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  1. Tracker Name: CasStudioTV Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Access: Open Tracker Birthday: N/A Tracker Bonus: N/A Tracker IRC: N/A Tracker Description: CasStudioTV is a RUSSIAN Private Torrent Tracker for TV. CasStudioTV is the internal tracker for multiple release groups. Home / News Browse Torrents Forums Wiki / FAQ STATISTICS Topics Top 10 My Ratings: 8/10 Content 8/10 Speed 8/10 Community 8/10 Overall experience
  2. I haven't had a t.v for the last 3 years and I'm enjoying that fact. But there is stuff I miss out on and finding it online can be a mission all in itself. Whats peoples favourite tracker for such things?
  3. Tracker Name: The-Torrents Genre: MOVIES / TV / GENERAL Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: The-Torrents is a ROMANIAN Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL.
  4. Tracker Name: NetHD (VietTorrent) Genre: HD MOVIES / TV Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: NetHD (VietTorrent) is a VIETNAMESE Private Torrent Tracker for HD MOVIES / TV.
  5. Tracker Name: Documentary Torrents (DT) Genre: E-LEARNING RELATED MOVIES / TV Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: Documentary Torrents (DT) is a Private Torrent Tracker for E-LEARNING RELATED MOVIES / TV.
  6. Tracker Name: TVRage Genre: TV Review (If Any ): N/A Sign Up Link: Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: TVRage is a Private Torrent Tracker for TV. Brand new TV tracker looking for active members to make the community grow. This site is a non donation site and the staff is very helpful, unfortunately the site had server issues and lost database and all torrents but site is back and looking for new members to help the site grow. Members: 216 Torrents: 1,390 Seeders: 1,704 Leechers: 3 Peers: 1,707 Threads: 17 Posts: 36
  7. Tracker Name: PixelHD Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: HD Tracker Type: Ratioless Tracker Access: Closed / Invite Only / Application Tracker Birthday: December 25, 2010 Tracker Bonus: Yes Tracker IRC: / #pixelhd-help Tracker Description: PixelHD is the best French Ratioless tracker, is a small community but the tracker has only their Internal Releases (PxHD, PxEHD, Px3D). ATM have more than 4k torrents and a very active forum! Home / News Categories Browse Torrents Browse Stacks Requests Forums Rules Wiki / FAQ Bonus System Casino User Classes Top 10 Torrents Donate
  8. This is an automated message to make sure this seller really got the stuff what he/she is trying to sell, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then topic will remain closed. Best regards, Invite Scene Staff!
  9. Rightscorp has decided to squeeze more money from BitTorrent users it accuses of downloading Warner Bros. TV shows. In a move that's likely to be connected to the anti-piracy outfit's precarious financial position, 'fines' are being increased from $20 to $30. Interestingly, TF has also seen evidence that Rightscorp is targeting server hosting companies too. Most companies attempting to “turn piracy into profit†seek to scare ‘pirates’ by billing them for alleged downloads. These ‘fines’ can reach many thousands of dollars but companies like U.S. based Rightscorp took a decision to hit the bottom end of the market with demands of just $20 per shot. While this has attracted giants such as Warner Bros. to the fold, Rightscorp can’t seem to make money. Year after year the company expands the amount of business it’s doing, but at no point has the company been able to turn a profit, quite the opposite in fact. Just last month after the publication of its most recent financial results, TF noted that if Rightscorp is put under severe pressure it may have to increase its $20 fines to something more practical. We didn’t have to wait long. In a new notice targeting an alleged sharer of the TV show ‘Arrow’ this week, Rightscorp delivers a message from its client Warner Bros. Noting that the company understands that the recipient is likely a fan of the show, the notice warns of serious consequences. “Your ISP service could be suspended if this matter is not resolved. You could also be liable for substantial civil penalties for copyright infringement,†it reads. In all previous notices seen by TF, Rightscorp asks for $20 to make a potential lawsuit disappear. However, they’re now asking for $30 for “legal release†and the opportunity to “receive future digital content offers from [Warner Bros], should you choose to receive them.†At this stage it’s too early to assess whether this ‘pricing’ change will be applied across the board or if it will have any negative effect on the numbers of people choosing to settle. However, 50% more revenue would be welcome. During the past two years Rightscorp has reportedly closed 200,000 cases of infringement – at $30 rather than $20 each that’s a potential $2m extra in revenue. That being said, an additional factor concerns how much money Rightscorp will hand back to companies like Warner Bros. Previously a $20 ‘fine’ was split 50/50, with the content holder getting $10 and Rightscorp desperately trying (and failing) to make a profit from the remaining $10. Keeping the full $10 increase would be better news for the anti-piracy company although at current rates that alone won’t be enough for it to turn its losses around. However, help is on the horizon. Earlier this month Rightscorp announced the appointment of a new CFO. Cecil Bond Kyte will oversee capital raising and investor development with the goal of “maximizing shareholder value and strengthening the company’s balance sheet.