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Found 6 results

  1. My small "Freelance Team" is working 24/7 with customer around the globe to ensure their safety against hackers, and other harmful stuff in website relation. We have a great way of working 24/7, since our (my) team is located around the globe with different time-zones: Thailand, Brazil, Gran Canaria, Denmark, Sweeden, Deutch (Germany), India, USA:LA, Africa, China and at last russia. We see us self as "Artists", which also means we take pride in each individual customer and think about their needs! We keep them orientated about the website as we code it day by day over phone,email,skype, even WhatsApp if needed. We see us self as "All Doing People" since we have alot of years behind our back! We work the same way all of us because we have a special designed & coded website (framework / CMS) ready to go with ALL customers! Which gives us a good advantage in almost any way since our system is coded so tight so even the last error on a page, and this will be reported to the administrator (website owner) as a hacking attempt! We have many sources and many different ways of coding a website to each individual! We can setup servers, hardwares, softwares etc if needed, even install pre-made CMS systems for customers like webshops, forum CMS Systems out there and other stuff if it's needed. If you think we are an interesting team to maybe get to know better and about our work, don't hesitate to ask for more information & prices! We consult for free and decide prices online for each individual users! We (i) hope this have waken your interest! Thanks for reading! Mr H
  2. VPN users are facing a massive security flaw as websites can easily see their home IP-addresses through WebRTC. The vulnerability is limited to supporting browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, and appears to affect Windows users only. Luckily the security hole is relatively easy to fix. The Snowden revelations have made it clear that online privacy is certainly not a given. Just a few days ago we learned that the Canadian Government tracked visitors of dozens of popular file-sharing sites. As these stories make headlines around the world interest in anonymity services such as VPNs has increased, as even regular Internet users don’t like the idea of being spied on. Unfortunately, even the best VPN services can’t guarantee to be 100% secure. This week a very concerning security flaw revealed that it’s easy to see the real IP-addresses of many VPN users through a WebRTC feature. With a few lines of code websites can make requests to STUN servers and log users’ VPN IP-address and the “hidden†home IP-address, as well as local network addresses. The vulnerability affects WebRTC-supporting browsers including Firefox and Chrome and appears to be limited to Windows machines. A demo published on GitHub by developer Daniel Roesler allows people to check if they are affected by the security flaw. IP-address leak The demo claims that browser plugins can’t block the vulnerability, but luckily this isn’t entirely true. There are several easy fixes available to patch the security hole. Chrome users can install the WebRTC block extension or ScriptSafe, which both reportedly block the vulnerability. Firefox users should be able to block the request with the NoScript addon. Alternatively, they can type “about:config†in the address bar and set the “media.peerconnection.enabled†setting to false. TF asked various VPN providers to share their thoughts and tips on the vulnerability. Private Internet Access told us that the are currently investigating the issue to see what they can do on their end to address it. TorGuard informed us that they issued a warning in a blog post along with instructions on how to stop the browser leak. Ben Van Der Pelt, TorGuard’s CEO, further informed us that tunneling the VPN through a router is another fix. “Perhaps the best way to be protected from WebRTC and similar vulnerabilities is to run the VPN tunnel directly on the router. This allows the user to be connected to a VPN directly via Wi-Fi, leaving no possibility of a rogue script bypassing a software VPN tunnel and finding one’s real IP,†Van der Pelt says. “During our testing Windows users who were connected by way of a VPN router were not vulnerable to WebRTC IP leaks even without any browser fixes,†he adds. While the fixes above are all reported to work, the leak is a reminder that anonymity should never be taken for granted. As is often the case with these type of vulnerabilities, VPN and proxy users should regularly check if their connection is secure. This also includes testing against DNS leaks and proxy vulnerabilities.
