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Found 32 results

  1. I have an invite for and like to trade for an invite to hdcorea.
  2. Hello everyone, I have an ProAudioTorrents invite to make a trade. Send me PM. Tnks
  3. Have looking for offers. Pm me please
  4. have: XSpeed.account buffered and seedbox VPS 750 GiB / 1Gb/s Want: SceneHD or or Music.Vid or Sinderella offers ?
  5. As per topic. First timer so not sure if this is all that is required. Thanks all.
  6. have cartoonchaos acc want invite
  7. Hi, I have invites. Looking for Movie and TV Invites. Thanks you!
  8. Happy New Year! As another year has drawn to a close and a new one begins, we must once again celebrate! We celebrate a year closed: good cheer, good music, and most of all, good community. May 2015 continue to bring cheer and good will to all of you, and may it bring good music - starting now! ClosingTime's Legend Pick Of Porcelain - A Southern Summer's Breeze Genre: downtempo, idm, electronic Torrents: torrents.php?id=593146 Review: wrote: This is the music for hopeless romantics, made in the City of Angels by a renegade poet. My fickle soul falls in love with music on a daily basis; maybe my heart is made Of Porcelain too. Stop and listen. I love triangles entrapment edit: We take this opportunity to thank ClosingTime for his incredible service to the community! chai's Staff Pick Imperial Drag - Imperial Drag Genre: alternative, pop, rock, alternative.rock, glam.rock Torrents: torrents.php?id=335572 Review: Glammy arrangements, gender-bending lyrics, and goofy lead guitar licks: No, it's not another posthumous Freddie Mercury project — it's a post-Jellyfish effort by Roger Manning. And while Imperial Drag's Queen-meets-the-Zombies keyboard-heavy power pop is often cloying, it also sticks in your head like bubble gum in a synthetic wig. brancusi's Staff Pick Anton Bruckner: The Symphonies - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Bernard Haitink Genre: classical Torrents: torrents.php?id=72399540 Review: Bruckner was utterly unique - a medieval mystic and a Baroque contrapuntist stuck in a nineteenth century harmonic body - and Haitink understands this. Philips' mid-'60s through early-'70s sound is rich, warm, deep, and fully competitive with the best contemporary sound. vitiate's Staff Pick Charanjit Singh - Synthesizing - Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat Genre: Electronic, Indian Torrents: torrents.php?id=731970 Review: It's easy to get distracted by what this album sounds (an early 1980s precursor to acid house), or the fact that the title references disco, which it isn't. Discard that and instead take it for what it is - an electronic composition that does for Indian classical music what Walter Carlos (now Wendy Carlos) did for Western classical music. The fact that there's a great backstory of this being a legendary "Lost Album" just adds an interesting layer of context - an album ahead enough of its time that, despite being forgotten, sounds like one of the foundations of several modern genres, not least because of heavy usage of the Roland TB-303 and TR-808. Ajax's Staff Pick RotFront - 17 Deutsche Tänze Genre: Alternative, Gyspy, World Torrents: torrents.php?id=72777903 Review: Grab the vodka and the pickled herring, we're partying with the devil tonight. Glacier's Staff Pick Lagwagon - Trashed Genre: Punk rock, skate punk, melodic hardcore Torrents: torrents.php?id=51507 Review: Trashed. Logos' Staff Pick 65daysofstatic - Wild Light Genre: post.rock, electronic Torrents: torrents.php?id=72573012 Review: Turn your volume up! If you really want reviews, knock yourself out. PepoteRouge's Staff Pick Skip James - Today! Genre: acoustic.blues, delta.blues Torrents: torrents.php?id=140604 Review: This is the later work of one of the finest blues men from the thirties, and what a powerful comeback it is. It has all the great things from this era's folk/blues music: Evocative lyrics, haunting vocals and sometimes simple but very personal accompaniment, and all that in sound quality that was never possible at its peak. Another reason to pick this album specifically is that it features intimate rerecordings of some of his best original songs together, and like a blues man they only got better with age. Amazingly Skip James' trademark falsetto is unharmed. Here it ranges between silky and haunting, between soothing, incredibly sad and very dark while his fluid picking never lets you slip in attention throughout the songs. They are poetic, vivid and quite accessible stories of hard times and the folly of man, delivered with a load of soul. Beautiful from the very