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Found 16 results

  1. high-end GPUs like Nvidia's new GTX 980 are all well and good, but not everyone wants to fork out $549 (£429) just to have the latest piece of graphics tech. Traditionally, the sweet spot for GPUs is somewhere in the middle, where the price/performance ratio is more sensibly balanced. Usually, that means taking a significant (if acceptable for the price) performance hit compared to the high-end cards, but something rather special has happened with the GTX 970. Retailing at around $329 in the US, and £259 in the UK, the GTX 970 features the same GM204 chip as its bigger brother the GTX 980, but comes with less CUDA cores and slightly slower clock speed. However, because The 970 is based on the same power-efficient Maxwell architecture, it's a prime candidate for overclocking. With a stock TDP of just 145W (20W less than the GTX 980), there's a significant amount of headroom available for pushing the GPU--and the results are nothing short of spectacular for the price. Zotac GTX 970 AMP! Omega Edition Specs With such potential for overclocking, many Nvidia partners have taken to producing overclocked cards with significant bumps to power and cooling. Notably, while you can buy a cheaper stock version of the GTX 970 and still get a decent boost in performance out of it, these pre-overclocked GPUs don't command too much of price premium over their stock counterparts. The 970 I'm looking at, Zotac's GTX 970 AMP! Omega Edition, goes for £289 in the UK (US pricing TBC). For that price you get a beefy triple-slot cooler, along with two 8-pin power inputs for extra juice when overclocking, letting you boost it all the way to 171W. GPU GTX 770 (Kepler) Zotac AMP GTX 970 (Maxwell) GTX 980 (Maxwell) CUDA Cores 1536 1664 2048 Base Clock 1046 MHz 1102 MHz 1126 MHz GPU Boost Clock 1085 MHz 1241 MHz 1216 MHz Memory Clock 7000 MHz 7046 MHz 7000 MHz Memory Bandwidth 224 GB/sec 224 GB/sec 224 GB/sec Memory Bus Width 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit ROPs 32 64 64 TDP 230W 171W (up to) 165W Manufacturing Process 28-nm 28-nm 28-nm The Zotac 970 comes with a base clock of 1102 MHz, and a boost clock of 1241 MHz, a significant increase over the 1050 MHz and 1178 MHz of the stock card. Impressively, that boost clock is also slightly higher than the 1216 MHz of a stock GTX 980. With all that power and cooling on board, there's definitely room to overclock the Zotac 970 even more (with some reporting stable boost clocks of 1469MHz), but the benchmarks below are based on the out-of-the box experience. Elsewhere, there's the same 4GB of GDDR5 memory as the GTX 980, tied to a 256-bit bus. You also get all the other benefits of Nvidia's Maxwell architecture, including support for VXGI, DSR, and MFAA, which you can read more about in the GTX 980 review. Benchmarks But enough of the fluff: just how did the Zotac 970 perform? I tested it out using the same rig I used for the GTX 980, which featured an Intel Core i5-3570K processor overclocked to 4.2Ghz, an Intel Z77 DZ77GA-70K motherboard, 16GB of 1866 MHz Corsair Dominator GT RAM, a 120GB Corsair Force LS SSD, and a Corsair HX 850 PSU. Unigine Heaven GPU Ultra @1080p, 8XAA FPS Ultra @1440p, 8XAA, Extreme Tessellation Ultra @4K, 8XAA, Extreme Tessellation R9 290X 55 34 17 GTX 980 61 37 20 GTX 970 53 31 17 GTX 780 Ti 55 35 21 GTX 780 49 31 18 GTX 680 34 21 4 Tomb Raider GPU Ultra @1080p, TressFX, FXAA FPS Ultra @1440p, TressFX, FXAA FPS Ultra @4K, TressFX, No AA R9 290X 74 52 27 GTX 980 77 53 28 GTX 970 73 49 25 GTX 780 Ti 74 49 27 GTX 780 60 42 22 GTX 680 49 32 - Metro: Last Light GPU Ultra @1080p, Tessellation Normal, 2XSSAA, Advanced PhysX Off FPS Ultra @1440p, Tessellation Normal, 2XSSAA, Advanced PhysX Off FPS Ultra @4K, Tessellation Normal, No AA, Advanced PhysX Off FPS R9 290X 72 44 39 GTX 980 74 47 43 GTX 970 72 43 38 GTX 780 Ti 77 47 41 GTX 780 64 38 35 GTX 680 48 27 - Battlefield 4 GPU Ultra @1080p, 2XMSAA, HBAO FPS Ultra @1440p, 2XMSAA, HBAO FPS Ultra @4K, No AA, HBAO FPS R9 290X 77 54 37 GTX 980 93 64 44 GTX 970 83 58 40 GTX 780 Ti 82 60 38 GTX 780 78 51 32 GTX 680 60 40 - Crysis 3 GPU Very High @1080p, 2XMSAA FPS Very High @1440p, 2XMSAA FPS Very High @4K, No AA FPS R9 290X 46 29 17 GTX 980 52 37 20 GTX 970 52 32 16 GTX 780 Ti 54 33 19 GTX 780 48 30 16 GTX 680 40 21 - Bioshock Infinite GPU Ultra @1080p, AO, AA FPS Ultra @1440p, AO, AA FPS Ultra @4K, AO, AA FPS R9 290X 120 86 46 GTX 980 140 90 52 GTX 970 134 92 48 GTX 780 Ti 134 92 49 GTX 780 110 73 39 GTX 680 92 60 Verdict Ah, the march of progress. The GTX 780 Ti--which commanded a hefty $699 (£559) at launch and used a full 250W of power--is now, less than year later, largely matched by a £289 card that consumes up to just 171W of power. AMD's flagships--the R9 290 and R9 290X--are now essentially irrelevant. They're wildly inefficient, hot GPUs by comparison, and cost around the same price (more in the US), but are easily bested in