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Found 8 results

  1. i have got iPhone 5 Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post Don't forget to press the thanks button
  2. The company behind the Oscar-winning movie Dallas Buyers Club wants to interrogate alleged BitTorrent pirates over the phone. In order to assess how much to 'fine' individuals, Voltage Pictures wants people to reveal how much they earn and how much illegal downloading they've done in the past. ISP iiNet says the questions go way too far. Following prolonged legal action in Australia, the company behind the hit movie Dallas Buyers Club was given permission to chase down individuals said to have downloaded the movie illegally. An estimated 4,726 internet account holders will be targeted under the legal action and all will come under considerable pressure to pay Voltage Pictures a cash settlement to make a supposed lawsuit go away. Somewhat surprisingly, it has now emerged that the movie company will not only target people via letter, but will also phone account holders to interrogate them in person. During a Federal Court hearing today it was revealed that Dallas Buyers Club (DBC) have prepared a script which details several questions the company intends to ask its targets. Shockingly they include requests for individuals to reveal how much they earn each year and how many movies they have previously shared using BitTorrent. ISP iiNet, whose customers are targeted in the action, say that ‘fines’ should be as little as $5, but DBC wants to charge individuals variable amounts based on their income, how damaging their sharing of Dallas Buyers Club was, and how much infringement they have been involved in during the past. Richard Lancaster SC, representing iiNet, said the script “comes on too strong†and is too broad in scope. “There’s no justification for getting into a royal commission into end users’ use of the BitTorrent network,†Mr Lancaster said. “It’s about the film.†Lancaster also complained that the texts of both the script and letter imply that guilt of copyright infringement had already been established when in fact that is not the case. “The people on the phone aren’t told, ‘We’ve been given your details in respect to a court order,†he said. “They are being told much more firmly, ‘You have infringed and we are going to sue if you don’t settle’.†How much DBC will demand from alleged infringers is unknown, but it seems inevitable that anything said on the telephone by an account holder will be used against them in a bid to boost the amount. Counsel for DBC, Ian Pike SC, said that it will be up to the individual whether they choose to answer the company’s questions. While most lawyers will advise anyone getting a call from DBC to tell the company absolutely nothing, the movie company is keen for its targets to be unprepared. Firstly, DBC is refusing to reveal how it will calculate the amount each person will be asked to pay. However, it is believed the company will seek some kind of licensing fee and/or damages based on how many times the content was shared online, plus relevant court costs. Alternatively, DBC might simply arrive at the highest figure it can reasonably expect to retrieve from the alleged infringer based on what the company is told on the telephone. However, people being targeted by the company won’t be going into their ‘negotiations’ completely blind. Despite expressing concern that people will read their contents and learn how to reduce the claim against them, on the orders of Judge Nye Perram, DBC will be required to submit the texts of both their telephone script and settlement demand letters to the court. A final judgment on the case is expected between July 10 and 15.
  3. A month after being acquired by Microsoft, Minecraft is coming to Windows Phone. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is headed to Microsoft's Windows Phone device, the game's lead developer at Mojang Jens Bergensten has announced. "Yes, Minecraft: Pocket Edition *is* coming to the Windows Phone!" he said. "The port runs already, but there's still much to do before any release." The day before Microsoft confirmed it was acquiring Minecraft for $2.5 billion, we reported that Nomura analyst Rick Sherlund said that the deal was meant to support Microsoft's mobile business. "We don’t view this acquisition as a signal of Microsoft's intent to double down on Xbox but consider it an attempt to better address mobile on a cross-platform basis," He said. "This also appears to be consistent with (Microsoft) CEO Satya Nadella’s mobile and cloud strategy." Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the mobile version of the game available through the iTunes App Store and Google Play, is indeed tremendously popular. In April, Bergensten revealed that Pocket Edition sold over 21 million copies. Minecraft's PlayStation Vita Edition was also just released despite the Microsoft acquisition. The game should be available at US retailers as of yesterday for $20, and will release in Europe on October 14. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  4. Foursquare announced some time ago that the company intended to divide its Foursquare app into two, with the core app being reserved for recommendations to restaurants, landmarks, and other places and the other (the new app called Swarm) for check-ins and searches for friends at local locations. The company recently released the new Foursquare app that now leads Android and iOS users to download the Swarm app, but Windows Phone users finally get to “check-in†on the fun. The new Swarm app has been released for Windows Phone today. “We’re so excited to announce Swarm is now available to download on Windows Phone. It’s the best way to keep up and meet up with your friends, so pin it to your start screen today,†the company announced at The Foursquare Blog. While Swarm, the familiar check-in and social networking app, has been released, Foursquare hasn’t yet released the new Foursquare app. The site announced today that the new Foursquare app should arrive this Fall, so you’ll have to wait until then. For now, however, Windows Phone users have 1 (and soon 2) new social apps to win over your Android and iOS friends to the Windows Phone platform. To get the new Swarm app, head on over to the Windows Phone Store and download it today.
