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Found 10 results

  1. Unless you’re some Tibetan monk who’s taken a vow of poverty, you probably wish for a bigger financial payoff for your daily work efforts. Well, the two leading stars of Fifty Shades of Grey appear to be no different. Both Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will reportedly seek a greater, sexier stipend when they negotiate to return for the film’s prospective sequels, starting with Fifty Shades Darker. According to The Hollywood Reporter, stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will be looking for a salary somewhere in the seven figure range, after having been paid $250,000 plus some tiered box-office bonuses without backend compensation for their onscreen display of irregular recreational ribaldry. The justification for such a bump is pretty well obvious, seeing as Fifty Shades of Grey became a ubiquitous cultural phenomenon which is currently about to round a $550 million global gross. However, despite the film’s unmitigated financial accomplishment, there are still questions regarding its franchise compatibility. Behind the scenes, things were reportedly anything but harmonious between director Sam Taylor-Johnson and author E.L. James, which has resulted in an apparent vacancy in the director’s chair for the sequel. Additionally, scriptwriter Kelly Marcel will also not be returning for a second helping, according to reports, leaving the sequels -- supposedly set for a 2016 and 2017 shoot -- in a bit of a bind. (And not the sexy kind.) Additionally, after an impressive, well-timed Valentine’s Day weekend debut, the film experienced an abrupt 70% second week drop off; a rather unusual decline in attendance for something that seemingly injected itself into all aspects of culture around the world. One might surmise that this indicates that the Fifty Shades phenomenon was simply attributed to morbid, prurient curiosity generated by the loads of press regarding its notorious depiction of BDSM sex acts…and maybe nothing more. Such an idea might make even an amateur box-office analyst question the wisdom behind throwing a bunch of money at the stars of a project that could find itself with a serious case of "yesterday’s news-itus" by the time its prospective sequel rolls around. Reviews for the film were generally vicious, including our own, which didn’t exactly bury the lede, coming out with the words, "limp and lifeless." Yet, the same could be said of the reception for the enormously successful 2011 book of the same name from which the film was inspired. Sales of the subsequent sequels, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, both released in 2012, also managed to stay solid, riding the timely tidal wave of hype created by the first book. However, it may be the case that the success of the artistically divisive live-action film may prove to be the zenith of the overall franchise. The broader, curiosity-lead appeal that stands to generate $550 million at the box-office will NOT be repeated. Despite the inauspicious array of doom and gloom variables, the sequel will most likely happen. At the end of the day, the real story here is about "Fifty Shades of Green." While Fifty Shades Darker will most likely not be the money-maker of its predecessor, it will at least finally provide its stars, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan with a level of compensation that justifies the possible typecasting effect these films could have on their careers.
  2. The Pirate Bay raid and various technical issues have caused headaches for the three of the largest BitTorrent trackers over the past month, but all have now returned. In addition, the people behind OpenBitTorrent have launched a separate tracker to share the load and help to serve millions of torrent users. OpenBitTorrent, PublicBT and are three of the largest BitTorrent trackers on the Internet, coordinating the downloads of 30 million people at any given point in time. This means that these non-commercial services handle a staggering three billion connections per day – each. However, over the past several weeks the three trackers have been offline most of the time. While they have had their fair share of downtime in the past, it’s not often that these top trackers become unresponsive all at once. OpenBitTorrent was the first to go offline early December. The domain name, registered to Pirate Bay’s Fredrik Neij, disappeared without notice leaving many downloaders in the cold. Not much later the PublicBT and trackers folded too. The latter was hit by the Pirate Bay raid as collateral damage, alongside several other BitTorrent related services. During the weeks that followed the three trackers have worked hard on a comeback. There have been ups and downs, but now they’re all up and running again. TF spoke to the operators of OpenBitTorrent (OBT) who explained that server issues were the root cause of its initial problems. After a few changes behind the scenes, the tracker eventually found a new home at a befriended torrent site. “Through IRC we proceeded looking for a safe provider and we had an offer from a torrent site that was willing to let us use one of their servers for the tracker,†OBT tells TF. While the tracker is up and running for most people, there may still be some stability issues, we were told. “We are currently facing stability issues due to a large amount of users trying to connect to the tracker, so there might be some downtime until we stabilize.†In order to make the tracker ecosystem more resilient one of the OpenBitTorrent developers has now launched a separate tracker, The OBT team encourages torrent users to use both trackers. “We’re planning on sharing the peers of OpenBitTorrent with and have users also use that tracker as it will help lower the load of the tracker at this crucial stage,†OBT told us. During the weeks to come OpenBitTorrent’s operators hope things will normalize. In the meantime, they hope to revive some other Pirate Bay affiliated ventures including, but more on that later.