the benchmarks by the 970. Even AMD's monster dual-gpu R9 295X2, previously the best value choice for 4K gaming, has its work cut out for it. Two 970s would be far cheaper, run cooler, use less power, and--based on the single-gpu benchmarks at least--run faster. Such a setup would only cost slightly more than a single 980 too. That's a very impressive result, and one that makes the substantially more expensive 980 that much less desirable. Of course, the 980 is more powerful, and if you want the absolute best in performance, it's still the GPU to get. It, too, is a similarly capable overclocker, which'll push its performance even further. But there's not as big a difference between the two as you might expect, and for those with a more modest budget, the 970 is, comparatively speaking, an absolute bargain. You get silky smooth 1080p at the highest settings, and excellent performance at 1440p. Zotac's AMP! Omega version of the card is a great piece of kit too; under load, temperatures rarely crept above 70 degrees, giving you plenty of headroom for more overclocking, and at only a small bump in price over the stock 970. The only downside to the Zotac is its triple-slot cooler, which means you need a roomy case to fit one, or a pair of them, in. Regardless of whether you pick a stock card or a pre-overclocked one, though, Nvidia's GTX 970 is cool, quiet, and far more powerful than anything in its price range ought to be. Without a doubt, the GTX 970 is the GPU bargain of the year. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  2. Andrus Nomm, one of the Megaupload employees indicted by the United States, has pleaded guilty and been sentenced to a year in prison. Nomm signed a plea deal and admitted that he personally downloaded copyright-infringing files from Mega's sites. After three years of relative inaction the criminal case against Megaupload and seven of its employees heated up this week. Just a few days ago the U.S. authorities arrested Andrus Nomm, one of the indicted Megaupload defendants. The 36-year-old programmer had been living in the Netherlands but came to the States to take a plea deal. The Department of Justice just announced that Nomm pleaded guilty to criminal copyright infringement, and was sentenced to a year and a day in prison. According to the DoJ statement Nomm acknowledged that he “was aware that copyright-infringing content was stored on the [Megaupload] websites, including copyright protected motion pictures and television programs, some of which contained the ‘FBI Anti-Piracy’ warning.†“Nomm also admitted that he personally downloaded copyright-infringing files from the Mega websites. Nomm continued to participate in the Mega Conspiracy,†the statement continues. The authorities are happy with their first vistory in this case and are determined to bring the other defendants to the U.S. as well. “This outcome is the result of years of hard work by our office and our partners from the Criminal Division and the Federal Bureau of Investigation,†U.S. Attorney Dana Boente said. “The Mega Conspiracy engaged in massive criminal infringement of copyrighted works on the Internet, and we are confident that this case will be a sign to those who would abuse technology for illegal profit,†he added. Meanwhile, Megaupload’s founder Kim Dotcom slammed the U.S. legal system in a comment, but says that he understands Nomm’s decision. “The US Justice system: An innocent coder pleads guilty after 3 years of DOJ abuse, with no end in sight, in order to move on with his life,†Dotcom tweeted. “I have nothing but compassion and understanding for Andrus Nomm and I hope he will soon be reunited with his son.†Megaupload lawyer Ira Rothken told TF that the U.S. authorities might have taken advantage of Nomm. As an Estonian citizen living in a foreign country he was vulnerable, and running out of funds. “The DOJ apparently used Andrus Nomm’s weak financial condition and inability to fight back to manufacture a hollywood style publicity stunt in the form of a scripted guilty plea in court,†Rothken says. “The facts mentioned in court, like a lack of cloud filtering of copyrighted works, are civil secondary copyright issues not criminal issues,†he adds. According to Rothken the “publicity stunt†reveals how weak the DoJ’s case is. “The DOJ apparently convinced Andrus Nomm to say the conclusory phrase that Kim Dotcom ‘did not care about protecting copyrights’ and such point shows off the weakness in the DOJ’s case as Megaupload, amongst many other ways of caring, had a robust copyright notice and takedown system which gave direct delete access to major content owners and from which millions of links were removed.†Nomm’s sentencing for criminal copyright infringement is raising eyebrows among several experts. In the indictment there was only one example of possible copyright infringement, and that referred to watching a copy of a pirated TV-show. For now it remains unclear what other evidence the authorities have.
