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Found 19 results

  1. U.S. TV series 'Empire' premiered in the UK last night but early fans of the show had been watching the show illegally for months. While that is viewed as a problem by 20th Century Fox, Empire star Taraji P Henson says when people downloaded the first series from unofficial sources, that got the show noticed in the UK. "Thank you. Thank you everybody," she says. Following its debut in the United States in January, TV show Empire certainly made its mark on its home audience. Pulling in close to a season average of 13 million viewers, the hip-hop focused drama exceeded expectations. Indeed, by the time the first season finished on Fox mid March, 23 million were tuning in, with the New York Times describing the show as both “sizzling†and “pretty perfect.†Of course, like the vast majority of U.S. productions, home audiences were always going to get the opportunity to enjoy Empire first. However, thanks to the Internet and a network of unofficial online distributors, Empire was soon being exposed to a much wider audience. Within hours of its premiere January 7, 2015, Empire S01E01 was circulating on torrent and streaming sites, an attractive proposition for potential viewers elsewhere who had heard about the show’s popularity in the United States yet had no legitimate way to get in on the action. According to stats gathered by TorrentFreak, on average the show was being downloaded more than 250,000 times per episode via BitTorrent, a number that doesn’t include many thousands of additional views on various streaming sites worldwide. But while distributor 20th Century Fox wasn’t particularly keen on Empire being seen outside the United States (the company sent dozens of complaints to Google for the show to be delisted from search results), Empire star Taraji P Henson sees things quite differently. “The only way that it [Empire] got over to the UK is because people were streaming it [illegally]. They [uK television companies] wouldn’t have known the show was that important, or that people wanted to see it, if they weren’t streaming it,†Henson told the BBC. The actress, who plays the role of ‘Cookie’ in the show, echoes the position of Netflix, which notes the popularity of content with pirates and uses that as an indicator of whether it should invest in shows. “You guys were streaming, and I know it’s a bad thing, but when the material is good people will find it. Thank you. Thank you everybody. People didn’t think it would do well over here,†Henson added. After its success in the U.S., Empire was picked up by UK TV channel E4. Nick Lee, a buyer for the channel, didn’t reveal whether the show’s piracy ‘successes’ were a factor in snapping up the drama but did note that there was plenty of interest. “We just think it fits so well on the channel,†he said. “There was huge competition. I think most channels in the UK wanted it. And after Empire enjoyed its premiere in the UK last night, it became clear why. The show was well received by critics and fans alike. Downloads of Empire are now at much more modest levels than they were in January but that situation should change when the show’s second season premieres in the United States during the fall. A US-UK simultaneous release will almost certainly be too much to ask.
  2. Have Bithumen acc+email 9.7TB upload, 1.4TB download, 27 star want: PTP invite
  3. Have Bithumen acc+email Upload 8.2TB Download 2TB 100 star Want: -CHDBits invite or acc+email -DB9 invite -Money
  4. The search is finally over. Following last week's reveal of a directorial shortlist including Justin Lin, Rupert Wyatt, Daniel Espinosa, Duncan Jones and Morten Tyldum, Paramount has chosen its man behind the camera. Fast & Furious veteran Lin has got the gig. The vacancy has been filled quickly, since it was only a couple of weeks ago that the previous instalments' writer Roberto Orci stepped back from making the third modern Trek his directorial debut. He was, in the end, reportedly the only person offered the job. Handily, he has a gap in his schedule, created by the abandonment of the Bourne Legacy sequel when Universal decided to return the franchise to Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon. There were some left-field names on Paramount's Trek list, but Lin's seem like a safe pair of hands, especially at short notice. He's proved with four Fast & Furiouses (Furioi?) that he can juggle large casts and FX-heavy action, to the tune of more than a billion dollars at the box office. The question of what he'll do beyond the Final Frontier is a tantalising one. Orci remains aboard as a producer, overseeing the script he’s co-written with J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay. Lin is currently at work on the first two episodes of True Detective's second season. He'll board the Enterprise right afterwards, with the still untitled Star Trek 3 expected in cinemas sometime in 2016.
