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Found 17 results

  1. Staff from four of the UK's most popular cinema chains have been given cash rewards for hindering the work of suspected movie pirates. Eleven individuals stepped in to interrupt nearly a dozen so-called 'camming' incidents on movies including Fifty Shades of Grey and The Theory of Everything. The interventions led to four arrests but things don't always go to plan. While the Internet provides an unrivaled distribution mechanism for illicit digital goods, cinemas themselves are often depicted as the front line against pre-release piracy. Just as the latest blockbusters air for the first time to an eager public, in their midst are individuals who aim to record movies and place them online for the enjoyment of others. And even as discerning consumers seek out pristine high-definition content, third-rate ‘cammed’ copies of movies are still gobbled up online. In an effort to mitigate the number of titles that end up on the Internet from UK sources, the Hollywood-funded Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) promotes the Take Action initiative. In place since 2006, this anti-piracy scheme is funded by UK film distributors via the Film Distributors’ Association (FDA) and encourages local cinema staff to catch ‘cammers’ in the act. In its latest report, FACT says that staff from four of the UK’s largest cinema chains – Cineworld, Odeon, Vue and Showcase cinemas – stepped in during the past six months to interrupt those suspected of recording movies including The Hunger Games, Fifty Shades of Grey and The Theory of Everything. In all 11 cinema employees were involved in a total of 11 incidents. Police reportedly attended on all occasions, leading to four cautions and three arrests. cambustersFor their efforts the cinema staff pictured right were invited to a ceremony hosted by Universal Pictures where they were presented with certificates and cash rewards. The precise amounts aren’t being released but for the period the maximum is £500 per person. However, FACT now reports that for a limited time more money is on the table. Any cinema staff who prevent and report unauthorized recording between 20th April and 30th June 2015 can expect to get paid a maximum of £1000. “FACT’s strategy, funded by the film distributors and put into action by cinema staff across the UK, seeks to identify and prevent the initial recording that seeds piracy globally,†says FACT Director General Kieron Sharp. “We continue to work together with UK cinema operators to support the success of the cinema experience and to allow continued investment by FACT’s members in exciting entertainment for all audiences.†Despite the successes, the number of incidents in the current reporting period is up on the previous set of figures published last year. Stats released in September 2014 reveal that there were seven “incidentsâ€, all of which were attended by the police. In five incidents the alleged cammers accepted police cautions, with just one incident leading to an arrest. Nine cinema staff picked up rewards. During the reporting period April 2013 to December 2013, a dozen alleged cammers of major movies were spotted in UK cinemas resulting in five arrests but no prosecutions. A total of 15 cinema workers picked up rewards. Although groups like FACT have a vested interest in publicizing the negative fates of alleged cammers, those with less than favorable outcomes are largely avoided. The most recent involved the November 2013 arrest and early 2014 trial of a man accused of attempting the world’s first in-cinema 3D recording of the movie Gravity. It didn’t go well. The case fell apart, with the judge commenting that “It ought to have been absolutely clear there was no legal basis for it.†Although the defendant, a Birmingham-based student, did enter a cinema with camera equipment, he did not record a moment of the film. Nevertheless, he was reported by cinema staff who called in the police. It’s not clear whether any reward was paid in that case. Also of interest is a December 2014 incident when staff at a Cineworld cinema dialed the national 999 emergency number after spotting a group of 12-year-old girls with iPhones and iPads at a showing of The Hunger Games, a movie mentioned in the most current rewards report. After a police search at the scene turned up nothing incriminating the girls were allowed back in. However, the teens waited outside, reportedly in tears, until their parents came to pick them up. It is not clear whether any cinema staff were given a reward for this incident either. While a little extra cash will no doubt be welcomed by some cinema staff and effective hindering of real pirates greatly appreciated by the studios, there is always a risk that the money available will cloud judgement. Nevertheless, police seem ever more willing to get involved. Documents previously obtained by TorrentFreak revealed that in 2008 there were 50 UK camming incidents, with police attending on just two occasions. If current figures are to be believed, in today’s climate they are almost guaranteed to respond.
  2. Vote for the next staff pick Voting for the next staff pick OPENS Feb 20th 2015. Your Vote Matters! Click image to vote. Nominations are now CLOSED!
  3. Staff Invites are set to expire within 48 hours. We will allow Movers to use their invites during the last 24 hours. Please remember no trading, no selling, or even giveaways on sites that allow that kind of activity. Thank you.
