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  1. I have only used torrentday....
  2. Tracker Name : Arab-TorrentS.NeT Genre : General Review (If Any ) : N/A Sign Up Link : Closing Time :N/A Additional Information : This tracker is specially been designed for Arabic people. Add Rep and Leave a feedback
  3. Tracker Name: Pussy Torrents   Genre: XXX   Sign-up Link:   Closing Date: N/A   Additional Information: Porn Tracker
  4. Tracker Name: Blu-Torrents Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Closing Date: Limited Signup Additional Information: Blu-Torrents (BTNET) is a Private Torrent Tracker for HD MOVIES / TV / GENERAL Blu-Torrents is the internal tracker for multiple internal-release groups
  5. Downloading torrents can be a game of Russian roulette, with copyright holders monitoring networks for infringement and some demanding cash to make lawsuits go away. In its early days of development, TorrentTags aims to help people torrent safely while assisting copyright holders to reduce piracy. You’ve spotted a hot music torrent in the top 100 most popular downloads on The Pirate Bay. You’re keen to obtain it but if you grab it now, the chances are that several anti-piracy companies will monitor the transaction. Whether that decision will result in a strike on your ISP account, a $3,000 lawsuit, a $20 fine, or absolutely nothing at all, depends largely on a combination of luck and a collision of circumstances. However, a project currently in beta aims to better inform users whether the torrent they’re about to grab is of interest to anti-piracy companies. Created by a team of Australian software developers in response to tougher anti-piracy legislation, TorrentTags is currently building a user-searchable database which aims to provide a level of ‘risk’ advice on any given torrent while helping to reduce piracy. TorrentTags obtains its data in two ways. Firstly, it uses the Chilling Effects database to import the details of torrents that have already been subjected to a DMCA notice on feeder sites including Google search, Twitter and Facebook. Second, and more controversially, the site is calling on rightsholders to submit details and hashes of content they do not want freely shared on BitTorrent. These can then be added to the TorrentTags database so that when people search for content, warnings are clearly displayed. “Rightsholders can inform torrent users about copyrighted torrents by sending claims to our database. This is likely to lead to a decrease in the number of downloads of those torrents,†the team informs TF. However, the team also views the problem from another angle. Concerned by companies such as Dallas Buyers Club LLC using downloaders as a cash-settlement revenue stream, TorrentTags would like to see public declarations placed on their site to warn potential targets in advance. “Without a public claim [by copyright holders] the monitoring of users’ activity with the goal of suing would be equivalent to ‘honeypot’ strategies. This is because, from a user’s perspective, any torrent without a public claim is indistinguishable from a torrent created by a copyright owner with the aim of operating a ‘honeypot’,†the team explain. WARNING: DALLAS BUYERS CLUB And herein lies a problem. While it seems unlikely that companies like DBC are operating their own ‘honeypots’, copyright trolls do rely on users sharing their content on BitTorrent in order to track and eventually demand settlement from them. It is therefore unlikely that the most ‘dangerous’ torrents would be voluntarily submitted to TorrentTags by those monitoring them. It’s certainly possible for information to be added to the database once a lawsuit is made public, but by this time many downloaders will have already been caught. Of course, it may serve as assistance for the future, but it’s also worth noting that Dallas Buyers Club have been suing people publicly for years and still people continue to download the movie. On the other hand, for companies that simply don’t want their content shared in public, submitting data to a site like TorrentTags might be a way to deter at least some people from downloading their content without permission. Whether they could be encouraged to do so in large volumes remains to be seen – a strong level of participation from a broad range of rightsholders will be required in order to maximize the value of the resource. While certainly an interesting concept, the TorrentTags team have significant hurdles to overcome to ensure that users of the site aren’t inadvertently misled. Although the importation of millions of notices from Chilling Effects is a good start, the existence of a DMCA notice doesn’t necessarily mean that a torrent is being monitored by trolls. Equally, just because a torrent isn’t listed as ‘dangerous’ it shouldn’t automatically be presumed that it’s safe to download. In some ways TorrentTags faces some of the same challenges presented to blocklist providers. Although some users swear by them, IP blockers are well-known for not only overblocking, but also letting through a significant number of IP addresses that they should’ve blocked. Time will tell how the balance will be achieved. Nevertheless, if TorrentTags indeed develops in the manner envisioned by its creators, it could turn into a fascinating resource, not only for BitTorrent users but also those researching anti-piracy methods. “We hope that TorrentTags will be able to serve as a comprehensive and easily accessible claim database for users. We also hope that TorrentTags will help dissolve the social stigma unjustly associated with Torrents and allow them to be widely used by society for file sharing purposes,†the team conclude.