  5. The folks at YouTube channel Powerlight-13 have remade the epic Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens trailer inside of Rockstar Games' open-world action game Grand Theft Auto V. Obviously it's somewhat rough--after all, GTA V is a bit limited in its Star Wars props. But it's a fun watch all the same, and speaks to the enduring passion of the GTA V playerbase. The Force Awakens hits theaters in December 2015, while GTA V fans have GTA Online Heists, and maybe some single-player DLC, to look forward to in 2015. Thanks, Polygon.
  6. With the upcoming X-Men: Age of Apocalypse film set to introduce younger versions of some of the original X-Men characters, speculation on the casting of Storm has been up in the air. The latest rumor is that X-Men’s Storm will be played by The Vampire Diaries star, Kat Graham. If this rumor (via MoviePilot) turns out to be true, I couldn’t be more excited. Kat Graham has the capacity to play an incredible Storm. Not only is she gorgeous and can easily pull off looking like a younger version of Halle Berry, but also, her role as Bonnie Bennett on the CW series The Vampire Diaries is the perfect preparation for playing a badass super-powered female. And Storm is just that, a badass, powerful woman—and actually my personal favorite comic book hero. Storm, or real name Orora Munroe, has the power to control the weather. With this power she can do more than just make it rain, she has the ability to control energy that the weather creates. She can manipulate that energy and contain it towards certain objects or people. She also has the ability to fly by gliding on wind currents, or using wind to throw off other people in a fight. Storm becomes a very powerful, yet level-headed member of the X-Men because of her training at such an early age. But aside from her super-powers, Storm serves as one of the most important members of the team because of her ability to defuse tension, and keep the other members practical and grounded. She acts as a leader much of the time, but still has a lonely sense of independence that probably originates from her life as an orphan before being found by Charles Xavier. All of these qualities, and more have been demonstrated in Kat Graham’s portrayal of Bonnie Bennett. Bonnie, a teenage witch in the midst of a whole lot of Vampire drama, serves as a voice of reason in much of the show. She is always trying to use her powers for good, and for the sake of others, never worrying about the consequence on herself. She is truly a heroine, with so much compassion, empathy, and selfless acts throughout the series, even to the point of self-sacrifice. Bonnie has many similar personality traits as Storm does in the X-Men universe, being a caring yet powerful entity to her friends. The character of Bonnie is also an orphan like Storm, so Graham has already explored that type of lonely despair in a character. Graham also has a career in the music industry as a singer and dancer. At 15 she performed as a background dancer at the BET Awards, and has been in many music videos and commercials since. That level of fitness is something that will make her job much easier when learning Storm’s fight sequences. And with athleticism like that, it is sure to look pretty realistic on screen as well. Overall, Graham looks to be a perfect fit for the role of a younger Storm in X-Men: Age of Apocalypse. We’ll keep an eye out for any future updates, but fingers crossed that this casting rumor sticks. X-Men: Age of Apocalypse is set to release in theaters May 27, 2016.
