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Found 170 results

  1. Hi guys, I just joined. I have been using feral hosting seedbox for the past one month. Its basically a cheap(but very good) , shared seedbox hosted out of the netherlands. I havent seen any dedicated boxes on their site(i maybe wrong) NAME:FeralHosting Pros: SPEED:VeryGood GUI:rtorrent, deluge, transmission and rutorrent GUI Speed: Very Good even with a large number of torrents i have gone up ~100 SUPPORT: Very Good Cons: The ftp speeds and BT Sync to india(country i stay in) are a bit slow(as in 1MB/s max). This was with cuteFTP multi segment. The support guys recently suggested a reroute which allows the users the path they want the traffic to their home system to go through. Trying that out The best part of their site is their wiki. When u are starting off with seedboxes their wiki helped me immensley in getting to know anything and everything about setting up my seedbox. Their support guys are really helpful. The setup times for slots are also within minutes. I have the neon plan which is like 15 pounds Details of all plans in the below link: I feel they have one the best shared plans value for money and for people just starting up with a seedbox this is a good place. Overrall Rating: 9.5/10 Hope the review helps
  2. I have to say I'm very impressed with There are many different services to choose from based on your needs. (If you are not happy, there's a 7 day money back guarantee) Shared seedbox Start at € 5 / month | Hosted in the Netherlands | 10gbps DL and 10gbps UL Dedicated servers start at € 26 / month -FTP with secure FTP + SSL and sftp -rTorrent and RuTorrent with multiple plugins -Deluge + Web UI, Transmission + Web UI -SSH access -OpenVPN account Multiple add-ons come with your plan A list of some included: autodl-irssi SABnzbd Rapidleech BitTorrent Sync Maketorrent WebUI Subsonic ZNC Sickrage/Sickbeard Couchpotato Madsonic Pydio NZBGet Squid proxy server Pros: The knowledgebase is extremely useful. Very easy to use, very easy to navigate. Features Your account is setup and ready to use instantly after payment. Both times I needed help with something, staff responded immediately. Cons: Traffic is metered. (I have the € 7 / month package, with 2 TiB for traffic, and 300 GiB disk space, which enough for me personally.)
  3. (formally known as Studiox) is the private tracker, launched last year is a small community and only deals in Indian songs/music. Tracker name : Tracker genre : Indian Music/Songs Tracker type : Point System +Ratio based Tracker url : Tracker registration : Invite only Maintaining ratio : Medium Home Browse Collages Request Section Forum Profile Page TopTen (torrents) WIKI Rules UserClasses & Promotion Stats ( Graphically) Stats
  4. Tracker Name: PixelHD Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: HD Tracker Type: Ratioless Tracker Access: Closed / Invite Only / Application Tracker Birthday: December 25, 2010 Tracker Bonus: Yes Tracker IRC: / #pixelhd-help Tracker Description: PixelHD is the best French Ratioless tracker, is a small community but the tracker has only their Internal Releases (PxHD, PxEHD, Px3D). ATM have more than 4k torrents and a very active forum! Home / News Categories Browse Torrents Browse Stacks Requests Forums Rules Wiki / FAQ Bonus System Casino User Classes Top 10 Torrents Donate
  5. Tracker Name: Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: Porn Tracker Access: Invite Only Tracker speed: 9/10 Tracker content: 8/10 IRC: (+7000 #Fux0r, #Fux0r.Support) Description: This tracker is one of the best trackers for porn. Speeds are good but you can find more things on another trackers. It is hard to get invite Logo: Home: Browse: Requests: Top 10: Statistic: Rules: Forum: Wiki: Donations: User Classes:
  6. Tracker Name : Pro Audio Torrents (PAT) Tracker URL : Signup LINK / Application : Invite Only Tracker Type : Music Application/VST's/Samples/Plugins and many many more IRC Details : 6666, 6667, 6668, 6669, and for SSL, 6697, 7000 IPv4 and IPv6. Tracker Birthday : 2005/03/01 Tracker Speed : 10/10 Tracker Pretimes : 10/10 Tracker Content : 10/10 Tracker State : Tracker Categories : Daily Uploads List: Request list: Forum: Logs: Donations: Rules: FAQ: Music Engineering