first track on. DixieFlatline's Staff Pick David Darling - Dark Wood Genre: Instrumental, Classical, Ambient Torrents: torrents.php?id=265341 Review: Nature is a haunted house. Gautam's Staff Pick Marvin Gaye - What's Going On Genre: soul, rhythm.and.blues Torrents: torrents.php?id=51310 Review: >inb4 Gautam is a pleb Lisbeth's Staff Pick Kiasmos - Kiasmos Genre: Minimal Techno, Modern Classical Torrents: torrents.php?id=72803803 Review: "If you've got the patience, then this is a remarkably rewarding listen." - The405 Bourbon's Staff Pick Yellow Swans - Going Places Genre: Noise, Drone Torrents: torrents.php?id=691579 Review: The final album from Yellow Swans, Going Places is a focused and appropriate climax from this prolific noise/drone duo. puddy's Staff Pick Bud Powell - The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 1 Genre: jazz Torrents: torrents.php?id=102588 WithTiredEyes' Staff Pick Mike Doughty - Haughty Melodic Genre: Rock, "Indie" Torrents: torrents.php?id=39123 Review: I hadn't listened to anything Mike Doughty had done since Soul Coughing, until a friend reminded me that he existed and I decided to pick up this album. Yes, Dave Matthews provides vocals on "Tremendous Brunettes", but whether you like him or can't stand him, this disc is solid all the way through and deserves to be played loudly and have its lyrics analysed. Go download this. sprinkle's Staff Pick Mathusalem - Magic Feel Genre: Synthwave Torrents: torrents.php?id=72667573 SevenNationArmy's Staff Pick The New Basement Tapes - Lost on the River Genre: Rock, Folk Torrents: torrents.php?id=72827421 brd's Staff Pick Sonna - We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight Genre: post.rock Torrents: torrents.php?id=40275 Review: Pretty songs come a dime a dozen, and simple beauty is not what makes Sonna so special. There is a complexity to their music, executed so seamlessly that it often goes unnoticed. It's that complexity that makes every song so memorable. Subtle changes in time signature and tempo creep in without jarring the listener. More often than not the guitars are playing in different time signatures simultaneously, yet never become the tangled mess one would expect. With the occasional hushed verse of vocals poking through in spots, the pieces are elevated to near pop song status, breathing angelic life into fragile, somnambulant compositions. Entrapment's Staff Pick Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Unknown Mortal Orchestra Genre: indie, psychedelic,, pop Torrents: torrents.php?id=71992220 Review: Lo-fi indie rock with hooks like you wouldn't believe. You need to listen to this. Peppermint's Staff Pick Gustavo Santaolalla - The Last of Us Genre: Soundtrack, Ambient, Folk, Instrumental Torrents: torrents.php?id=72506745 Review: One of the best videogame soundtracks to match one of the best games.
  9. Hello, just pm me if you have good offer
  10. Have: 2 Invites Want: 1 BTN invite
  11. I have 1 What.Cd invite, 3 invites and 2 MyAnonamouse invites. Looking to trade an invite for either a BroadcasTheNet (BTN) or PassThePopcorn invite. Or both.
  12. This is an automated message to make sure this Trader really got the stuff what he/she is trying to trade, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then thread will remain closed. Best Regards, IS Staff Team!
  13. This is an automated message to make sure this Trader really got the stuff what he/she is trying to trade, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then thread will remain closed. Best Regards, IS Staff Team!
  14. Hi there! Acc registered 24.10.2014 Apply here. Regards!
  15. IRC is now back online. Unfortunately, NickServ and ChanServ registrations were not carried over, so you will need to re-register those if needed. Please contact staff on IRC if you need any assistance. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  16. I have TT, TL, TR, IPT invites. also I have big ratio accounts (TT, TR, IPT) and I'm willing to trade them for invites on BitmeTV, SCC, BTN and WhatCD. PM me only if you have what I want and if you want what I have for trade. Thanks guys
  17. We would like to welcome Nein to the staff team. We're very happy to have him with us. He's no joke!
  18. i Have Fux0r Account Need Invite or Account
  19. Title says it all. I [Want] CHDBits invite or acc, I [Have], Waffles, TL, and bH invite for it. PM me if you're interested! EDIT: SCC invite is gone
  20. hi guys, I have an account of Iptorrents, i wanna thread to a or waffles account, any question pm.
  21. What.CD Donor Pick Freeleech Buffer those accounts! Please rep my post if you find this helpful!