  3. The Stop Online Piracy Act, an anti-piracy bill that would have granted the US government and private corporations extraordinary power to battle copyright infringement on the web, failed to pass in 2012. But according to emails uncovered by the recent Sony hack and recent news stories, the movie industry is still fighting to revive the bill, even pushing Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood to make life uncomfortable for Google, one of the bill’s biggest detractors. And Google isn’t too happy about it. On Friday, the search giant filed legal papers in federal court against Hood, requesting that the court stop his demands for information from the company. The move came a day after the company had unloaded a rather pointed blog post complaining about apparent efforts by the Motion Picture Association of America to revive SOPA and push an investigation of Google through Hood’s office. It’s a complicated situation, and it shows just how fierce the battle was—and is—over SOPA. With movie industry lobbyists behind it, SOPA pushed for new ways of removing pirated movies and other content from the net. But internet companies fought hard to stop the thing, saying it would legalize online censorship. In 2012, over 115,000 websites—including WIRED, Wikipedia, WordPress, and Reddit—altered their pages in some way to protest the SOPA bill, with many of them voluntarily going dark. Millions of Americans also sent emails complaining about SOPA, and Google collected 7 million signatures for an online petition protesting the bill. And still the fight goes on. According to a recent story from The Verge, hacked Sony emails showed that the Motion Picture Association of America and six major studios have joined forces to revive the SOPA legislation. The studios budgeted $500,000 to pay lawyers, The Verge reports, and the MPAA set aside an additional $1.17 million for the campaign. According to a later story from The New York Times, the MPAA instructed its law firm, Jenner & Block, to attack Google specifically. As The Times reports, the MPAA pitched Mississippi State Attorney General Hood, and Hood delivered a letter to Google making various accusations against the company, with most of it ghost-written by Jenner & Block. In October, Hood also sent Google a 79-page subpoena demanding 141 documents and 62 interviews from Google, as well as anything that might be construed as “dangerous content†on Google’s network. And this is what Google is trying to stop. “In order to respond to the subpoena in full, Google would have to produce millions of documents at great expense and disruption to its business,†Google’s suit reads. For Sherwin Siy, vice president of Legal Affairs for Washington, D.C.-based public interest group Public Knowledge, the subpoena sets a bad precedent. “The MPAA may have asked an attorney general to go after Google,†he says. “What happens when the MPAA is worried about a smaller entity? Maybe they won’t even need a state AG, they could send some other complaint and get a service that is actually legal to shut down because they just can’t afford to deal with it.â€
  4. The Icefilms streaming movie and TV show portal has a strong following but for the past 24 hours the site has been offline. With a Pirate Bay raid ringing in everyone's ears, has Icefilms fallen to the same fate? According to a source familiar with the situation the site should get back on its feet soon. Without doubt the past seven days have shaken the file-sharing world to its core. Last Tuesday the Internet’s most famous file-sharing site, invincible according to many accounts, fell following a raid by Swedish police. That kind of surprise can lead people to panic when other similar sites have downtime at the same time. For the past 24 hours concern has been growing over Icefilms, a movie and streaming portal with a strong online following. Sometime yesterday morning, Icefilms disappeared offline. Visitors to the site reported various issues, from no page loading to redirections to another domain. Most, however, were confronted with the image shown below. icefilms While much preferable to a law enforcement notice, the image itself has been causing concern among Icefilms users due to it being hosted on Amazon rather than the site’s own server. But despite the worries a source familiar with the situation informs TF that there is nothing to be concerned about. Icefilms currently has hosting issues to overcome, hence placing the image on another server. The site itself should be back to its full glory within days. Even when the Pirate Bay raid is disregarded, it’s easy to see why Icefilms users have been panicking. Firstly, the first few pages of Google are almost useless when it comes to getting information about the site. In fact, Icefilms itself is completely absent from Google search results. However, if one turns to Bing then results are restored to their former glory. In fact, Bing even provides a convenient Icefilms search engine as the first result. icesearch Only adding to the confusion is Icefilms’ inclusion in a recent blocking order. Last month the UK High Court ordered ISPs to block 32 domains following an application by the Motion Picture Association. In recent weeks the leading service providers responded by blocking access to Source :
  5. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is being filmed in New Mexico (Warner Bros official website) The Dark Knight Trilogy star Christian Bale recently revealed that he is considering playing Batman again and that he is jealous of Ben Affleck after the new casting was announced. Christian Bale as Batman.(Warner Bros) "I've got to admit initially, even though I felt that it was the right time to stop, there was always a bit of me going, 'Oh go on... Let's do another'. So when I heard there was someone else doing it, there was a moment where I just stopped and stared into nothing for half an hour," he told Empire Magazine (via "But I'm 40," he added. "The fact that I'm jealous of someone else playing Batman...I think I should have gotten over it by now. I haven't spoken with Ben, but I emailed him offering bits of advice that I learned the hard way. I would imagine he is doing everything he can to avoid anything that I did." The actor, whose next big film - Exodus: Gods and Kings is ready to hit theatres, was also asked to compare the role of Moses to Batman. "It's a little embarrassing to compare Moses to Batman," Bale laughed. "There are similarities, you know, tragic beginning and then a heroic future. But Moses is a little more violent. I'm sure if there'd been guns around at that time, Bruce Wayne might have had a chance."