  4. Empornium, one of the leading private torrent trackers for adult content, says it believes a copyright troll gained access to a staff moderation account and is now using obtained data to threaten its users. The revelations may shine light on why some Empornium users have received settlement threats with no lawsuit filed and no notice from their ISPs. During the past several years it’s become extremely common for copyright holders in the adult industry to target users of file-sharing networks in order to threaten them with litigation. The way these users are contacted has remained constant in the vast majority of cases. Armed with a court order, copyright holders force ISPs to hand over the personal details of subscribers so they can be contacted directly for a cash settlement. However, it doesn’t always work that way. Since mid 2013, mounting anecdotal evidence and reports have suggested that people uploading and sharing certain niche content may have had their true identities exposed via information they posted on the Internet rather than through John Doe lawsuits filed by a copyright holder. In particular, users have reported receiving cash demands over niche adult material offered by a company called TaylorMadeClips (NSFW). As noted by DieTrollDie in a 2013 article, settlement demands like this (pdf) from TaylorMade lawfirm Borghese Legal have no official case associated with them. Now, it could be that TaylorMade watermarks its clips and some of these letters are being sent to those who registered their personal details with the official site and later uploaded content elsewhere. However, private torrent site Empornium, one of the largest adult trackers around, believes it has an alternative explanation. In a frank email exchange with TorrentFreak and subsequent announcement to its users, the operators of the site reveal that a staff account on its site has been compromised. The site was not hacked in any way but it appears a moderator account login details were obtained and subsequently used to cull private member data from the site. “It was discovered that the user account of a regular (Mod) rank staff member has been accessed by someone other than the staff member in question. Once this was discovered, immediate steps were taken to prevent further access to sensitive information by this account,†the site said. “By what we discovered of their activity and reports from users we believe that the unauthorized third party may have been affiliated with TaylorMadeClips and Borghese Legal, LTD. Their intentions appear to be to use information obtained to intimidate users into financial settlements through legal scare tactics. Specifically, users who have downloaded or seeded TaylorMadeClips torrents and are within US jurisdiction appear to be targeted.†Empornium discovered the breach on Monday and immediately locked down the threat. However, sensitive information had already been obtained. “The compromised account appears to have been primarily used to obtain the registered e-mail address for these users, and matched to the grabbed / snatched / peers lists of TaylorMadeClips torrents, to determine targets for threatening letters,†they add. TorrentFreak asked Empornium how they came to the conclusions detailed above, this is what they said. “We came to the conclusion on who was involved the simple way. We went back through what logs we still had (we keep very limited ones where possible for the simple reason if we are ever compromised we want as little hurtful info around as possible) and what accounts and torrents they pulled up info on,†Empornium told TF. “Every one was [TaylorMadeClips] content and some of them we already have reports from users that they have received letters to their Empornium registration email address from Borghese Legal specifying those torrents. Many have also received a letter via snail mail. Those reports started around [now 48hrs to 72hrs] ago and alerted us that we may have a problem.†How the third party (whoever that may turn out to be) obtained the login isn’t clear, but at this stage hacking is being ruled out. “We know it wasn’t brute forced or similar as failed logins on staff accounts ring all sorts of very loud bells for us. We have had people attempt that attack vector more than once,†the site told TorrentFreak. At this stage the most likely scenario is that the same user/pass combination could have been used on other sites but a computer compromise might also be possible. In any event, the site has identified the instances of unauthorized access and tracked them down to as-yet undisclosed locations in the United States. While users of Empornium may be shocked and even disappointed that their information has been accessed in this way, it’s not only unusual but also a credit to the site that they have decided to be so open about the breach. It’s fair to say that many if not most sites would brush this kind of thing under the carpet. TaylorMadeClips provides no contact information on its site and obscures its WHOIS information so could not immediately be reached for comment. TorrentFreak contacted Borghese Legal but at the time of publication we had not received a response.
