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Found 7 results

  1. UK Internet provider BT blocked two dozen torrent sites this past weekend, including IPTorrents and TorrentDay, two of the largest private trackers. This is the first time that a UK ISP has blocked private torrent sites, and there doesn't appear to be a court order underlying their decision. Following a series of High Court orders, six UK ISPs are currently required to block subscriber access to dozens of the world’s largest torrent sites. The latest order was issued last month after a complaint from the major record labels. It expands the UK blocklist by 21 torrent sites, including,,, and This weekend both BT and Sky implemented the new changes, making it harder for their subscribers to reach these sites. Interestingly, however, BT appears to have gone above and beyond the court order, limiting access to various other sites as well. Over the past several days TorrentFreak has received reports from several users of private torrent sites who get an “error blocked†message instead of their favorite sites. These include the popular and trackers, as well as scene release site IPTorrents and Torrentday are significant targets. Although both sites require prospective users to obtain an invite from a current member (or from the site itself in exchange for cash), they have over a hundred thousand active users. The error displayed when BT subscribers try to access the above URLs is similar to that returned when users to try access sites covered by High Court injunctions. However, there is no known court decision that requires BT to block these URLs. In fact, no UK ISP has ever blocked a private torrent site before. TF contacted BT’s press contact and customer service team but we have yet to receive a response to our findings. Meanwhile, several of the affected users are discussing on Facebook and Twitter how they can bypass the blockades. It appears that for now IPTorrents is still accessible via https and via the site’s alternative .me and .ru domains. In addition, VPNs and proxy servers are often cited among suggested workaround techniques. Whether the private torrent sites will remain blocked and on what grounds remains a mystery for now. We will update this article if BT sends us a response. BT users who spot more unusual blocks are encouraged to get in touch.
  2. And it's not too late to sign up. The previously announced closed beta for upcoming Xbox One role-playing game Fable Legends will begin this Thursday (October 16) when developer Lionhead Studios invites a "handful" of players to try it out, the studio said in a post on its website. The developer also stressed that the closed beta for the RPG will be "real," in that Lionhead hopes you'll provide detailed feedback to help make the game better. "We're inviting fans to help test the game as early in the development process as possible," Lionhead said. "Not only do we want your help with identifying bugs, glitches, and crashes, we also want to hear your ideas, feedback, and suggestions!" Players chosen for the Fable Legends closed beta will help test a "small slice" of the game. Over the following months, Lionhead will slowly introduce more content and features, the studio said, adding that it will also invite additional players to the beta over time. "Ultimately, we hope to have a significant portion of our registrants in game before we leave closed beta," Lionhead said. If you haven't signed up already, it's not too late, as you can still do so through the Fable Legends website today. Lionhead says you can increase your chances of getting invited to the beta by joining its forums, and following its Twitter and Facebookaccounts. If you are selected to take part in the Fable Legends beta, you'll be notified through email. Emails regarding the beta will come from an address ending in Lionhead warns that "anything else is fake!" Fable Legends was originally announced in August 2013, during last year's Gamescom. It is powered by Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4, and lets up to four players journey through the fictional world of Albion together. Players can also choose to become the villain, and are able to issue commands to nefarious creatures about which player to attack and which abilities to use to thwart their advances. Though the beta for Fable Legends begins this year, the full game's release date has not been announced. When it is finally released, Microsoft expects the game to enjoy a long life of 5-10 years. For more on Fable Legends, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.
  3. Company's first wearable device launches in early 2015, and it requires an iPhone. Today during a special press event, Apple not only revealed new iPhones, but also a smartwatch product line. The Apple Watch is the most personal device Apple has ever created, CEO Tim Cook said, as reported by GameSpot sister site CNET. You can follow along with CNET's liveblog for up-to-the-second details about the device. "Because you wear it, we invented new intimate ways to connect and communicate directly from your wrist," Cook said, labeling the Apple Watch a "breakthrough" product. The Apple Watch represents the company's first wearable device. Other major personal electronics makers, including Sony, Motorola, Samsung, and LG, already have smartwatches available on the market. The Apple Watch line will include three main models: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition. A variety of bands--six in all--will be available, including stainless steel and leather straps. These are interchangeable (using a proprietary strap design), meaning you're not locked into one style or another. The device has a built-in heart rate sensor and gyroscope, as well as haptic feedback. The Apple Watch can also determine the difference between a tap and a press, and features wireless, inductive charging. In terms of software, Siri makes the jump to the Apple Watch, and there are also maps and photo apps. Apple Watches will start at $349 when the product line launches in early 2015. In addition, Apple Watches require an iPhone because the two devices have been designed to work together. You won't need to buy a new iPhone 6 to use the watch, however, as Apple Watches are also compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5c models. Wall Street is responding positively to today's Apple news, as the company's stock is up around 3 percent today to $101.34. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  4. The hacking trial of Gottfrid Svartholm has ended its first week, but not without controversy. Today TF catches up with Kristina Svartholm on the past few days' developments and we also reveal criticism of Danish police after information provided by a man "with a grudge" against Gottfrid was used in court. I t’s been a long time in the making but this week the trial of Gottfrid Svartholm finally got underway in Denmark. The Swede and a still-unnamed 21-year-old co-defendant stand accused of hacking computer mainframes operated by US IT giant CSC in what’s being described as the largest case of its kind ever seen in the Scandinavian country. Surprise The trial began on Tuesday but after less than 25 minutes proceedings had to be halted after the prosecution submitted a 27-page document and 92 slides that the defense claimed not to have seen before. Michael Juul Eriksen, defending the 21-year-old, complained but deputy public prosecutor Anders Riisager said there was no obligation to provide all documents up front. On top of the surprise documentation, the prosecution also provided a never-seen-before video recorded by police when Gottfrid was arrested in Cambodia during 2012. It reportedly showed the Swede’s apartment messy and turned upside down. Gottfrid’s defense lawyer Luise Høj branded the video as “irrelevant†and this start to proceedings didn’t impress Gottfrid’s mother Kristina either. “Such efforts to disorder the defense and affect the jury are, in my opinion, unworthy of a civilized court process,†Kristina told TF. “I guess I am very naive in this, but I think that representatives of the community should behave better than that – justice should be considered more important and be paid more respect to than in the way that the prosecutor behaved to begin with that first day. But maybe Denmark has its own ethics in this respect.†Chat logs In presenting the case, senior prosecutor Maria Cingali referred to chat logs that took place between two hackers – one allegedly Gottfrid (My Evil Twin) and the other the 21-year-old (Advanced Persistent Terrorist Threat). A report in The Local said the logs not only contained chats discussing the hacking of CSC’s database, but also personal details that correspond with those of the 21-year-old. Remote access Speaking to the court on Wednesday, Gottfrid continued with the same defense strategy employed in his Swedish case – that third parties had access to his computer and carried out the hacking from there. The 29-year-old also revealed that he’d previously given the police four other nicknames of individuals who had access to his computer. Eraser, Nohyb, RBL and Ripley were reportedly known online as The Lattice Team but Anders Riisager wanted their real names – Gottfrid refused. “I do not want be called a traitor or a snitch,†he said, going on to criticize the efforts of the prosecution in finding the potential culprits. “The motivation to investigate has been equal to zero,†he added, pointing out that the Danish authorities had been in possession of these names since 2013. “There has been every opportunity to find out their names. You have had more than a year to do so,†Gottfrid noted. “Smear†campaign In his cross-examination, Riisager invited Gottfrid to comment on an article published on Cambodian forum Khmer440 in 2012 which claimed that the Swede was “messed up on drugs†and “a total recluse†who made contact only with “his dealers and landlord.†The Swede reacted unfavorably, accusing the prosecution of trying to “smear†him. Someone who shares opposition to these allegations is ‘John’, Gottfrid’s former business partner as revealed in our earlier article. He’s outraged that the prosecution has used information penned by someone with “a grudge†against Gottfrid. “I should inform you that Khmer440 has accepted that many of the allegations posted about me and Gottfrid were false and defamatory. I have it in writing (the term they used was ‘scurrilous’,†John wrote in an email yesterday to Jens Jorgensen of the Danish police. “The fact that you have quoted these libelous, provably false accusations written by a man who you know to have a grudge against Gottfrid (and I know that you know, because I personally told you about it during our meeting, and watched you take notes) is absolutely sickening. I can’t imagine what on earth possessed you to do such a thing.†Did the prosecution edit evidence? Something else bothering the defense is the authenticity of chat logs provided to the court. The names “Advanced Persistent Terrorist Threat†and “My Evil Twin†were seen in chat logs provided by the prosecution yet on Internet Relay Chat, where the chats allegedly took place, names with spaces are truncated. This, the defense says, indicates the logs had been modified. “The prosecution makes much of the two names. But if you log into this kind of IRC chat with the name ‘Advanced Persistent Terrorist Threat,’ you will just be called ‘Advanced,’ because you cannot include spaces. It simply cannot be done to be called ‘Advanced Persistent Terrorist Threat,’ so it’s been changed subsequently,†Michael Juul Eriksen argued. Lost in translation Speaking with TF yesterday, Kristina said that while Gottfrid is in good spirits, earlier in the week her son “lost his temper†with his interpreter over technical terms not being relayed correctly. “Gottfrid and his lawyer have complained about this earlier in court, several months ago – and now this happens again,†Kristina said. “Denmark should use its best interpreters in a task like this – and the interpreters themselves should refrain from accepting to do the job it if they feel that they can’t do it well.†By Friday morning, however, things had improved. “I just saw a report that Gottfrid and [his new interpreter] smiled at each other when she tried to translate some technical terms,†a good sign, Kristina believes. The week ends in more drama The cross-examination of Gottfrid’s co-defendant had been due to begin Friday afternoon, a highly anticipated event since to date the 21-year-old has refused to give any comment to the police. But thanks to the prosecution producing yet more evidence that had not previously been shared with the defense, the court would have to wait. Defending the 21-year-old, lawyer Michael Juul Eriksen said he couldn’t let the questioning go ahead until the information had been read by the defense. The trial continues next week.