†Finally, there are signs that Rightscorp may be expanding its targets. The company already sends hundreds of thousands of notices to household ISPs such as Charter and Comcast, but this week TF has seen evidence that at least one server hosting company has also received a ‘fine’ to pass on to a customer. “I am a web developer and recently my VPS was compromised by attackers who were using my VPS as a seedbox. Needless to say, I got a notice from my ISP [REDACTED] via a support ticket they opened,†a reader told TF. In this case Rightscorp also asked for $30 to settle a case involving a TV show but the person targeted won’t be paying the fine. Instead he quickly informed his provider that his server had been hacked and immediately had it shut down to avoid any further issues. “[Rightscorp] have no idea who I am, due to the fact that they were asking me to fill in my name, email, phone number and credit card info on their payment page! “It’s almost like knowingly jumping in a well,†our source concludes.
  10. Viacom-owned TV giant CANAL+ has been hacked, TorrentFreak can reveal. In a now deleted DMCA notice sent to the Github code repository, a legal manager at CANAL+ reveals that a Github user hacked one of the company's servers and "stole all the data and codes" to a new customer relationship management software project. While the majority of DMCA copyright complaints are sent to hinder the online distribution of music, movies and TV shows, the legislation can also be used to deal with code and software issues. Just last week, Indian blogger Thejesh GN discoveredthat an ISP was injecting javascript into customers’ browsing sessions. This led to lawyers representing the script writers to send a DMCA notice to Github, where Thejesh GN had published the code. Now Github finds itself in the spotlight again, this time over a serious matter involving one of its users and Viacom-owned TV giant Canal+. The trail of the story began mid-week when Github published a DMCA notice received from the “Legal Manager†of the Industrial Protection Department of CANAL+ Group. The person, whose name was redacted, explained that he/she is in charge of anti-piracy at the company and was seeking the urgent assistance of the code repository. “All the data and codes published and contained in this [now deleted] directory are confidential and could be used to steal personal data in our CRM [Customer Relationship Management system],†the complaint reads. The Legal Manager added that the ‘codes’ are connected to a confidential CANAL+ project titled “Kiss deploy†and asked for their urgent removal. “We request you to remove immediately all the data and files contained in this repository,†the notice adds. With the repository removed (shown above), CANAL+ were probably happy with Github’s response. However, there were indications that this wasn’t the first correspondence that Github had received from CANAL+ on the matter. We did some digging, were proved right, and were surprised at what we found. Earlier correspondence between CANAL+ and Github obtained by TorrentFreak reveals a much more serious situation at the TV company and criminal allegations being made against the Github user. “The 22d of May 20015, we had a compromission [sic] on our AWS project with an access key in order to create bitcoin. The 26th of May 2015, we have found our access key on [the above mentioned] Github repository,†the same legal manager reveals. “After analysis of this repository, we can state that all the code and the secrets contained in this repository are about Canal+ project.†According to the complaint, CANAL+ asked Github on four separate occasions to remove “illicit content†published on the site by a user called “hooperp†who the TV company claims has committed serious crimes against them. “As we have explained, ‘hooperp’ has hacked one of our servers and stole all the data and codes of our new CRM [Customer Relationship Management] software project: ‘Kiss deploy’,†CANAL+’s head of anti-piracy revealed. “All the data and codes published and contained in his [now removed directory] are confidential and could be used to steal personal data in our CRM.†Ouch. With our efforts to track down ‘hooperp’ stalled, we contacted CANAL+ for an official statement. That wasn’t straightforward though, with the company requiring the press to first sign up for an account. Nevertheless, we did so successfully and received the following email in response. Considering the hacking allegations above, it shines unwanted light on the company’s security procedures. In case anyone is wondering, the blocked-out area hides a plain-text password. CANAL+ Group did not respond to TorrentFreak’s requests for a statement. Github declined to comment.