  3. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015 On behalf of all the staff i want to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. Best of wishes to everyone and a big thank you for helping us keeping the site alive with all your support through this year. Hope to see you all in the new year with a blast. Lots of love, Invite Scene Staff
  4. ~ 年考倒计时æ示 ~ 2014å¹´ç»ˆè€ƒæ ¸å³å°†å¼€å§‹ï¼Œè¯¦æƒ…å‚è§11月1æ—¥ä¹‹è€ƒæ ¸å…¬å‘Šï¼Œè¯·æ»¡è¶³è€ƒæ ¸æ¡ä»¶çš„会员åšå¥½å‡†å¤‡ï¼ 关于申请扣除积分å…è€ƒï¼Œå°†åœ¨è€ƒæ ¸å¼€å§‹å‰åœæ­¢æŽ¥å—ç”³è¯·ï¼›å› äººæ•°è¾ƒå¤šï¼Œé¢„è®¡åœ¨è€ƒæ ¸å¼€å§‹åŽ2-3日内处ç†å®Œæ¯•ï¼Œè¯·å®‰å¿ƒã€å‹¿å‚¬ï¼› 少数会员在近期申诉六周未登录,增é‡è€ƒæ ¸ä¸Žå¹´è€ƒé‡åˆï¼Œæ®ä»¥å¾€ç»éªŒï¼Œé‡å 期间的数æ®åŒæ—¶é€‚ç”¨äºŽä¸¤é¡¹è€ƒæ ¸(å³è€ƒæ ¸ä¸å åŠ )ï¼› å¯¹è€ƒæ ¸ä¸­ä¸ç†è§£çš„问题,请先详细阅读11月1æ—¥è€ƒæ ¸å…¬å‘Šã€è§„则以åŠå¸¸è§é—®é¢˜ï¼Œç¡®è®¤æ— 法找到答案åŽï¼Œå†åˆ°æ–°æ‰‹åŒºå‘帖询问; 六周未登录被å°ç¦ç”¨æˆ·ï¼Œæœ¬æ¬¡å¹´è€ƒåŽå°†é€æ­¥å–消接å—申诉,或æ高申诉会员的数æ®è¦æ±‚(综åˆè€ƒè™‘以往活跃度),望ç惜机会。 HDWinG管ç†ç»„ ============================================================================================================ ~ In test countdown tips ~ 2014 year-end assessment is about to begin, the assessment details, see announcement on November 1, please meet the assessment criteria Member ready! Points deduction waiver on the application, the assessment will be stopped before accepting applications; because the higher number is expected to begin processing after the assessment is completed 2-3 days, please feel at ease, not reminders; Minority members in the near future complaints logged in six weeks, the incremental annual assessment and examination coincidence, according to data on past experience, the overlap period applies to both the assessment (ie assessment does not stack); The appraisal of the problem do not understand, please read the announcement on November 1 assessment, rules and frequently asked questions, answers can not be found to confirm, to the novice area Ask a question; Six weeks has been banned user is not logged in, will be phased out this year test to receive complaints, complaints or raise members' data requirements (considering the previous activity), hope cherish the opportunity. HDWinG Management Group
  5. San Andreas re-releasing on Xbox 360 this Sunday, and three mobile GTA games are currently on sale. This Sunday, October 26, marks the 10-year anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' release in North America. Rockstar is marking the occasion in a number of ways, the most notable of which is an anniversary event it's hosting in Grand Theft Auto Online. The San Andreas Anniversary Weekend is now live in GTA V's online mode and runs through October 26. This consists in part of a new limited-time playlist, San Andreas Throwback Jobs, that offers fan-created missions with callbacks to San Andreas. (A list of the missions is available here.) By participating in the playlist, you'll earn double RP and GTA$, similar to past events. More interesting is what's happening in free mode, where you'll find special crate drops falling out of the sky for you to claim. These crates hold exclusive t-shirts featuring one of four radio stations from San Andreas (Bounce FM, K-DST, K-JAH, and K-Rose, as pictured above) along with in-game cash and weapons. Other aspects of the event include 50-percent discounts on green clothing (the color of choice for your gang in San Andreas), BMX bikes, bandanas, and other accessories, as well as a 25-percent discount on lowered-suspension vehicle mods. There's also a Snapmatic contest that you can read more about at Rockstar's website. Even if you've moved on from GTA V, there are still ways to celebrate the anniversary. As reported earlier this week, Rockstar plans on re-releasing San Andreas on Xbox 360 with 720p graphics, improved draw distances, and achievements on October 26. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to play GTA on the go, you can get the GTA III-era games on the cheap between now and November 9. GTA III -- $2.99 (iOS/Android/Amazon) GTA: Vice City -- $2.99 (iOS/Android/Amazon) GTA: San Andreas -- $3.99 (iOS/Android/Amazon/Windows Phone) Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  6. To celebrate a decade of work on Warp Records, Gravenhurst announces a UK and European tour playing the album Flashlight Seasons in full. The first release with Warp, 2004's Flashlight Seasons quickly earned Gravenhurst a devoted fan base, consistently strong support from the music press, and cemented Nick Talbot's reputation