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Found 7 results

  1. Celebrate's 2 year anniversary and win some ratio! Details Here ~ Entry Deadline ~ December 12 Last month, quietly turned two. Although we were a bit occupied with other matters and didn't get to acknowledge it on time, that doesn't mean that we can't do something to celebrate now! In the past, we've held photo and video competitions, but this time we wanted to try something a bit different that, hopefully, will prove to be both helpful and fun for everyone. When The Show opened its doors to the public, we had about 1,500 torrents. Today that number is over 5,300 and growing, which can make it a bit daunting to select the best of what we have, so in the interest of helping our current and future members, we pose the following question to you: Which torrent downloaded from TheShow has helped you the most and why? Since not all of our creative members are in the same field, we'll have winners in three categories: Filmmaking, Creative Writing and Photography. 1st place wins 8 GB 2nd place wins 5 GB 3rd place wins 3 GB Additionally, everyone who participates will be awarded 1 GB of upload credit! The rules: 1. Entries must be made in the following format: Quote: (Category) Torrent name - link How it helped you. Example: (Filmmaking) Eve Hazelton - Lighting Masterclass I have a camera and access to some good local actors, but I didn't have access to a DP or the time to go through a 12 hour course with a short movie shoot coming up. Thanks to this torrent I was able to learn enough in under an hour to properly light my short, which did well in some local festivals and as a result I was able to network with some really talented people who want to work with me on future projects. 2. In order to get the 1 GB you have to actually write something helpful, though. Just posting the name of the torrent and link will not earn you the 1 GB. 3. This contest is for torrents from the educational categories: 3D Graphics / Animation Acting / Improv / Comedy Business / Distribution Cinematography Costuming Creative Writing Film / Video Directing Film / Video Editing Film History / Theory Graphics / Photo Editing Ideas / Mindset Make-up Photography Prop Making Screenwriting Set Design / Dressing Software / Tutorials Sound Recording / Design Stock Film / Video Stock Music / Sound FX Stock Photos / Illustrations Theatre Videography Visual FX Torrents from the new entertainment categories like Drama (scripted) and e: Celeb Talk Shows are not eligible. 4. Only one entry per member. 5. You have until midnight PST on Friday, December 12 to enter. 6. In another departure from previous contests, the judges will be you! After the deadline passes, a thread with a poll will be posted giving you a chance to vote for your fellow members and award the ratio prizes. Have fun and lets see what we all learned from the site so far!
  2. New RFS for September 26 - October 3 Kelby Training - Terry White - Using the iPad in Your Photography Workflow The iPad has taken the world by storm and has increasingly become a useful addition to a digital photography workflow. Join Terry White, worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist for Adobe Systems, as he walks through the various iPad apps he uses in each stage of his photographic workflow. Get It Here: Pluralsight - Inside Strategies for Growing Your Userbase Jesse Stay, author of this course, created his first app with visions of getting a lot of users and making a lot of money, only to get there and realize he didn't know what to do to get those users. This course follows Jesse's adventures to grow those users and shares many lesser-known secrets that give developers the advantage over marketers in promoting their apps. This course will teach you everything you need to know to promote your app and grow a userbase in the thousands to millions. Get It Here: - Website Management for Musicians and Bands Many musicians want to expose their music to the world, but don't give their website—the keystone in a music marketing strategy—the attention it deserves. In this course, Bobby Owsinski draws on his years of experience running a blockbuster music blog and shows you how to design a website that will better promote and sell your music. Get It Here: creativeLIVE - Tamara Lackey - Work, Life, Balance Like many of you, Tamara Lackey knows exactly how it feels to juggle the ALL of work and life – for her, it means parenting three active kids and having a relationship with her husband while running two businesses, shooting portraits, recording shows, writing and teaching. Get It Here: American Masters - George Lucas: Heroes, Myths, and Magic (1993) Interviews with Joseph Campbell, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Howard and Harrison Ford highlight this overview of George Lucas' filmmaking career, with scenes from his films THX 1138, American Graffiti, the Star Wars (original) trilogy and other films he helped produce. Also includes some rare home movie footage of Lucas as a child. Get It Here:
  3. Ratio Free Spotlight September 19 - 26 @ 2014-09-19 22:28:43 GMT New RFS for September 19 - September 26 Stan Winston School - How to Make a Zombie Horde on a Budget Learn how to make a zombie horde on a budget with Makeup FX master Bruce Spaulding Fuller (TERMINATOR 2, PREDATOR 2, ARMY OF DARKNESS). From applying affordable generic prosthetics for featured “hero†zombies, to simple build up and makeup techniques for background zombies, Fuller shows you everything you need to know to create your own undead army on a shoestring. Get It Here:
  4. Tracker Name : Signup Link : Genre : e-Learning Closing Date : N/A Additional Information : TheShow is a Private Torrent Tracker for ENTERTAINMENT-INDUSTRY RELATED E-LEARNING
  5. Tracker's Name: Genre: e-Learning Sign-up Link: Closing date: N\A Additional information: a Tracker specialized in Cinema and Movies related stuff as well as 3D Graphics / Animation and alot more . It has an awesome speed and active forum also It has a Invite Forum for power user
  6. Ratio Free Spotlight September 12 - 19 New RFS for September 12 - September 19 The RKO Story: Tales from Hollywood (1987) Episode 1 - Birth of a Titan It includes sections on the making of King Kong and Cimarron. There are interviews with Katharine Hepburn, Ray Harryhausen, Gene Raymond and Fay Wray together with many more from behind the scenes. Episode 2 - Let’s Face the Music and Dance Part two looks at the Fred & Ginger films. It also includes some rare items with a dance clip never used and a colour rehearsal section. There are interviews with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers together with many more from behind the scenes. The interview with Fred is the last filmed interview he gave. Episode 3 - A Woman’s Lot Part Three traces the films made at RKO for and by women, concentrating on the careers of Ginger Rogers and Katharine Hepburn. It includes interviews with them and also Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Lucille Ball. Episode 4 - It’s All True Part Four looks at Orson Welles who spent a hectic few years at RKO, making Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons and the abandoned It's All True. Episode 5 - Dark Victory The 1950s were a time of mounting paranoia, reflected by the studio's ventures into film noir. Robert Mitchum makes his first screen appearance, Val Lewton creates Zombies and Cat People, and the House of Un-American Activities Committee stalks its prey. Includes interviews with Ginger Rogers, John Houseman, Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer Episode 6 - Howard’s Way It concludes as Howard Hughes' purchase of RKO has a devastating effect on the studio. Includes interviews with Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell, Jane Greer, Joan Fontaine, Janet Leigh, Jean Simmons, Stewart Granger, Ginger Roger and Lucille Ball
  7. AsAp

    Tracker Name : Signup Link : Genre : Entertainment-industry related,e-learning Closing Date : N/A Additional Information : -