  5. Waffles Staff Picks - February Edition 2015-02-04 10:09:43 Waffles Staff Picks - February Edition Welcome to the February edition of the Staff Picks. Please remember we do not look to balance genres or purposely seek out diversity - these are simply albums/tracks by bands that we love, and we hope that you find something you enjoy as well. Note that each pick may be an individual track, or an entire album (for the purpose of the theme). In every case, however, the entire album will be FL. Theme: RITUAL izmo Artist: La Quiete Album: La fine non è la fine Track: Raid Aereo Sul Paese Delle Farfalle For awhile in college, I used to wake up to this song everyday. If it got further along in the album it meant I was late. Get It Here Woodenhead Artist: Carbon Based Lifeforms Album: World Of Sleepers There are certain things that I do where I like to have a specific type of music playing while I do it. And for whatever reason, this style is one I keep coming back to, and this album in particular is a "go to". I particularly enjoy it while walking about in the wee hours, when everything is empty and quiet, whether it be in the city or out in the countryside. (actually, especially the countryside) Or settling in to do some work on my computer. And a number of other things. Whatever it is, this is a simply amazing album, and among other things, it tends to get me into the groove of whatever I'm doing. Get It Here nomado Artist: Testament Album: The Ritual This is one of my favorite Testament albums for only one song: Return To Serenity. Get It Here lostsupper Artist: Metallica Album: Master of Puppets You ever see "Over the Top?" The scene when Stallone's character explains the significance of turning his cap backwards? That's what this album is for me. Every day before I train I lie flat on the floor, play the second side of this album and nap. I never stay awake past "Disposable Heroes" and I always wake up right before "Damage, Inc." I've been doing this for fifteen years. That's a ritual, right? Get It Here condon313 Artist: Shogun Kunitoki Album: Vinonaamakasio This album reminds me of taking psychedelics and climbing into an organ. The perfect soundtrack for your next pagan ritual service. Get It Here Sowilo Artist: Sixth Comm Album: Headless / Let The Moon Speak This album is a ritual, and as the description says is "composed of dark, brooding and beautiful songs, other worldly soundscapes and magical sonic expeditions in the form of percussion and emotional vocal repetition." An amazing vocalist with a wide variety of interesting percussion and ethereal soundscapes, I've never heard anything else like this and it's a favourite of mine, and I hope others enjoy this pick too and have the same reaction as when I first heard it. The end of the last track on the first CD still has an effect on me when I hear that noise of a common household item. Get It Here icebox Artist: Camera Obscura Album: Desire Lines Track: New Year's Resolution New Year Resolutions are a ritual many partake in at the dawn of the new year. Get It Here radicaldino Artist: The Naked And Famous Album: Passive Me, Aggressive You and so, we meet again 2,5-DIMETHOXY-4-ETHYLPHENETHYLAMINE, old friend... Get It Here SUPER SPECIAL BONUS USER PICK! Courtesy of: Whosondephone Artist: Alash Album: Buura Track: Kosh-oi and Torgalyg (a song about "two sister rivers") Alash takes a western pop approach to Tuvan music. They are considered masters of Tuvan throat singing which is a technique for singing multiple pitches at the same time. According to their interpreter, it was used as a form of communication before they developed a language. Tuvan music is very connected with the land and the spirits the people believe inhabit it. It is also folk music about their triumphs and sorrows encompassing all aspects of life. Get It Here
  6. 03/Feb/2015 : It's the Birthday one of our Staff Member "AB786", that's why ALL Banned Members are Un-banned now and ALL Hon3yHD stuff will be 100% Freeleech for the next 24 Hours (ending on 3rd-February-2015, 11:59 PM IST).