  6. Unknown attackers are sabotaging popular TV and movie torrents by flooding swarms with IPv6 peers. The vulnerability, which affects the popular uTorrent client, makes it nearly impossible for torrent users to download files. It's unclear who's orchestrating the attacks but it could be a guerrilla anti-piracy move. Generally speaking, BitTorrent is a highly robust file-sharing protocol that’s not easily disrupted. However, in recent weeks there have been systematic efforts to prevent large groups of people from sharing popular pirated TV-shows and movies. The sabotaging technique tries to make it impossible for downloaders to connect to other people by overwhelming BitTorrent swarms with IPv6 peers. Because of its focus on IPv6, not all users are affected, but those who are sometimes see their download speeds grind to a halt. As a result it can take days to download a file, if at all. In short the process works as follows. The attacker joins a popular torrent swarm with hundreds, if not thousands of IPv6 addresses. These fake peers request data from real downloaders, quickly filling up their request queues. The fake peers never exchange any data but keep the client busy until they are banned, as is shown in the screenshot below. ipv6f The attack has been confirmed to affect the popular client uTorrent. After a few minutes uTorrent does ban the malicious peers, but this makes little difference as the attackers use so many different IP-addresses. Because all the fake peers have filled up the connection slots, real peers can no longer connect. This means that hardly any real data is transferred. “Got unchoke from µTorrent 3.4.3 (12.345.678.9:9999), can’t request immediately because request queue is full†TF was tipped off by the operator of one of the largest torrent trackers, who informed us that this type of attack is rampant. Many people are complaining about slow download speeds or torrents that are stuck. “This new method of peer flooding makes a lot of people think there are issues with torrents. From an anti-piracy point of view it is achieving the purposed effect,†the tracker operator, who prefers to remain anonymous, said. We were able to replicate the effect, which indeed makes downloading nearly impossible. After testing all of the larger BitTorrent clients it appears that only uTorrent and BitTorrent Mainline are vulnerable to the attack. However, together these two clients are used by the majority of all BitTorrent users. We informed BitTorrent Inc, who develop the two clients, about the vulnerability. The company informed us that they are currently looking into the issue and may comment later. Without an immediate fix, the tracker operator is advising affected users to switch to a different client for the time being, or disable IPv6 in Windows, if that’s an option. “People experiencing download slowness – torrents stuck at 0% for more than 10 minutes, in a case where there are seeds available, should immediately switch to a different client or disable IPv6 in Windows,†the tracker operator says. It is unclear who is behind the attacks, but considering the fact that it targets nearly all new TV and movie torrents, it could very well be a novel anti-piracy strategy. In any case, it’s definitely one of the most effective attempts to disrupt BitTorrent downloads in recent years.
  7. Tracker Name: Mac-Torrents (MT) Genre: Other Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  8. This is an automated message to make sure this seller really got the stuff what he/she is trying to sell, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then topic will remain closed. Best regards, Invite Scene Staff!