as a unique talent, and one of the most original British singer-songwriters and producers of his generation. For these special shows, Nick Talbot will be joined by Claire Adams and Rachel Lancaster, who form the regular Gravenhurst live band, to perform Flashlight Seasons in its entirely, followed by material picked from the other albums. Honing their sound over two years of touring and promoting The Ghost In Daylight, with their emphasis on three part vocal harmonies and subtle dynamics, the Gravenhurst Ensemble offer the opportunity to hear Flashlight Seasons for the first time performed in a manner truly befitting its unique production and haunting atmosphere. 20 Nov ' VIENNA, Bluebird Festival (tickets) 27 Nov ' ROME, Chiesa Metodista (tickets) 28 Nov ' RAVENNA, Bronson (tickets) 04 Dec ' LEEDS, Belgrave Music Hall (tickets) 07 Dec ' NEWCASTLE, Cluny (tickets) 08 Dec ' MANCHESTER, Gullivers (tickets) 09 Dec ' LONDON, Scala (tickets) 10 Dec ' BRISTOL, Fleece (tickets) 25 Jan ' MUNICH, Ampere (tickets) 26 Jan ' STRASBOURG, Laiterie (tickets) 27 Jan ' ZURICH, RockWoche Festival (on sale end Nov) 28 Jan ' SCHORNDORF, Manufaktur (tickets) 29 Jan ' MARBURG, KFZ (tickets) 30 Jan ' MAINZ, Schonschon (tickets) 31 Jan ' ESSEN, Grend (tickets) 02 Feb ' MUNSTER, Gleis 22 (tickets) 03 Feb ' HAMBURG, Rock Cafe (tickets) 04 Feb ' DRESDEN, Beatpol (tickets) 05 Feb ' BERLIN, Lido (tickets) 07 Feb ' GENEVA, Antigel Festival (on sale end Nov) The tour accompanies the reissue of the two classic albums, Flashlight Seasons and Black Holes In The Sand, and an additional new album: Offerings: Lost Songs 2000 ' 2004, a compilation of unreleased material from that period. Released on 1st December 2014, the three albums will be pressed on vinyl accompanied with digital download codes and essays by Nick reflecting on this early material after a decade of progress. A triple CD release will comprise all three albums. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  7. Tastemakers including Zane Lowe, Jamie T, Huw Stephens, Jen Long, Gilles Peterson, Sara Cox, MistaJam and Rudimental have championed the albums they feel should be crowned the overall winner of the 2014 Barclaycard Mercury Prize in a new series of short films. The twelve Champions Films, which are currently available to view on the Mercury Prize's official YouTube channel ' - feature a range of well known presenters and musicians explaining why they feel particular albums deserve to win this year's Prize. The 2014 Champions and their 'Albums of the Year' are: Ade Adepitan - Young Fathers 'Dead' Gemma Cairney - Nick Mulvey 'First Mind' Gilles Peterson - GoGo Penguin 'v2.0' Huw Stephens - East India Youth 'Total Strife Forever' Jameela Jamil - Bombay Bicycle Club 'So Long, See You Tomorrow' Jamie Cullum - Polar Bear 'In Each and Every One' Jamie T - Damon Albarn 'Everyday Robots' Jen Long - Anna Calvi 'One Breath' MistaJam - Kate Tempest 'Everybody Down' Rudimental - Jungle 'Jungle' Sara Cox - FKA twigs 'LP1' Zane Lowe - Royal Blood 'Royal Blood' Mercury Prize Executive Producer, Dan Ford, says: 'These short films really highlight the incredible range of music that can be found on this year's Barclaycard Mercury Prize shortlist. The passion that the Champions display for their chosen albums make the films truly compelling and should inspire viewers to discover all of the 2014 Albums of the Year for themselves.' Channel 4 will also be featuring the short films on the 4oD Shorts platform in the run up to the their coverage of the 2014 Awards Show, which starts at 9.30pm on Wednesday 29 October on More Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  8. The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) yesterday evening (Friday 17th of October) announced the winners of the first ever Festival Congress Awards at a sold-out ceremony in Cardiff's Portland House. The ceremony recognised and celebrated the great variety of work that took place in the festival industry this year. Winners included Catfish & the Bottlemen for 'Live Act of the Year'; Showsec for 'Friendliest Security Staff'; Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip for 'Artist for the Audience' and The Arcadia Spider in the 'Mind-Blowing Spectacle Award' category. Dan Le Sac, said: 'We are honoured to win this award. We've spent the last 8 years together planning shows because we love gigging, so to be recognised for that is truly wondrous! The cherry on the cake is that the award comes from