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Found 9 results

  1. My small "Freelance Team" is working 24/7 with customer around the globe to ensure their safety against hackers, and other harmful stuff in website relation. We have a great way of working 24/7, since our (my) team is located around the globe with different time-zones: Thailand, Brazil, Gran Canaria, Denmark, Sweeden, Deutch (Germany), India, USA:LA, Africa, China and at last russia. We see us self as "Artists", which also means we take pride in each individual customer and think about their needs! We keep them orientated about the website as we code it day by day over phone,email,skype, even WhatsApp if needed. We see us self as "All Doing People" since we have alot of years behind our back! We work the same way all of us because we have a special designed & coded website (framework / CMS) ready to go with ALL customers! Which gives us a good advantage in almost any way since our system is coded so tight so even the last error on a page, and this will be reported to the administrator (website owner) as a hacking attempt! We have many sources and many different ways of coding a website to each individual! We can setup servers, hardwares, softwares etc if needed, even install pre-made CMS systems for customers like webshops, forum CMS Systems out there and other stuff if it's needed. If you think we are an interesting team to maybe get to know better and about our work, don't hesitate to ask for more information & prices! We consult for free and decide prices online for each individual users! We (i) hope this have waken your interest! Thanks for reading! Mr H
  2. There are still many people who can't decide which of these two resolution are the best. Some says 1080p becouse it's double while other people prefer the 720p all the time. Let's see how this works. Video Resolution & Quality: 1080p is Higher & Better than 720p As suggested from the number, 1080p which refers to video resolution of 1920x1080, will apparently presents better video quality than 720p that refers to a resolution of 1280x720 only. Theoretically, 1920x1080 means 2.25 times as many pixels as 1280x720. That's to say, the image quality of 1080p movies is much sharper and smoother than 720p and will definitely bring more visual enjoyment to you while watching the movies. File Size & Storage: 1080p is Bigger than 720p From a file size point of view, a 1080p HD movie download is expected to be approximately 50% larger than the 720p counterpart. For example, if the file size of a 1080p HD movie on iTunes is 1GB, the 720p version of it would probably be around 700MB. And at mean time, a bigger file size always requires more storage of your computer or devices. So you'd better take the file size into consideration to decide whether download 1080p or 720p movies according to your situation. Conclusion & Suggestion There is no absolute statement or clarification to prove whether 1080p or 720 is better. What you should keep in mind is that the most right option will always be the one that meets you needs better. If you prefer a more direct way to look at the difference between 720p and 1080p HD movies, you can simply download a movie with both 720p and 1080p to compare by yourself. To remember: * The main factor is bitrate and the encoding scheme. Generally a very high bitrate is better. The skinny of it is blu-ray comes with high-bit rates while web-dl generally use a better encoding scheme. * 720p web-dl is almost always better than 1080p whenever the 1080p is less, equal or just slightly larger in size and bitrate then the web-dl. The bit-rate for 1080p web-dl is too low. Take a look: In first two 720p wins, in the 3th exaple the 1080p wins, even though the comparison is taken from the same TV episode! PS: Anyway, you will always (99%) get better quality from 720p scene rips than on those web-dl releases. I never seen any example where a web-dl surpass the blu-ray quality. Personally, Im always for 720p when I can't wait for the bluray source.
  3. Our agency offers web design professional services and also online and offline marketing. Our agency offers premium services for each client,we provide customized services according to customer needs. Our desire is to change the "face" of the Internet in one prettier and more profitable. We treat all clients with respect and do everything possible for them to be fully satisfied with our services. We like to do the job well done that's why we offer premium and quality services We do our best to realize all projects as soon as possible because we want every customer to be satisfied. Currently we offer the following services: ⦠Webdesign ⦠Redesign website (in case you already have a website and you want to change its appearance only) ⦠Site hosting on our servers + DDOS attack protection ⦠Business card design ⦠Design flyers ⦠Design for various items (t-shirts, mugs, and so on) ⦠SEO ⦠Social Media Promotion ⦠Various types of promotion Make your business known on the internet! We offer professional SEO services that favor the promotion and indexing of your website among the top results of a search engine. »More customers Customers are extremely important in any business. A professional website will facilitate your way to the customer. It is like a business card for your business. »Saves time Time is important for any man. With the internet you're just a second away from your potential customers. Save time and at the same time increase your income. »Let yourself in expert hands Our team includes people with extensive experience in the field. Choose the best service for you. You deserve the best! Satisfied customers Our customers have been very pleased with the services provided by our team. They recommended us confidently forward and we have not disappointed. Because we want to support any customer we have very competitive prices and quality represents us For any info and questions don't hesitate to contact me
