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Found 3 results

  1. One of the most-used Popcorn Time forks will release an iOS app for non-jailbroken devices tomorrow. The new release opens up a whole new audience of hundreds of millions of devices. In addition, the Popcorn Time team suggests that other developers will soon be able to use the custom installer to break Apple's closed ecosystem too. In just a year the Popcorn Time brand has managed to establish itself as one of Hollywood’s main threats, and even Netflix fears the open source project. One of the big appeals, aside from the easy-to-use interface, is the fact that it’s available on many platforms and devices. Now, there’s a brand new release that will extend this list. On its one year anniversary tomorrow the fork will release an installer for non-jailbroken iOS devices. This means that anyone with an iPhone or iPad can install the popular app. “We intentionally postponed our one year celebration since we wanted to celebrate it with this groundbreaking release the world has been waiting for,†the team tells TF. The Popcorn Time fork already had an iOS app, which they released a few months ago. However, the new one is special as it can be installed on any device. The developers say they use a new custom installer that can add apps to iOS devices without requiring a jailbreak. Popcorn Time’s dedicated iOS page will link to the new installer starting tomorrow “The beauty is in the simplicity of this installer,†the team says. “All a user will need to do to get Popcorn Time on a jailbroken iOS device is to download the ‘iOS installer’ to his desktop computer, connect his iOS device to the computer with a USB cable, and then just follow simple instructions that will download the app on the iOS device.†Popcorn Time on iOS In addition to watching films and TV-series on mobile devices, the iOS app also supports playback on Chromecast and Apple TV, similar to the desktop application. According to the developers, however, having the option to easily add apps to iOS devices without a jailbreak is the main ‘revolution’ of this new release. And Popcorn Time is just the start. “The team we worked with on this solution has already launched this website with one clear intention in mind: To fight the closed ecosystem Apple has created, screening and choosing for us what we can or cannot install on the devices we purchased and paid top dollar for,†the team tells TF. This means that many more non-Apple-approved apps may come to iOS devices in the future. Needless to say, Apple is not going to like this, but the team says that the developers are prepared for battle. “The installer guys have no doubt that this will be a long journey, playing ‘cat and mouse’ with Apple that probably won’t like them breaking their closed eco-system. But seeing their work now and future updates for the installer they’re already working on, we’re sure they’re ready for any obstacle Apple will throw their way,†they note. TF tried a closed alpha release of the new installer and it works as advertised. The Popcorn Time app does indeed install without any hassle. The only limitation is that the installer requires a Windows machine, but the Mac version is expected be ready later this month. It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to the new revelations. In any case, it’s clear that the list of Popcorn Time enemies just got longer. Stay tuned… Breaking Apple’s ecosystem
  2. A new Sunset Overdrive soundtrack, Sunset Overdrive: Volume 2 -- The Fizzco Sessions, arrives on Amazon and other retailers December 23, but we have an early Christmas present for you. Right now you can listen to two songs from the upcoming album right here via the Soundcloud embeds below. The songs, heavy and thumping EDM tracks, are "Sunset Electro" by Liam Shy and "Under Control" by Arkaen. The Sunset Overdrive music was composed and produced through a deep collaborative on the part of Microsoft, Insomniac Games, and San Francisco-based music studio Pyramind. The end result is a soundtrack of unique songs, including the two below, that are meant to match the game's overall tone. The two tracks here from the latest Fizzco Sessions album are designed to have a flair that represents the evil Fizzco Corporation. Take a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below. For more on the creative process behind bringing the songs to life, check out the video above. Sunset Overdrive is available today exclusively for Xbox One.
  3. Life in the Void. Many games task you with saving the world. But what if the world you’re a part of is already gone? Q-Games’ The Tomorrow Children asks that question: what do you do, how do you behave when everything you know is dust? Do you work for the common good, harvesting food and mining for materials in exchange for money to buy tools to do your job, or do you prioritize yourself and earn renown? The Tomorrow Children’s story centers around an experiment gone wrong. In 1960s Russia, an attempt to create a "sublime" human race, melding all human minds into a single consciousness, has resulted in the complete destruction of the universe. The planet earth has been replaced by an endless Void, whiteness stretching on forever and ever in every direction. Over the course of 90 years, those who were able to survive the experiment have rebuilt a socialist society that requires everyone to contribute to the general good through work and production. You, the player, are a "projection clone," one of a number of tiny Russian-doll-like beings that hold some of the consciousness left behind after the experiment. You live in a town, a small scraggly collection of buildings, workbenches and kiosks in which you can trade credits--which you earn through work—for mining tools, water, a jetpack, and any number of goods that will help you do your job better. The game itself is a captivating mix of Minecraft and Dark Souls, mixing resource management, exploration, and a self-upgrade system with some truly horrifying gigantic creatures to fight. These creatures in The Tomorrow Children are an ever-present threat, flying bat-like things and giant Godzilla beasts that will slowly creep up over the horizon and make for your town. While mining for glowing mushrooms deep within a crystal cavern, I heard loud, thundering bangs passing by. I emerged from the cave to find one of these giant beasts, a silvery reptilian monster studding with glowing red lights towering over me. As I watched, other workers--other players--began firing rockets at it in a desperate attempt to bring it down before it crushed them. After a minute or so of pounding it with fire, the creature double over and fell, instantly crystallizing into a shimmering silver figure of what it once was. At its core, The Tomorrow Children is about working together to ensure humanity’s survival. But the fact that humanity has technically already wiped itself out makes for an interesting thematic twist. Unlike post-apocalyptic games like Sunset Overdrive or zombie outbreak stories like The Walking Dead andDay Z, the world has fallen beyond rock bottom to total annihilation, providing a completely blank slate on which to rebuild. The way The Tomorrow Children depicts this world state--empty stretches of white space and melancholy ambient music--evokes a feeling of sadness, maybe even hopelessness at times. Although the game is still in an alpha state, this beautiful melancholy permeates the small area I was able to play in. Your tiny Russian doll traipses from a kiosk where they buy a jackhammer to a vending machine where it spends its last credits on something to drink. You can almost feel the atmosphere under that white sky--cool, crisp, an endless night devoid of wind. The Tomorrow Children also subtly pushes you to work alongside other players. Others playing online will show up as ghostly black and red shimmering shadows, with their PlayStation Network IDs floating above them. You can work with these fragile comrades to mine or collect food, or simply explore. Resource management is a group activity, as everyone’s work will contribute to the good of their tiny colony. And if you become more prestigious, more well known for doing lots of work, others may want to tag along to siphon some of that renown. Its gamification of socialism is smartly done, wrapped in a visual and audio package that successfully communicates the melancholy--and hope--of rebuilding a world. The Tomorrow Children will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 at an unannounced date.