  7. Tracker Name: HDBits or (HDB) Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: HD Tracker Access: Invite Only Tracker Type: Starting on 20th March 2006,began the epic journey of one of the most important and cherished HD tracker "". Soon after its start it picked up a position of great respect among the bit-torrent community. It is a tracker which specializes in high-definition contents. Among the contents are scene HD release,user encodes. After reaching its maximum user limit it went invite only, which too soon closed. Last time HDBits opened their invite system was on 16th December 2009, after that it completely shut down its invite system ( except for staffs and VIP's who can invite ) Tracker Logo: Tracker News, Poll and Stats: Browse: Film: TV: TV Recommendations: Offered: Upload: IRC: Top 10: Wishlist: Log: Subtitles: Rules: Links: RSS: Bonus: HDWiki: FAQ: Upload Guide: Files: My Ratings: Being one of the greatest HD tracker in the bittorrent world, HDBits holds a lot of contents and surprises for its users. It has by far the largest number of internal encoders, release qualities are awesome and pretimes for scene releases are also very good. Let us come to the contents of this tracker. Well, with 90+ internal encoders, what do you expect? This tracker has the most number of internal releases which are superb in quality. They sure do know, how to encode. The HDTV caps are also perfect. They have got a request page as well as offered page in the forum. Requests are filled real quick. So if you are a HD maniac. You need! Now about speeds, you will find the torrents there very well seeded so far speed is awesome. No complain about that. Well all that remains is the community. They have quite a large userbase with over 19,000 users. The forum is real busy with lots of daily posts, so is the irc. Whats most amazing about the forum is their tutorials on HD encoding and HDTV capping. Overall, at this moment is one of the most respected High definition bittorrent tracker and is the dream of many HD lovers! Rating: Overall - 9/10 Torrents - 10/10 Speed - 10/10 Community - 9/10
  8. It's the middle of April and that means it's time once again for the latest referral review. I have now allocated this period's referrals. As with our usual policy no-one has been able to carry over referrals this time around, but the number of referrals issued has been a little more generous. Once again some members in the user class will be pleased to learn that they are also eligible. Referrals are scheduled to be reviewed again during the 1st week in June. Referrals have been issued as follows: Users who have been a member for at least 90 days and have downloaded at least 100GB of data - 2 invites. Power Users - 4 invites if you've been a member for at least 90 days, otherwise 2 invite. Super Power Users - 5 invites if you've been a member for at least 90 days, otherwise 3 invites. Elite - 6 invites if you've been a member for at least 90 days, otherwise 4 invites. Super Elite - 7 invites if you've been a member for at least 90 days, otherwise 5 invites. Uploaders - 8 invites if you've been a member for at least 90 days, otherwise 6 invites. If you are/were in Kitty Litter at the time of writing and issue you won't have received any invites, but if your account is later promoted back into good standing and you would have been eligible for invites you can optionally apply to receive them at a later date by writing to the Staff Box titling your message, "KL invite application", but any such applications received after the 5th May will be automatically rejected. The IRC #invites channel is continues to remain open for business where members are allowed to give away invites to others, it's up to yourselves exactly what criteria you ask for before issuing an invite, but as usual please invite responsibly. Please note that once a referral code is issued it only remains valid for up to 24 hours, if a code expires before being used it will be wasted. Invitees should be advised to avoid using, or email addresses to signup as they block our email responder and they will not receive their sign up confirmation email. If your invitee doesn't receive their confirmation email, firstly please advise them to wait at least 15 minutes and also check their junk / spam folder as it commonly arrives there, if it's definitely not received the code can be used again to retry with a different email address within the 24 hour period. Do NOT distribute your referral codes on known invite forums or trading sites of any kind. Invite giveaways are also prohibited on such sites. The only invite giveaways that are allowed are those that are on other class restricted forums or those sanctioned by staff. Doing so will result in you losing your referral privileges indefinitely as well as possibly being disabled along with your invite tree. Please issue your referral codes responsibly. Referrals are subject to change and maybe be reissued, changed or even withdrawn at the sole discretion of the staff at any time.