  4. My working kit is: Sublime Text 2 PyCharm What stuff using you?
  5. Reddit users beware, the Web Sheriff is back in town, and he's coming after your submissions. In recent months copyright holders have increasingly targeted "infringing" Reddit links and the Web Sheriff is one of the most active senders. The Web Sheriff, aka John Giacobbi, has been protecting the Internet from pirates for roughly a decade. In the early days he became somewhat of a cult figure thanks to his polite style and trademarked letterhead. This set him apart from other anti-piracy crusaders who usually sent DMCA takedown requests with a more aggressive lawyer-like style. The Sheriff once had a lively discussion with The Pirate Bay folks, who then sent himthis invoice fax. Not much later relationships deteriorated even further after Giacobbi announced he would sue the site’s operators in the US, France and Sweden, but not much came of that. In recent years things have quietened down a bit, but The Web Sheriff and his deputies are still active. In recent years they have taken down over half a million URLs from Google alone. Most recently, the Sheriff has been targeting several pages. In one of the most recent complaints the Sheriff demands the takedown of a submission in the r/megalinks subreddit, linking to two parts of the movie Nymphomaniac hosted on The request for removal was sent to Google last week but the search engine decided not to remove the URLs. It’s unclear why, but one reason for the inaction may be that the Mega links are no longer active. Not all links reported by the Web Sheriff are “infringing†though. Another recent submission shows that he also tried to get this submission take down, which points to a perfectly legitimate news article from Variety. This year copyright holders have increasingly targeted allegedly infringing Reddit links, Google’s data shows. The Web Sheriff is currently ranked second in number of URLs sent, placed after LeakID and before Disney. Even the MPAA went after Reddit a few weeks ago. The Hollywood group tried to take down the subreddit r/fulllengthfilms, but failed and drove hundreds of thousandsof eyeballs to the page instead. Thus far the Web Sheriff hasn’t booked any real successs either, but Reddit users are warned. The Sheriff is watching and will shoot down your submissions whenever he can.
  6. A lot of this week in civil liberties has been about the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, USA. Police troops fired tear gas on a television crew. This mirrors the ongoing web censorship efforts. The governments around the world are reacting the exact same way today as they did when the printing press arrived 500 years ago. There isn’t really anything new under the sun. Then, as now, they were used to telling people what was true and what wasn’t, telling whatever story that fit whatever it was they wanted to do. “Cannabis is dangerous. Tobacco is not harmful at all. Oh, and there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.†When police troops in Ferguson launched tear gas grenades at a television team from Al-Jazeera, that is a symptom of the exact same thing as web censorship: governments are losing control of the story. Governments can no longer invent whatever truth that fits what they want to happen. Police firing at press is actually something very rare – even in the worst of war zones, it’s a rare occurrence that press teams are deliberately targeted, and yet, this was precisely what happened in Ferguson, USA. The reason is the exact same as for web censorship and mass surveillance: The governments and the people working for them are attacking anybody who exposes what they do, using whatever power they have to do so. Tear gas grenades against a TV crew may have been both overviolent and counterproductive, but it’s still the same thing. It’s exactly what happened when the printing press arrived, and the penalties for using a printing press – thereby circumventing the truthtellers of that time – gradually increased to the death penalty (France, 1535). Not even the death penalty worked to deter people from using the printing press to tell their version of events to the world, which more often than not contradicted the official version. The cat was out of the bag. As it is now. Governments and police still don’t understand that everybody is a broadcaster – attacking a TV crew was futile in the first place. During the initial, hopeful months of the Arab Spring, a lot of photos circulated of young people gathering for protests. What was interesting about the photos were that they were taken with mobile phones, but also that they showed a lot of other people at the protest taking photos of the same crowd at the same time with their own mobile phone. Thus, the photos of the ongoing revolution contained instructions in themselves for how to perpetuate the revolution – take pictures of crowds defying the edicts and dictums. This is why it’s so puzzling that the police even bother to give special treatment to people from television stations and newspapers. Strictly speaking, they’re not necessary to get the story out anymore, even if they still have some follower advantage for the most part. “Police are being transformed from protecting the public into protecting government from the publicâ€, as @directorblue just tweeted. That could be said about pretty much anything concerning the net, too — from oppressive applications of copyright monopoly law to strangling net innovations or giving telcos monopolies that prevent the net’s utility. The attacks on the public by police troops in Ferguson, attacks from the copyright industry against those who want a free net, and web censorship by governments are all different sides of the same story. And all of this has happened before. Last time this happened, it took 200 years of civil war to settle the dust and agree that the printing press may have been a nice invention after all. Can we please not repeat that mistake?