  11. Tracker Name: TVChaosUK Genre: TV Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: Private Tracker dedicated to British TV and Radio Shows
  12. Sellers of Android boxes loaded with software enabling the free viewing of movies, TV shows and live sports have been raided this week by UK authorities. Trading Standards officers, police and representatives from Sky TV carried out raids in several locations, causing other sellers to quickly reconsider the tone of their marketing efforts. While paying subscriptions to services such as Netflix, premium satellite and cable channels, sports broadcasters and PPV outlets are legitimate ways to obtain content on a TV, there are others that require very little outlay. Apple TV boxes, Android set-top boxes and even the lowly Raspberry PI can run software such as Kodi (previously XBMC) alongside third-party addons to provide all of the above at virtually zero cost. Unsurprisingly, this annoys content providers no end. While selling any of the above devices alone is entirely legal, over the past couple of years online markets such as eBay and Amazon have been flooded with “fully loaded†boxes (Android-based in particular) that enable free viewing of anything from first run movies to live sports. Surprisingly, many vendors have been happy to publicly advertise that fact, with many apparently under the impression that if they don’t provide the illegal content themselves then they aren’t liable. In the UK that argument is unlikely to fly and during the past week patience appears to have run out. Earlier this week Trading Standards officers and police carried out raids on sellers of Android boxes setup to receive unauthorized content. One seller, operating from, told customers that his physical shops would not be trading as normal. “As you may be aware we were visited yesterday by Sky [television] in conjunction with Trading Standards. Whilst we continue to investigate our position the stores will remain closed and support will remain suspended. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused,†he explained. “We do not control the content that is accessible on the internet via the product that we sell. We are currently working with Trading Standards to ensure that we can sell our products whilst adhering to UK copyright laws.†Although no details on changes were provided by GeekyKit, the signs on the front of one of their shops will be the first thing to go after leaving little to the imagination. A source who asked to remain anonymous told TorrentFreak that raids were also carried out at home addresses. In those cases officers reportedly seized computer equipment and mobile phones. A 38-year-old man was arrested under the Copyright Designs and Patent Act. The raids have certainly provided food for thought for other companies involved in the supply of similar devices. DroidSticks, one of the most prominent UK suppliers, is now limiting discussion on its Twitter account to matters relating only to the device. Whether or not the company intends to continue packaging third-party addons with its boxes will remain to be seen, but for now ‘pirate’ talk is strictly off-limits. DroidSticks did not respond to our request for comment. Finally, complying with UK legislation should be a fairly straightforward process if sellers want to play it safe, but that will probably mean never mentioning the “special features†of these boxes in a sales pitch ever again. It could also mean relying on users to install their own third-party addons from scratch. It’s a simple enough process for those with patience but something unlikely to appeal to Joe Public who increasingly wants a simple plug-and-play device.