  9. M-Team-TP/MTTP Review | 2015 | March M-Team-TP (MTTP) was often referred to be an adult tracker, is a Chinese tracker, has surprisingly turned to be one of the best HD Trackers out there now. They have separate section for Adult Contents. MTTP currently has over 1 lakh torrents including porn contents. With the release of Bluray discs with pretimes as good as CHDBits used to give[CHDBits releasers, encoders might have moved to here for now] & in its absence MTTP is now looked up on as one of the best sources by encoders and HD enthusiasts as they fast release Bluray discs, followed by its Remuxes and 720p, 1080p , 3D encodes, iPad encodes etc in the highest quality available. Seeding and maintaining ratio is quite easy like any other chinese trackers with lot of leechers in the swarm & lot of freeleeches, time limited freeleeches on new uploads, halfleeches and bonus point exchanges etc helps. They have internal release teams such as MTeam, MTeamTV, MTeam3D, MTeamPAD, KiSHD, BMDru etc & all internals are marked by a small icon 'M'before the Title & is made sticky(pinned) , and other high quality outside encodes are also shared here. MTTP have a small newbie assessment of 15GB download & upload for fresh signups as per new 2015 announcement [earlier didn't have], but unlike CHD, HDWinG & TTG , MTTP don’t have year ending assessments (yet ), & all of these which makes MTTP a top notch one. Tracker Name : M-Team Tracker Genre : High-Definition | General |XXX Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker URL : You know it Tracker Sign Up : Closed ( Invite Only ) Maintaining Ratio : Easy/Medium Bonus System : Yes, available (can exchange for upload credits, invite, custom title etc) Tracker Birthday : 2012 SITE STAT Home Page Categories/Search Browse/Torrents Page New Browse Page With Thumb Nails,DIY Tags etc Added **[May 2015 Update] Adult Forum Site-Bet Bonus Page Offers Upload Page Subtitles Upload Request FAQ Rules 1.General 2.Newbie Assessment Rule 3.Inactivity UserClasses Donation Personal Rating For Bluray contents Content : 7/10 Speed : 8/10 Pretime : 9/10 **Any Edit/add needed please let me know
  10. Tracker Name | TheSportsTorrentNetwork (TSTN) Tracker URL | Genre | Sports Maintaining Ratio | Easy Access | It seems it will be Invite Only. As the homepage says : Sign ups are open at the moment, so you are in luck. Signs Up Url | Home Faq Rules Torrents Request
  11. Tracker Name : P2PElite Tracker Genre : Ebooks / Audio-books Tracker Type : Ratio Based Bonus System : Yes Maintaining Ratio : Easy Tracker Signup Link : Open Tracker URL : Tracker IRC : @ #p2pelite IRC Bonus : N/A Tracker Description : P2PElite is a Private Torrent Tracker for EBOOKS / AUDIOBOOKS.The whole thing looks well organized. The reason for this I think is partly because the site splits into specialist sites,which you have to apply to from the home site such as Twilight Torrents, Twilights Zoom and Twilights PrOn.Currently, it tracks more than 11,000 books and the special thing is that there are NO VIP (donor) only i think books should be available to everyone not just those with $$ !!!! Tracker Screen Shots: Logo: Home: Categories: Browse Torrents: Freeleech: Upload: Forums: FAQ: Links: Help-desk: Rules: Casino: Test Port: Donation: My Ratings: 9/10 Content 8/10 Speed 8/10 Community 8/10 Overall experience Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post Don't forget to press the Thanks button
  12. Tracker Name : Twilights Tracker Genre : General Tracker Type : Ratio Based Bonus System : Yes Maintaining Ratio : Easy Tracker Signup Link : Open Tracker URL : Tracker IRC : #twilightspublic IRC Bonus : N/A Tracker Description : It is a scene tracker. It now has 600,000+ torrents also has cleaned up the graphics popups, the whole thing looks well organized. The reason for this I think is partly because the site splits into specialist sites,which you have to apply to from the home site. I joined their game site, Torrential, and found it easier to build a ratio there. They also have a bonus system. They've given me 200 points and I think I've download less than