the AIF - the independent festival scene is hugely vibrant in the UK and plays a massive part in keeping the music industry alive.' AIF vice chair, John Rostron, said: "What a way to kick off the first ever Festival Congress Awards, with some terrific winners and plenty of good fun in the mix. The fact there are winners here who aren't even a part of the AIF, yet have been nominated and voted for by our membership, demonstrates the great spirit of support for the sector, which runs throughout the AIF. Our festivals LOVE festivals, and there's a lot of love for these worthy winners." The awards were hosted by Ben Challis and featured an introduction by Huw Stephens (BBC Radio One) and Bethan Elfyn (BBC Radio Wales). There were also showcase performances from talented emerging Welsh music acts Baby Queens and Gabrielle Murphy, in connection with the AIF's exciting partnership with the BBC's Horizons scheme. Full list of winners: The Outstanding Contribution Award ' Rob da Bank Supporter of Emerging Talent Award ' 2000 Trees New Festival on the Block ' Fire in the Mountain Silver Service Award ' Goan Seafood Company Unique Festival Site ' Festival No.6 Live Act of the Year ' Catfish & the Bottlemen Artist for the Audience ' Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip Mind-Blowing Spectacle Award ' The Arcadia Spider Smart Marketing Campaign of the Year ' Bestival Mirror Ball Random Act of Kindness Award ' End of the Road audience: Festival Wood Culture & Tourism Award: Forward Thinking Local Authority ' Dorset County Council Friendliest Security Staff - Showsec Festival Blogger of the Year ' Shell Zenner Emmet Brown Award ' Shambala Festival: Fuel Efficient Technology Festival Venue of the Year ' End of the Road: The Garden Stage Unsung Hero ' James Goodall An after party at Cardiff's Glee Club followed the ceremony and was soundtracked by icons of the DJ world including Huw Stephens, Madame Electrifie, DJ Chris Tofu and Count Skylarkin. The awards ceremony took place on the first night of the AIF Festival Congress, a two-day gathering of those behind the success of festivals around the world as they met to network, learn and celebrate. The congress featured keynote speaker Jude Kelly and speeches from high-profile figures of the industry such as Martin Elbourne, Stuart Galbraith and Alison Wenham. For further details go to The Festival Congress is presented by AIF and supported by the Major Events Unit of the Welsh Government and the British Council. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  9. Broadcast Music honoured internationally-celebrated lyricist Sir Tim Rice as a BMI Icon at the 2014 BMI London Awards. Music industry guests including Van Morrison, Ray Davies, Don Black and Johnny Quinn (Snow Patrol) filled London's Dorchester Hotel to celebrate the UK, European and Caribbean songwriters, producers and publishers of the most-performed songs on United States radio and television in the past year. Sir Tim Rice was named BMI Icon because of his 'unique and indelible influence on generations of music makers' and joins a list of past honourees including John Lydon, Queen, Ray Davies, Don Black, Donovan andBryan Ferry, among others. BMI presented Nile Rodgers (BMI) with the Song of the Year Award (The Robert S. Musel Award) for 'Get Lucky,' co-written with Thomas Bangalter (PRS/SACEM) and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (PRS/SACEM) of Daft Punk, and Pharrell Williams. This award is given to the most-performed song by UK or European writers in the BMI catalogue on US radio and television over the past twelve months. The track was published by Imagem Music (PRS) and beat stiff competition from Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding. Avicii won the Dance Award for his smash hit 'Wake Me Up,' performed with Aloe Blacc and published by Sony/ATV Music. The song reached Number One in twenty-two countries including Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Ireland and the UK. In the UK, the track was the fifth most streamed track of 2013 and spent 32 consecutive weeks in the Top 40. Throughout the night, BMI honoured many British songwriters and co-writers of the most-performed songs on U.S. radio and television. Emeli Sandé (PRS) earned a pop award for 'Next to Me' and for her collaboration with Labrinth on 'Beneath Your Beautiful,' as well as Wayne Hector for 'Best Song Ever' performed by One Direction. Songwriting powerhouse Sacha Skarbek was celebrated