  13. A new study has revealed the current appetite for 'pirate' content in Sweden. With 29% of adults viewing an estimated 280 million movies and TV shows illegally each year, people are now more likely to stream than download. However, legal services are doing even better, with 71% using Netflix and similar services. As the spiritual home of The Pirate Bay and the birthplace of some of the world’s most hardcore file-sharers, Sweden has definitely earned its place in the history books. If Swedes can be converted to legal offerings, just about anyone can, one might argue. A new study just published by the Film and TV Industry Cooperation Committee (FTVS) in collaboration with research company Novus reveals some interesting trends on local media consumption habits. Covering both legal and illegal services, the survey is based on 1,003 interviews carried out between Feb 27 and March 9 2015 among citizens aged 16 to 79-years-old. Legal and illegal consumption On the legal TV and movie consumption front, Sweden appears to be doing well. A decent 71% of respondents said they buy services such as Netflix and HBO, with a quarter using such services every day and 35% watching several times each week. In comparison, 29% of all respondents admitted to using illegal services to watch film and television. Perhaps unsurprisingly the activity is most prevalent among the young, with 60% of 16 to 29-year-olds confessing to using pirate sites. The survey found that around 280 million movies and TV shows are watched illegally in Sweden each year, with respondents indicating they would have paid for around a third of those if illegal services weren’t available. With torrents extremely popular around Europe, it’s interesting to note that downloading of content is now taking second place to online streaming. The survey found that 19% of respondents stream content illegally, while 17% download. When users engage in both streaming and downloading, streaming is the more popular activity. The study notes that dual users (those that use both legal and illegal services) watch every third movie or TV show illegally, an average of four films and seven TV shows every month. Attitudes The survey also polled respondents on their attitudes to piracy. Six out of ten respondents said they think that using ‘pirate’ sites to watch movies and TV shows is “wrongâ€. Four out of ten agreed, but previously used these services anyway. On the thorny question of what to do about piracy, respondents were asked what they thought would be the best solution. Somewhat conveniently for an anti-piracy focused report, 43% of respondents indicated that ISPs should play a part in reducing the numbers of user visiting illegal services, with 24% opting for site blocking measures and 19% suggesting a warning notice scheme. However, when it comes to the heavy hand of the law, a minority of respondents show an interest. Just 10% believe that boosting law enforcement and judicial resources will solve the problem while a tiny 4% think that harsher punishments will bring results. Commenting on the report, Per Strömbäck of FTVS says that the situation in Sweden is far from satisfactory. “There is a common misconception that piracy is less of a problem today because we have a wide range of legal options. On the contrary, the problem of illegal services is greater than ever,†Strömbäck says. “The situation is not sustainable. For us to be able to continue to produce, distribute and show films and TV audiences want to see and pay for, we need a functioning digital market and measures to stop the illegal competition.†With site blocking firmly on the agenda in Sweden, entertainment industry groups will be pinning their hopes on success in the courts since there is clearly no appetite for punishing the public.
  14. Want Tv-vault invite, please PM me with offers
  15. Customs authorities in Hong Kong say they have shut down a "well organized" TV show piracy operation. Two men aged 25 and 46 were placed under arrest and a third key member is said to be at large. At this stage the group remains unnamed as their United States-based site is still online and proving difficult to shut down. When it comes to content being made available on file-sharing networks, TV shows have certainly stamped their position as one of the leaders in recent years. Often enjoying their premiere in the United States, TV shows are illegally downloaded all over the world just minutes after they air, disrupting local licensing and marketing strategies in an instant but giving fans want they want – without the premium price tag. Until these issues are fully addressed piracy will continue, with dedicated TV show releasing groups happy to fill in the gaps on availability and/or price – until they’re tracked down and stopped of course. To that end, Hong Kong customs authorities are this morning reporting success in shutting down what they describe as a “well organized cross-border†TV show piracy “syndicateâ€. Following an investigation carried out over the past three months, yesterday authorities arrested two men in two areas of the autonomous territory. One, a 25-year-old living in the Southern District, is said to be the group’s founder. Another, a 46-year-old, is being described as a “key memberâ€. A third, said to be the group’s ‘capper‘, is believed to be at large. According to a government release, four sets of computers were seized and TV shows were discovered stored on the equipment. Overall the group is suspected of distributing around 2,500 shows. Of interest, however, is that Hong Kong authorities are currently refusing to name the group or their site URL. That’s because the server is located in the United States and at the moment remains fully operational. Nevertheless, the operation is being declared a success. “This is virtually our first case in which we have discovered such a large quantity of television programs being uploaded to the Internet for downloading,†a Customs officer said. Under local copyright law anyone distributing an infringing copy of a TV show or other copyright work commits a criminal offense if that negatively affects the copyright owner. The maximum penalty is four years in jail and a fine of around US$6,500 per infringing copy.