  9. Tracker Name: Blu-Torrents Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  10. Tracker Name : Pro Audio Torrents (PAT) Tracker URL : Signup LINK / Application : Invite Only Tracker Type : Music Application/VST's/Samples/Plugins and many many more IRC Details : 6666, 6667, 6668, 6669, and for SSL, 6697, 7000 IPv4 and IPv6. Tracker Birthday : 2005/03/01 Tracker Speed : 10/10 Tracker Pretimes : 10/10 Tracker Content : 10/10 Tracker State : Tracker Categories : Daily Uploads List: Request list: Forum: Logs: Donations: Rules: FAQ: Music Engineering
  11. Tracker's Name: 3D torrents Genre: Movies Sign-up Link:
  12. New Internal Release Group Welcome HDMike - our new internal Blu-ray release group!
  13. Thanks to its slick and easy-to-use interface, Popcorn Time has gained an impressive user base since it launched early last year. However, fresh data now shows that the application still has some ground to cover if it wants to rival uTorrent, which remains the king of BitTorrent traffic. Branded a “Netflix for Pirates,†the Popcorn Timeapp quickly gathered a user base of millions of people over the past year. The application has some of the major media giants worried, including Netflix which sees the pirate app as a serious competitor to its business. Popcorn Time is also a rival for traditional torrent clients such as uTorrent, albeit of a different kind. However, until now how these different types of BitTorrent traffic compare in volume terms has remained unknown. New data from network management company Procera sheds some light on how the two stack up against each other. Procera gathered data from a European fixed line network in March and April and shared their findings with TF. On this particular network, which has a capacity of dozens of Gigabits per second, Popcorn Time accounted for roughly 18 Gigabit per second at its peak. The traffic was lowest at night, dropping to nearly zero. All the traffic in question was generated by ‘traditional’ video torrents which were then streamed through the Popcorn Time app. Popcorn Time traffic The data above comes from one network, so the numbers are not very meaningful without a good comparison standard. For this reason, Procera also monitored the traffic generated by uTorrent. The graph below shows that uTorrent accounts for at least double the traffic compared to Popcorn Time, with a approximately 44 Gigabit per second at the peak in April. uTorrent traffic While the vast majority of uTorrent traffic is generated by video, it’s worth noting that the data above also includes transfers of software, music and other content. Non-uTorrent BitTorrent transfers were insignificant according to Procera, well below the traffic Popcorn Time generates. The traffic patterns observed on this European network may be different in other parts of the world. However, with Popcorn Time having a massive user base in Europe, it’s safe to conclude that the app is not rivaling traditional torrent yet, traffic-wise. It will be interesting to see if Popcorn Time will continue to grow during the coming year. The application is now available on all major operating systems and it’s not unthinkable that it will eventually catch up with uTorrent.
  14. Encrypted Internet traffic is surging according to data published by Canadian broadband management company Sandvine. A new report reveals that 25 percent of the encrypted downstream traffic in North America is consumed by BitTorrent transfers, second only to YouTube. In recent years it has become apparent that BitTorrent users are increasingly searching for options to hide their download footprints. Thus far, however, there was little information available on how much of all encrypted traffic is file-sharing related. A new report published by Sandvine now provides some insight into this. To find out how much of all Internet traffic is encrypted, and what the most popular sources are, last month the company gathered data in collaboration with a North American fixed access network. The findings reveal that nearly 30% of all downstream traffic is encrypted. The majority of the traffic remains unencrypted (65%), and the small remainder has yet to be identified. Looking at the individual sources of encrypted traffic we see that YouTube currently accounts for most of it. More than 11% of all downstream traffic comes from encrypted YouTube data, which is nearly 40% of all encrypted traffic. BitTorrent transfers come in second place with 7.2% of the total downstream traffic, which is good for nearly a quarter of all encrypted data. It’s worth noting that the report only looks at downstream traffic. BitTorrent’s share of upstream traffic is usually much higher, so the total percentage of all encrypted traffic will be well over 25 percent. Another fact worth mentioning is that before YouTube made the transition to support secure data transfers, BitTorrent was the number one source of encrypted traffic according to Sandvine. With Netflix poised to move to encryption by default, the relative share of BitTorrent will probably drop even further in the near future. Absolute traffic is expected to keep growing, however. In response to various anti-piracy initiatives and monitoring schemes around the world, BitTorrent users are increasingly turning to anonymizing services such as encrypted VPNs. It will be interesting to see how this trend develops during the years to come.
