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Found 30 results

  1. Tracker Name: Mac-Torrents (MT) Genre: Other Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  2. Hi, i need bitspyder buffered account only please have bithumen account and other good offers pm me
  3. Tracker's Name: AppzUniverse Genre: Other Sign-up Link: Closing Date: 02/06/2015 Additional information: 13 hours left as of now
  4. I got a new BitMeTV account + Mail hardly use i need fux0r or other good offers let me know
  5. The European Commission adopted a new Digital Single Market Strategy today, which aims to improve consumer access to digital services and goods. Among other things, Europe vows to end geo-blocking and lift other unwarranted copyright restrictions. Due to complicated licensing agreements Netflix is only available in a few dozen countries, all of which have a different content library. The same is true for many other media services such as BBC iPlayer, Amazon Instant Video, and even YouTube. These geo-blocking practices have been a thorn in the side of the European Commission, who now plan to abolish these restrictions altogether. Today the EU’s governing body adopted the new Digital Single Market Strategy. One of the main pillars of the new strategy is to provide consumers and businesses with better access to digital goods and services. Among other things the Commission plans “to end unjustified geo-blocking,†which it describes as “a discriminatory practice used for commercial reasons.†“I want to see every consumer getting the best deals and every business accessing the widest market – wherever they are in Europe,†Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker says. Another key element on the new strategy is a modern and more European copyright law. The Commission notes that the legislative proposals to achieve this will follow before the end of the year. Under the revamped copyright law it should be easier for consumers to access and enjoy content online. This means that consumers will have the right to access content they purchased at home in other European countries. According to the Commission various industries need to adapt to the new realities of the digital age, indirectly hinting at the restrictive and conservative movie industry. “Europe has strengths to build on, but also homework to do, in particular to make sure its industries adapt, and its citizens make full use of the potential of new digital services and goods, Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society Günther Oettinger says. “We have to prepare for a modern society and will table proposals balancing the interests of consumers and industry,†he adds. The new Digital Single Market Strategy doesn’t come as a surprise. Previously, several insiders called for the lifting of many unnecessary copyright restrictions. With the plans now being official it will be interesting to see what concrete proposals will follow and how the copyright industries respond.
  6. Tracker's Name: CGpeers Genre: Other Sign-up Link: Closing date: Open on the 1st & 14th every month Review's Link: CGPeers | CGP | CG/VFX/Art | 2015 Review Additional information: CGPeers is a great tracker for 3D/Visual Effects/Computer Graphics/Design/Computer Assisted Art material. They got many uploads per day and tracker is set FL for long time now so ratio is no problem. Community is very active and staff friendly. You can find a lot of help at their forums and request anything you looking. They count over 17.000 torrents and 270.000 users. So as you see its a big community for his genre. Its a really good tracker to join if you looking for 3D/Visual Effects/Computer Graphics/Design/Computer Assisted Art material.
  7. Tracker's Name: CGpeers Genre: Other Sign-up Link: Closing date: Open on the 1st & 14th every month Additional information: CGPeers is a great tracker for 3D/Visual Effects/Computer Graphics/Design/Computer Assisted Art material. They got many uploads per day and tracker is set FL for long time now so ratio is no problem. Community is very active and staff friendly. You can find a lot of help at their forums and request anything you looking. They count over 17.000 torrents and 270.000 users. So as you see its a big community for his genre. Its a really good tracker to join if you looking for 3D/Visual Effects/Computer Graphics/Design/Computer Assisted Art material.
  8. Tracker's Name: TheAudioScene Genre: Other Sign-up Link: Additional information: TheAudioScene is a Private Torrent Tracker for AUDIO SOFTWARE / SAMPLES / TUTORIALS / ETC
  9. Due to increased concerns regarding account security and to decrease the chance of users unknowingly entering any bad invitation practices, we have decided to update our invite offering policy. Any suggestion of trading or swapping Invites, whether for other sites, for credits or for money, is strictly prohibited and any/all parties to such transactions will be banned outright immediately. Effective immediately, all previous invite-related threads will be archived and new threads will be put in their place. Use only the designated sticky threads. Never create new threads for invites. No one is to request invites any longer. Only offers will be allowed. It will be very crucial for everyone to list all their offers and keep them current so others can find the invite they want. Invite Offers will be allowed for Elite users and above. If you do not have this rank, it is very easy to gain upload on BitHQ so you should get there soon enough. We want to make sure everyone participating is a good member and have the dedication to prove it. Posts must be kept up-to-date. Posts with no more offers will be deleted to keep things tidy. If you have an update, edit your post unless it has been deleted. Nothing other than offers will be allowed. Inquiries must be made via PM and do not post any conversations or other messages in the invite thread. These will be deleted appropriately. Unlimited invite offers will now be an Extreme Elite User perk. There will also be a do not offer list. Never offer any invites to the sites who have requested to be on this list. This is in the best interest of everyone. Users found to be in violation of these new policies may receive warnings or worse. please be sure to follow our new policies regarding invites.