  7. Thor might feature in Captain America 3, fighting alongside Iron Man(Marvel Studios) Hold your heart ladies. We just got the Sexiest Man Alive and it's none other than the hammer wielding Norse god, Chris 'Thor' Hemsworth. Hemsworth's role as Thor in The Avengers has been highly appreciated by fans who couldn't be happy enough to know that People magazine has awarded their favourite star as the Sexiest Man of 2014. "I think you've bought me a couple of weeks of bragging rights around the house," the Australian actor told People magazine in this week's cover story. "I can just say to her, 'Now remember, this is what the people think, so I don't need to do the dishes anymore, I don't need to change nappies. I'm above that. I've made it now'," he was quoted as saying, referring to his wife Elsa Pataky. Apart from his all muscle role in the Avengers, Hemsworth will be seen in a different avatar in Michael Mann's upcoming thriller Blackhat. The actor has beaten Batman V Superman star Ben Affleck and Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt in order to win the top honour. Pratt came second in the list while Jamie Dornan who will grace theatres as the sexy billionaire in Fifty Shades of Grey came third in People's Sexiest Man Alive title. The winners were announced by Jimmy Kimmel during his show. Below are some tweets that did the rounds soon after the sexiest men of 2014 were announced: Michael Del Moro @MikeDelMoro Follow Swayze hair 1991, Hemsworth hair 2014. #sexiestmanalive @peoplemag 11:19 AM - 19 Nov 2014 AKA Fefe, Fe5e, Fee @theefefe Follow Do you think Liam called Mama&Papa Hemsworth and cried, but I have a movie coming out this week, Chris ruins everything! #sexiestmanalive 11:09 AM - 19 Nov 2014 Hollyscoop ✔ @Hollyscoop Follow WOW! #ChrisHemsworth has scored the #SexiestManAlive title for 2014 from @peoplemag. Congrats Chris! 11:04 AM - 19 Nov 2014 Fifty Shades Updates @ShadesUpdates Follow Jamie Dornan came in 3rd place for the #SexiestManAlive,,20315920_20873264_30252353,00.html … (via @Shades_Blog) 11:27 AM - 19 Nov 2014
  8. Stowaways get sucked out into space. The development team that's working on space sim Star Citizen's first-person shooter module did a Reddit Ask Me Anything yesterday where they shared many details about the game. The team is made up of around 30 people. They're aiming to release the FPS module early next year, and then continue updating it. Its mechanics will be integrated into the game's persistent universe, but like Star Citizen's Arena Commander, you'll also be able to play separate, multiplayer matches in team deathmatch, seek and destroy, capture and hold, and other modes. The integration of the FPS gameplay with the persistent universe is the most interesting part. Take for example the following description from the team on how you might be able to use it to your advantage: "I'm a stealthy, solo player. I find a wrecked ship, I know scavengers will be around soon. I find a crate and put myself in it. I let the scavengers take the crate and put me in their ship. When I'm on their ship, some time later, I get out of the crate. Very quietly, I rummage around and find some goodies I like. I steal those... now i can either - A) Jump out the airlock and call a ride or B) go to their engine room and self destruct their ship or C) quietly hunt and execute the entire staff and take their ship.... or Z) they could have scanned the crate properly before loading it, blasted it with their ship and me with it...." Some other interesting tidbits that came out of the AMA: The team says the FPS gameplay is inspired by "a mixture of Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six, Arma, Delta Force, and Killzone." If an airlock on a ship is breached, items and characters will get sucked out into space. There will be a cover system that allows you to lean, peek, crouch and move in cover. There will be some destruction but it's not a key component (as most of the environments are solid metal). You can damage specific limbs, and this will impact gameplay. The plan is to let players choose the dominant hand for their characters. If that hand is damaged, they won't be able to shoot or throw grenades as well. In the persistent universe, a limb can be "ruined" to the point that you'll have to replace it with an artificial one. The crowdfunding campaign for Star Citizen is now closing in on $59 million. For more on the game and Roberts himself, check out part one and part two of GameSpot's interview with the legendary designer. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  9. Kathleen Kennedy has been discussing progress on Star Wars: Episode VII, which is rapidly approaching the point where cameras will stop rolling… As reported by The Guardian, Kennedy revealed that LucasFilm is “within three weeks of finishing filming on Star Wars: Episode VII†before going on to wax lyrical about the thrill of returning the franchise to London. “This continues a long tradition of Star Wars movies being made in London,†said the producer. “It goes back to 1976.†“To know that we are now coming back and we will be making the movies once again based out of Pinewood and now we’re looking to put together ILM London, it’s rather remarkable that this has come together in less than two years.†Meanwhile, series stalwart Warwick Davis has also confirmed he will be returning for the new film, courtesy of the amusing video below… Directed by J.J. Abrams and co-starring Adam Driver, Lupita Nyong’o and John Boyega, Star Wars: Episode VII will open in the UK on 18 December 2015. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  10. Check out 30 minutes of pre-alpha gameplay footage for a game you'll likely never get to play. Around 30 minutes of gameplay footage for TimeSplitters developer Free Radical Design's scrapped Star Wars: Battlefront III has emerged, giving gamers a glimpse at a game they'll likely never play. A pair of 15-minute gameplay videos (via Eurogamer) provide a look at how the game played in its pre-alpha state. The videos show off all manner of environments, vehicles, and playable characters. These were to include well-known Star Wars characters such as Mace Windu, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Padme, among others. Despite numerous and detailed attestments to its existence and development, LucasArts never confirmed that Battlefront III was in fact in production. The game has long been the subject of much rumor, speculation, and head-butting. Its developer, Free Radical Design, was later folded into Crytek UK. Though we may never get to play Battlefront III, Swedish Battlefield developer DICE is currently working on a brand new Star Wars: Battlefront game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. We haven't seen much of the game yet, but DICE plans to reveal more about it in spring 2015. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  11. Crowdfunding campaign for Chris Roberts' new PC space sim showing no signs of slowing down. Star Citizen, the upcoming PC space sim from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, is showing no signs of slowing down. Over the weekend, the game hit $57 and $58 million, which is up from the $56 million mark reached a week ago today. Funding currently stands at $58.3 million. In a statement on the game's website, Roberts wrote that reaching $58 million means that developer Cloud Imperium Games can "continue to support and expand Star Citizen." The $57 million and $58 million milestones were reached on the same weekend that Cloud Imperium Games held the second annual CitizenCon, a one-day community celebration of all-things Star Citizen in Los Angeles. The developer even showed off planetside gameplay for the first time during the show. Now that the $57 million milestone has been reached, players will have the opportunity to obtain the MISC Endeavor ship, described as a "most prestigious" vessel. Because Star Citizen hit $58 million so quickly, Cloud Imperium Games did not have enough time to prepare a stretch goal, the developer said. Fans aren't going empty-handed, however, as everyone who contributed to the campaign before $58 million will receive 10,000 UEC (Star Citizen's virtual currency) that they can spend on ship upgrades and other flair from the Voyager Direct Store. Roberts advised players to hold onto these credits as he said the studio will offer "some cool configurable weapons and other upgrades" for the game's Arena Commander mode soon. "10,000 UEC may not seem like a lot, but at this stage in the game it actually means we’re giving our backers several million dollars to outfit their ships!" he said. For more on Star Citizen and Roberts himself, check out part one and part two of GameSpot's interview with the legendary designer. [CORRECTION] An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported that all players who backed Star Citizen before $57 million would receive the MISC Endeavor ship. GameSpot regrets the error. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  12. New details about the Rogue Squadron collection and an online multiplayer Rogue Squadron for the Xbox 360. Julian Eggebrecht, the former President of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron developer Factor 5, shared some details about a canceled Rogue Squadron collection and other games the studio worked on but never released before it shuttered. "As you might remember, it leaked from LucasArts that we were working on a trilogy compilation, and that was actually for the [original] Xbox," Eggebrecht said on IGN's Nintendo Voice Chat podcast. The game would have included Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Star wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, and Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, all reworked for the first Xbox, but the project was canceled by LucasArts, which Disney closed in 2013 after it acquired the company alongside LucasFilm. Eggebrecht said that Factor 5 then began working on a Rogue Squadron game for Xbox 360 that would have been the first to introduce online multiplayer to the series. Star Wars Rogue Squadron: X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, as the project was called, emphasised cooperative multiplayer, where players reenacted famous space battles from the movies. "The moment it [Rogue Squadron] was cancelled, Shu[hei] Yoshida from Sony basically held out his hand and basically said 'come on, guys, come on to the PlayStation team. We're still looking for PlayStation 3 launch titles.'" That game eventually became the PlayStation 3, dragon-flying launch title, Lair, because Sony wanted to have their own IP. Eggebrecht said that Factor 5 later even tried bringing the Rogue Squadron collection to Wii, but that they couldn't finish the project because of the financial crisis of 2008, which eventually led to Factor 5 going out of business. The Rogue Squadron series, in case you're not familiar with it, let players fly the original trilogy's iconic spaceships in a series of missions, some of which were also based on the movies. The last game in the series, Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, was released on GameCube in 2003. For even more details on Factor 5's canceled Star Wars projects, give the Nintendo Voice Chat a listen.