  5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier kicked of the 2014 blockbuster season with a bang, and though it may eventually be eclipsed by Guardians of the Galaxy in box office earnings, Cap’s first sequel was an unequivocal smash hit. Of course, this means our expectations for Captain America 3 are very high. Knowing how The Winter Soldier ended – including the film’s post-credit scene – we have a pretty good idea of where the series is heading. Returning directors Anthony and Joe Russo have already confirmed Cap 3 will indeed deal with Steve (Chris Evans) and Bucky’s (Sebastian Stan) complex relationship. And it’s presumed that after his stint in The Avengers: Age of UItron, Cap will take off on a journey to track down the wayward Winter Soldier. Actors who may appear in Cap 3 (besides Evans and Stan) are Anthony Mackie as Falcon, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, though none of them have been officially confirmed. Regardless, whomever is starring in the sequel will need an open schedule come next April because – as the Russo brothers revealed to Collider today – that’s when the film starts shooting in Atlanta, GA. An April start date for filming on Captain America 3 means its production will be happening right as Age of Ultron releases on May 1st, 2015. Which, honestly, sounds like a logistical nightmare for Evans, who will need to be promoting one movie while filming another. With that in mind, it seems pretty obvious why the guy is willing to hand over the shield once his six-film contract is up. Just who he’ll be handing the shield over to – if he doesn’t re-up his contract – remains a mystery, but there are two strong candidates: Bucky and Falcon. In the comics, both characters have (or will have) Captain America experience. Bucky, of course, famously took up the mantle when Steve Rogers “died.†Meanwhile, Falcon will take up the mantle in Captain America #25 this fall. Going by the foreshadowing in Captain America 2 and Stan’s nine-film contract, one might assume that the odds are in his favor, but nothing is set in stone at this point. What do you think will be in store for Cap and friends in Captain America 3? Will this film feature a passing of the torch… err, shield? Or will Cap 3 only signal the beginning of the end for Steve Rogers? Sound off in the comments below! Captain America 3 will be in theaters May 6th, 2016.
  6. It has often been assumed that the iPhone experience is together in many ways that Android is not, say iPhone fans. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has been accused of being slow and laggy, and many an iPhone performance test claims that iPhones best Android smartphones each year in terms of their performance on a number of levels. Well, Apple’s latest announcement seems to point to the contrary. The Cupertino has announced an iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program due to some defective units (a very small percentage, it’s been said) that have batteries that drain faster. Apple says that the defective units are those that were sold between September 2012 (the month of the iPhone 5 launch) and January 2013, and those who purchased an iPhone 5 during that time can bring their device(s) to local Apple retail stores starting on August 29th. It’s times like these that show how universally similar smartphones can be across all operating systems. No matter how great the smartphone, how much better you think it is than all others, smartphones are made imperfect because humans are – and even the most premium smartphone brands are subject to the same defective issues as non-premium smartphones are. Please refer all Apple fanboys to articles such as this to make them aware that, if Android smartphones have their share of criticism, so do iPhones.
  7. In line with recent trends, the online payment method CashU has put a blanket ban on VPN services. The company states that it is prohibited from supporting anonymity services due to the potential for abuse. Payment services are increasingly taking action against VPN providers, and as of today CashU can be added to the list. CashU is a popular payment service in the Middle East and North Africa, where it’s the leading alternative to credit cards. Thousands of merchants accept CashU payments including many VPN providers who are quite popular in the region. As of recently, however, CashU has stopped connecting new VPN providers to its payment service. The company sees it as a problem that VPN services allow users to browse the Internet anonymously and uncensored, as this could potentially be abused. VPN provider TorGuard was informed about the new policy after their application was turned down. “Please note that since VPN Services can support anonymity when being misused, CASHU, as a financial institution, is prohibited from supporting such services as is it going through a transitional stage. Therefore, kindly note that we cannot accept your merchant account registration,†A CashU representative wrote. The response from CashU suggests that an external party is prohibiting the company from accepting VPN services. It’s unclear who is behind this but TorGuard CEO Ben Van Pelt believes it may be the result of censorship forces in the region. “Privacy online is a basic human right and fundamental building block of any free, democratic society. Unfortunately, CashU’s Middle Eastern underwriting banks are not located in such a place. Censorship laws enforced by the United Arab Emirate’s Telecom Regulatory Authority borderline on draconian as they decide what content is or is not acceptable,†Van Pelt tells TorrentFreak. “It seems that this new anti VPN ‘transitional stage’ for CashU is part of a larger issue of increased government censorship and regulation in the region,†he adds. It’s worth nothing that CashU still accepts payments for VPN providers who have signed up previously. It will be interesting to see whether these merchants can keep their accounts or if they will be disconnected in the future. For TorGuard this isn’t the only payment method they’re having problems with. The company was also rejected by Alipay, a Chinese based payment solution that is popular among VPN users in Asia. TorGuard is still waiting for an official reply as to why this application was turned down. In recent years it has become harder and harder for VPN services to get a wide range of payment options. Previously Paysafecard stopped accepting anonymity services and Visa, MasterCard and Paypal have also caused trouble for some anonymity providers.