for the worldwide hit 'Wrecking Ball' made famous by Miley Cyrus as well as Nicky Romero who was honoured for 'Right Now' performed by Rihanna. Julian Bunetta and John Ryan were honoured for "Best Song Ever" and together with Jamie Scott were among the writers honoured for "Story of My Life". Ellie Goulding was a triple winner for her songwriting in "Anything Could Happen","Burn", and "I Need Your Love". Mike Rosenberg took honours for "Let Her Go". Previous BMI Icon Van Morrison received the BMI Million-Air Award to honour the eleven million combined radio plays of 'Brown Eyed Girl' , now putting it firmly in the Top 10 Songs of All Time on US radio and television, as well as 'Have I Told You Lately' has had seven million. Also recognised were composers of the most-watched and highest-grossing television programs and films, along with the legendary songwriters behind classics that have generated more than three million U.S. radio and television performances. Here's a complete list of 2014 BMI London Award winners: BMI Icon Sir Tim Rice Song of the Year The Robert S. Musel Award Get Lucky Nile Rodgers * Thomas Bangalter Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo Pharrell Williams Imagem Music Dance Award Wake Me Up Avicii Aloe Blacc Sony/ATV Music 2014 London Pop Award Songs Anything Could Happen Ellie Goulding Global Talent Publishing Beneath Your Beautiful Labrinth Emeli Sandé Sony/ATV Music Publishing Stellar Songs Best Song Ever Wayne Hector Julian Bunetta * John Ryan * Warner/Chappell Music Publishing Ltd. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe Robin Braun Ronni Vindahl Sony/ATV Music Publishing Bruises Amund Bjørklund Espen Lind Sony/ATV Music Publishing Stellar Songs Burn Ellie Goulding Noel Zancanella * Global Talent Publishing C'est La Vie Björn Djupström Alexander 'Alex' Papaconstantinou Bilal 'The Chef' Hajji * Achraf 'AJ Junior' Jannusi * RedOne * Don't Stop the Party Frederick 'Toots' Hibbert * Dj Chino * Jorge A. Gomez Martinez * Armando 'Pitbull' Perez * Blue Mountain Music Everything Has Changed Ed Sheeran Taylor Swift * Sony/ATV Music Publishing Feel This Moment Magne Furuholmen Morten Harket PÃ¥l Waaktaar Christina Aguilera * Nolan Lambroza * Nasri * Armando 'Pitbull' Perez * Urales 'DJ Buddha' Vargas * Sony/ATV Music Publishing Friday Night Rob Crosby * Rose Falcon * Universal Music Publishing Get Lucky Thomas Bangalter * Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo * Nile Rodgers * Imagem Music Heaven nor Hell Michael Poulsen M. P. Publishing APS Sony/ATV Music Publishing Here and Now Dale Stewart * Shaun Morgan Welgemoed * John Humphrey * I Need Your Love Ellie Goulding Global Talent Publishing Lego House Ed Sheeran Sony/ATV Music Publishing Let Her Go Mike Rosenberg Sony/ATV Music Publishing Little Things Fiona Bevan Ed Sheeran Imagem Music Sony/ATV Music Publishing Live While We're Young Rami Yacoub Marry Me Jonas Jeberg * Marlin 'Hookman' Bonds * Jason Derülo * BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd. a BMG Chrysalis company Mermaid Amund Bjørklund Espen Lind Sony/ATV Music Publishing Stellar Songs Next To Me Emeli Sandé Sony/ATV Music Publishing Stellar Songs Numb Klas Ahlund Axwell Universal Music Publishing Rest Of My Life Afrojack Giorgio Tuinfort * Christopher 'Ludacris' Bridges * Afrojack Publishing BMG Talpa Music B.V. Piano Songs Right Now Nicky Romero Giorgio Tuinfort * Rihanna * Ester Dean * BMG Talpa Music B.V. Nicky Romero Music Piano Songs Still Counting Thomas Bredahl Anders Kjølholm Jon Larsen Michael Poulsen M. P. Publishing APS Sony/ATV Music Publishing Story of My Life Niall Horan Zayn Malik Liam Payne Jamie Scott Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson Julian Bunetta * John Ryan * PPM Music Sony/ATV Music Publishing True Love Lily Allen P!nk * Universal Music Publishing Wake Me Up Avicii Sony/ATV Music Publishing Wrecking Ball Sacha Skarbek Stephan Moccio BMG Rights Management GMBH TV Music Awards America's Got Talent Jos Jorgenson * Andy Love * CSI Pete Townshend Grey's Anatomy Carim Clasmann Galia Durant The Amazing Race Christopher Franke Vaughn Johnson* Lee Sanders* The Good Wife David Buckley Chicago Fire Atli Orvarsson * Chicago P.D. 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  10. Lady Gaga insists this New Year's Eve will be 'one to remember'. The pop star will ring in 2015 with a performance alongside jazz legend Tony Bennett, her collaborator on new album Cheek to Cheek. And she's urging fans not to miss out before tickets sell out to the glitzy Las Vegas affair. 