  13. Star Citizen video from Citizen Con 2014 takes you from outer space to the surface of a planet. Star Citizen, the upcoming PC space sim from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, showed off planetside gameplay for the first time at its Citizen Con event in Los Angeles last night. Roberts, who introduced the demo on stage, said it was 100 percent in-game, but still in the early prototype phase. As you can see in the video, the player can stop piloting and start exploring the ship in the first-person. Later, we see the player fly through a city, land, and explore a base in the first and third-person perspectives. Roberts explained that players will be able to shop and trade in these areas, which will change depending on what's happening in the universe. "If you land on a bustling successful planet, there will be a lot of people going about their business, the place will look great," Roberts said. "If you land on a planet that's not doing so well then you'll see graffiti and maybe there's more crime and not as many people. We'll also have a fair amount NPC, PvE kind of stuff that's going to happen on the planet." The crowdfunding campaign for the gamehas now reached $57.6 million, a big boost from last week's $55 million mark. Roberts revealed the new funding milestone through the game's website, saying that it "confirms my feeling that a working universe is much more interesting that just a battlefield." For more on Star Citizen and Roberts himself, check out part one and part two of GameSpot's interview with the legendary designer. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  14. PC space sim from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts adds another million in a week. The crowdfunding campaign for Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts' upcoming PC space sim Star Citizen has now reached $56 million, up by $1 million since last week's $55 million mark. Roberts revealed the new funding milestone through the game's website, saying that this new milestone "confirms my feeling that a working universe is much more interesting that just a battlefield." Going forward, Roberts pledged that Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games will continue to focus its efforts on adding "interesting gameplay mechanics" to the game that encourage cooperative play. If the developer is successful, players should be able to "pursue many diverse roles" in Star Citizen, Roberts said. Now that funding has reached $56 million, Star Citizen backers (who pledged before hitting the milestone) have unlocked the J-Span Cry-Star ship upgrade for the game's Arena Commander mode. This will come to the game through a future patch. "Thank you for your continued support! Your belief in the world we're building together is what makes everything possible," Roberts said, teasing that Cloud Imperium Games will make some kind of Star Citizen announcement on Friday, October 10 during the second annual Citizen Con community event in Los Angeles. "Be sure to check back then. And tell your friends: the Best Damn Space Sim Ever is coming!" This year's Citizen Con begins at 7 PM PDT and is expected to last two hours. If you can't attend in person, the event will be streamed live, presumably through Twitch. The event promises to give fans a look at "how far we've come...and a chance to show you where we're going next." For more on Star Citizen and Roberts himself, check out part one and part two of GameSpot's interview with the legendary designer. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  15. Tracker's Name: Red Star Torrent Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing date: N/A Additional information: Polish Tracker
  16. Doctor Strange doesn’t have an official release date yet, but with director Scott Derrickson (Sinister) onboard and screenwriter Jon Spaihts (The Mummy (2016)) actively revising the script, odds are this is the film that Marvel Studios is eying for a July 2016 arrival. That means that a casting announce concerning who’s going to play Stephen Vincent Strange ought to be coming sooner than later, well ahead of when production should be getting underway in the first half of 2015. Jack Huston is the latest actor whose name has been thrown into the rumored Doctor Strange actor ring, thanks to This Is Infamous. 