five torrents in a month. The points would jump from 1.4 to almost 4. They're extremely friendly. I've spoken with one of the mods there, and he told me that, i quote " on this tracker there are scene releases, and 0day as well, but mostly scene" and that " we work hard on getting the most up to date stuff our tracker is about 2 years old " . but frankly haven't heard of it... i guess they are still at the beginning.Twilights also has built in IMDB search function and a TV guide and trailers section And much much more, this site is big with tons of content. Tracker Screen Shots : Home: Stats: Categories: Browse Torrents: Forums: Contact Staff: Freeleech: Freeleech system is a bit different. They do have normal freeleech torrents some for set amount of time and some infinite, Also freeleech slots you can use on any torrent you like and also 2x freeleech slots you can use at your desecration. Games: Rules: FAQ: Test Ports: Donation: My Ratings: 7/10 Content 7/10 Speed 7/10 Community 8/10 Overall experience Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post Don't forget to press the Thanks button
  13. Tracker Name : karagarga (KG) Tracker URL : Tracker Type : Movies Signup URL : Invite only Description: Karagarga is a tracker for old/classic and rare movies. Their content is coming from various countries, like movies from France, movies from Germany and so on. They have some movies that can't be easily found on any other tracker. This is one of my best trackers Home: Statistic: Torrent Categories: Browse page: Requests: Forum: Rules: Bonus sistem: FAQ: Donations: IRC Details: Content:10/10 Speed:9/10 Comunity: 9/10
  14. Tracker name: HDME Tracker url: Tracker type: HD Sign-up: closed (invite only) Tracker speed: 7/10 Tracker content: 8/10 (Has over 13k torrents of which 2k are internal encodes which have nice quality) Bonus System: On IRC Idle Bonus: Yes Login screen: Stats: Homepage: News: Browse: Internals: Uploads: Announcements: (and like a thousand more Donations Reminder so I cut it short) Forums: Requests: Donation page: Subtitles: Contact page: Bonus page: FAQ: IRC: Log: RSS: Rules: Stats v2: TOP 10:
  15. TRACKER NAME: TorrentHR Tracker URL: Language : Croatian Signup: Closed / Invite Only Tracker type: Ratioless (General) Tracker Description: TorrentHR is a croatian private tracker, it is a ratioless general tracker, the pretimes and speed arent so good , but it's very popular among people from ex-Yu, they have many domestic ( ex-YU ) content, alot of music, movies, games, sport events ( like formula 1, uefa champions lige, etc ), tv-shows, also they have own realese group Rakija ( that release popular movies, tv shows - mainly domestic, cartoons etc ), there is karma bonus system, so you can exchange bonus to buy invites, upload, you gain points for voting on polls, uploading new torrents, filling requests. Home: Statistic: Torrent Categories: Browse page: Forum: Rules: FAQ: Bonus sistem: Donations: IRC Details: Tracker speed: 8/10 Tracker pre times: 7/10 Comunity: 8/10
  16. Tracker Name : Redemption Tracker Genre : General Tracker Type : Ratio Based Bonus System : Yes Ratio : No Ratio System Tracker Signup Link : Closed/Invite Only Tracker URL : Tracker IRC : No IRC Channel IRC Bonus : No Bonus Tracker Description Redemption is relatively new serving General related with a more than 5300 torrents and approximately 4632 seeders.The torrents are very well seeded.It's common to have hundreds of seed for popular download. Speed and release times can vary widely but generally is fast, especially with popular content.It has a very enthusiastic and interesting community, and the staff run the tracker very well and respect their members. New members start with 10GB upload and with 250 bonus points but when you make the introduction, you are rewarded with 500 bonus points. Its very easy to get bonus points as they offer bonus points on every thing such as: Using shoutbox 5 bonus points Using Forum 10 bonus points Seeding 40 bonus points in one hour Making comments on torrents 5 bonus points Tracker Screen Shots Logo: Home: Themes: Lottery and