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Found 22 results

  1. I'm starting! Sonic For Hire
  2. Rightscorp has decided to squeeze more money from BitTorrent users it accuses of downloading Warner Bros. TV shows. In a move that's likely to be connected to the anti-piracy outfit's precarious financial position, 'fines' are being increased from $20 to $30. Interestingly, TF has also seen evidence that Rightscorp is targeting server hosting companies too. Most companies attempting to “turn piracy into profit†seek to scare ‘pirates’ by billing them for alleged downloads. These ‘fines’ can reach many thousands of dollars but companies like U.S. based Rightscorp took a decision to hit the bottom end of the market with demands of just $20 per shot. While this has attracted giants such as Warner Bros. to the fold, Rightscorp can’t seem to make money. Year after year the company expands the amount of business it’s doing, but at no point has the company been able to turn a profit, quite the opposite in fact. Just last month after the publication of its most recent financial results, TF noted that if Rightscorp is put under severe pressure it may have to increase its $20 fines to something more practical. We didn’t have to wait long. In a new notice targeting an alleged sharer of the TV show ‘Arrow’ this week, Rightscorp delivers a message from its client Warner Bros. Noting that the company understands that the recipient is likely a fan of the show, the notice warns of serious consequences. “Your ISP service could be suspended if this matter is not resolved. You could also be liable for substantial civil penalties for copyright infringement,†it reads. In all previous notices seen by TF, Rightscorp asks for $20 to make a potential lawsuit disappear. However, they’re now asking for $30 for “legal release†and the opportunity to “receive future digital content offers from [Warner Bros], should you choose to receive them.†At this stage it’s too early to assess whether this ‘pricing’ change will be applied across the board or if it will have any negative effect on the numbers of people choosing to settle. However, 50% more revenue would be welcome. During the past two years Rightscorp has reportedly closed 200,000 cases of infringement – at $30 rather than $20 each that’s a potential $2m extra in revenue. That being said, an additional factor concerns how much money Rightscorp will hand back to companies like Warner Bros. Previously a $20 ‘fine’ was split 50/50, with the content holder getting $10 and Rightscorp desperately trying (and failing) to make a profit from the remaining $10. Keeping the full $10 increase would be better news for the anti-piracy company although at current rates that alone won’t be enough for it to turn its losses around. However, help is on the horizon. Earlier this month Rightscorp announced the appointment of a new CFO. Cecil Bond Kyte will oversee capital raising and investor development with the goal of “maximizing shareholder value and strengthening the company’s balance sheet.†Finally, there are signs that Rightscorp may be expanding its targets. The company already sends hundreds of thousands of notices to household ISPs such as Charter and Comcast, but this week TF has seen evidence that at least one server hosting company has also received a ‘fine’ to pass on to a customer. “I am a web developer and recently my VPS was compromised by attackers who were using my VPS as a seedbox. Needless to say, I got a notice from my ISP [REDACTED] via a support ticket they opened,†a reader told TF. In this case Rightscorp also asked for $30 to settle a case involving a TV show but the person targeted won’t be paying the fine. Instead he quickly informed his provider that his server had been hacked and immediately had it shut down to avoid any further issues. “[Rightscorp] have no idea who I am, due to the fact that they were asking me to fill in my name, email, phone number and credit card info on their payment page! “It’s almost like knowingly jumping in a well,†our source concludes.
  3. Customs authorities in Hong Kong say they have shut down a "well organized" TV show piracy operation. Two men aged 25 and 46 were placed under arrest and a third key member is said to be at large. At this stage the group remains unnamed as their United States-based site is still online and proving difficult to shut down. When it comes to content being made available on file-sharing networks, TV shows have certainly stamped their position as one of the leaders in recent years. Often enjoying their premiere in the United States, TV shows are illegally downloaded all over the world just minutes after they air, disrupting local licensing and marketing strategies in an instant but giving fans want they want – without the premium price tag. Until these issues are fully addressed piracy will continue, with dedicated TV show releasing groups happy to fill in the gaps on availability and/or price – until they’re tracked down and stopped of course. To that end, Hong Kong customs authorities are this morning reporting success in shutting down what they describe as a “well organized cross-border†TV show piracy “syndicateâ€. Following an investigation carried out over the past three months, yesterday authorities arrested two men in two areas of the autonomous territory. One, a 25-year-old living in the Southern District, is said to be the group’s founder. Another, a 46-year-old, is being described as a “key memberâ€. A third, said to be the group’s ‘capper‘, is believed to be at large. According to a government release, four sets of computers were seized and TV shows were discovered stored on the equipment. Overall the group is suspected of distributing around 2,500 shows. Of interest, however, is that Hong Kong authorities are currently refusing to name the group or their site URL. That’s because the server is located in the United States and at the moment remains fully operational. Nevertheless, the operation is being declared a success. “This is virtually our first case in which we have discovered such a large quantity of television programs being uploaded to the Internet for downloading,†a Customs officer said. Under local copyright law anyone distributing an infringing copy of a TV show or other copyright work commits a criminal offense if that negatively affects the copyright owner. The maximum penalty is four years in jail and a fine of around US$6,500 per infringing copy.
  4. U.S. TV series 'Empire' premiered in the UK last night but early fans of the show had been watching the show illegally for months. While that is viewed as a problem by 20th Century Fox, Empire star Taraji P Henson says when people downloaded the first series from unofficial sources, that got the show noticed in the UK. "Thank you. Thank you everybody," she says. Following its debut in the United States in January, TV show Empire certainly made its mark on its home audience. Pulling in close to a season average of 13 million viewers, the hip-hop focused drama exceeded expectations. Indeed, by the time the first season finished on Fox mid March, 23 million were tuning in, with the New York Times describing the show as both “sizzling†and “pretty perfect.†Of course, like the vast majority of U.S. productions, home audiences were always going to get the opportunity to enjoy Empire first. However, thanks to the Internet and a network of unofficial online distributors, Empire was soon being exposed to a much wider audience. Within hours of its premiere January 7, 2015, Empire S01E01 was circulating on torrent and streaming sites, an attractive proposition for potential viewers elsewhere who had heard about the show’s popularity in the United States yet had no legitimate way to get in on the action. According to stats gathered by TorrentFreak, on average the show was being downloaded more than 250,000 times per episode via BitTorrent, a number that doesn’t include many thousands of additional views on various streaming sites worldwide. But while distributor 20th Century Fox wasn’t particularly keen on Empire being seen outside the United States (the company sent dozens of complaints to Google for the show to be delisted from search results), Empire star Taraji P Henson sees things quite differently. “The only way that it [Empire] got over to the UK is because people were streaming it [illegally]. They [uK television companies] wouldn’t have known the show was that important, or that people wanted to see it, if they weren’t streaming it,†Henson told the BBC. The actress, who plays the role of ‘Cookie’ in the show, echoes the position of Netflix, which notes the popularity of content with pirates and uses that as an indicator of whether it should invest in shows. “You guys were streaming, and I know it’s a bad thing, but when the material is good people will find it. Thank you. Thank you everybody. People didn’t think it would do well over here,†Henson added. After its success in the U.S., Empire was picked up by UK TV channel E4. Nick Lee, a buyer for the channel, didn’t reveal whether the show’s piracy ‘successes’ were a factor in snapping up the drama but did note that there was plenty of interest. “We just think it fits so well on the channel,†he said. “There was huge competition. I think most channels in the UK wanted it. And after Empire enjoyed its premiere in the UK last night, it became clear why. The show was well received by critics and fans alike. Downloads of Empire are now at much more modest levels than they were in January but that situation should change when the show’s second season premieres in the United States during the fall. A US-UK simultaneous release will almost certainly be too much to ask.
  5. c'mon you cats and cat-ettes! It's time for your favorite game show... Finish that show! Here's the rules: The current shows we're working on are listed below. The seasons needing episodes to complete it are in RED. If you upload a missing episode, you get 2x the GB added to your UL credit. If you upload a complete season with at least 1 missing episode (preferred), you get 4x the GB added to your UL credit. Any show getting any updates (episodes or seasons) will be freeleech for 2 weeks. I'll randomly add shows as we go along and remove shows if they're complete or have been on for too long. Good luck and happy hunting! Family Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 Make Room for Daddy Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 The Electric Company Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 The Carol Burnett Show Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1112 Death Valley Days Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 3-2-1 Contact Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Sp Post your finds & suggestions and get more qualifying shows HERE And HERE is a great way to get new shows to upload!
  6. There's a new setting in named Torrents - Show files count When enabled a new Files Count column will be shown at
  7. C'mon you cats and cat-ettes! It's time for your favorite game show... Finish that show! Here's the rules: The current shows we're working on are listed below. The seasons needing episodes to complete it are in RED. If you upload a missing episode, you get 2x the GB added to your UL credit. If you upload a complete season with at least 1 missing episode (preferred), you get 4x the GB added to your UL credit. Any show getting any updates (episodes or seasons) will be freeleech for 2 weeks. I'll be randomly adding shows as we go along and removing shows if they're complete or have been on for too long. Good luck and happy hunting! Metal Mickey Seasons 1 2 3 4 Head of the Class Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 The Electric Company Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 Gadget Boy and Heather Seasons 1 2 Post your finds & suggestions HERE to get your points!
  8. UK police have arrested three men in London following a raid on what is being described as a popular movie and TV show piracy site. Following a FACT investigation the men, all in their 20s, were detained on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and copyright offenses. After scaling considerable heights during much of 2013 and 2014, overt operations to reduce online copyright infringement tapered off in the UK at the end of last year. The first six weeks of 2015 also remained quiet, with the now-famous Police Intellectual Property Unit (PIPCU) holding a lower profile. Today, however, there is news of fresh action by local authorities. Following an investigation by the Hollywood-affiliated anti-piracy group Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), this morning detectives raided individuals said to be involved in the operations of a movie and TV show download site. The men, aged 24, 25 and 26, all from the Southwark area of London, were arrested at 06:45 on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and copyright infringement offenses. Equipment and financial documents were also seized. Speaking with TorrentFreak a few moments ago, FACT said that they weren’t able to name the site “for operational reasons.†Nevertheless, police say it was popular among users. “The site was extremely popular. It was viewed about 70,000 times a day and, internationally, it ranked thousands of places higher than a well-known and legitimate film download site,†said investigating officer Detective Sergeant Neil Reynolds. Similar raids in recent times have been carried out by PIPCU but today’s operation is being accredited to the London Regional Asset Recovery Team. LRART is a Home Office-funded team comprised of officers and financial investigators from City of London Police and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, among others. The unit carries out financial investigations aimed at seizing criminal assets under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. “It can be difficult for people to care about copyright laws being broken but the money made from such sites is often spent on funding other crime,†said DS Reynolds. “We are looking at how much money was made from advertising on this website and where that money went to.†FACT say that the site was registered to one of the suspects in the UK but was then re-registered to a second suspect at an address in Romania. Advertising revenue was paid into a London-based bank account. Director General Kieron Sharp said that unauthorized sites undermine legitimate businesses and warned that people running such ventures face stiff penalties. “Websites which set out to direct users to illegal copies of films and TV shows are engaged in criminal activity which not only reaps huge financial benefits for the individuals involved but also undermines the fundamental business model which allows for future investment in the creative industries,†Sharp said. “As these latest arrests show, this type of criminal enterprise will not go without action, and those involved face severe penalties.†If anyone has any further information please contact us in confidence
  9. With 2014 nearing its end we begin our yearly roundup of the most-pirated entertainment titles across various categories, starting today with TV-shows. Game of Thrones takes the crown for the third year in a row, followed by The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory. Game of Thrones has taken the crown of most downloaded TV-show for the third consecutive year. With more than 8 million downloads via BitTorrent, the 2014 season finale is way ahead of the competition. Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead complete the top three with an estimated 4.2 and 3.6 million downloads respectively. Game of Thrones’ top listing doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Earlier this year it broke an all-time piracy record when more than 254,114 peers shared the same torrent file simultaneously. Overall there is no sign that TV-show piracy is declining, on the contrary. The download numbers for the most popular shows continues to rise, sometimes exceeding the number of traditional viewers in the US. Below we have compiled a list of the most downloaded TV-shows worldwide (single episode) for 2014, together with the viewer average in the US. The data is estimated by TorrentFreak based on several sources, including download statistics reported by public BitTorrent trackers. Online streaming and downloads for file-hosting services are not included since there are no public sources to draw data from. Total piracy numbers will therefore be significantly higher. Most downloaded TV-shows on BitTorrent, 2014 rank show est. downloads est. US TV viewers 1 Game of Thrones 8,100,000 7,160,000 2 The Walking Dead 4,800,000 17,290,000 3 The Big Bang Theory 3,900,000 18,240,000 4 How I Met Your Mother 3,500,000 13,130,000 5 Gotham 3,200,000 11,810,000 6 Arrow 2,900,000 3,920,000 7 Grey’s Anatomy 2,800,000 9,810,000 8 Vikings 2,700,000 3,560,000 9 Suits 2,500,000 2,800,000 10 South Park 2,400,000 2,400,000