  7. According to insiders The Pirate Bay will slim down its operations for the planned comeback. The new version of the site is expected to operate without former admins and moderators, who have responded furiously to the decision. Many key staffers have left the ship to launch their own TPB. Judging from all the teasers on the Pirate Bay homepage the notorious torrent site is preparing to relaunch this weekend. Those in control of the domain have yet to make an official announcement but several sources inform TF that the site won’t make a full comeback. Instead, The Pirate Bay is expected to launch a trimmed down version without room for the dozens of moderators and admins who looked after the site over the past decade. This lighter version of The Pirate Bay will be easier to operate but the plan has also upset many former staffers. This includes people who have been with the site for over a decade, removing fake torrents and other types of spam. Several admins and moderators have responded to the news with anger and are now openly distancing themselves from the site that was their home for years. “I wish I had better news to come with. The launch that is about to take place on February 1 is not us,†says WTC-SWE, one of the lead admins of The Pirate Bay. “It was until some dickhead decided to take TPB crew out of the picture. He thinks a site can be run without any staff at all and at the same time keeping up with fakes, internal issues etc,†he adds. What stings them the most is that many dedicated individuals, who put countless hours into keeping the site functioning, now appear to be being pushed aside on a whim. “Personally I won’t accept this neither will any of the crew that’s been active for almost 10-11 years. As an admin and human, I won’t stand aside and accept this kind of behavior. This is the worst scenario that could happen,†WTC-SWE says. “You don’t treat people like horseshit,†he adds. The staff, now in open revolt, have closed the official #thepiratebay IRC channel on EFnet to the public. They won’t offer support anymore for a site that they have no ‘control’ over, but warn people who do want to visit it to be cautious of malware. Instead, the TPB former crew members are now preparing to launch their own version of the site. This spin-off will be operated from a new domain and will have several long-time mods and admins on board. WTC-SWE says that they are in possession of a TPB backup which will be used to revive the old site in full. The full staff of moderators and admins remains under his wings and will start over at a home. “It’s only a matter of time. I will need to blast the whole coding and clean up all the mess. The real TPB will be back with proper staff and all,†WTC-SWE says. Thus far, the people running the official domain have remained quiet. In a few days, when the count-down completes, we are likely to know more about their vision for the site’s future. To be continued…
  8. Waffles Staff Picks - September Edition Welcome to the May edition of the Staff Picks. Please remember we do not look to balance genres or purposely seek out diversity - these are simply albums/tracks by bands that we love, and we hope that you find something you enjoy as well. Note that each pick may be an individual track, or an entire album (for the purpose of the theme). In every case, however, the entire album will be FL. Theme: GOLD izmo Artist: Born Gold Track: Lawn Knives When I first heard this song the project was called Gobble Gobble. They changed the name to Born Gold so that they could be part of this gold edition of staff picks. Get It Here kaishin521 Artist: Thundercat Track: Goldenboy Not gonna lie, I just typed the word "gold" into my iTunes search and picked my favorite album that was returned by the search. That being said, I am not apathetic about Thundercat -- dude's jazz fusion stylings are beastly. Make sure to check him out in Flying Lotus's work too. Get It Here Woodenhead Artist: Haley Bonar Album: Golder The other staff picks may be gold, but mine is Golder. Haley Bonar is a criminally under-exposed artist, and this album is pure gold. (well kinda - my vinyl copy is gold and pink splatter haha) For me, this LP goes down best in the autumn, perhaps while on a nice country drive or a casual bike ride, while the leaves are changing colour... Get It Here nomado Artist: Amplifier Track: Elysian Gold "Amplifier is one of those bands that very few people have heard of, but all of their albums and songs are awesome. Definitely a must have!" Get It Here galador Artist: Adventure Club Track: Gold "Stay gold." Get It Here wozgo Artist: Simple Minds Album: New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) This is one of my desert island albums. The sound they created here is amazing. 