birthday: Shoutbox: Torrent categories: Browse Torrents: Freeleech: I haven't seen any freeleech content on the website but they do make the whole website freeleech where you can download anything that you want and it won't be added to your download history so if you will upload it, its bonus for you or you can buy the freeleech slots, which will allow you to download stuff from the website based on your slots. Forums: Rules: Bonus system: User class Promotion: Donations: Donation are accepted on this website and they do give you a lot of bonus system and upload credit My Ratings: 7/10 Content 10/10 Speed 6/10 Community 8/10 Overall experience Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  17. Tracker Name ----> Scene aCCess Tracker URL ----> Maintaining Ratio ----> Normal Tracker Signup ----> Invite Only Intro SCC is The Best Tracker For 0DAY/Scene Pretimes In My Opinion. You Can Find 0DAY/Scene Releases There.. Logo Home Browse Forum Chart of TOp TV ,Movies ,Album. irc TV guide WIKI Donate Staff Personal Ratings Pretime ----> 9/10 Content ----> 9/10 Speed ----> 10/10 Overall ----> 9/10
  18. Mac-Torrents August 2014 Review Tracker Name : Mac-Torrents Tracker Genre : Apps (MAC) Tracker Link : Tracker Signup : Closed/Invite Only Tracker Description : Mac-Torrents is private torrent tracker specialized in MAC apps,games,iPOD,iPHONE,iPAD,music and ebooks. Screenshots : Home : Category : Browse Torrents : Top 10 Torrents : Requests : Collages : Forums : Rules : Donate : Stats : Rating : Overall : 9/10 Torrents : 9/10 Speed : 9/10 Community : 9/10
  19. BiBliotik Review September 2014 " Bibliotik is a tracker for ebooks, comics, audiobooks, magazines and scholarly articles and journals - think library. As you'll soon notice, we stand apart from other torrent sites in this way: We're an online Library " BiBliotik Staff Tracker name : BiBliotik Tracker genre : E-Learning Tracker type : Ratio based Tracker url : Tracker registration : Invite only Maintaining ratio : Very Hard Bonus system : No Home page Tracker stats Browse & Caetgories Request Section Tracker Rules Tracker Ratio User classes & Promotion BiB Forum
  20. Tracker Name: HD-Spain or (HDS) Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: HD Tracker Access: Invite Only Tracker Type: HD-Spain is a Spanish tracker which is specialized in high-definition contents. HD-Spain has been around for 6 years now, and it is one of the Biggest and Greatest Spanish trackers out there. HD-Spain is very easy to keep a good ratio (more than 0.5) which shouldn't be too hard to survive on the tracker. The platform is quite smooth, and the tracker is always online (in 3 years, i have been around and i have never seen them offline). Most of the torrents are well seeded and their forum is very active. The Staffers are friendly and helpful. HD-Spain barely open their invite system and if you are super lucky you can have this dream tracker. Tracker Logo: Tracker News, Poll and Stats: Categories: Browse: Upload: Forums: Rules: FAQ: Members: Invitations: Donations: Contact: My Ratings: Speed: 10/10 (I have almost always achieved my maximum bandwidth speed). Contents: 9/10 It has a Huge collection HD rips and a lot of full Blu-ray titles. Every rip has their original language and the Spanish one. Retention of content: 9/10 It is enough to say you can download most of the torrents they uploaded 5-6 years ago. Almost perfect. Community: 9/10 The forum is very active, they help you whenever they can. They don't have RSS, so people tend to go to the forums often. They write in Spanish and don't have an English forum. Difficulty to get an invite: 9/10 If you ever get one keep in mind this is a high level tracker and better follow the rules. Encoding group: GrupoHDS (great quality and lots of upload activity). Recommended for: Since practically every torrent has more than a language (Spanish, Italian, English, French and so on) it is recommended for everyone and specially for Europeans. Conclusion: This is probably the best HD Movie Tracker of Spain and if you enter you won't miss any other Spanish HD tracker, that's for sure!