31-year old Huston – a Boardwalk Empire veteran, costar of such recent films as Kill Your Darlings and American Hustle, and a fairly recent addition to the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies cast – already has a history with Marvel Studios. Indeed, those with good memories might recall that he was on the shortlist of candidates eyed to play Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, before Chris Pratt landed the role instead. Jack Huston in ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Huston also makes sense, given Marvel Studios’ previous casting selections (for a recent example, see Huston’s fellow Boardwalk alum Charlie Cox being cast asDaredevil). He’s not a big enough name to command a huge salary, yet his career is on the rise and he’s young enough that it would be reasonable for Marvel to sign him to a multi-picture contract. Judging by Doctor Strange’s presence in the Avengers NOW! comic book reboot, the character is being setup to hang around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for some time. On the other hand, Marvel Studio might be looking for a slightly older actor to portray Stephen Strange. The logic behind having a somewhat older Doctor Strange would be to allow the character to occupy a position similar to Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark, as the “senior Avenger†on the Avengers squad in the Marvel team-up films to date. Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm recently told Digital Spy that, despite rumors, he’s not met with Marvel about Doctor Strange; that doesn’t mean the 43-year old isn’t a model for the sort of actor the studio has in mind (see: those older Johnny Depp rumors). Meanwhile, 38-year old Benedict Cumberbatch has downplayed the likelihood of him playing Stephen Strange, while 39-year old Joaquin Phoenix’s name entered the public conversation about Doctor Strange back during the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. (Soon-to-be 37-year old Tom Hardy’s also been mentioned before.) As This Is Infamous notes, Doctor Strange is a project that Marvel President of Produciton Kevin Feige has been passionate about for a while now. Feige’s excitement for Strange partly extends from its potential to open up new sci-fi/fantasy concepts for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (inter-dimensional travel, imaginative quantum mechanics). The film will also continue Marvel’s push into different genres, what with a full-blooded horror filmmaker in Derrickson calling the shots, building on the other Phase 3 releases (see: Ant-Man as a heist thriller and Captain America 3 diving deeper into political thriller turf). That is to say: the explanation for why we haven’t gotten a casting announcement for Stephen Vincent Strange yet is, among other contributing factors, because Marvel has more reason than ever to be careful about its choice. Be sure and let us know who you would prefer to have play Doctor Strange: a more established and slightly older candidate, or a 30-ish up and comer like Huston. Marvel Studios’ next theatrical release is Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, 2015, followed by Ant-Man on July 17th, 2015, and Captain America 3 on May 6th, 2016. Doctor Strange is expected to arrive thereafter on July 8th, 2016.
  17. With each season of American Horror Story, showrunner Ryan Murphy delves into different types of horror and themes. The upcoming season, subtitled Freak Show, will focus on a carnival setting in the 1950s. As with previous seasons, Freak Showwill be welcoming many cast members back: Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy, Denis O’Hare, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Emma Roberts. Meanwhile, Lea Michele, the star of Murphy’s high school musical drama, Glee, was also announced to be joining theAmerican Horror Story: Freak Show lineup. Now, another actor who has worked with Murphy before will be appearing in the upcoming season of the director’s horror series. Murphy revealed to EW that Matt Bomer (White Collar) would be guest-starring on one episode of the upcoming season of American Horror Story. The two have worked together previously on Murphy’s television shows Glee andThe New Normal as well as the HBO Emmy-nominated TV-movie The Normal Heart. Murphy said he’s excited to reunite with Bomer again and had to work around the actor’s Magic Mike 2 filming schedule in order to make the appearance work. As for the role Bomer will be playing, Murphy had little to say: “I try to get him to do everything for me. I sent him a text that said, ‘First right of refusal, here’s the role.’ It’s very…warped.†Between the reveal that Paulson will play conjoined twins, the casting of the world’s smallest woman, and the first promo for Freak Show, it appears Murphy won’t be shying away from any facet of the controversial carnival history. However, it also appears the freakish aspects of the show will be balanced by relatively normal characters – though even those appearing to be normal could still be “warped.†Whether Murphy’s description of Bomer’s character should be taken figuratively or literally (this is Freak Show after all) remains to be seen. Bomer could appear as one of the Freak Show participants with some sort of warped feature, or he could appear as a character with a warped personality/story arc. Both types of characters will fit right in on American Horror Story. What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Are you happy to see the White Collar star join AHS? American Horror Story: Freak Show will premiere Wednesday, October 8 @ 10pm on FX.