80s new wave music at its finest. Get It Here Sowilo Artist: Andy Irvine & Paul Brady Album: Andy Irvine & Paul Brady A little piece of Irish gold; one of the best folk albums ever to be recorded, and there's not much music that suits autumn better than it, either. This is what happens when Andy Irvine and Paul Brady of Planxty fame team up with Donal Lunny and Kevin Burke of The Bothy Band. Get It Here condon313 Artist: Bars of Gold Album: Of Gold Bars of Gold combines some of Wildcatting and some of Bear Vs Shark. For fans of guitars and measured yelling. Get It Here MidniteRockr Artist: You Say Party! We Say Die! Track: Heart of Gold I love this song because it reminds me of my best friend. Get It Here icebox Artist: The Lucksmiths Track: The Golden Age of Aviation This pleasant little ditty about a lover's spat is typical Lucksmiths. Clever lyrics, with a nice catchy indiepop sound. Originally appeared on the EP Staring at the Sky (1999), which is here but in an old rip. If you like Sarah, C86 etc, you probably know about these guys already, but if not, they're a real treat. Get It Here pogglywoggly Artist: Sting Track: Fields of Gold Great relaxing song that just makes you think about walking outside, seeing the leaves change, and all that good stuff that goes along with fall. Get It Here lostsupper Artist: Stay Gold Album: Pills and Advice Great album that spoke to me at a very specific time. Get It Here radicaldino Artist: Infected Mushroom Album: Friends On Mushrooms Vol. 2 Psytrance meets complextro. An example of the maturationrom of the ever evolving Israeli duo Infected Mushroom. If you enjoy, or simply appreciate production value as an audiophile or someone involved with music production themselves, I highly recommend checking out their other works and latest LP as well. Get It Here SUPER SPECIAL BONUS USER PICK! Courtesy of: drummond Artist: Various Artists Track: Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968 Here in Brazil we don't have our seasons well defined (usually it's either a HOT summer or a less hot winter), so no leaves turning to brown when autumn comes around. Therefore, for the theme gold, I can only think of... gold! Here are nothing less than 118 nuggets that are sure to turn you into a greedy 60's garage and psychedelia gold digger. PS: The 320 CBR torrent has scans of the booklet. Get It Here
  9. Nine cinema staff in the UK have been rewarded by the movie industry after disrupting the activities of so-called movie "cammers". The cash payments are part of an ongoing scheme which offers incentives to those who help to prevent the unauthorized distribution of first-run content. Every few months the UK’s Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) reports on a scheme designed to cut down on the instances of camcorded movies appearing on the Internet. The Take Action initiative, which has been in place since 2006, is funded by UK film distributors via the Film Distributors’ Association (FDA). In addition to funding educational campaigns and school resources on copyright, the project also provides night-vision goggles for catching potential pirates in the act. In a new bulletin FACT and FDA report that nine members of staff from Cineworld, Odeon and Vue cinemas have become the latest to be commended for disrupting unauthorized movie recording in the UK. “FDA is delighted to recognize the on-going vigilance of our colleagues in cinema exhibition across the UK,†said FDA Chief Executive Mark Batey. “They are at the frontline of the fight against film theft, and a vital part of our programme to make the UK as secure a market in which to release movies as possible.†THE CAMMER CATCHERS In addition to general recognition, the individuals pictured above were presented with certificates and unspecified cash rewards. Although not quantified by FACT this time around, in the past rewards have varied, from up to £700 per person in 2012 down to £500 per person in 2013. FACT reports that the nine individuals were involved in seven ‘incidents’, all of which were attended by the police. In five incidents the alleged cammers accepted police cautions, with one incident leading to an arrest. The latest statistics are down on figures last reported by FACT, both in terms of overall incidents and people being rewarded. During the reporting period April 2013 to December 2013, a dozen alleged cammers of major movies were spotted in UK cinemas resulting in five arrests but no prosecutions. A total of 15 cinema workerspicked up rewards. It’s noteworthy, however, that apprehending those who record movies and then illegally distribute copies online doesn’t have to start and end in the cinema. FACT’s recent private prosecution of a man who recorded Fast and Furious 6 led to a prison sentence of almost three years, even though he managed to record the movie without being spotted. FACT are quick to recount this cautionary tale. “As the recent sentencing of Philip Danks to a 33 month custodial sentence demonstrates, the illegal recording of films is a serious crime which carries serious consequences, both for the perpetrators and the industry they violate,†said FACT Director General Kieron Sharp. The latest camming figures reported by FACT vary enormously from events six years ago. Documents previously obtained by TorrentFreak revealed that in 2008 there were 50 camming incidents in UK cinemas, with police attending on just two occasions. One resulted in a couple receiving official cautions but in the majority of cases people observed camming simply left the building. It’s unclear whether today’s lower figures indicate a growing reluctance to test out the patience of both FACT and the police. However, even for those who do get away with the initial recording, recent events show that subsequently uploading that content to the Internet has the potential to elicit a big response.