  15. e are looking for editors to help us edit contents on new AsiaTorrents website. Rank - new Rank of editor will be visible on your account, you will have more power than V.I.P users. - You will be part of our staff team. - Opportunity to become our staff, then Moderator and finally an Admin. - access to edit every contents on the new website. Requirement - Mush have have been member of AsiaTorrent for more than a year - Must not have pissed off any of our staffs - Must enjoy and know about Asian movies, tv shows and music - Must know how to write in English. - Plus point if you know other Asian languages. Responsibilities - Edit torrents, movies, tv-shows and music contents (as per our rules). - Add missing contents like posters, actors, etc - Re-organize contents, eg: fixing wrong categories, wrong language or countries, - Add or remove tags. - blog about new releases, - build movie, tv or music collections, How to Apply - Let us know about you, we dont need to know your personal details. - let us know your experiences. - Let us know how many languages you can read and write in. - Let us know how you can contribute our our community! Apply here
  16. UPDATED: 13 April 2015 - Now you can add Music torrents. - Account section is functional, allows you to change password. - Displays torrent files. We are excited to announce, that the early beta version of new AsiaTorrents website is online!!! We would like to request everyone to help us test! What to do? - register and login to use to the website! - Download some torrents! - Upload few torrents! *** Most of things doesn't work! Please don't complain! *** Everything you upload will be deleted! *** User accounts will be deleted, If you cant login, create a new user! Comment or Suggest on our forums Poll: Should we have lighter or darker theme on new AsiaTorrents? Vote Here FAQ - Will new AsiaTorrents be on a new domain? I dont know yet, I am thinking about changing, new domain is always better for torrent sites! - Will i lose my ratio, bonus and download history? No, we will migrate your account as it is!
  17. [Have] HD-Torrents / [Want] Trancetraffic To change, have to say which country you live, PM
  18. We have updated our Description Writing Rules with what is required in the torrent descriptions, any torrents not following said rules after March 27th 2015 shall be deleted forthwith. Please be sure to read the Description Rules and follow them so that all may enjoy your torrents. Thank you. Description Writing Rules
  19. Website Update After a lot of hard work, we've finished revamping our class system and our push notifications system. As a result, we now support Safari push notifications. Also, as a result of the new ranking system, you'll notice rank badges next to usernames on places like the forums. This allows for a more fluid experience, and makes it easier to tell who's staff (and there's badges for things like donator and VIP too!). Because of this new system, we've laid the groundwork so we can expand our website much more easily in the future if we want to. For more info, see forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=180.
  20. In response to being overwhelmed by DMCA takedown notices, new torrent site Strike now stores no data whatsoever - no torrents, no magnets, no categories and no indexing. The site has become totally dynamic and only fetches data requested by the user. But will these drastic steps be enough? Last month we published an article on Strike, a new torrent site with a fresh approach. In addition to a less-is-more philosophy when displaying results, Strike obtains torrent data not only from all public trackers but also BitTorrent’s Distributed Hash Table (DHT), a first in the torrent world as far as we’re aware. But since that piece a couple of weeks ago, Strike has been under attack from multiple directions. “The first major one was a DDOS attack, I’m still not sure who or why did it, but at 300gb/s they took half of my servers offline; some are still off and will probably never come back on because of my hosting provider not wanting to deal with it,†site operator Andrew Sampson informs TF. But that was just the beginning. Rightsholders quickly began contacting not only Sampson, but also Cloudflare and the site’s host, complaining that Strike was infringing their copyrights. Additionally, “tons of morons†threatened to sue Strike if it didn’t stop “hosting their contentâ€, the bemused dev explains. Eventually German host Hetzner said it didn’t want to deal with any more DMCA notices. Sampson said the provider null-routed the non-commercial Strike which took down another of Sampson’s projects, NetflixRoulette, at the same time. “I can’t begin to tell you how badly that hurt my revenue stream. A company in Germany adhering to a US law and not even taking the time to investigate. Note to public: Avoid Hetzner,†Sampson says. The developer says that the majority of complaints against his site were filed by anti-piracy company Entura International. Sampson says he tried to explain that his site carries no content and no torrents but simply extracts these from DHT upon user request but the company wasn’t particularly interested. “I have a technical background and implement many of Strike’s technologies within the toolset of my organization, so I believe that I have a good understanding of how Strike operates,†an Entura contact told Sampson. “Our copyright infringement notifications are not requesting the removal of a hash from the BitTorrent/DHT network, we know this is not possible. We are simply requesting the de-indexing or de-listing of results from your site that allow for the downloading of copyrighted content via the magnet link that you provide or .torrent files via your API/RSS.