'Tickets to Tony Bennett's and Lady Gaga's New Year's Eve celebration at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas are available right now. This will surely be a New Year's Eve to remember. See you soon, Las Vegas!' she wrote on her Facebook page. The pair announced the New Year's Eve show at the Sin City resort earlier this week, with Billboard reporting their plans to play a set of jazz standards. 'I can't wait to kick off 2015 'cheek to cheek' with the legendary Mr. Tony Bennett," Gaga said in a statement at the time. "New Year's celebrations are about cherishing family, friendship, and the future - three things this man has taught me much about." Gaga and Tony have meanwhile been enjoying performances around the world, with the pop star revealing their Belgium show last month marked the 'best day' of her life. Tony has also applauded the talents of the Born This Way star. 'Nobody has communicated with the public more than Lady Gaga. Ever,' he told Parade magazine. 'I trust the audience, and I'm very impressed. As far as they're concerned, she's part of their family.' Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  11. The six-strikes Copyright Alert System has been active for one and a half years now and warnings are being sent out at an increasing rate. The program will double in size this year, according to its executive director, in the hope that it will eventually change people's norms toward piracy. February last year, five U.S. Internet providers started sending Copyright Alerts to customers who use BitTorrent to pirate movies, TV-shows and music. These efforts are part of the Copyright Alert System, an anti-piracy plan that aims to educate the public. Through a series of warnings suspected pirates are informed that their connections are being used to share copyrighted material without permission, and told where they can find legal alternatives. During the first ten months of the program more than more than 1.3 million anti-piracy alerts were sent out. That was just a ramp up phase though. This year the number of alerts will grow significantly. “The program doubles in size this year,†says Jill Lesser, Executive Director of the overseeing Center for Copyright Information (CCI). Lesser joined a panel at the Technology Policy Institute’s Aspen Forum where the Copyright Alert System was the main topic of discussion. While the media has focused a lot on the punishment side, Lesser notes that the main goal is to change people’s norms and regain their respect for copyright. “The real goal here is to shift social norms and behavior. And to almost rejuvenate the notion of the value of copyright that existed in the world of books and vinyl records,†Lesser said. The notifications are a “slap on the wrist†according to Lesser, but one which is paired with information explaining where people can get content legally. In addition to sending more notices, the CCI will also consider adding more copyright holders and ISPs to the mix. Thus far the software and book industries have been left out, for example, and the same is true for smaller Internet providers. “We’ve had lots of requests from content owners in other industries and ISPs to join, and how we do that is I think going to be a question for the year coming up,†Lesser noted. Also present at the panel was Professor Chris Sprigman, who noted that the piracy problem is often exaggerated by copyright holders. Among other things, he gave various examples of how creative output has grown in recent years. “This problem has been blown up into something it’s not. Do I like piracy? Not particularly. Do I think it’s a threat to our creative economy? Not in any area that I’ve seen,†Sprigman noted. According to the professor the Copyright Alert System is very mild and incredible easy to evade, which is a good thing in his book. The professor believes that it’s targeted at casual pirates, telling them that they are being watched. This may cause some to sign up for a VPN or proxy, but others may in fact change their behavior in the long run. “Do I think that this is a solution to the piracy problem. No. But I think this is a way of reducing the size of it over time, possibly changing social norms over time. That could be productive. Not perfect but an admirable attempt,†Sprigman said. Just how effective this attempt will be at changing people’s piracy habits is something that has yet to be seen.