  21. Tracker Name: HDCity or (HDC) Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: HD Tracker Access: Invite Only Tracker Type: HDCity is a Spanish tracker which is specialized in high-definition contents. They have an internal encoder group fully expert in their job named HDTeam. HDTeam is not really in a rush uploading new stuff, they only care about quality release. For me the quality is much better than HD-Spain (One of the well known Spanish tracker). They use to accept only Spanish IPs to access the website however the good thing is that few months back they removed the limitations. HDCity barely open their invite system and if you are super lucky you can have this dream tracker. Tracker Logo: Tracker News, Poll and Stats: Browse: Requests: Bonus Points: Forums: Rules: Statistics: My Ratings: So far, I am very happy to have this wonderful Spanish tracker, and once again for me it's the best Spanish tracker around. Speed is totally great and maintaining ratio is quite easy. HDCity is totally exclusive tracker with exclusive Spanish content. Overall - 9/10 Torrents - 10/10 Speed - 10/10 Community - 9/10
  22. Tracker name: BitHUmen Tracker url: Tracker type: General, 0-day Seed difficulty: Easy Sign-up: closed (invite only) Tracker speed: 10/10 Tracker content: 9/10 BH is a one of the best Hungarian tracker Stats Categories Torrents Forum Bonus (marketplace) Donate
  23. This is my first review. I hope you gonna like it ! If you like it, please rep up HDO is a brand new french tracker for HD Content Only He was created by 3 other trackers (HDFZ,HDD,OHD) The site is closed for signup, and the invite system is disabled. HOME BROWSE REQUESTS FORUM RULES STATS
  24. Tracker name : | bG Tracker genre : Games Tracker URL : Tracker type : Ratio based Seed bonus : yes Sign-up status : close / invite only INTRO Bitgamer is great private tracker for all the games. You can join this tracker with an invite or an Application sign-up Tracker Logo Search Browse Torrents Forums Profile IRC chat Upload Staff Rules Feeds Offers Bitbucket Seedpoints Speed : 7/10 Content : 6/10 Community : 6/10 Pre-Times : 7/10 Ratio Maintaining : Easy Overall : 6/10
  25. Tracker Name : Tracker Genre : Gnereal Tracker Type : Ratio Based Bonus System : Yes Maintaining Ratio : Easy Tracker URL : Tracker IRC : Network : P2P-NET Server Channel : #hdspace IRC Bonus : N/A Tracker Description : HD-space is a very good private tracker for all HD content with about 25000 torrents.It has many encodes for well known encoders like KILLERS-CtrlHD-DIMENSION-EbP-DON- PublicHD-SPARKS.It has also many encodes for internal encoder SpaceHD which all are FreeLeech.Download speed is very fast&Pre-time is perfect.Keeping good ratio is easy with bonus system&and it open for FreeLeech frequently.Invites are easy to be obtained. Home: Torrents: Upload: Forum: Rules: FAQ: Donation: Ratings: 8/10 Content 9/10 Speed 8/10 Community 8/10 Overall experience Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post Don't forget to press the Thanks button