  7. The comedian, who passed away on Monday, earns a special and rare memorial on Apple's website. Apple Apple has posted a Web page dedicated to the memory of Robin Williams. Williams died on Monday at the age of 63 after a long, hard battle with depression. A stand-up comic by trade and instinct, he first gained national fame on TV starring on the sitcom "Mork and Mindy" and then went on to act in several motion picture comedies, including "Good Morning Vietnam" and "Mrs. Doubtfire." He also proved his chops as a serious actor by appearing in such films as "Awakenings," "Dead Poets Society," and "Good Will Hunting." In a page simply called "Remembering Robin Williams," Apple offered the following short but moving tribute: Robin Williams 1951 - 2014 We are deeply saddened by the passing of Robin Williams. He inspired us through his passion, his generosity, and the gift of laughter. He will be greatly missed. But the Web page isn't Apple's only tribute to Williams. The comedian and actor is being remembered through a dedicated iTunes page that showcases several of his most popular and celebrated films, all available for purchase and some for rental. The iTunes page also honors Williams with the following passage reflecting on his career and other contributions: No one made us laugh like Robin Williams. His mile-a-minute comic energy -- a dizzying stream of jokes, impressions, and hyper-physicality -- left us exhausted from the fun of it, but always wanting more. Williams could make the most dramatic moments somehow hilarious, and the silliest moments deeply meaningful. His characters embodied his talent, from T.S. Garp in "The World According to Garp" to a father masquerading as a dubious English nanny to stay near his children in "Mrs. Doubtfire" to a psychotherapist cutting through a troubled young janitor's defenses in "Good Will Hunting." An Oscar, an Emmy, and a Grammy winner, Williams was also a generous philanthropist who performed with the USO for troops stationed overseas, and worked passionately with a variety of organizations such as Comic Relief and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Apple CEO Tim Cook offered his own tribute to Williams on Monday with the following tweet: "Heartbroken by the news of Robin Williams' passing. He was an incomparable talent and a great human being. Rest in peace."
  8. Popular action-strategy game Dungeon Defenders makes its way to the Web thanks to next-generation tech pioneered by Mozilla, and will hit Steam later today. Dungeon Defenders can now be played in a browser window. Mozilla's dream of making the Web the latest place for the hottest games faces its first commercial gauntlet on Tuesday. Dungeon Defenders, a popular game title from Trendy Entertainment and previously only available on native code platforms like iOS, Windows, and Mac OS X, can now be played in a browser window. The browser version of the tower defense and action role-playing game, Dungeon Defenders Eternity, will be available from Steam later today. It marks one of the first popular titles built on the Unreal Engine to be ported to the Web without using a plugin. Originally announced last year, the faster browser speeds come thanks to a new WebGL add-on for developers to use with the Unity game engine, a JavaScript code optimizer called ASM.js, and the JavaScript compiler Emscripten, all technologies championed by former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich. Mozilla said that ASM.js had gone from processing JavaScript at around 40 percent of native code speed in 2013 to around two-thirds the speed of native code in March of this year. Now, Mozilla says that it's working at "near-native" speeds. Vladimir Vukicevic, Mozilla's director of engineering who invented WebGL, said in a statement that he believes that the new technologies will lead to a better Web. "Using just a Web link allows people to immediately play a game wherever they are," he said, touting the use of freely-available Web technologies to make it easier to build and distribute games. "There's never been a better time to build rich, interactive, high-performance games for the Web," he said. Trendy Entertainment's CEO Darrel Rodriquez thinks that the new tech makes the Web a far easier sell to gamers. "Quite frankly, the ability to load into a full Dungeon Defenders match a few seconds after logging into a URL will significantly attract more gamers to the Web," he said. Another game that recently found its way to the Web is Cloud Raider, which was rebuilt for Facebook's game platform. Previously revealed game that will be making their way towards the Web include Dead Trigger 2, Ninja Swing, and Monster Madness. Mozilla's emphasis on games could eventually pay off huge dividends for Web developers, who currently number around 8 million. If people can play games with complicated 3D-graphics, audio, payments, and other interactions, the build-once, run-everywhere philosophy that drives Web developing devotees will have sturdier footing to face off against the growing armies of Android and iOS app makers.
  9. Nine out of 10 account holders in a cache of intercepted communications were not the intended targets, according to the Washington Post. The vast majority of Internet users swept up in National Security Agency during surveillance of digital networks were not from intended targets, according to the Washington Post. A four-month study of a cache of intercepted conversations provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed that nine out of 10 account holders in the cache "were not the intended surveillance targets but were caught in a net the agency had cast for somebody else," the newspaper wrote. Many of those unintended targets were ordinary Internet users, including Americans, according to a review of 160,000 intercepted emails and instant message conversations, the paper reported. Nearly half of the files reviewed contained names, emails, and other information that the agency identified as belonging to US citizens or residents. While the NSA masked more than 65,000 references, the Post said it found nearly 900 references that could linked to US citizens or residents. The Post did not describe the conversations in detail but did say that the cache contained "fresh revelations about a secret overseas nuclear project, double-dealing by an ostensible ally, a military calamity that befell an unfriendly power, and the identities of aggressive intruders into U.S. computer networks." The surveillance led to the capture of terrorism suspects, including Umar Patek, a suspect in a 2002 terrorist bombing on the Indonesian island of Bali. However, many files, marked as useless by analysts, have a voyeuristic quality, describing intimate issues such as love, illicit sexual relations, political and religious conversions, and financial anxieties, the Post said. The foreign surveillance agency may legally target only foreign nationals located overseas unless a warrant is obtained from a special surveillance court. In 2008, section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) authorized the controversial PRISM program to access non-US residents' emails, social networking, and cloud-stored data.