheet you are using.

Improved user recommendations
We now show two user recommendations at the same time, which means you'll no longer need to wait over a month to see your pick hit the front page. We've also included the cover art next to your recommendation, so more people will see it.

Better movie pages
You can now help make a film freeleech (contribute to its bonus pool) directly from the movie page. You also have direct access to all relevant log results for the film.

Easier donation system
We've overhauled the bitcoin options on the donation page so now they're much easier to use, and employ a QR code for easier access. We hope to fully automate the system in the coming months, allowing donor perks to be credited instantly.

Miscellaneous changes

  • Freeleech on new Golden Popcorn torrents will be staggered throughout the day
  • Bonus points start to accrue AFTER you've completed the minimum seed time requirements
  • An automated message is displayed on site when the tracker is down
  • Collections can be sorted by subscriber count
  • missing.php lists groups that have unfilled requests
  • Request and collage links will now show the name instead of the url
  • needforseed.php allows you to search by filename

Freeleech Picks!
And what would a birthday party be without some freeleech? Below you'll find a selection of films chosen by our checkers, FLS, and staff. All the following will be freeleech for approximately one week. Cinema is near and dear to our hearts -- so let's get comfortable and watch some films! 

Checker Picks
True Grit [1969] by FatherTimeline

True Grit is the real article! Genuine, double-rectified bust head. Aged in the keg.

Joysticks [1983] by clutchit

This documentary gives a genuine look into the everyday life of your normal 1980's teenager.

Cure [1997] by hypnagogiia

Who are you?

Ballada o soldate AKA Ballad of a Soldier [1959] by Wanderer

A Soviet war film with clear anti-war message and no pathos/communist propaganda. Simple, very emotional and slightly humorous story, no heavy drama but you can easily feel that disorder and deprivation brought into the people's lives by wartime. Pretty rare mixture of qualities too.

Le petit Nicolas AKA Little Nicholas [2009] by Peaches

An adorable, very sweet, light hearted comedy.

FLS Picks
The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra [2001] by dwagonfwy

here behind the scenes i've witnessed unclesalty do things, well... even things that unclesalty wouldn't do.

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back [2001] by kuzeth




The Fountain [2006] by Siege

This is my favorite movie. A beautiful mix of scifi and fantasy and romance. The less you know going in the better it is. HD recommended to fully appreciate it.

Contact [1997] by mallegonian

Based on Sagan's book. Good movie, and an interesting commentary on a variety of things.

 also I couldn't be *too* predictable

Gattaca [1997] by vt

One of my favorite sci-fi movies. A must watch if you haven't seen it. The genetics in this film aren't too far from reality today.

Brazil [1985] by Tamjuk

A First Line Supporter in a retro-future world tries to correct an administrative error and himself becomes an enemy of the site.

Avoid the Love Conquers All version like kuzeth.

Staff Picks
Oh, God! [1977] by Formal

Thinking back in the past year, this is one of the unique ones that popped into my head when I was trying to think of a movie which wasn't a CGI blockbuster. I hope you enjoy it.

John Wick [2014] by alamak

I love CGI Blockbusters! --

 Also, don't you dare kill my dog.

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father [2008] by unclesalty

A beautiful story of joy, and a restoration of faith in humanity.

Angel-A [2005] by Bonsai

One of my favorite LB's.

Der Krieger und die Kaiserin AKA The Princess and The Warrior [2000] by Voltaire

Incredible cinematography, interesting plot, a completely stellar movie. Well worth a watch. Plus it's so obscure that Kuzeth will have a conniption.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off [1986] by Forseti

I just couldn't resist! It's one of those movies that we can watch over and over again.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back [1980] by ChunkyLover53



am your father...

Beyond the Black Rainbow [2010] by 312c

You're gonna need some drugs for this one

88 [2015] for Teddy





The Dead Pool [1988] for callahan

This one was a given.

Ready, Set, Bag! [2008] for paperk

Paper for paper.

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