  3. Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann praises fan-made short film based on PlayStation 3 game. What would Uncharted: Drake's Fortune's opening scene look like in real life? That's the challenge a group of European filmmakers recently took on, this week releasing a short film--called Uncharted: Ambushed--based on the PlayStation 3 game's opening cutscene. "We worked very hard on this and we are very proud of the result, and we hope fellow Uncharted fans will like as much as we did making it," filmmaker Martin Sofiedal says. The impressively produced video is in another language, though there are subtitles. It's not a shot-for-shot remake of the game's opening scene (see below), but it's well-made and makes me hopeful that theUncharted movie does in fact one day happen. The short film has drawn the praise of one high-ranking Naughty Dog developer, Neil Druckmann, whotweeted: "I <.3 it!" Druckmann is currently co-directing 2015's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  4. Plus, watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes video right now. Microsoft and Insomniac Games today launched a website where you can virtually fire some of the over-the-top guns featured in this month's Xbox One title, Sunset Overdrive. The site is called Walter's Workshop. It lets you select a real-life version of one of Sunset Overdrive weapons, choose a target, fire the crazy gun (see a list of options below), and then watch a pre-recorded explosion from the comfort of your own home. The site also lets you see every inch of the weapons you're firing using a 360-degree panorama camera. Slow-motion options are also available. Among the weapons you can fire in Walter's Workshop are: A grenade launcher that shoots Teddy bears strapped with dynamite A handgun called Roman Candle that shoots fireworks from a hacksaw You can see these weapons and more in action in the exclusive, behind-the-scenes video embedded at the top of this post. Sunset Overdrive launches exclusively for Xbox One on October 28. For more, check out GameSpot's previous coverage. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  5. James Cameron’s Avatar remains, after breaking the record five years ago, the highest-grossing movie of all time. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the director has three sequels in pre-production (with a rumored collective budget of $1 billion) and is preparing to shoot them all back-to-back, with leads Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington reprising their roles as lovers and freedom fighters Jake Sully and Neytiri. Whether the thought of Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4has you jumping for joy or just feeling very tired, the next few chapters of Cameron’s epic sci-fi saga are nonetheless going to be barrelling their way into theaters starting from December 2016. The first film, as many of its critics noted, reiterated the themes of imperialism and racism that were also central to movies like Pocahontas and Dances With Wolves, and you can bet that Cameron has a whole lot still left to say about real world issues through a story about 10-foot tall blue aliens. In fact, Cameron himself has given his assurance that the fantastical nature ofAvatar‘s world won’t prevent him from including Real Talk in Avatar 2-4. Little is known about the plots of the movies so far, aside from the fact that the oceans of Pandora will be explored using groundbreaking underwater filming techniques(Cameron is a fan of life under the sea), but speaking to Variety the director strongly hinted that moviegoers can expect to see more real world issues crop up. “There’s nothing I need to say as an artist about the state of the world and human affairs that I can’t do through the lens of the ‘Avatar’ universe. We’ve had a couple of years to think through the story arc of the next three films, and every day that goes by, I believe in the stories I’m telling more and more. We’re not coming out of the block fast to capitalize on the last film.†The latter part of Cameron’s statement is certainly true; by the time Avatar 2 is released, a full seven years will have passed since the release of the original film, but after that a new Avatar sequel will hit theaters every year until 2018. Cameron made the statement in the context of a profile piece about Fox chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos, who is described by Cameron and other directors as being very willing to get involved into the artistic side of filming as well as the business side. Whether you love Avatar or hate it, there’s no denying that the filmmaking techniques created for the film – most prominently the performance capture technology that has since been used to great effect in films like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – has helped changed the landscape of cinema, and Gianopulos says that this will only continue in the sequels. “We know it’s going to be a long journey. We know it’s not going to be cheap. We know it’s not going to be without new discoveries and new challenges in the process of producing something that is so beyond the normal form of filmmaking and technology, but what could be more exciting than that.†Avatar pushed a lot of boundaries, if not necessarily in the story that was told then at least in the way that it was told, and with three sequels still to come and a story arc spanning all of them it will be interesting to see what Cameron has planned next for this universe. One thing is certain: if the Avatar sequels are as successful as the first film, then they may well end up dominating the face of cinema within the next few years. Avatar 2 is set for release in December 2016, with Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 following in 2017 and 2018.