  6. Several Warez Scene groups have come out of retirement to honor a fallen friend. ZENiTH, SLT, Lz0 and MiDNiGHT all made a unique release over the weekend to pay homage to Goolum, an active and highly valued member of the Scene. To many people the Warez Scene is something mythical or at least hard to comprehend. A group of people at the top of the piracy pyramid. The Scene is known for its aversion to public file-sharing, but nonetheless it’s in large part responsible for much of the material out there today. The goal of most Scene groups is to be the first to release a certain title, whether that’s a film, music or software. While there is some healthy competition The Scene is also a place where lifelong friendships are started. A few days ago, on October 17, the Scene lost Goolum, a well-respected member and friend. Only in his late thirties, he passed away after being part of the Scene for more than a decade. As a cracker Goolum, also known as GLM, was of the more experienced reverse engineers who worked on numerous releases. Through the years Goolum was connected to several groups which are now retired, some for more than a decade. To honor their fallen friend, the groups ZENiTH, Lz0, SLT and MiDNiGHT have made a one-time comeback. Below is an overview of their farewell messages, which honor him for his cracking skills but most of all as a friend. Our thoughts go out to Goolum’s friends and family. ZENiTH: THUNDERHEAD.ENGINEERING.PYROSIM.V2014.2.RIP.GOOLUM-ZENiTH (NFO) ZENiTH, a group that retired around 2005, mentions Goolum’s loyalty and the love for his daughter. “Goolum has been in and around the scene since the Amiga days but had never been a guy to jump from group to group, but stayed loyal and dedicated to the few groups he was involved in.†“We are all proud to have been in a group with you, to have spent many a long night sharing knowledge about everything, learning about your daughter who you where very proud of, and all the projects you were involved in.†ZENiTH’s in memoriam Lz0: CEI.Inc.EnSight.Gold.v10.1.1b.Incl.Keygen.RIP.GOOL UM-Lz0 (NFO) Lz0 or LineZer0, split from the Scene last year but many of its members are still actively involved in other roles. The group mentions the hard time Goolum has had due to drug problems. LzO also highlights Goolum’s love for his daughter, and how proud he was of her. “We all knew that he struggled in life – not just economical but also on a personal level and not the least with his drug issues. One of the things that kept him going was his wonderful daughter whom he cherished a lot. He often talked about her, and how proud of her he was. He was clear that if there was one thing in life he was proud of – it was that he became the dad of a wonderful girl.†“We’re shocked that when finally things started to move in the right direction, that we would receive the news about his death. It came without warning and we can only imagine the shock of his family. It’s hard to find the right words – or words for that matter. Even though it might have appeared as that he was lonely – with few friends, he knew that we were just a keyboard away.†Lz0′s in memoriam SLT: PROTEUS.ENGINEERING.FASTSHIP.V6.1.30.1.RIP.GOOLUM-SLT (NFO) SLT or SOLiTUDE has been retired since 2000 but returns to remember Goolum. The group notes that he will be dearly missed. “You will be missed. It is not easy to say goodbye to someone who you have known for over a decade, trading banter, laughs, advice and stories. You leave behind a daughter, a family and a group of friends, who will miss you dearly.†“As the news have spread, the kind words have poured in. Solitude is releasing this in honor of you, to show that the values we founded the group on is the exact values you demonstrated through your decades of being in the scene. Loyalty, friendship and hard work. Our thoughts are with you, wherever you may be.†SLT’s in memoriam MiDNiGHT: POINTWISE_V17.2.R2_RIP_GOOLUM-MIDNIGHT (NFO) MiDNiGHT hasn’t been active for nearly a decade but have also honored Goolum with a comeback. The group mentions that he was a great friend who was always in for a chat and a beer. “Life won’t ever be the same again my friend. We could sit and chat for hours and hours, and even then we knew each other well enough that nothing more was required than a beer, a rant and a small *yarr* and we’d know it would all be good.†“This time it’s not good mate. I am here, you are not. I can’t even begin to express how this makes me feel – except an absolute sadness.†MiDNiGHT’s in memoriam Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  7. Says she is involved in a forthcoming film Len Wiseman has been discussing the future of the Underworldfranchise, and has suggested that Kate Beckinsale will be returning to the role of Selene for at least one more outing. It had previously been reported that Beckinsale would not be on board the fifth episode of the vampire saga, but from the sounds of Wiseman’s comments, that won’t be the case after all... “There are some characters who we really liked that will be in a kind of a spin-off like we did with Rise Of The Lycans,†says Wiseman. “Then we have another film in the works with Kate as well.