  10. Waffles Staff Picks - August Edition | 2014-08-18 01:34:56
  11. Outspoken movie director Lexi Alexander says that movie leaks, such as the recent one involving The Expendables 3, can happen as a result of directors and producers abusing their assistants. In a move further likely to irritate her Hollywood overlords, Alexander suggests that a high-security leaking mechanism could help to cut down on abuse. It’s pretty obvious that Lexi Alexander isn’t scared of rocking the boat. In an unprecedented move last month, the movie director was pictured holding up a sign calling for the release of Peter Sunde, an individual not exactly the movie industry’s most-loved man. But Alexander is no ordinary person or director. Instead of towing the usual line by decrying piracy as a scourge, the 39-year-old recently noted that several studies have found that piracy has actually benefited movie profits. For a movie worker this is a controversial stance to take, but rather than back off, Alexander only seems motivated to continue her abrasive approach. In new comments Alexander takes aim at Hollywood, this time referencing the recent leak of The Expendables 3. She doesn’t condone the leak, but instead looks at possible reasons why it ended up online. “The piracy issue makes me want to tear my hair out at times. I do not understand how so many of my filmmaker colleagues have bought into this MPAA propaganda. Recently these think tanks and organizations have popped up which are not officially associated with the MPAA, but definitely on their payroll,†Alexander begins. “But okay, you want to be mad at the kid in Sweden or Australia for uploading your movie? Go for it. Oh wait, in cases like Expendables 3 it’s actually someone here in Hollywood leaking it,†she notes. The idea that The Expendables 3 leaked directly from Hollywood is not new. Pristine copies like these simply aren’t available on the streets unless an insider has had a hand in it somehow, whether that interaction was intentional or otherwise. In some instances the motivation to leak, Alexander suggests, could be borne out of a desire to get even. Assistants to the higher-ups are often treated badly, so more consideration should be given to what they might do in return, the director notes. “It’s kind of like going to a restaurant and thinking twice about insulting the waiter or busboy because you’re afraid of what they’ll put in the food before they bring it back,†Alexander explains. “Imagine those famously abusive directors, producers or stars (#notall….) having to tone down the abuse, otherwise LOUD EVENT MOVIE # 5 will show up on The Pirate Bay with a little note that says: ‘Don’t bother seeing this in the theater. Everybody above the line was a monster to us’.†The thought that leaks might happen as a type of personal revenge is in itself the stuff of a Hollywood plot. However, just as it’s unlikely that a story about a movie leak would ever make the silver screen, Hollywood insiders involved in them also tend to escape criticism. In fact, history shows us that the *actual* leakers, whether that’s an assistant with a grudge or otherwise, are rarely – if ever – paraded around in public as criminals. That honor is usually reserved for the first uploaders and/or their ‘pirate’ allies. Still, Alexander feels it would be wise to keep those close to home in a good frame of mind. “Maybe the MPAA should drop some of their $$ on PSAs about the danger of abusing assistants: ‘If you kick me everyday, your film will land on Pirate Bay’,†she warns. Finally, in a move likely to further annoy the Hollywood brass, Alexander presents a “hypothetical†mechanism through which abused assistants could beat the bullies. “I’m not suggesting anything, but hypothetically, if there were an anonymous address people could send not-yet-released movie DVDs to, so someone else could upload them without a chance of it being backtracked to the source, then a whole bunch of abused and mistreated assistants wouldn’t be defenseless anymore,†she concludes. Due to the hugely controversial nature of her comments its difficult to judge how serious Alexander is with her suggestions. But, whatever the case, it’s safe to say that she’s one of a kind and likely to continue rocking the boat in future.
  12. Staff Picks is dedicated to surfacing the best music, film, and art downloads on the Internet; digitally handmade by BitTorrent Publishers. Read on for this week’s finds. In this edition of Staff Picks: a new album from a DJ/producer with more than a few tricks up his sleeve. You may have heard about him when he brought new meaning to the term record swap at Los Angeles-area record shops, or when he stole a $3,200 absinthe-filled birthday cake from Paris Hilton and gave it to the homeless. Paz is also an accomplished electronic producer, commanding parties from the booth around the world with his modern progressive house sound and high-octane live performances. Paz is back to Bundle with 9 new tracks in tow. His new album From the Bottom of My Heart to the Top of Your Lungs is out this week. Download the Bundle now to get the new album, artwork and more. Don’t worry, no tricks lined up here. Check out the Bundle, get the new album, and enjoy your week.
  13. CHD subtitles group long-term recruitment of the original disc subtitles OCR production staff
  14. SceneXpress it's looking for dedicated Moderators/Torrent Editors that have some knowledge about what involves this job, if you want to be a part of the staff team PM any staff member.
  15. It's that time again, The Vault needs some extra hands on deck to keep things running smoothly so we'd like to give a warm welcome to our latest staff recruits Hightower, Phoenix07 and MrZenek. Congrats guys your contributions to the site haven't gone unnoticed and we look forward to having you aboard
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  17. Every week I will post shows until they are all picked, you vote on which one of the posted shows you'd like to have on staff pick freeleech and the winner gets 7 days there. It continues until all the shows are picked or until interest drops off. Come vote now Also come nominate a show or shows to have people vote on: