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  1. I am giving away my Torrent Day account , this is very very easy to seed and get bonus points with a great selection and very fast pretimes ! If you have 10 rep points and 2 positive feedbacks in this forum pm me to apply for this ! Good luck
  2. Good to All . The administration of Scene Rush National BitTorrent Tracker comes launch yourself the challenge to take part in the competition that is taking place . Passes or forum here that thou details how to participate. Compete who knows if you will not be the winner. Without further . SceneRush administration
  3. Tracker's Name: Scene-Zone (SZ) Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing date: n/a
  4. Tracker Name: pretome/PTM Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: General Tracker Access: Invites PTM is a ratioless tracker with general content and good speed + pretime Logo Home Categories/Browse Music/0day Requests Forums Rules Wiki Episodes Info NForce Donate Rating Overall: 8/10 Torrents: 8/10 Speed: 8/10 Community: 7/10
  5. Good Night. The administration of Scene- Rush, BitTorrent Tracker National hereby inform that the records were just closed. Please be advised that 24 hours later all new accounts created with IPs belonging to existing accounts will lead to both accounts , ( new and existing ) are turned off without notice. Take this opportunity to thank all those who visit us regularly and make us what we are today without your presence / help nothing would be possible . No more , The Scene- Rush administration ( )
  6. Tracker Name: Scene-Rush Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing Date: Soon Additional Information: Portuguese General Tracker
  7. The administration of Scene-Rush, BitTorrent Tracker National hereby inform you that will be given a FREELEECH (Only upload is accounted for in all torrents) of 21 March 2015 (inclusive) until day 23 March 2015 (inclusive) , as do six years of existence on 22 March. Please note that will be open records for some time in the tracker's birthday - 22.Mar.2015 Please be advised that all new accounts created with IPs belonging to existing accounts will lead to both accounts, (new and existing) are deactivated without notice. Notify friends and family and good records. Take this opportunity to thank all those who visit us regularly and make us what we are today without your presence / help nothing would be possible. We also want to leave a thank VERY special for all staff, which has made this house what it is. Happy Birthday To The Scene-Rush! No more, The Scene-Rush administration (
  8. I have 1 Torrent Leech VIP account to give away. You must have 10 reputation points and send me a speedtest and 1 ratio proof in order to successfully apply! Pm me only ! questions here will not be accepted ! Good luck!
  9. Indie heroes Ocean Colour Scene and Johnny Marr join Y Not festival's huge 10th anniversary line-up Less Than Jake, We Are Scientists, Augustines, Reverend & The Makers and more confirmed to appear alongside headliners Snoop Dogg, Basement Jaxx and Primal Scream. The hills, or more appropriately the Peaks, will be alive with the sound of indie, rock and pop when Y Not sets up camp in Derbyshire 31st July to 2nd August. Ocean Colour Scene and Johnny Marr are amongst the latest additions to the festival's 10th anniversary line-up. Tickets starting at £89.50 are on sale now via Also celebrating a significant year, Ocean Colour Scene are announced for Y Not festival just weeks after the completion of their 25th anniversary tour. The Moseley-formed quartet come armed with belters like 'The Day We Caught the Train' many more from a 10-album back catalogue. 'Godlike Genius', as dubbed by NME, Johnny Marr is next to step up to the plate. The former Smiths' guitarist and solo artist in his own right garners the upmost respect from music fans who flock to his iconic sound. Elsewhere amongst additions are Florida's ska punkers Less Than Jake wholl be on hand to keep crowds jumping, also heading to Derbyshire from the States will be New York indie trio We Are Scientists. Stepping up to the mic will next be Jon 'The Reverend' McClure and friends, better known to the music world as Reverend & The Makers. Rock of widescreen proportions will come courtesy of Augustines, post-hardcore quartet Don Broco and alternative metal outfit Young Guns. 'Solo Dancing' singer Indiana serves up sleek electropop whilst for those looking for something completely different, Y Not welcomes comedy folk outfit The Lancashire Hotpots. Diversity continues across Y Not's stages with Japanese psychedelic noise wielders Bo Ningen, alt R&B singer and Games of Thrones actor Raleigh Ritchie and rap/metal fusers Hacktivist. Mancunian grunge band Nine Black Alps and screaming mathcore specialists Rolo Tomassi are set to keep things loud, flanked closely by The Bohicas, rockers LTNT and Solemn Sun. Blues-tinged singer Kim Churchill and the soulful Jake Isaacs add a different hue to the airwaves, and last but by no means least things are turned back up to 11 for metallers Zoax. Winner of 'Best Small Festival' at the 2012 UK Festival Awards, Y Not returns in 2015 to celebrate in style. Friends, fans and newcomers are invited to enjoy panoramic countryside views sound-tracked by fresh and loud sounds from bands both up-and-coming and superstar in stance. Tickets priced only £89.50 are available now from
  10. Tracker Name: Scene-Zone Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: New General Tracker, with a lot of Freeleech
  11. Missing nine days to the end of the server renewal and we still need to pay 21% of it! We call then again to your help to get back to renew the server and take the opportunity to thank all those who visit us regularly and have made us what we are today without your presence / help nothing would be possible
  12. Boas caros utilizadores. Vimos por este meio solicitar a todos os utilizadores para contribuírem e não sermos forçados a fechar por falta de recursos financeiros. Para efetuar o donativo por transferência bancária devem enviar uma mensagem privada ao GSI para pedir o NIB. Todos os donativos superiores a 3€ recebem X Gigas que contam para Upload e durante esse período VIP para alem de terem o nick a verde, não são afetados pelo sistema de Hit and Run. A quantia de Gigas atribuído é relativa ao montante doado para saberem a quantia devem visitar a página dos >> donativos << Queremos também deixar ficar um obrigado MUITO especial para todo o staff, que tem feito desta casa o que ela é. Faltam 16 dias para o fim da renovação do servidor e ainda nos falta 35% para o pagamento do mesmo! Apelamos então mais uma vez à vossa ajuda para conseguir renovar novamente o servidor e aproveitamos para agradecer a todos os que nos visitam regularmente e nos tornaram no que somos hoje, sem a vossa presença/ajuda nada seria possível. A administração SceneRush Translate Good expensive users. We hereby request all users to contribute and not be forced to close for lack of financial resources. To make a donation by bank transfer must send a private message to GSI to ask the NIB . All donations exceeding € 3 receive X Gigas accounting for Upload and during that period VIP besides having the nick green , are not affected by Hit and Run system. The amount of assigned Gigas is on the donated amount to know the amount should visit the page of donations >> << We also want to leave a thank VERY special for all staff , which has made ​​this house what it is . Missing 16 days to the end of the server renewal and we still need to pay 35% of it! We call then again to your help to get back to renew the server and take the opportunity to thank all those who visit us regularly and have made us what we are today without your presence / help nothing would be possible . The administration SceneRush
  13. Boas caros utilizadores. Sabiam que temos no nosso forum um tópico de Compras e Vendas! Passa por lá, deixa o teu tópico conforme as regras e pode ser que tenhas sorte Aproveitamos tambem para agradecer a todos os que nos visitam regularmente, sem individualizar ninguem, o que nos tornam todos os dias aquilo que somos hoje, sem a vossa presença/ajuda nada seria possível. A administração SceneRush Google Translate Good expensive users. They knew that we have in our forum a topic Purchases and Sales ! http://www.scene-rus...orum&forumid=55 Goes through there, let your topic as the rules and it may be that you have luck ;- ) We take also to thank all those who visit us regularly, without individualize anyone, what make us every day what we are today without your presence / help nothing would be possible . The administration SceneRush
  14. Hi I have an IP Torrents account that will be VIP till end of November and has 6 invites as well! If you have 2 feedbacks and a rep of 10 points then please apply if you don't already have an IPT account! You can pm me !
  15. Looking for Scene access invite for a Revtt invite No Pm,s keep it in public chat please
  16. AudioSEX( pro audio community) released their first compilation album! There is nothing wrong with your computer. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next 2 hours, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your computer. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to – the sexy limits. Ladies and gentlemen it's Cat here with my team presenting the unveiling of the long-awaited Audio Sexed Album. The goal of this album is to strengthen the AudioSEX community and make us an active, fun group of people that work together to help improve our abilities in producing good music. It will also enable us to express our passion for the art of sound and make us all stronger and more independent artists who don't have to rely on boastful promotions and lousy demands and controls by both large and small labels. We are making this album for us, to give to the world to listen to. Together, as a community, we can make a very big statement by releasing an album to the world that reflects music that is honest, truthful and expresses real passion for the art. HKPotential wrote that mission statement as our original team manager long ago and here we are finally bearing witness to the culmination of our efforts on this exciting collaboration and the first side-project of AudioLabs. It represents the diversity, creativity and commitment of the amazing community found here and if you're reading this and haven't signed up yet we hope that you'll join us. It's really been an incredible journey of imagination, creativity, friendship and a fair amount of stress. It all began with the words: "what if we made something beautful?" Carl uttered those words a while back on AudioSex and we just decided to run with it because what's the good of an idea if you don't do anything to make it happen? It may seem like our journey was a straight line from point A to point B but it was fraught with problems and there were many times when it looked like the project might completely dissipate. It was only through the dedication of the staff and members that we were able to persevere in the end. What you see before you is the result of an arduous journey: an excellent assortment of 24 tracks in various genres available for immediate consumption from several speedy hosters in FLAC and MP3 format. Some of us that initially submitted or worked on this project are no longer with us or missing in action. Members like frito zanzibar who wrote the masterpiece Starve To Death, the embodiment of the starving artist, while homeless in a country steeped in overabundance. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it and we hope that it will give you even a modicum of that something special that we share at the forum every day. A lot of people worked extremely hard on this release and we ask that whether you like every song or style of music on the album that you listen to it with an open mind. Some producers had more experience, some less but I think what we have here is honesty, it's something unique and truly deserving of respect. And it was specifically because some of those that submitted are no longer with us anymore that I felt it was my duty to make sure that their music and work got out there for everyone to experience and enjoy. Every artist that submitted a track put themselves out there for the world to see and hear and it is truly with honor that I present them to you. This aural delight is available in 2 releases: the digital and physical release. The digital download is free while the physical release is offered at production cost plus shipping so we don't make a dime on it. Digital is great but nothing beats having a copy in your hands because it really represents AudioSex down to the artwork and it is assembled and printed to the high standards you've come to expect with industrial processes. Made for you by you. So without further ado, let me welcome you to our world. Leave a little bit of the happiness you bring.
  17. Several Warez Scene groups have come out of retirement to honor a fallen friend. ZENiTH, SLT, Lz0 and MiDNiGHT all made a unique release over the weekend to pay homage to Goolum, an active and highly valued member of the Scene. To many people the Warez Scene is something mythical or at least hard to comprehend. A group of people at the top of the piracy pyramid. The Scene is known for its aversion to public file-sharing, but nonetheless it’s in large part responsible for much of the material out there today. The goal of most Scene groups is to be the first to release a certain title, whether that’s a film, music or software. While there is some healthy competition The Scene is also a place where lifelong friendships are started. A few days ago, on October 17, the Scene lost Goolum, a well-respected member and friend. Only in his late thirties, he passed away after being part of the Scene for more than a decade. As a cracker Goolum, also known as GLM, was of the more experienced reverse engineers who worked on numerous releases. Through the years Goolum was connected to several groups which are now retired, some for more than a decade. To honor their fallen friend, the groups ZENiTH, Lz0, SLT and MiDNiGHT have made a one-time comeback. Below is an overview of their farewell messages, which honor him for his cracking skills but most of all as a friend. Our thoughts go out to Goolum’s friends and family. ZENiTH: THUNDERHEAD.ENGINEERING.PYROSIM.V2014.2.RIP.GOOLUM-ZENiTH (NFO) ZENiTH, a group that retired around 2005, mentions Goolum’s loyalty and the love for his daughter. “Goolum has been in and around the scene since the Amiga days but had never been a guy to jump from group to group, but stayed loyal and dedicated to the few groups he was involved in.†“We are all proud to have been in a group with you, to have spent many a long night sharing knowledge about everything, learning about your daughter who you where very proud of, and all the projects you were involved in.†ZENiTH’s in memoriam Lz0: CEI.Inc.EnSight.Gold.v10.1.1b.Incl.Keygen.RIP.GOOL UM-Lz0 (NFO) Lz0 or LineZer0, split from the Scene last year but many of its members are still actively involved in other roles. The group mentions the hard time Goolum has had due to drug problems. LzO also highlights Goolum’s love for his daughter, and how proud he was of her. “We all knew that he struggled in life – not just economical but also on a personal level and not the least with his drug issues. One of the things that kept him going was his wonderful daughter whom he cherished a lot. He often talked about her, and how proud of her he was. He was clear that if there was one thing in life he was proud of – it was that he became the dad of a wonderful girl.†“We’re shocked that when finally things started to move in the right direction, that we would receive the news about his death. It came without warning and we can only imagine the shock of his family. It’s hard to find the right words – or words for that matter. Even though it might have appeared as that he was lonely – with few friends, he knew that we were just a keyboard away.†Lz0′s in memoriam SLT: PROTEUS.ENGINEERING.FASTSHIP.V6.1.30.1.RIP.GOOLUM-SLT (NFO) SLT or SOLiTUDE has been retired since 2000 but returns to remember Goolum. The group notes that he will be dearly missed. “You will be missed. It is not easy to say goodbye to someone who you have known for over a decade, trading banter, laughs, advice and stories. You leave behind a daughter, a family and a group of friends, who will miss you dearly.†“As the news have spread, the kind words have poured in. Solitude is releasing this in honor of you, to show that the values we founded the group on is the exact values you demonstrated through your decades of being in the scene. Loyalty, friendship and hard work. Our thoughts are with you, wherever you may be.†SLT’s in memoriam MiDNiGHT: POINTWISE_V17.2.R2_RIP_GOOLUM-MIDNIGHT (NFO) MiDNiGHT hasn’t been active for nearly a decade but have also honored Goolum with a comeback. The group mentions that he was a great friend who was always in for a chat and a beer. “Life won’t ever be the same again my friend. We could sit and chat for hours and hours, and even then we knew each other well enough that nothing more was required than a beer, a rant and a small *yarr* and we’d know it would all be good.†“This time it’s not good mate. I am here, you are not. I can’t even begin to express how this makes me feel – except an absolute sadness.†MiDNiGHT’s in memoriam Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  18. Tracker Name: Scene-FZ Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  19. Tracker Name : Worlds End Scene Tracker Genre : 0-Day Tracker Signup Link : Closing Date : N/A Additional Information : N/A
  20. Dear Members, With our current traffic levels, Our old server faced pretty hard time, resulting in some downtime when the site face a peak traffic, and for some, slowly decreasing server speed. It's very frustrated for you and us. Now, Invite Scene Team are pleased to announce that we have migrated all the files and data to a new dedicated server. This is our first dedicated server and better than ever with few Cores, and plenty of Space for our growing membership .This enable us to improve performance and meet demand now, to users for future growth and to enable us to bring you the better services. Please DO NOT forget to check your data, if any data / account is missing in the new server report us within next 48 hrs. We apologize for any inconvenience but this upgrade is necessary for further growth. As well, We really appreciate your continued support. Regards, Invite Scene Team.
  21. It's time for Invite Scene Updates thread. We make these to inform the community of changes we made to the site. Read 'em carefully! New Skin We've put our new skin as everyone's default skin. This is now our new main skin. If you really liked the old one you can go back to it. I've also fixed an old bug that made our avatars too small in the author info portion of posts, so everything should be a-okay from now on! If you find bugs on this skin (i started from scratch building this skin), please PM me and i'll try to fix. Please provide your browser information as well. Organized Giveaways Section Giveaways section is renovated and divided into three sections. Here's how it works: Beginner Level: Normally this one is for new users and to access this sub forum you must have 5x Posts, 5x Reputation points, and be a member for 5 days to enter. Advanced Level: I hope the title explains most part and to access this sub forum you must have 50x Posts, 150x Reputation points, and be a member for 21 days to enter. Expert Level: This section will be most elite section for invites to access this sub forum you must have 150x Posts, 350x Reputation points, and be a member for 35 days to enter. Once you match Expert Level that opens Unlimited Giveaways section as well. As we modified the whole section, we had to archive all old thread and posts. We are hoping that giveaways section will be more furious than ever. That's all folks, till next time!
  22. Tracker's Name: Sport-Scene Genre: Sports Sign-up Link: Additional information: sports tracker with many selection of sports and good speeds
  23. Tracker Name : Sport-Scene Signup Link : Genre : Sports Additional Information : private sports tracker
  24. I searched forum after forum high and low until I found just what I was looking for. This was NOT written by me but I think it need (has) to be shared with all and is a great read for NooBs like me. I hope this helps to answer some questions for those that are somewhat new to torrenting and is a good refresher for the veterans here also. Here we go----- I found this on another Private forum and though I would share with the peeps here (the org poster found it at Everyone should know this stuff. Helped me a ton. What is the scene The Scene The scene aka the warez scene is the pretty unknown worldwide network where people trade pirated goods, like dvd's, movies, games, applications etc. Warez refers primarily to copyrighted material traded in violation of its copyright license. It does not refer to commercial for-profit software counterfeiting. First warez is released by releasegroups, groups which are specialized in publishing warez. They copy a dvd or break the security of game, and will make it available for other people, as a so-called release. When these releasegroups finish a release it will be uploaded to sites. These sites are very fast private ftp-servers, and the first stadium in the distribution of a release. Eventually, at the end of the distribution, the releases are available for everyone on p2p-software. The speed of this worldwide network is enormous. Within minutes a release can be copied to hundreds of other sites. Within an hour, it's available on thousands of sites and fxp boards. Within a day or two it's available on newsgroups, irc and in the end, on p2p-software. It's not all one big happy family. The warez scene consists of certain groups/layers. At the top we have the releasegroups and the topsites. These groups are the scene core. The other groups officially are not a part of the scene. Though most people consist them as a part of the scene. Read more about the scene hierarchy here.. The scene isn't just a distribution network, it's far more than that. There are the scene rules which are there to guarantee good quality releases. If not, a release will be nuked. This means it will be marked as bad. Nuked releases are not spread well and the releasegroup will get a bad status. Security is an important issue in the scene. Since their activities are illegal the sceners have to secure themselves, to be safe from the anti-piracy organisations (such as the feds, national anti-piracy organisations, etc) and avoid being caught in a takedown. The Warez scene hierarchy The scene is build up in a certain hierarchy. To explain the structure of this, here is a global overview of the piracy food chain. Not all these 'layers' are a part of the scene. The anti piracy organizations and most of the other parties which are not in the scene themselves, do consider all these groups to the scene. Though they are not a part of the scene. In fact, the releasegroups and the people on the topsites hate these other groups. The reason for this is that fxp boards, irc traders but mostly peer to peer users endanger the scene. The sceners want to keep the releases for a limited amount of people. Since everyone who knows how to use a computer knows how to user p2p-software, all these people are able to download warez. This causes big losses for record labels, movie producers etc, what leads to the anti-piracy organisations, police/fbi-attention etc. This brings the sceners in danger, so that's why they disapprove these groups. FXP boards almost consider themselves in the scene. Irc-traders and newsgroups might know about the scene, and p2p-users definitely don't know about the scene. Here is the hierarchy: Releasegroups - Groups of people who release the warez into the scene. Often linked with Site Traders. Topsites - Very fast FTP servers with people who trade the releases from the releasegroups to other (top)sites. FXP Boards - People who scan/hack/fill vulnerable computers with warez. IRC Trading - Users of IRC who download from "XDCC Bots" or "Fserves". Newsgroups - People who download from alt.binaries newsgroups. Peer-To-Peer - Users of p2p (peer-to-peer) programs like KaZaA but also BitTorrent who share with eachother. We'll start at the bottom and we'll work ourselves up to the top of the piracy food chain. Peer To Peer At the bottom of the piracy food chain we have the peer-to-peer users. There seem to be two groups of peer-to-peer users. The first group are kids downloading some music now and then because they can't afford cd's. Second are the older p2p users who use p2p also for downloading games, programs, movies, etc. In the media, peer-to-peer users are being labelled as dangerous pirates. They are a lot easier to bust for the RIAA/FBI and there are quite some of them who are being sued by the RIAA for thousands of dollars. The level of security is very low, and it's easy to get access to all warez. This is why they endanger the sceners. The download speeds are quite low since you download from other users. Most p2p-users don't have a clue about what a long way a release has made until it's available for download in p2p software. It has been released, spread from topsites to fxpboards, then to irc/newsgroups and in the end it's available for the mass via peer-to-peer. The speed of p2p is the lowest, since users download from eachother. A special kind of p2p system is BitTorrent. It uses a central location which coordinates the downloads, but it doesn't host any. The download itself consists of several pieces offered by various users. Such a coordinated group is called a torrent. BitTorrent is widely used, although it's rather insecure. It's easy to get access. The central distribution point is called the tracker. The tracker knows which users already have the file, and which users want to download it. The users who already have the download are called seeders, and the users who are downloading are called leechers. Every user who downloads a certain file, downloads a different part of the file. When the seeder goes offline, they can still download from eachother and all users can complete the file. Newsgroups Once upon a time when the internet was still young there were special interest groups that shared information and kept in touch by using a bulletin board type system. This system was designed to take advantage of the internet in a way an old bulletin boards couldn't; each location had a machine (news server) that would store all the messages of the newsgroups that were desired by it's users. A short time passed and the users of certain newsgroups thought that this system would be ideal to share files with each other. It's easy to access newsgroups but unless you are familiar with them, navigating and downloading files from the newsgroups takes more effort than p2p software. You can download from newsgroups using a newsreader, such as: NewsLeecher and Xnews. There are also pay newsservers, these are faster and can hold up the files longer than free newsservers. Free newsserver can be quite fast, and pay newsservers are even faster. IRC Trading Above the peer-to-peer users we have the people who go to IRC for their warez. In general, these people intend to have a better knowledge about computers and the internet. Warez channels are often run by people who have access to a fair amount of pirated material. There are generally two types of these channels. These are often feed by people from FXP boards or bad sites. First, there are Fserve (user-to-user) channels. They mainly use the mIRC client's File Server function and some scripts to share their warez directly from their hard drives. Second there are XDCC (server-to-user) channels. These are usually run by people who are into FXP boards or in the scene. They have access to fast, new warez. They employ people to hack into computers with fast internet connections and install XDCC servers (usually iroffer) which are used to share out pirated goods. There is a limited amount of people allowed to download a release at once, so when a release is popular you are placed into a qeue. That way good download speeds will be guaranteed. The download speed is often very good. FXP Boards FXP is the File eXchange Protocol. It isn't an actual protocol, it’s just a method of transfer making use of a vulnerability in FTP. It allows the transfer of files between two FTP servers. Rather than client-to-server, the transfer becomes server to server. The fxp'er just gives a command to 1 server to send files to the other server. FXP usually allows very fast transfer speeds although it totally depends on the connection of the servers. Still it's usually very fast since the hackers are able to hack very fast servers. The fxp boards layer in the piracy food chain is quite unknown and therefore rather safe. Though the hacker's activities are very illegal, and therefore dangerous. Security is important. The members are usually a lot smarter than irc-traders/p2p-users and have a greater knowledge about computers and internet. The boards usually run a vBulletin forum with custom hacks. The boards work with a credit system. This can be an active credit system (whereby users need a certain amount of credits to get access to a server), or a passive credit system. A passive credit system means that once in a while the admins perform a deluser, to delete the inactive users. The board's members consist of scanners, hackers, and fillers. They each have their own tasks: The Scanner The scanner's job is to scan IP ranges where fast internet connection are known to lie (usually universities, company's, etc.) for vulnerable computers. We're talking brute forcing passwords from programs, or scanning on ports for certain programs which contain a bug. The scanner will often use slow, previously hacked computers for his scanning (known as scanstro's), using remote scan programs. Once the scanner has gotten his results, he'll post them at the board. This is where the hacker comes into play. The Hacker HackingHackers are the people who break into computers. There are many easy-to-exploit vulnerabilities. Hackers get in to a computer using an exploit to get in via a program's bug. An exploit is a script which uses the bug to get in the pc. The program/exploit he uses (of course) depends upon the vulnerability the scanner has scanned for. When in, the hacker runs installs a rootkit. This rootkit (usually a modified version of Serv-U) is the server where other people can download from. Most likely he will also install remote administrator software (usually Radmin), so he can re-enter the computer easily. Once the server is installed and working he'll post the admin login data to the FTP server on his FXP board. Depending on the speed of the compromised computer's (aka pubstro or stro) internet connection and the hard drive space, it will be used either by a filler or a scanner. The hackers from these fxp-boards are rather good, and are capable of hacking 100mbit's. The Filler Filler Now if the pubstro is fast enough and has enough hard drive space, it's the filler's job to fill the server with the latest warez. The filler gets his warez from other pubstro's, filled by other people. Fillers sometimes have site access, and fxp releases from there to their pubstro. These people who are in sites and in fxp boards are considered corrupt, and if other sceners find out, they will be scenebanned (banned from all sites). Though it is said that it happens quite often. Once he's done fxp'ing his warez, the filler goes back to the board and posts the leech (download) login data, so other people can download from it. Fillers (with site access) all try to post a release the first. It's kinda like a race, whoever wins it, gets the most credits. The speed of these pubstro's depends on the connection of the hacked computer. Pub/Pubbing Pubbing is not so important anymore nowadays. This scan/hack/fill methods are from the old days when many universities and business ftp servers had write access enabled on anonymous ftp-servers. So instead of breaking into a computer, they would just upload their warez and give the IP address to their friends. This was very popular but died out for obvious reasons. It works like this; there is someone who scans for ftp servers with anonymous logins with write-access. Once found, a pub was tagged (a folder was created with the name ""). The idea was that if a pub was already "tagged" other pubbers would leave it alone. This apparently worked for a while, with people respecting other people's tags and leaving the pubs alone. But it certainly hasn't worked for a very long time. A method against retagging is dir locking. This is used in pubbing to stop people which are not allowed to get into the directory of the tagger (and slow the server down). There are a couple of dir locking tricks. The first and easiest is to create a maze. When you create a made you create hundreds of (sub)directories, so people won't be able to find your warez, since you would have to open them all to find it. Second is UNIX tagging. That's about a magical character, the ÿ (alt+0255) which is an escape character on UNIX machines. When one gives a directory a name containing that character, the name will be displayed different from what you typed. The creator can get in by typing theoriginal name. Last is dir locking NT systems. More about this and other dir locking here. Topsites Next on the list and at the top are the site traders. Site trading is basically sending releases from one site to another. Releasegroups publish their releases on these sites, so they are the first stadium in the distribution of warez. From there on, a release will be spread all over the world. The Sites TopsiteThese sites have very fast internet connections. 10mbit is considered the minimum, 100mbit good, and anything higher pretty damn good. The sites have huge hard drives. 500GB would probably be the minimum, and they can get up to dozens of terabytes. These sites are often hosted at schools, universities, people's work, or datacenters. Also certain countries have the preference. The Netherlands and Germany have fast internet connections, and are located in the centre of Europe. Sweden also has a lot of fast connections, buy in Sweden these are also very cheap. These sites are referred to as being legit. This means that the owner of the computer knows that they are there and being run, which is the opposite of pubstro's. Fast connections mean a lot to some people. If you have access to a 100mbit line (and are willing to run a site there), there are people who would quite happily pay for and have a computer shipped to you just for hosting a site that they will make absolutely no profit from. Commercial use of site access is not something common, most people do it just for fun, not to make money. Standard site software are programs such as GlFTPd and DrFTPd. As well as running FTPD, the sites run an eggdrop bot with various scripts installed. The bot will make an announcement in an IRC channel when a directory is created when an upload is completed. . It will also give race information, since just like on fxp boards, the site traders try to send a release as quickly as possible to another site. That way he will earn credits. The more credits, the more he can download. The speed between topsites can reach about 15 MBps. The People There are basically three ranks in sitetrading: siteops, affiliates and racers. Siteops (Site-Operators) are the administrators. There are usually between two and five siteops per site. One is often the supplier of the site, another the person who found the supplier and guided them through the installation of the FTPD. The other will be friends and people involved in the scene. One or more of the siteops will be the nuker. It is his job to nuke any releases that are old or fake. Affiliates are the releasegroups who pre their releases on the site. Racers are the people who will race releases between sites. Usually they will have access to a number of sites and will fxp release as soon as they're released. FXP'ing a release will gain credits. The ratio is usually 1:3, so fxp'ing 3 GB will get them 9 GB credits on the site. The race is to upload the most parts of the release at the fastest speed. Racing starts shortly after a release is pre'd. The scene / topsite system In the scene hierarchy we already explained what a topsite is. Here we'll provide some more detailed information about topsites and their system, and the scene system. Security ofcourse is a very important issue. Topsites are very private. A typical topsite configuration will only allow users to login from a certain ident and host (or ip range), with SSL encryption on all FTP sessions. FTP bouncers are commonly used to hide the topsite's real IP address, and to share network load. Most users will connect through proxy's. That way the sites won't see their real ip-addresses. IRC All site members are present in the site's irc channel. These channels are mostly located on private or very secure irc-servers, and you'll need to connect via SSL. Apart from SSL there are more security measures. You cannot just join the channel, you have to invite yourself, by using a command line when you are connected to the site. That way people who are not a member of the site, will not be able to join since it's secured with invite-only or with a channel key (password). Second, the channels are often protected with FiSH. FiSH is a irc addon which encrypts the messages in a channel. That way people who don't have the proper fish key, won't be able to read the messages. In that irc channel, the members and site ops can talk to eachother. Also there is a site eggdrop bot present, which will make an annoucements when a releasegroup publishes a new release on the site, or announces when a members starts to upload a release. Also most sites will have an announce channel. This channel automatically displays the lastest releases just after they're pre'd. More about this below. Credit system The site works with a credit system. Site-ops and commonly affiliated are exempt from this system, they have a free leech account. This credit system works according to a ratio. Most common is 3:1, this means when you upload 3 GB, you can download (or fxp) 9 GB. When a member doesn't pass the minimum monthly required amount of upload, he'll automatically be deleted. Credits can be lost by uploading a bad release which gets nuked. Nuke multiplier affects the amount of lost credits. Affiliates There are basically three ranks in sitetrading: siteops, affiliates and racers. Siteops (Site-Operators) are the administrators. There are usually between two and five siteops per site. One is often the supplier of the site, another the person who found the supplier and guided them through the installation of the FTPD. The other will be friends and people involved in the scene. One or more of the siteops will be the nuker. It is his job to nuke any releases that are old or fake. Affiliates are the releasegroups who post their releases there right after they are finished. Each affiliate has access to a private, hidden directory on the topsite. This directory is used for uploading new releases before they are made available to other users.When a new release has finished uploading on each of the group's sites, a command is executed to simultaneously copy it into a directory accessible by other users, and trigger an announcement in the topsite irc channel. This command is called the PRE-command. "To pre" refers to executing this command. Pre-releases may be also relayed to external pre-announce channels to inform other couriers/sitemembers/users from fxp-boards that a new release is available for racing. The warez scene relies on strict release standards, or rules, which are written and signed by various warez groups. Click here for more info about the scene-rules. Release database DatabaseWhen a group pre's a release, the release will automatically be registered in the pre-database. This is huge database which contains all the releases ever release into the scene. This release databases records release names and their release date & time, although fields vary from database to database. Examples of other common fields include genres (for mp3 releases), sections, and nuke details. Release databases are maintained to provide release groups with a service for checking existing release titles, to avoid a dupe (duplicate). Also users are able to check whether or not, for example, a movie was already released, the releasedate, the status (nuked or not) and more. Release databases are updated by automatic processes that either recurse selected topsites searching for new releases (spidering), or catch pre-release announcements from site channels. Nukes If a group publishes a release which already has been released by another releasegroup, it's a dupe (duplicate). Then the release will be nuked. This means that it's marked as a bad release. Releasegroup try to avoid nukes, since this will give them a bad reputation. Except for dupe, releases can be nuked for other reasons too. First of all, there are 2 types of nuke: - Global Nuke Nuked because of the release itself. It is nuked because something is wrong with the release, for example: sound errors, dupe, freezing video, bad rip, etc. If a group realise there is something wrong, they can request a nuke. Common nuke releases: » Dupe » Bad aspect ratio » Bad inverse telecine, the process of converting framerates was incorrect » Interlaced, black lines on movement as the field order is incorrect - Local Nuke Nuked because of the environement. Individual sites will nuke for breaking their rules, for example: no telesyncs, no dvd's subbed in languages other then english and dutch, etc. So there is nothing wrong with the release. Because of these releases are nuked locally, they can still be traded on other sites.
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