  18. Geo-political thriller "The Siege of Jadotville" will see the Irish actor play a U.N. commander caught in the Congo during the 1961 coup. LONDON – Just days after the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer became the most watched trailer of all time, its S&M-loving lead Christian Grey, otherwise known as Irish actor Jamie Dornan, is already adding another notch on his cinematic bedpost. On Tuesday, it was announced that Dornan will star in Parallel Films’ upcoming geo-political action thriller The Siege of Jadotville by writer Kevin Brodbin and first-time directorRichie Smith. The story is set around the siege of 150 U.N. Irish troops in 1961 in the Congo, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo, after pro-Western warlord Moise Tshombe took control of the Katanga region, killing the democratically elected Congolese prime minister Patrice Lamumba. Belfast-born Dornan will play Commandant Pat Quinlan, the Irishman who led the U.N. battalion against a force of 3,000 local troops fighting alongside French and Belgian mercenaries. “I can’t wait to get stuck into Jadotville,†said Dornan in a statement. “It’s an unbelievable story and Commandant Pat Quinlan is going to be a treat of a character to tackle. I’m a big fan of both Richie Smyth and [producer] Alan Moloney and I’m very much looking forward to working with them both.†Smyth, known for his commercial and music work, including videos for U2, The Verve and Bon Jovi, recently picked up several best director awards across the globe for an advert highlighting the issue of child abuse in Ireland. “I’m really excited to be working with Jamie on The Siege of Jadotville,†Smyth added in the statement. “I thought his performance in The Fall was sublime. He is perfectly cast in the lead role as Commandant Quinlan and has been instrumental in bringing this epic story to life." The film, which has been developed with the Irish Film Board and will be an official Irish/South African co-production, is set to shoot spring 2015 in Ireland and South Africa after Dornan finishes promotingFifty Shades of Grey.
  19. Netflix's Daredevil is continuing to round out its cast, adding its first female character. PHOTOS Broadcast TV's New 2014-15 ShowsRosario Dawson has boarded the comic book series in a pivotal role, appearing in multiple episodes, Marvel announced on its official website Friday. She will play a dedicated young woman whose quest to heal the wounds of Hell's Kitchen brings blind attorney Matt Murdock (Boardwalk Empire'sCharlie Cox) unexpectedly crashing into her life, while her own journey forever alters the course of his battle against the injustices of this broken city. Dawson's casting comes more than a week afterVincent D'Onofrio joined the 13-episode series as "The Kingpin." In late May, The Hollywood Reporterreported that Spartacus' Steven S. DeKnight would be taking over the reins as showrunner from Drew Goddard, who will be segueing to Sinister Six. PHOTOS From 'Arrested Development' to 'House of Cards,' Exclusive Portraits of Netflix Netflix picked up Daredevil — along with Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, as well as miniseries The Defenders — in a massive pact with Marvel. Daredevil is the first series out of the pack. Dawson, whose credits include Cesar Chavez, Kids and the upcoming Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, is repped by CAA and Untitled.