  16. U.S. TV series 'Empire' premiered in the UK last night but early fans of the show had been watching the show illegally for months. While that is viewed as a problem by 20th Century Fox, Empire star Taraji P Henson says when people downloaded the first series from unofficial sources, that got the show noticed in the UK. "Thank you. Thank you everybody," she says. Following its debut in the United States in January, TV show Empire certainly made its mark on its home audience. Pulling in close to a season average of 13 million viewers, the hip-hop focused drama exceeded expectations. Indeed, by the time the first season finished on Fox mid March, 23 million were tuning in, with the New York Times describing the show as both “sizzling†and “pretty perfect.†Of course, like the vast majority of U.S. productions, home audiences were always going to get the opportunity to enjoy Empire first. However, thanks to the Internet and a network of unofficial online distributors, Empire was soon being exposed to a much wider audience. Within hours of its premiere January 7, 2015, Empire S01E01 was circulating on torrent and streaming sites, an attractive proposition for potential viewers elsewhere who had heard about the show’s popularity in the United States yet had no legitimate way to get in on the action. According to stats gathered by TorrentFreak, on average the show was being downloaded more than 250,000 times per episode via BitTorrent, a number that doesn’t include many thousands of additional views on various streaming sites worldwide. But while distributor 20th Century Fox wasn’t particularly keen on Empire being seen outside the United States (the company sent dozens of complaints to Google for the show to be delisted from search results), Empire star Taraji P Henson sees things quite differently. “The only way that it [Empire] got over to the UK is because people were streaming it [illegally]. They [uK television companies] wouldn’t have known the show was that important, or that people wanted to see it, if they weren’t streaming it,†Henson told the BBC. The actress, who plays the role of ‘Cookie’ in the show, echoes the position of Netflix, which notes the popularity of content with pirates and uses that as an indicator of whether it should invest in shows. “You guys were streaming, and I know it’s a bad thing, but when the material is good people will find it. Thank you. Thank you everybody. People didn’t think it would do well over here,†Henson added. After its success in the U.S., Empire was picked up by UK TV channel E4. Nick Lee, a buyer for the channel, didn’t reveal whether the show’s piracy ‘successes’ were a factor in snapping up the drama but did note that there was plenty of interest. “We just think it fits so well on the channel,†he said. “There was huge competition. I think most channels in the UK wanted it. And after Empire enjoyed its premiere in the UK last night, it became clear why. The show was well received by critics and fans alike. Downloads of Empire are now at much more modest levels than they were in January but that situation should change when the show’s second season premieres in the United States during the fall. A US-UK simultaneous release will almost certainly be too much to ask.
  17. TV-Vault aka TVV where smart people go to find rare TV shows of the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's as well as some of the well known shows of the 80's, 90's & through 2010. We appreciate your being here and choosing us as your source for the good old shows. Please remember to be kind and seed for others to enjoy the same old shows. Now back to your program.
  18. A pair of Internet providers who defied TV company demands to switch off their VPN services will be sued in the coming days. CallPlus and Bypass Network Services face legal action from media giants including Sky and TVNZ for allowing their customers to use a VPN to buy geo-restricted content. As Internet users demand more freedom online alongside an ability to consume media in a manner of their choosing, tools allowing them to do so are gaining in popularity. Notable has been the rise of VPN services, which not only provide an increased level of privacy but also allow users to appear in any country they choose. This opens up a whole new world of content availability – such as better service from Netflix – often at better prices than those offered on home turf. While popular with consumers, this behavior is frowned upon by distribution companies that spend huge sums of money on content licensing deals specific to their regions of coverage. Losing customers to overseas providers isn’t part of their plan and now some are doing something about it. Earlier this month media companies SKY, TVNZ, Lightbox and MediaWorks told several Kiwi ISPs that if they don’t stop providing VPN services to their subscribers, legal trouble would be on the horizon. Within days one of their targets, Unlimited Internet, pulled its VPN service after receiving a letter from a lawfirm claiming breaches of the Copyright Act. However, CallPlus and Bypass Network Services have no intention of caving in to the media giants’ demands. “To receive without warning a grossly threatening legal letter like that from four of the largest companies in New Zealand is not something we are used to,†wrote Bypass CEO Patrick Jordan-Smith in a letter to the media companies. “It smacks of bullying to be honest, especially since your letter doesn’t actually say why you think we are breaching copyright.