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Found 19 results

  1. Tracker Name : Keep Friends PT Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information's : Keep Friends PT is a CHINESE Private Torrent Tracker for HD MOVIES Keep Friends PT is the internal tracker for MNHD-FRDS
  2. Tracker Name: PT Enthusiasts (PT.CM) Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing Date: May 5 Additional Information: Chinese general tracker with good amonut of seeders, content, and their own internal encoders for HD.
  3. Tracker's Name: PT Enthusiasts Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing date: May 5 Additional information: Chinese general tracker with good amonut of seeders, content, and their own internal encoders for HD.
  4. Tracker's Name: Keep Friends PT Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Closing date: soon Additional information: Open for limited Signup PT@KEEPFRDS is chinese HD Tracker with internal release MNHD-FRDS. A great place for mHD sized encodes.
  5. Tracker's Name: Keep Friends PT Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Closing date: soon Review's Link: -/- Additional information: Keep Friends PT is a Chinese HD Private Torrent Tracker with internal team MNHD-FRDS
  6. å‘布ç§å­å‰è¯·ä¸€å®šè¯„估一下自己的åšç§èƒ½åŠ›ï¼ ä½ æ—¢è¦æœ‰å……足的åšç§æ—¶é—´ï¼Œåˆéœ€è¦æœ‰æ¯”è¾ƒå¥½çš„ä¸Šä¼ å¸¦å®½ã€‚ 欢迎有实力的用户多å‘ç§ï¼Œ ä¸Šä¼ å¸¦å®½ä¸å¤§ã€åšç§æ—¶é—´æ²¡æœ‰ä¿éšœçš„用户,请慎é‡å‘ç§ã€‚ 如果多次出现别人没下完就撤ç§çš„情况,将会给与警告。请考虑一下别人的感å—。
  7. PT is to restore accidentally deleted a user registration system Some time ago the site maintenance, the system is set up not to delete the background to inactivity account But unfortunately the weather is unpredictable, System â„¢ disobedient, resulting in a number of accounts or be ruthless mistakenly deleted In this, my sincere apologies to you In order not to affect other users, we are not ready for data correction, while in the background the administrator to manually verify the other hand, we hope to help restore, if your friend's account is accidentally deleted, please click here to register again expressed apology
  8. Tracker Name: Fun in PT Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N//A Additional Information: Chinese General Tracker Stats: Users Active Today-397 Users Active This Week-825 Registered Users / Limit-2,265 / 10,000 Unconfirmed users-1 VIP-7 | Donors Donor-0 Warned Users warned-0 Banned Users disabled-0 Male Users-2,162 Female Users-100
  9. 本站谢ç»å‘布《黑色喜剧》,周知 Powered declined to publish a "black comedy", known 本站谢ç»å‘布æœæ±¶æ³½ä¸»æ¼”的《黑色喜剧》,è¿è€…è­¦å‘Šï¼Œå‘¨çŸ¥ï¼ Do not upload Black Comedy by Chapman To on CMCT, or you'll get warned!
  10. Even Nicolas Cage is scared. Do you think you're tougher than Nicolas Cage?# Even before we learned that it was a teaser for the next Silent Hill, P.T. was turning heads back in August. But in order to experience it yourself, you (or someone you know) needed to own a PlayStation 4. That's no longer the case, thanks to a Project Spark player on Xbox One. As demonstrated in the trailer above, Twitter user SpawnN8NE has recreated P.T. using Project Spark, Xbox One's free game creator tool. Known as R.T., the game--described by the trailer as "the world's second interactive teaser," playing on the terminology originally used for P.T.--has you navigating a creepy, seemingly abandoned house. I won't spoil things for you if you haven't followed the game closely, but suffice it to say it's best played in the dark and in an expandable pair of pants. The trailer itself is somewhat of a recreation of a P.T. trailer; at the very least, it has the night vision shots of a scared player making his or her way through the game. Only this time, it's not actually a player, but Nicolas Cage crying in Vampire's Kiss, which might actually be the scariest part about all of this. Silent Hills, the game P.T. was actually a playable teaser for, is currently in the works at Kojima Productions for PS4. Both Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and film director Guillermo del Toro are involved with its development.
  11. Tracker Name : PussyTorrents Tracker Genre : Porn Tracker Type : Ratio Based Bonus System : Yes Maintaining Ratio : Easy Tracker Signup Link : Closed/Invite Only Tracker URL : Tracker IRC : #lounge & #pussytorrents IRC Bonus : N/A Tracker Description : PussyTorrents is the adult sister site of the well known TorrentLeech. PussyTorrents is a deadicated scene-release only adult site. Similar to TL, new users have limits with wait timees and download slots. They are removed once you develop a decent ratio. Very easy to seed and upload because of the amount of leechers. It has great tags mechanism which shows the tags at the browse page itself. Pre Times are ok. Tracker Screen Shots : Logo: Home: Categories: Browse Torrents: Freeleech: This site doesn't have freeleech content. Forum: Invite System: IRC Chat: Passkeys: Donation: My Ratings: 9/10 Content 8/10 Speed 8/10 Community 10/10 Overall experience Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post Don't forget to press the Thanks button
  12. Tracker Name : Keep Friends PT Tracker url : Signup url : Tracker Type : CHINESE Private Torrent Tracker for HD MOVIES Closing : Limited Signup Additional Info : n/a
  13. Polishtracker Review 2014 One of the best and oldest scene trackers out there online since 2004 and still groving with fantastic speeds beautiful design and good pretime Tracker name : polishtracker Tracker genre : Oday Tracker type : Ratio based + Free2 leech Files Tracker url : Tracker registration : Invite only Maintaining ratio : Easy Bonus system : No Home page Browse & Categories Rules FAQ User classes & promotion Top 10 Forum
  14. World Cup betting has opened to welcome spring patronage
  15. Tracker Name: Ultimate Share PT Genre: Anime Sign-up link: Additional information: Ultimate Share PT is a CHINESE Private Torrent Tracker for ANIME
  16. Tracker Name: HDG Union PT (HDG) Genere: HD MOVIES / TV / GENERAL Link:
  17. Tracker name: Pussytorrents Tracker url: Tracker type: Adult Seed difficulty: Easy Sign-up: Open Tracker speed: 8/10 Tracker content: 8/10 Description: PT is a very good porn tracker, great speed, good pretime Categories and Torrents Forum Upload User classes Donate