  12. Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Russia's controversial anti-piracy law. Figures released by Russia's telecoms agency reveal that in the past year 12 sites, mainly torrent trackers, were blocked under the legislation. Critics say that web-blocking has changed very little, with pirate content just as easy to find as before. Following intense pressure from local and international rightsholders, on August 1, 2013, Russia introduced a brand new anti-piracy law. The key strength of the legislation is that provides a mechanism for sites to be blocked should they not comply with rightsholder takedown requests within 72 hours. This element of the framework caused widespread fear and speculation. Would thousands of sites, some carrying legitimate content, find themselves censored at the hands of over-broad legislation tipped heavily in favor of “corporate interests� Frankly, no. Concern that rightsholders would stampede to court to quickly wipe out as many sites as possible proved unfounded. Out of 19 complaints filed in the first three weeks of the law, just 11 were correctly presented and processed. Torrent site was one of the earliest casualties. After five months in action, rightsholders had filed around 75 official complaints. In 30 cases the targeted sites complied with official removal orders and in 19 others a decision was taken by the authorities to block offending URLs. Then, just six months later, Minister of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov announced that the law was having the required effect. “The law has actually brought us serious results,†he said. “We found that [the law's introduction] resulted in an increase of 30% in the number of people who pay for legal content. This is a major achievement. Our country plans to increase the number of consumers of legal content on the Internet to 30 million people by 2018.†Critics remain doubtful of the dramatic turnaround and throughout the year there has been little downturn in the number of rightsholders complaining about piracy. Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the new law’s introduction and it’s fair to say there were no festivities. According to figures obtained by Izvestia from telecoms watchdog Roscomnadzor, during the past year the Moscow City Court imposed preliminary interim measures against 175 sites following copyright complaints. The Court went on to block a total of 12 file-sharing related domains, most of them BitTorrent trackers. This number is far below the numbers predicted one year ago. Perhaps unsurprisingly a far greater number of IP addresses were eventually blocked, 99 in total. “This is due to the fact that the sites tried to avoid blocking by migrating to other IP-addresses that Roscomnadzor also monitors and places on the registry,†a spokesman said. But despite all the complaints and blocking, pirated content is still easy to find, a key issue that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Nevertheless, the watchdog says that things are improving. “If you want to find illegal content on the web, you still can today. But rightsholders now have the opportunity to make an impact on legal grounds, which is most critical for them in terms of the spread of pirated content. They are also beginning to unite to close pirated resources for longer,†the spokesman said. Furthermore, fears expressed by search engines that the law would negatively impact the web have not come to pass. “As for the dissatisfaction shown by Internet companies following the entry into force of the law, neither Google,, or Yandex has suffered from it. Many areas, where earlier there was illegal content, are now beginning to build into legitimate businesses.†But despite positivity from the watchdog, critics remain. “If you want to download any movie and can spend five minutes and still download it, then the law has brought no benefits,†Wikimedia executive director Stanislav Kozlovsky told Izvestia. “Also remaining are the problems caused by the very principle of blocking IP-addresses. If a pirate site is suddenly blocked, it costs nothing to move to a different address. This problem is solved in just a day.†Only time will tell if Russia’s legislative moves will pay off in the end, but if the first 12 months are anything to go by, they will have to wait considerably longer yet.
  13. New tax records reveal that the Center for Copyright Information, the outfit overseeing the “six strikes†copyright alert system in the US, cost $3 million last year. This figure is quite substantial as it translates to roughly $2 per individual piracy warning. February last year, the MPAA, RIAA and five major U.S. Internet providers started sending copyright alerts to customers who pirate movies, TV-shows and music. Through a series of warnings suspected pirates are informed that their connections are being used to share copyrighted material without permission, and told where they can find legal alternatives. These efforts are part of the Copyright Alert System which is headed by the Center for Copyright Information (CCI). The goal of this voluntary partnership is to educate the public and point alleged pirates to legal alternatives. While it’s known that the costs of the program are split between the copyright holders and Internet providers, CCI has been reluctant to share any financial details. Luckily the IRS provides some insight on this front. TorrentFreak obtained the most recent tax filing of the six-strikes outfit which covers the company’s operations between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. The document reveals that the program cost nearly $3 million during that period. To put this figure in perspective, the CCI previously reported that 1.3 million noticeswere sent out during the first 10 months. This means that the cost per notice translates to roughly $2, which is rather high. Center for Copyright Information’s Form 990 Looking at how the money is spent we see that the only paid employee, CCI Executive Director Jill Lesser, received $320,000 in compensation. Another $350,000 went to Lesser’s consulting firm, JAL Consulting, which was hired as an independent contractor. The RIAA’s former lobbying firm Stroz Friedberg received $420,000 for theindependent expert analysis of the evidence gathering technology behind the project. After we uncovered the RIAA ties CCI later hired a second independent expert, but the results of this do-over have yet to be published. The largest independent contractor is the Glover Park Group, who handle CCI’s communication. They received more than $680,000 over the reported period. American Arbitration, who handle the appeals of people who claim to be wrongly accused, was paid $245,000 for its services. It’s worth noting that the costs for the Internet providers are higher than the amount they pay to the CCI. The ISPs also spend money on the technical setup that’s required to handle the Copyright Alerts as well as extra customer support. It will be interesting to see how these costs develop over the years. CCI previously announced that more Copyright Alerts would be sent out this year, so it’s expected that the average of $2 per warning will eventually reduce. Whether the copyright holders will ever be able to recoup their investments remains to be seen.