†Pulling no punches and describing his adversaries as a “gangâ€, Jordan-Smith likens the threats to those employed by copyright trolls in the United States. “Your letter gets pretty close to the speculative invoicing type letters that lawyers for copyright owners sometimes send in the US ‘pay up or shutdown or else were are going to sue you’! Not fair,†he writes. “We have been providing the Global Mode facility for 2 years. In all that time, none of your Big Media Gang have ever written to us. We assumed they were OK with Global Mode and we continued to spend money innovating the facility and providing innovative NZ ISPs with a service that their customers were telling them they wanted – a service that lets people pay for content rather than pirate it.†The response from Bypass hasn’t been well received by the media companies who now say they will carry through with their threats to sue over breaches of copyright. “Our position has not changed and unless they remove the unlawful service we will begin court action in the next few days,†says TVNZ chief executive, Kevin Kenrick. “Each of our businesses invests significant sums of money into the rights to screen content sourced legitimately from the creators and owners of that copyrighted material. This is being undermined by the companies who profit from promoting illegitimate ways to access that content.†Claiming that the action is aimed at defending the value of content rights in the digital world, Kenrick says that the legal action is not consumer focused. “This is not about taking action against individual consumers or restricting choice, indeed each of our businesses are investing heavily in more choice so New Zealanders can have legitimate access to the latest TV shows and movies,†the CEO concludes. While the commercial position of the TVNZ chief is understandable, his claim that this legal action isn’t aimed at reducing choice simply doesn’t stack up. Kiwis using Netflix locally get access to around 220 TV series and 900 movies, while those using a VPN to tunnel into the United States enjoy around 940 TV series and 6,170 movies, something which Bypass Networks believes is completely legal. “[We provide our service] on our understanding that geo-unblocking to allow people to digitally import content purchased overseas is perfectly legal. If you say it is not, then we are going to need a lot more detail from you to understand why,†Jordan-Smith informs his adversaries. “Simply sending us a threatening letter, as frightening as that may be, does not get us there and is not a fair reason for us to shut down our whole business.†
  19. c'mon you cats and cat-ettes! It's time for your favorite game show... Finish that show! Here's the rules: The current shows we're working on are listed below. The seasons needing episodes to complete it are in RED. If you upload a missing episode, you get 2x the GB added to your UL credit. If you upload a complete season with at least 1 missing episode (preferred), you get 4x the GB added to your UL credit. Any show getting any updates (episodes or seasons) will be freeleech for 2 weeks. I'll randomly add shows as we go along and remove shows if they're complete or have been on for too long. Good luck and happy hunting! Family Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 Make Room for Daddy Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 The Electric Company Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 The Carol Burnett Show Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1112 Death Valley Days Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 3-2-1 Contact Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Sp Post your finds & suggestions and get more qualifying shows HERE And HERE is a great way to get new shows to upload!
  20. Show of the Day (freeleech) Rita Rocks (2008) Freeleech on the Show of the Day lasts for 24 hours and ends at Midnight, UTC (at which time a new Show of the Day is picked automatically). You will be charged for any bytes downloaded after Midnight, UTC.
  21. Tracker's Name: HD Great Escape (HDGET) Genre: TV Sign-up Link: Closing date: Î/Α Additional information: HD Great Escape (HDGET) is a CHINESE Private Torrent Tracker for JAPANESE / KOREAN TV HD Great Escape is the internal tracker for the release group HDGETV
  22. sisi

    MJM | TV

    Tracker's Name: MJM Genre: TV Sign-up Link: Additional information: MJM aka Meijumi is a chinese tracker for US dramas especially in packages (Seasons). Individual Episodes also uploaded
  23. 1) Tracker Name : MJM / Meijumi 2) Genre : TV 3) Sign-up link : Click Here to signup 4) Closing date : -/- 5) Review link : -/- 6) Additional Comments : Meijumi is a Chinese Tracker for TV Packages.
  24. Changes to the nomination of shows that we later vote on for staff pick are being discussed in the forums. This is your time to weigh in on what works and what doesn't and what you think about the new ideas I've shared. You can find the thread here. Don't waste your time complaining about it, give your opinion and help make changes so you and everyone can enjoy the idea and have more control of my staff pick.
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