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Found 5 results

  1. After more than ten years, TS-Tracker, one of the oldest and most sought-after German trackers, was shut down by its staff yesterday. At the beginning of the year, they had to wipe their whole database under some shady circumstances and came back with a three-year-old one, and now it seems like they're gone for good, at least according to several staff members. TS is just the most recent of several large German private trackers (myT, HDS, quorks) that were voluntarily taken offline by their staff in the last few months. Coincidence? Well, maybe.
  2. Hello fellow HDA members, We would like to remind you that we have an active contest on the forums and have some excellent prizes that you can win! ( CLICK HERE) We would also like to point out that we have an open recruitment in the works for First Line Support available for application. If you are an active member here and have knowledge of BT operations and you would like to offer support for other members on a consistent daily basis for the HDAccess community please feel free to apply! ( CLICK HERE) Thank you everyone for your time and efforts here at HDAccess, we're continually striving to make this community a great place to be. HDAccess Staff
  3. Since it's about time you were all updated on the current situation with the site, it's probably best to start at the beginning. You shall have the full story, nothing left out. Our first issue came when the PayPal account was frozen and all funds within. We have been fighting since the first day it was frozen to rectify the situation and free up the funds that were there. Since we operate on a smaller budget than most of our fellow sites, the funds were not substantial and equated to a little over 1 month of bills. Staff covered the bills of the site for as long as they could, but eventually something had to give. First on the culling list was the 10Gbit Auto Box which is why the Pre times have dropped quite a bit and another reason why the Auto is currently either not running or pretty patchy from time to time. Our second issue raised it's ugly head when we believe someone to have reported the Domain for not having the correct "Whois" info. This meant that it was subsequently suspended. This seems a common tactic these days to easily take sites offline. Our third and most recent issue was due to a staff member who had control of the server and the payment links being away on holiday. This meant that none of the other staff could access the payment info in order to pay for the server (again out of staff pockets) The server was suspended and we moved to an old back up as a temporary solution. So here we are with no funds and now no Domain and an expired server !...... Yeah Great ! But not to be beaten...... At the last minute, the payment information was able to be sent to another staff member who paid the bills, which enabled us to set about getting the server back online again. This was finally completed yesterday. We had funds in the BTC account so we managed to get hold of another Domain to use. The .me that we now operate under. The costly ddos protection for the site was also renewed at this time.. The following, further steps are currently being taken to get us back on track. A Mass Email is being sent to all accounts that have not logged in within 1 week. We will notify them of the change to our Domain and this will hopefully allow more users to find their way back home to us. We urge you to also let people know the new URL as and where you can. We are looking at new ways to accept donations. PayPal is hard to get away from and we pay many of our bills this way. Currently we are going to reactivate the Donate page, but donations can currently only be accepted in BitCoins (BTC) until we can find suitable methods for keeping a PayPal account unfrozen. We currently have a half assed plan to somehow convert BTC and transfer to a PayPal account and then pay bills, but one of the things that worries us is the lack of popularity in BTC. But at least it's a start right ? So there you have it. Our problems and, hopefully, our solutions. I understand their has been talk in IRC about our demise and the possibility of us vanishing. Please don't listen to it. We have come this far. We have been taken down before, Domains taken away from us and yet we keep bouncing back. This time will be no different. We are just in a dark place right now, but together, as a team, as a family, as a community ! We can come through it. We WILL come through it. //Staff
  4. Guys, right after the abrupt downtime we had been truly sucked in by the RL, virtually every single one of us, so you might feel for a moment we weren't there for you. This news item is to reassure you everything's A-OK. New datacenter We moved into a new data center. We've had issues with the old hosting company for some time now, and the downtime caused by nonsensical routing decisions made by the old ISP became the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Currently, we are placed in probably the most advanced data center in the country, guaranteeing uninterrupted electrical power delivery and blazing fast internet stability (well, the contract saz 99.9% certainty). So far we've been enjoying the new place. The hosting costs are competitive too. The swarm Guys, the swarm numbers are still low, at around 75% of the number from right before the downtime. This means many of you are still behind with re-writing the announce URLs in your torrents and hence not seeding what you downloaded. If you still have questions and/or are having troubles updating your torrents, post in this forum thread. Freeleech Before the Christmas you were promised freeleech. As soon as the swarm returns to a constant of at least 120 000 peers you will get it. Bonus invites Many of you lost the invites because of the downtime. Let's fix that. Tomorrow everybody will be given 1 bonus invite which will be valid for a week. IRC IRC is down and may stay down for a while. Sorry about that. Old browsers and Cloudflare CF exclusively uses ECDSA SSL certificates (which is an outstanding thing). Old browsers will not work with that. Use most recent Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera (currently version 27) and you will be ok. ECDSA will stay even if we will ever stop using CF. Forum (edit) Forum's obviously up and running. If you cannot see it, log out and then login again. I am aware this is annoying. Bare with us for now. We have re-written the forum platform for the new site completely, so this problem will be soon fixed. I am also looking forward to delivering some truly exciting news later this week. Stay tuned.
  5. Down Time Hi Folks, On the 24th February BeyondHD will be having some downtime as we upgrade our servers. We should not be offline for long we will make it as quick as possible and painless experience for you. The site may act a little weird for a few days but don't worry about it we will already know about it and will be fixing it ASAP. The Tracker will stay online as well as IRC Servers. If anything is wrong we will update you through our IRC and Social Network sites. Thank you for understanding.