  10. Neil Diamond, iconic Grammy Award®-winning Rock and Pop Singer/Songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, has added an additional date at The O2 in London to his NEIL DIAMOND TOUR 2015 next summer. The additional show will see the European tour come to a close on the 16th July 2015. Neil Diamond's new album, Melody Road, will be released on Monday 20th October via Capitol Records. This album marks his first since signing with Capitol Records. NEIL DIAMOND TOUR 2015 EUROPEAN DATES JUNE Wed 17 Cologne, Germany Lanxess Fri 19 Munich, Germany Olympiahalle Sun 21 Antwerp, Belgium Sport Paleis Tue 23 Paris, France Zenith Thu 25 Amsterdam, Netherlands Ziggo Dome Tue 30 Belfast, Ireland Odyssey Arena JULY Fri 03 Dublin, Ireland 3Arena Tue 07 Glasgow, UK SSE Hydro Thu 09 Manchester, UK Manchester Arena Sat 11 Birmingham, UK LG Arena Tue 14 London, UK O2 Arena Thu 16 London, UK O2 Arena Tickets go on-sale now priced £85.00 / £75.00 / £65.00 / £55.00 in London and £85.00 / £75.00 / £65.00 for regional shows (subject to per-ticket charge plus order processing fee) and are available Tickets available here. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  11. Jack White has cancelled all planned gigs after the sudden death of his keyboard player 'Ikey' Owens. Owens was 38 years old. The following statement was posted at the Jack White Facebook page: 'It is with great sadness that we tell the world of the passing of the incredible musician Isaiah 'Ikey' Owens. He will be missed and loved forever by his family, friends, bandmates and fans. 'Ikey Owens was an astounding keyboard player in Jack White's backing band. He also played with Mars Volta, Free Moral Agents, and many other projects. 'Out of respect for Ikey, the remaining shows of the Jack White Tour in Mexico have been cancelled. 'We will all miss you Ikey. You were and are an incredible artist.' Owens was found dead in his hotel room in Chulula, Mexico. The cause of death has not been determined but is understood to be under investigation. Jack White had played in Mexico City three days earlier and was scheduled to perform in Guadalajara tonight. Owens played on all albums by The Mars Volta between 2002 and 2008. He also features on Mastadon's 'Once More 'Round The Sun' and 'Blood Mountain', White's 'Lazaretto' and albums by Saul Williams, Reel Big Fish and Sublime. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  12. Series to launch after the debut of the next movie, though story details are not available. A Resident Evil TV series is in the works, but don't expect to see it anytime soon, as it's not planned to debut until after the next Resident Evil movie comes to theaters. This is according to a report from Variety, which says the Germany-based Constantin Film (the production company behind the Resident Evil movie franchise) is planning the spinoff as part of its increased interest in TV programming. The next Resident Evil movie, which may be the last considering it's called Final Chapter, does not yet have a release date. It was recently delayed because lead actress Milla Jovovich--who is married to Resident Evil movie director Paul W.S. Anderson--is pregnant. Variety's report mentions only that the Resident Evil TV series is in production; it does not include any details regarding a plot or which actors will appear in it. The Resident Evil movies are not re-tellings of any of the game's, though they do keep with the franchise's best-known themes. The next new Resident Evil game, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, will be released episodically--just like a TV show. Yet another Resident Evil title, an HD remake of the original Resident Evil, is also in the works forconsoles and PC. Both games are expected to launch in 2015.
  13. Two weeks ago we got the somewhat unexpected (but very much welcome) news that a Supergirl TV series is actively moving forward; confirmation arrived soon thereafter, with the revelation that the show is being developed by Ali Adler and Greg Berlanti (collaborators on the single-season super-powered family series No Ordinary Family). The project has now received a series commitment from CBS, which is in line with an earlier report that asserted the show was not necessarily destined to air on the CW. Supergirl is going to follow the adventures of Kara Zor-El, the other surviving member of Krypton – who, like her cousin Kal-El, initially passes herself off as a regular human, upon arriving on Earth. However, unlike the Superman origin seriesSmallville, the Supergirl TV show is expected to begin when a 20-something Kara decides to embrace her powers and become a warrior – offering some modern superhero drama along the lines of Arrow and the upcoming The Flash, instead of the superhero teen/YA soap operatics of Smallville. Berlanti, who also worked on Arrow and The Flash, and Adler (whose other TV writing and/or producing credits include Chuck and Glee) read as being a nice complimentary set of talents to brings the Supergirl comic book property to the small screen – and, as reported by Variety, CBS’ decision to pickup the series indicates that the network’s executives feel likewise. Moreover, as Variety has pointed out, this move finally gives CBS its own horse in the ongoing superhero TV series derby. Berlanti told Variety that, as far as female superhero characters are concerned, that“we’re well past due for those kind of characters in film and TV.†He’s not the only one that recognizes that there’s a largely untapped demand for such entertainment either, seeing how Marvel Studios will release Agent Carter on ABC in early 2015 and then Jessica Jones on Netflix sometime thereafter, and the CW is premiering the DC Comics-inspired supernatural procedural iZombie show this year. On the other hand, the CW passed on the proposed Wonder Woman origins showAmazon last year. However, that might’ve been in part due to Warner Bros. planning to incorporate the character in upcoming live-action DC comic book movies like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (before giving her a solo vehicle to call her own). Regardless, it’s nice to see that as the superhero entertainment renaissance continues, we’ve starting to diversify more in terms of not just genres (with supernatural horror property Constantine headed to NBC this fall), but also the sort of characters whose stories are being told. The more variety in spices that are added to the mix, the longer audiences will continue to enjoy superhero dishes. The Supergirl TV series seems likely to premiere on CBS in 2015. Expect there to be more updates on the show arriving in the foreseeable future.