  6. Hackers are showing their faces in growing fashion these days, and data breaches are becoming more and more common. The recent Russian hacking event is the second in less than a year, after the massive Target data breach via a Wi-Fi network – over which Target’s CEO “forcefully†resigned. While these events are growing in occurrence, these aren’t first-time events; hacks have happened before, and yet, the Internet pushes forward. Our information is important, but there’re a few questions we need to answer in order to think through the latest data breach correctly. Did Russian hackers really steal user data, or is this a clever bluff? Did Russian hackers really steal 1.2 billion usernames and passwords, or is this just another scare tactic? If it’s a scare tactic (which we doubt it is), what’s the point? If hackers were to say, “Okay, we have all your username and password information,†what do they hope to gain by it all? Do they just expect you to throw your hands up and say, “here’s my social security number, credit card number, and other personal information� If the latest Russian hacker event is nothing more than a scare tactic, there’s nothing to be gained by going through with it. And, to be honest, we don’t think Russian hackers would play around with scaring people if they could instead spend their time stealing actual user data: credit card information, social security numbers, and the like. With that said, what are some things you can do if you want to take some action in light of the latest hacker event? Tips on how to handle hacker events What can you do if you want to take action against hackers both now and in the future? There’re a few things you can do. First, be sure to take advantage of websites that offer two-step authentication features such as Google’s Gmail and others. There are a number of cloud storage services such as Box that alert you when another device from the parent one accesses your cloud storage. If your cloud storage account is based on your laptop, but you access it from your smartphone, Box will contact you to alert you of the access. This is a good way to know if you’re accessing your account or if some hacker’s got his dirty fingers in your information. Another good way to protect yourself against hackers is to ensure the strength of your user information. Now, in the last few years, a number of sites have warned individuals against using easy passwords – and a number of sites will prevent you from signing up for a service if your password is “weak,†as they say. You need a strong password that includes numbers and letters and a combination of those that’s not predictable. You should also try to make your username unpredictable as well. Most individuals type their name, or a basic username (all letters), without considering that having an easy username makes obtaining the password that much easier. Password managers can also ease the process. Password managers keep your information stored on your computer so that hackers can’t access it remotely. Apple’s iCloud Keychain is a good example of a password manager, although there are others. The purpose is to help you keep track of all your passwords while you browse the Web. At the same time, however, this can also be a tool that falls into the wrong hands should your smartphone or tablet get stolen. Next, check to see if you can enact certain security measures on your mobile devices for websites you use regularly. For example, Android smartphone settings allow you to enact a blocker that won’t allow you to download third-party apps outside of the Google Play Store. This will prevent hackers from downloading malicious app content onto your device remotely that can then take over your device and steal all of your personal information. You can also do this with websites, by not saving your passwords and by logging out of sites on a regular basis. What can you do, ultimately? Not much. Hackers such as CyberVor won’t be punished in the US or in other countries, and they either have your personal information or not. While they stole emails, usernames, and passwords, they didn’t steal credit card data and social security numbers as the Target hackers stole several months ago. This is good news because you can always enact new passwords and usernames to wrangle an account back under your control. At the same time, however, hackers will be hackers, and the Internet will be a place that requires risk whenever you log onto any website. The key to having a successful experience for a lifetime with the Internet is to keep in mind that you are your information on the Web. If you wouldn’t post pictures exposing yourself on the Web, don’t negligently share your information with every social network, instant messaging app, and online dating service that comes to mind. Vigilance and precision are key. In the end, we would recommend that you not use maintain your passwords on any sites at all. While we would recommend keeping your usernames and passwords in the same place, we wouldn’t recommend that you stay “logged in†to regular sites – nor would we recommend using the same username and passwords for all your sites. We would say that you should’ve some combination of passwords and usernames, even if you use a certain set of username/password combinations. The point is to not allow your information to be easily obtained. You can’t stop hackers, but you can make their jobs more difficult. And hackers are thieves, no different than common thieves: if thieves attempt to break into your car and can’t because of shatter-proof glass, they’re unlikely to continue trying to break into your car because it takes too long – and they’ll risk getting caught. Online thieves are no different: if it takes too much effort to break into your accounts, they’re less likely to worry with you and move on to an easier victim. The goal is not to make your accounts hack-proof, but to make them less accessible. You’ll never be able to make them hack-proof, but you can aim for greater Internet security and defense. And, once we stop giving attention to hackers and stop allowing them to feed off our fears about Internet security, they’ll go away. We promise.