†In response to the DMCA issues, Sampson says he has now taken things a step further. During the past few days the dev took the decision to stop storing any data whatsoever on Strike’s servers “except for search phrases for learning purposes.†This presents an intriguing situation. Aside from some disk caching, Sampson says that Strike now operates purely on demand. When a user types in a search the site pulls the results from its usual sources and presents them in the browser window. When that browser is closed the data effectively disappears, meaning that there is nothing for anti-piracy companies to take down because it’s already gone. Whether that will be enough for Entura remains to be seen. An email shared with TF suggests that the company feels that Sampson’s responsibilities go beyond compliance with the law. “I understand that the listing pages might not be served via local storage on your infrastructure, that does not detract from the matter that you are providing the platform or portal for which these remote browser requests are made,†Entura told the dev. “Your compliance in this matter should not be reliant on me creating a compelling case, it should instead be reliant on your good will, desire to support creative industries and comply with the law.†Nevertheless, the following message now appears on the front page on Strike. “If you are visiting this site for anti piracy means, just know a few things. Any content you see is because you requested it. We do not provide or offer any files. You cannot download from us. We do not store any data, all content is dynamic and on demand requested via YOUR browser. So leave us alone,†the notice reads. After moving to yet another new host, Sampson thought that things might improve but during our email exchange he received more bad news. His hosting had been terminated once again. “Dumb media companies, bad hosting, lack of funding, lots of development. Take your pick, Strike has been a big undertaking, one I’m not sure I really want to continue, but I know I have to for the greater good,†Sampson concludes. At the time of publication Entura had not responded to TF’s requests for comment.
  21. For the fourth year in a row KickassTorrents is celebrating Happy Torrents Day by encouraging users to download and share as much as possible. The initiative was started to celebrate file-sharing and is growing bigger every year. The latest edition features various challenges and also sees the debut of a Kickass magazine and a Torrents Day album. With millions of unique visitors per day KickassTorrents (KAT) has become the most-used torrent site on the Internet, beating even The Pirate Bay. The site also has a very active community of torrent aficionados from all over the world. On March 30th the site staff and its members come together to celebrate their beloved pastime on “Happy Torrents Day.†The event was started by KAT administrator Mr. Pink. Initially it was a small celebration but over the years it has turned into a recurring tradition with many thousands of people participating. TF spoke with Mr. Pink who notes that Torrents Day is a celebration of file-sharing. With the news being dominated by lawsuits, domain name trouble and torrent takedowns, this day is focuses of the positive. “The main purpose is to get everybody to believe that what we do is worth fighting for. Everybody is equal. Yes it started on Kickass with us but it’s not about us. It’s about every person that believes in file sharing,†Mr. Pink says. In recent weeks a lot of torrents have disappeared from the site as a result of an increase in DMCA takedown notices. The idea behind Torrent Day is to get people focused on something positive again. “The DMCA is clamping down on us hard lately. And it’s becoming tougher so we need to give the userbase something to believe in,†Mr. Pink notes. In celebration of the festive day several challenges and initiatives have been launched. A Happy Torrents Day album has been released for example, as well as the first issue of KAT’s official magazine “The KATalyst.†Besides KAT, Torrents Day is spreading to other sites as well. ExtraTorrent, another large community, previously joined in and is expected to do the same again this year. If everything goes according to plan Torrents Day 2015 is expected to drive a lot of traffic to the site and perhaps set several new records. “The support from other sites and the KAT team has been amazing,†Mr. Pink says. “We expect the site’s traffic and upload records to be broken today. We have a few ideas up our sleeves to make that happen.†Records or not, judging from the activity on KAT’s website there’s definitely plenty of interest. So to all those who are celebrating: Happy Torrents Day!