  14. Although the number of Marvel superhero films released in the past six years since they launched their cinematic universe may vastly outnumber those based on DC Comics characters, the opposite is soon to be true on the small screen. With The Flash premiering and Arrow returning for its third season on The CW, Gothamdebuting on FOX, and Constantine starting on NBC, there will be more DC TV series than Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter. It was reported yesterday that another DC character could join the ranks of small screen superheroes: Supergirl. Contrary to the previous report, though, Michael Green (Smallville, Green Lantern) won’t be involved with theSupergirl series. Instead, the show is being developed by Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) and Ali Adler (Chuck). Deadline is reporting Berlanti and Adler will reunite – they previously worked together on No Ordinary Family – to create the television series based on DC’s Supergirl. According to rumors reported by Deadline, the Supergirlseries will be a “new interpretation†on the character and story. As with all other DC-based shows, Warner Bros. TV will produce the untitledSupergirl project and DC’s Geoff Johns – who has been involved with Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham – is apparently involved. Adler will pen the pilot script forSupergirl and executive produce with Berlanti. In terms of where the Supergirl series may land, E! News has reported that the project is not “expected†to air on The CW like Berlanti’s other DC shows. The series was pitched to the network, but they seemingly declined to pick it up. According toDeadline, in a couple weeks, the project will be pitched to the other major networks. With Berlanti and Adler heading the project, rather than the previously reported Green, it seems the potential for a compelling Supergirl TV show is much higher. Berlanti has found success with Arrow, and although The Flash has yet to officially premiere, Johns has said it’s “the most faithful DC adaptation yet†offering fans plenty of hope for the new series. If Supergirl isn’t housed at The CW, fans probably can’t expect to see a crossover or world-building between the three series, which may have been fun but aren’t necessary for the show’s success. Additionally, if the Supergirl project were to air on The CW, it may have been easier to generate a fanbase by drawing in viewers fromArrow and The Flash. But with the lack of a female-led superhero show on television, a Supergirl show at least has a lack of competition going for it. It’s entirely possible that a Supergirl series could be successful on any network. Berlanti has enough experience under his belt to do the superheroine’s story justice, Adler has proven her chops of working with action characters, and with help from Johns, they’re sure to keep the series in line with the spirit of the comics (if not entirely faithful to the source material). What do you think of the Supergirl TV series with Berlanti and Adler running the show? Are they the best choice? Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more information on the Supergirl television series as it becomes available.
  15. SoundCloud currently accounts for 175 million monthly listeners, thus taking the second line in the list of top streaming music service in the world. The first is, of course, occupied by YouTube. However, the service hasn’t paid royalties to the artists for their plays on its website and mobile applications. Until now. The content creators and copyright owners realized that they upload their music for free to SoundCloud in order to get something the money can’t buy: an audience of fans and information on how and where their music being listened to. But as the streaming service has grown and raised more funding (the company values at $700m), it has faced more pointed questions about when SoundCloud will start paying royalties. And so, the company is taking its first step: a select group of invited partners in the United States will have advertising shown or played alongside their audio content. Looking forward, the content creators will receive “the majority†of the money paid by the advertiser. In fact, this is more a share of revenues rather than a per-stream payment like with other services. The adverts will only be seen and heard by the American users for now, on the SoundCloud site and mobile applications, but not in tracks embedded in other places across the web. The company explains that the content creators will have control under the new program: for example, they will be able to turn on advertising for certain tracks, rather than on everything. The advertisements will be of a following format: radio-style audio ads, display advertising on mobile apps, promotion of SoundCloud tracks and profiles, sponsorships and contests. Within the test period, the list of advertisers will include Red Bull, Jaguar and Comedy Central. The company also noted that advertising will be followed by a subscription option for SoundCloud listeners who can pay for advertising-free experience. At the same time, no licensing deals with major labels have been revealed, although the rumors were that they were all in talks with SoundCloud to take stakes in the company and start getting royalties from streams. Apparently, the negotiations are still ongoing. In the meantime, the industry observers admit that the move towards paying royalties is controversial for SoundCloud. On the one hand, it is good for artists to start getting paid for streams of their works, but on the other hand, the company’s advertising income may not be enough to cover large “advance†payments and per-stream payouts to the music labels. In is unclear how (or even whether) advance payments to rightsholders are passed on to the musicians and songwriters. SoundCloud has an intention to pay all levels of the music industry, from the indie artists to the largest majors, two of which (Sony/ATV and BMG) are already the partners for the new advertising experiment.
  16. Is Taylor Swift gunning for another Saturday Night Live hosting gig? The singer -- who will be ramping up public appearances in the coming weeks to promote her as-yet-unofficial new music -- is featured in a new video from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Swift will be on the program on Wednesday, Aug. 13, but she's already doing a little method acting to get into a new character: Nerdy Natalie. Donning braces and big glasses, "Natalie" seems like she'll likely join Fallon for his popular "EWW!" segment where he gets celeb guests to impersonate teen girls for a spoof basement talk show. (No word on if "Natalie" knows Katy Perry's geeky alter ego Kathy Beth Terry.) Oddly, this isn't the first time Swift has shown up as a braces-wearing, overexcited teen: When she hosted Saturday Night Live in 2009, she got big laughs in a skit for just that. Watch the Tonight Show tease below:
  17. The signs on the stadium floor were (almost) better than the stadium show itself. Here are the 10 funniest. A One Direction stadium concert is unlike any current experience in pop music because of the fandom involved -- weeping teen girls, inexorable screams and dozens upon dozens of fan signs. From the standard "Sing to me, it's my birthday!" sign to the old "Take ur pants off" chestnut, the fan signs are the perfect, glitter-heavy way for young fans to channel their passion, and are just as important to the 1D live show as 1D themselves. On Tuesday night (Aug. 5), One Direction performed its second straight New York-area show at MetLife Stadium outside in East Rutherford, N.J., as part of its current Where We Are international tour. Here are the 10 fan signs we spotted from the stadium floor that went above and beyond as paeans to Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis: 10. "I'd Pay U To Punch Me" A problematic sign, to be sure -- don't pay anyone to punch you, much less pop stars, little girl! But it sneaks into the Top 10 based solely on shock factor. 9. "I've Gone BANANAS For Harry!" A perplexing sign, until you remember that Harry Styles love bananas. He ate one onstage toward the end of Tuesday night's show. That's fan knowledge at its finest. 8. "Hi We're Single" Simple, direct, friendly. 7. "Turn Down For WWAT" The "WWAT" stands for "Where We Are Tour"… although why is anyone turning DOWN for the Where We Are tour? Someone needed a proofreader! 6. "PROM?" A few signs asked the 1D lads to become prom dates, but this sign -- one word, all-caps -- was the least subtle and most effective. 5. "Suck My Ass" Wow! A bold, bizarre statement. Points for originality. 4. "Niall You're IRISHistible!" One Direction's Niall Horan hails from Mullinger, Ireland. This sign was printed on top of an Irish flag. Smart, silly, well-researched… a classic sign. 3. "Bring Us Backstage (Plz, We're 20!)" In case the guys were considering not bringing these girls backstage, the clarification that they are 20 years old and the "plz" probably (slightly) increased their chances. 2. "Harry!!! Stop Cheating on Me!!!" Liam Payne actually picked up this sign from the crowd during the group's encore and snapped a photo of it. Huge cred-booster. 1. "We <3 You More Than Wi-Fi" Classic millennial fan sign. The kids love their wireless Internet, but they can't LIVE without their One Direction.
  18. Vikings could have easily sauntered its way into a “sophomore slump†after a stellar first outing, lead by the creative wizardry of Michael Hirst (The Tudors). Thankfully, the series came roaring out of the gates with its sensational season 2 premiere. Hirst’s deft touch at creating unique and interesting characters propelled Vikings to solid ratings for History, earning it another season; following its premiere at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, the season 3 trailer is now available for viewing online (see above). The trailer beautifully fits the dark and somber tones that the series is known for, featuring The Seer’s (John Kavanagh’s) frightening melodic voice. If The Seer is to be believed, then we are in for an even more grandiose journey when season three premieres in early 2015. When asked what we can expect to see next year, Mr. Hirst replied with this: Hirst: Well, we’re of course going back to Wessex, because we really like King Ecbert and Princess Kwentrith, she creates mayhem, which is fantastic. Ragnar and Ecbert are kind of equals, they can talk to each other and understand one another. When we go to Paris, we meet the French Emperor, whose the grandson of the great Charlemagne and his daughter. They’re both very important, because this is a story-line that isn’t going to go away. It’s a story that will go right through season 3 and then straight into season 4. It will have a huge impact on several of our leading characters. Scope is another aspect of the show that Hirst discussed throughout the interview. It appears that Vikings is going to continue getting bigger, with our leading players scattered between England and Scandinavia. Now, with the introduction of Paris and its emperor, Hirst and his team have a much larger cast of characters to play with. It will be exciting to see how the story unravels as this new season progresses. Looking back at the season 2 finale, Ragnar is in a precarious position. While Floki’s plan to deceive King Horik was a rousing success, Ragnar is slowly becoming more distant from his people. Sure, the blue-eyed viking loves his family, but his gaze is always off to the horizon. His last encounter with Athelstan had him learning the Lord’s Prayer. Will Ragnar ever relinquish his faith in Odin and Thor, or will he float in ambiguity, like his friend the priest has? Either way, with the invasion of Paris on its way, Ragnar’s faith will be tested in one way, or another. What do you think of the new trailer and what are you most looking forward to seeing in season 3? Stay tuned for more updates as we draw closer to 2015. Vikings season 3 will premiere in early 2015 on History.
  19. BitTorrent Inc, the company behind the popular file-sharing client uTorrent, will allow artists to charge for their content starting in September. The paywall option aims to generate a healthy revenue stream for artists and film producer Marco Weber will be one of the first to try it out. Weber will share a pilot of his upcoming TV-show "Children of the Machine" which will be made if BitTorrent users cough up $2.5 million. Following in the footsteps of FrostWire and VODO, BitTorrent Inc. launched an artist promotion program a few years ago. The idea was to let artists share their work for free, exposing it to millions of BitTorrent users all around the world. Helped by a massive user base of more than 170 million the program has been very successful. But, aside from promotion some artists would also like to see some hard cash in return. This is now an option thanks to the “paygate†uTorrent’s parent company will launch this September. The walled content can only be accessed and shared after a user pays a fixed fee to the creator. To prevent users from sharing it without permission there will be some restrictions in place. The paywall idea was initially announced last year and film producer Marco Weber will be one of the first to try it in the wild. Through BitTorrent, Weber will release a pilot of the new TV-series “Children of the Machine†and those who like it can pay$9.95 to buy the entire series. “If viewers fall in love with the show, they can purchase the entire series in advance via Bundle paygates. Once the funding threshold is reached — 250K subscribers — the first season will be produced, and delivered back to the fans who kicked in to support the project,†BitTorrent announces. The filmmaker chose the crowdfunding format, which means that if the project is not funded the series will never see the light of day. This is a serious possibility as no artists have ever raised more than a few thousand dollars, even though many have tried. The film producer is nevertheless confident that the the project will turn into a success. “With over 170 million users, BitTorrent is a powerhouse. Add in paygates, and you have a fantastic tool to distribute content to a growing, influential youth audience,†Weber says. The good news is that many of these millions of BitTorrent users are already familiar with downloading TV-shows, be it without permission. However, an often heard excuse for this deviant behavior is that it takes too long before an episode becomes available through legal channels, so whether these people will be patient enough to prepay a series months in advance will remain to be seen. Both Weber and BitTorrent Inc. have to be applauded for giving it a try and it will be interesting to see the results. BitTorrent isn’t the first to experiment with these new models though. The VODO platform has used a similar paywall system for quite some time, and together with The Pirate Bay and several other torrent sites they helped to crowdfund the TV-series Pioneer One.
  20. At every available opportunity copyright holders criticize Google for not doing enough to stop online piracy and every step taken by the search engine only results in more demands. Meanwhile, Microsoft's Bing flies largely under the radar, providing a video and TV show search tool that Google would not dare introduce. Google is only too aware of its currently unpopularity with rightsholders. While the search giant provides superb and often vital Internet services, the music and movie industries are desperate for infringing results to disappear from Google’s indexes. Every week the search engine receives millions of DMCA takedown notices requiring it to take case-by-case action, but the company’s reluctance to do something more permanent has made it search-engine-enemy-#1 with copyright holders who never miss an opportunity to lay on the criticism. In the background, however, Microsoft’s Bing flies comparatively under the radar. Sure it processes plenty of takedown notices too, but it receives little of the corporate pressure piled onto Google. This can only be a result of Google’s place in the market, since Mr Don’t Be Evil has done more than its rival to combat piracy. Case in point, Bing’s powerful and somewhat under-used streaming video search engine which offers to find TV shows from the get-go. While Google gets heavily criticized for its AutoComplete feature (which is already partially censored following copyright holder requests), Bing has no problem in first offering TV shows and then completing suggestions of what to watch. Tap in “BRE†and at the top of the list appears BREAKING BAD. We clicked the option – Bing delivered. The first few results are shown below but those are just the tip of the iceberg and more specific show searches hardly ever come up short either. The auto-suggestions at the top of the screen are there in case ideas run out too, helpfully pushing the user towards varies series and specific episodes. As can be seen from the image above, those who are fussy over the quality of the content being presented can filter by resolution too, right up to 1080p. Also, restricting searches to videos over 20 mins rejects many trailers and other samplers in favor of episodes and full length movies. Aside from being a pretty good search engine (it came up with some long-forgotten TV show pilots from the 1970s), Bing also has a rather nice trick up its sleeve. Hover a mouse over any video thumbnail shown in the results and its size will instantly increase to display a proper video preview of the content in question. As far as we’re aware, no other search engine online today does that. Of course, someone at Bing isn’t deliberately programming its engine to present infringing results, those are determined by intelligence gleaned from user search requests. That being said, if Google debuted a new “TV Show†search engine tomorrow and began auto-completing and auto-suggesting infringing TV content, weeks-long industry hysteria would ensue. It’s also worth pointing out that Google also has a decent video search which is almost certainly used by many, many more millions than Bing’s. It’s nowhere near as glossy and definitely not as ‘risky’ in how it presents content, but that won’t stop the search company from continuing to take most of the rightsholder flak due to its colossal userbase and its uncontested position in the market. Make no mistake, Google will remain in the firing line for the foreseeable future, even while other companies get away with much, much more. But their time will come, it’s almost inevitable, an event that could be triggered by Google caving in to increasing rightsholder demands.
  21. A lawsuit hitting the Moscow City Court next month is aiming to deal with TV show piracy on a much broader basis than case-by-case takedowns. Brought by the local distributor of 15 shows including Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, the suit will aim to purge a wide range of unauthorized TV content from more than a dozen sites. Since August 2013, rightsholders in Russia have enjoyed greater powers to help them deal with websites carrying or linking to pirated movies and TV shows. The pre-trial mechanism allows for the imposition of so-called “preliminary interim measures†should the sites in question fail to remove or block infringing content in a timely fashion. These can include a court ordered service provider blockade of specific URLs. The process has been used dozens of times during the past ten months or so. Earlier this month the Moscow City Court took action to restrict the availability of 15 TV shows illegally posted online including Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, True Blood and American Horror Story. Several torrent site URLs were ordered to be blocked by ISPs, including those on the popular Now, just a week later, the local exclusive rightsholder of the above shows plus others including Boardwalk Empire, True Detective, Homeland, Girls and True Blood, wants to have its content completely blocked on a wide range of sites. The case is being brought by “A Series†and will begin in the Moscow City Court next month. According to Rapsinews, July 10 has been set aside for pre-trial preparations and to clarify the requirements of the parties, including a call for evidence and addressing other issues relevant to the forthcoming trial. The lawsuit will target more than a dozen sites and BitTorrent trackers including,, and, most of which have been targeted in previous actions. News of the lawsuit arrives following the announcement of an agreement between the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Culture to beef up the law introduced last year. A source inside the government told Izvestia that the text of a new anti-piracy bill has been finalized and will be submitted to the Duma in the near future. While the law’s new stricter provisions will be welcomed by rightsholders, the music industry will again be disappointed. Movies and TV shows are covered by current law, but music is not, and the package of amendments about to be presented will not see the introduction of music protection until 2016.
  22. Tracker's Name: Live Show Nation Genre: Music Sign-up Link: Closing date: N/A Additional information: New Lossless Bootleg Torrent Site