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TOP100 Most Requested Invites 2014

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Well here is the top 100 most requested torrent tracker invites for 2014...



Here are the first 10:

1. PassThePopcorn (+1)
Largest private tracker, devoted exclusively to movies, this is a leader in the number and variety of films in different formats and quality. Tracker has a high seeding at the top of world resources, its database has more than 250,000 torrents, and it’s not the limit, as it is constantly updated with new films of different genres. Here you will find new items and classic cinema for everyone: comedy, action, science fiction, biography, crime, mystery, sports, art house, romance and more.

2. BTN (+7)
 This is a world top ratio-less TV tracker with large content, good speeds and good pretimes with gazelle code based site. It contains a huge database of various genres of television series, any size and in any capacity. Here you will find all the series that has ever broadcasted on television, with the new series appear immediately after they appeared on TV.

3. (+3)
The biggest and most difficult to get HD-tracker in the network that contains a huge collection of original Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs. Community of the tracker – this is the true connoisseurs of quality and exclusivity, which fill the resource by an excellent content. That is why the tracker contains a large number of releases from the best release groups such as Esir, Don, PerfectionHD, CtrlHD etc. Among the categories of the site –  there is exclusive movie news, HD/1080p videos, movies, TV shows, audio tracks, music, XXX- section, a collection of codecs, and more. Second quality records are not accepted, all materials on the tracker have an excellent quality.
4. DeepBase9 (0)
One of the most rare music trackers, best tracker of musical direction Drum&Bass and Dubstep. Also there are other related genres – House, Garage, Jungle, Oldschool, Techno. It contains a huge collection of releases, there are releases that can be found only on this tracker, labeled as DB9 Exclusive. DB9 is a resource that is needed for those who appreciate this style of music, a huge base and diversity of releases you will not find anywhere else.
5. HDWing (+5)
One of the largest Chinese HD-trackers, a former, which is also one of the hard to reach in the subject. Tracker contains a huge collection of HD video hands and is known for its quick releases of original Blu Ray discs, so it is often possible to find a unique distribution, which is not even on the famous
6. FSC (+10)
FSC is a different tracker when talking about community. Invitations are rare and the tracker always tries to remain anonymous. There is hardly information about this tracker on the Internet.
7. BitMe (0)
Best tracker on the internet educational topics, a place where you can find any e-learning you want. This site is amazing if you are interested in audio learning, art, college lectures, documentaries, e-books, languages, magic, medical, stock photography and many other terms. This closed world famous resource is one of the most popular on the network with collection of content that has no equal. There are many books in PDF and in audio formats, applications, utilities, tutorials, books, videos, manuals, school teaching, research topics, graphics, design, programming and more. Invite to will give you the unique opportunity to plunge into the world of knowledge and science, to obtain the necessary skills, and get the rarest of the information.
8. SceneHD (-3)
SceneHD is the leader in quality and speed of emergence scene HD rips (720/1080), movies and TV- shows. Tracker is provided with excellent seeding by loyal users, so the old distribution and prime collections (packs) are always available for download. 
9. HD-Spain (-1)
Best Spanish tracker from the category HD-video, the main direction is movies in HD quality. Also it contains a large number of different categories of another video in high quality: soap operas, cartoons, sports and TV shows. Because of its high quality torrents and Blu-ray disks the resource is considered one of the best HD trackers of Europe. The main feature HDSpain is that here you can find many rare publishers unpopular movies with English audio track. 
10. Pedro's (+1)

Highest quality and the most needful in the music world, which is a treasure trove of musical hands in the highest quality – mostly in LossLess and Vinyl. It contains more than 60,000 exclusive hands that are made only from officially released LPs and CDs.



Source: insidebt
All your remarks are welcomed :)
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Interesting for me how CHDBits not top10.)

We compare invites with our last year list. There are some big changes since in this year couple of trackers was closed, some have long downtimes and some gain more and more popularity.


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Well each year there is some discution about how is done this list...

From my point of view, CHD,, bitmetv, thevault, RevTT, TL, Bibliotik, NextGen, TTG, WiHD, nCore, norbits, theOccult, IPT etc... should be higher in the list...

and HDBits, HDWings, DB9, CC, TS Tracker, pixelHD, x264, FSC, Pedro's etc...  should be lower...


See you,


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