  22. Mac-Torrents August 2014 Review Tracker Name : Mac-Torrents Tracker Genre : Apps (MAC) Tracker Link : Tracker Signup : Closed/Invite Only Tracker Description : Mac-Torrents is private torrent tracker specialized in MAC apps,games,iPOD,iPHONE,iPAD,music and ebooks. Screenshots : Home : Category : Browse Torrents : Top 10 Torrents : Requests : Collages : Forums : Rules : Donate : Stats : Rating : Overall : 9/10 Torrents : 9/10 Speed : 9/10 Community : 9/10
  23. The popular movie release group YTS, also known as YIFY, has switched to a new domain name. The French domain registry FRNIC has informed the site's operators that will be suspended by the end of the month, an outcome most likely the result of pressure from copyright holders. Operated by the popular ‘YIFY’ release group, YTS has become one of the most popular pirate brands. The group releases its movies on various popular torrent sites and its home base has also become increasingly popular. Over the past year YTS gathered fame as the movie source for the “pirate Netflix†app Popcorn Time. Pretty much all popular Popcorn Time forks get their movie releases from the YTS API. This connection further raised YTS’s profile and turned it into a prime target for various copyright holder groups. Even the U.S. Government chimed in, labeling YTS a notorious pirate site. Apparently this pressure has paid off. YTS is now being forced to switch to a new domain after being advised by French domain name registry FRNIC that its .re domain is doomed. “We got a warning from FRNIC that the domain is frozen and will be suspended by the end of March,†a YTS admin informs TorrentFreak while announcing as their new domain. It’s unclear where the complaint originates from, but the MPAA and BREIN would be on top of the list if YTS has to take a guess. The admin is happy, however, that FRNIC informed them in advance so they have time to inform users about the transition. “It was very nice of FRNIC to give us more than a week prep time. I see too many cases were the registrar closes an account without warning,†the YTS admin says. The MPAA and other anti-piracy groups are increasingly pressuring domain name registrars and registries to cut off “pirate†domain names. While not all organizations are as eager to comply as FRNIC, YTS doesn’t blame them for the suspension. “I don’t blame them for caving into threats. After all, 10 to 50 USD per year is not enough to warrant the hassle of dealing with lawyers and 3rd party law enforcement bodies. It’s easier and cheaper to just drop the client,†the admin concludes. Despite the unforeseen move, YTS will continue to release the latest movie torrents from its new domain. For its users the implications are limited to updating their bookmarks. The various Popcorn Time forks will have to update their API links to point to the new domain name, but other than that things should work as usual.
  24. Updated Bonus Points System Bonus Points system is renewed! So everybody will receive what he deserves depending from size and numbers of torrents seeding. Also a bonus points will be given for torrents with small number of seeders. We hope with that new system retention of torrents will be improved. So below you can read the for what you get points for: Quote: What do I get bonus points for? You receive for every hour the system is registering you as a seeder 0.008 bonus points per torrent. You receive for every hour the system is registering you as a seeder 0.002 bonus points per every GB you seed. You receive for every hour the system is registering you as a seeder 0.016 bonus points per every torrent with 2 or less seeders and 3 or more snatches. VIP members receive additional 25% more bonus points for seeding. For every request you fill you will receive 10 seed bonus points. For every subtitles you add, you will receive 0.1 seed bonus points. In My Panel you can see the number and size of the torrents you are seeding. Also "Unique" - this is torrent you are seeding with 2 or less seeders and 3 or more snatches. Keep this torrents seeded you receive big bonus for them! If you wonder why your Bonus Points number decreased it is because of the new system. We reduced your point by 25% to calibrate the new exchange rates. So you did not lose anything! If you wonder if we will bring back invite to bonus points exchange we will not. Invites are for inviting new members and not to trade them for an upload credit.