†It sounds from that as though the next film in the series will be a standalone adventure (with Theo James reported to have been cast in the lead role), before Beckinsale returns for a fully-fledged sequel further down the track. “And then there’s the television series,†says Wiseman, teasing us still further. Looks like the franchise won’t be disappearing from our screens for some time to come… Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  8. The New Zealand Court of Appeal has ruled that local police must return clones of the devices that were seized from Kim Dotcom during the 2012 raid. The Court argues that Dotcom and his colleagues should be able to have access to the information in preparation for the extradition hearings. January 2012, New Zealand Police carried out the largest ever action against individuals accused of copyright infringement. The raid on Dotcom’s Coatesville mansion was requested by United States authorities who are now trying to extradite the Megaupload founder and several of his colleagues. Despite protests from Dotcom about the legitimacy of the search warrants, the raid was found to be legal earlier this year. However, that doesn’t mean that all seized property can be kept from the New Zealand-based entrepreneur. Today the New Zealand Court of Appeal ruled that clones of the seized electronic devices should be returned to Dotcom and his co-defendants “as soon as reasonably practicable.†Last month the prosecution explained that the data hadn’t yet been handed over because some of it was encrypted, making it impossible for police to verify and investigate its contents. In its ruling today, the Court of Appeal respects this hesitation but noted that all non-encrypted data should be returned. The rest can follow after the defendants give up their encryption passwords to two nominated police officers. Previously the Court of Appeal ruled that police crossed a line when they shared cloned data with the United States. In a reference, today’s order prohibits the two police officers from revealing the encryption passwords with others. “[...] in particular to any representative of the government of the United States of America,†the verdict reads.
  9. The Rock’s upcoming projects include Fast & Furious 7 and some as-yet unspecified DC superhero movie (we’re pretty sure we know what it is), but he’s also got it covered in the family-friendly movie department. No, that doesn’t mean anotherTooth Fairy movie starring Dwayne Johnson; it does, apparently, mean we’ll be getting two new installments in the Journey series, which added Johnson to the mix in the punny titled second installment, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. New Line and Walden have had Johnson attached to Journey 3 for some two years now, but this is the first we’ve heard of Journey 4 also being in the works. THRsays the plan, schedule-permitting, is to shoot the third and fourth Journey movie installments back to back, with Josh Hutcherson reprising as Johnson’s son-in-law. Screenwriting brothers Chad and Carey Hayes (The Conjuring) have reportedly set to work on penning scripts for both adventure films. The Hayes are fresh off co-writing Johnson’s upcoming 3D disaster/action film San Andreas, which was also directed by Journey 2 helmsman Brad Peyton; he is expected to return to call the shots on Journey 3. Peyton was also once lined up to direct a Lobo movie starring Johnson (before that project was canned), while the Hayes are currently working on the Seal Team 666 adaptation – a supernatural/action flick envisioned as a Johnson vehicle. That is to say, these four (the Hayes, Johnson, and Peyton) have clearly established a solid working relationship. Josh Hutcherson and Dwayne Johnson in ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’ Rumor has it that Journey 3 may involve a trip into outer space, though it’s probably safe to assume that such a storyline will be a tad more light-hearted than something like Gravity. If Journey 3 and 4 are going to be filmed back to back, then it’s feasible the former will end on a cliff-hanger that sets up the fourth installment. It could also be that New Line and Walden would prefer to shoot theses movies together for cost efficiency, since they’ll be filmed largely on sound stages with green screen backdrops. Journey 2 grossed just over $335 million worldwide in theaters (against a $79 million budget) and was mostly successful in achieving its goal – offering a wholesome adventure story and colorful pop-out 3D effects for young ones, while Johnson and his adult costars provided some wittier banter for older folk. So yeah, this franchise hasn’t exactly had lofty ambitions to date and that presumably won’t change with the next two installments; as far as being decent pop art for the whole family to enjoy, though, these next two Journeys ought to get the job done. We’ll keep you updated on the status of both Journey 3 and Journey 3 as more information is made available.
  10. This is an automated message to make sure this Trader really got the stuff what he is trying to trade, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then thread will remain closed. Best Regards, IS Staff Team!