  5. There have been many Windows Phone critics who scoff at the third-largest mobile OS in the world because “it doesn’t have enough apps,†or so the saying goes. Android was accused of the same thing, and there was once a time in which all Android gadgets would lose out to the iPhone and iPad because “they don’t have Apple’s app-rich App Store,†it was claimed. Now, Android is catching up to the competition if not there already, and the criticism that was once the hands-down hat tipper to iOS no longer applies. Pretty soon, it may not apply to Windows Phone, either. According to Microsoft PR spokeswoman Julie Morgan’s announcement yesterday, the Windows Phone store has now surpassed 300,000 apps: “Microsoft By the Numbers has the latest: Phone in particular is +300K. I expect universal Windows apps to help,†Morgan posted at Twitter. That’s the addition of 100,000 new apps from December 2013 to June 2014 – a gain of 100,000 apps in just 6 months! Who knows how many apps Windows Phone will have by the end of the year? Within the last eight months, the Windows Phone Store has seen the addition of apps such as developer app #wpdev, Slowly, InstaSize, Anti Mosquito!, Urban Air, ToolKit, Microsoft file manager Files, film simulator Black, cloud manager CloudMesh, cloud media manager Telegram. We’ve also compiled a list of 24 additional apps that have arrived at the Windows Phone Store this year: Badland Hotel Tonight HP AiO Remote BrickVoid VH1 FitBit Uber Nokia Creative Studio Climatology BookViser Reader Swarm Houzz Barclays Pingit Snapcam BBC iPlayer Radio Files&Folders Pro Aviva Drive (for UK users only) Levitagram Bing Food and Drink Bing Health and Fitness Bing Travel OneShot Hello Friends Lock Buster In honor of the Windows Phone Store milestone, head on over to the store and download these apps now. Congrats to the Windows Phone Store on this milestone and we’re sure there’ll be many more app milestones to come.
  6. Facebook for Windows Phone has seen its Beta mode updated with some of the latest features, but these hadn’t yet been brought over to the official Facebook app for Windows Phone. As of yesterday, however, Facebook decided to finally bring these features to its mainstream users, providing a new video upload feature, Facebook Messenger support, along with an updated design. The new Facebook for Windows Phone update puts the version number at It’s likely that Facebook looks to announce the move of messages from the core Facebook app to Facebook Messenger. The Zuckerberg-led company recently started making the announcement about the move of text messages to the Messenger app for Android and iOS users, telling Windows Phone users that they’d have to wait until a later time. With this new Messenger support, however, now may be the time. If so, please feel free to let us know.
  7. Amazon’s Fire Phone wasn’t considered to be very “hot†when it was first released. Despite what we and others may believe, however, consumers are having their say. According to, the Amazon Fire Phone is #1 in the site’s best-selling smartphones competition, with the 32GB Fire Phone being the memory storage version of choice for Amazon’s newest mobile gadget. Following the 32GB Amazon Fire Phone are Samsung’s Galaxy S5 (black and white models), with even Samsung’s Galaxy S4 (Black Mist) finding greater popularity (#6) than LG’s G3 smartphone (#7). Amazon’s 64GB Fire Phone comes in at #15, slightly behind HTC’s One M8 (#13) and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 coming in at #16. Rounding out the top 20 are Samsung’s Galaxy Mega (White and Black) and other Samsung Galaxy S4 colors (purple for Sprint).
  8. BlackBerry announced that the BBM app would make its way to Windows phone devices as far back as February of this year, but this announcement was followed by months of nothing. As of today, however, the waiting period is over. Windows Phone users who love BlackBerry’s Messenger app can now get their hands on the BBM app on their Windows Phone. The BBM for Windows Phone brings a few important factors to the text messaging experience, such as “chats,†“feeds,†and “contacts.†BBM’s “chats†page allows you to start individual or group messaging; “feeds†lets you stay up to date with what’s going on with your contacts, and “contacts†allows you to maintain information about your contacts or add new ones as you meet new people and make new friends. The new “pin†feature allows you to “pin†an interesting IM conversation you’re having to your main screen. You can press the “pin†symbol at the bottom of the chat page, and go to your home screen to find that the chat you just pinned to the start screen is now a Live Tile – that can also be moved around like other Live Tiles on the start screen. This allows you to maintain easy access to a chat that you’re involved with often, and keep up with a friend that’s truly close to you without having to make your way through an app or two to find where you left off in the conversation. While BlackBerry says that this feature is something unique to Windows Phone users that can’t be done on any other platform, the “pin†feature is unique in how it works – but the concept is the same. It’s true that Android and iOS users can’t “pin†a conversation in a text message to their home page for example, but Android widgets allow you to access your favorite contacts and conversations with just the tap of an icon.