  10. Here's the new track from Jack Savoretti 'The Other Side Of Love', along with it's video featuring actor Rafe Spall. Fresh from his sensational sold out show at London's Shepherds Bush Empire, he's set to release his stunning new single on April 13th on BMG Chrysalis. 'The Other Side Of Love' follows the Radio 2 A-listed and Absolute Radio playlisted single 'Home' and is co-written and co-produced with Samuel Dixon (Adele). The track, which swoons through rousing piano and string melodies, catchy percussion and Jack's unique and raspy vocal, hides a darker meaning behind the lyrics. 'The Other Side Of Love' is about the aggressive, the abusive and the unexplainable sides of love,' says Savoretti. 'It probably suggests the next phase for me, after this album.' The track is one of the many highlights from Jack's latest album 'Written In Scars' which has been a Top 30 mainstay since its release. The album has received critical acclaim, both Q Magazine and The Independent On Sunday awarding it with 4* reviews. Jack is set to play a host of festivals this summer with more to follow. Jack Savoretti Plays: 2015 July Sat 11th PERTHSHIRE, T in the Park Sun 12th OXFORD, Cornbury Writing with some of the hottest talents around and brimming with confidence and style, 'Written In Scars' sees Jack at the peak of his career. Having been selected as Radio 2's Album Of The Week, and appeared on the One Show, the album debuted at number 12 in the chart giving Jack his highest chart position to date.
  11. Tracker's Name: mac-torrents Genre: Other Sign-up Link: Closing date: n/a Additional information: Enabled users: 5,123 Torrents: 2,585 Requests: 80 (48.75% filled) Snatches: 112,901 Mac-Torrents is a private torrent tracker specialized in MAC apps,games,iPOD,iPad,e-books etc.The dont have the multitude of Brokenstone in torrents but is good as alternative.
  12. Most of the top DJs are multi-millionaires, but that doesn't mean that they don't use pirated software to create their music. Video footage reveals that paying €139 for a legal copy of the popular synthesizer plugin Sylenth1 proved to be too much for Avicii and other popular DJs such as Martin Garrix. Tim Bergling, aka Avicii, has become one of the world’s best known DJs, scoring hit after hit in recent years. With a net worth estimated at $60 million the Swede has plenty of cash to splash. Enough to buy an expensive Hollywood Hills mansion. Interestingly, however, some of the tracks he made his millions with were produced with the help of pirated software. In an interview with Future Music Magazine Avicii proudly shows his setup and the associated video reveals that he’s using a cracked version of Lennar Digital’s popular Sylenth1 plugin, which normally costs €139. The plugin, which appears 42 minutes into the video, is registered to “Team VTX 2011,†referencing the name of a well-known cracking group. Avicii’s “Team VTX 2011″ plugin The interview with Avicii was shot a while ago so there’s a chance that the DJ bought a legal copy in the meantime. However, the use of pirated Sylenth1 plugins among top DJs is not an isolated incident. Just a few months ago DJ Deadmau5 called out Martin Garrix on Twitter for making the same mistake. Garrix, who’s also a multi-millionaire, was using a version cracked by “Team AIR.†Garrix’ “Team Air†plugin And then there’s Steve Aoki, good for an estimated $45 million, who was also previously accused of using a pirated copy of Sylenth1. Responding to the revelation, Aoki came up with proof showing that he did own a proper license, but that his road team forgot to use it. “I had asked my road team to help me load in my production software and apparently they didn’t ask Jacob for the authorization code for Sylenth and installed a pirated version,†Aoki said. The pirating DJ trend isn’t limited to Sylenth1 either. In yet another interview with Future Music Magazine, Norwegian DJ Aleksander Vinter, aka Savant, uses a pirated copy of Ohmicide. On its website Ohmicide says it understands that “not everybody can afford to spend several hundred dollars for a piece of software while you have other bills to pay in times of crisis.†But while Savant’s income is nowhere near the millions of the others, he isn’t starving just yet. Savant’s “Team Air†plugin Based on the above it’s clear that using pirated software is pretty common among DJs. Not just aspiring teens with no money to spend, but also those who are making millions of dollars per year. Avicii in particular should know better. After all, he was “discovered†by Universal Music’s Per Sundin, who was one of the main witnesses against the Pirate Bay four during the 2009 trial. Whether Lennar Digital will follow this piracy lead up has yet to be seen – the company has yet to respond to our request for comment.
  13. First thing's first, after a month our upload contest is finally over. We'll count the points that people made uploading and post the winners in the contest topic. Contratulations to every one that participated. Second thing, the poll has been running for a while and confirmed what we already thought. English is the way to go if we want to grow as a community. As such we have created a Romanian corner, leaving the rest of the forums in English. There might still be some people that post in Romanian, it's going to take a while for people to get used to the change but it will happen in the end. We also want to remind you that there will be another week of free signups on the 23rd. This is going to be the last one we do in a while so if a friend or loved one wants in on a tv and movie tracker then they're going to have a whole week to register. We have recently acquired some more storage space (over 7tb) to ensure more complete TV shows are seeded permanently on an always on, high-bandwidth machine. This doesn't mean that you don't need to seed, jut that we can prolong the life of certain shows and deliver them with speed to the user.
  14. Tracker's Name: CGPeers Genre: Other Sign-up Link: Closing date: Registration is currently Open. (Open on the 1st & 15th every month) Review's Link: CGPeers | CGP | CG/VFX/Art | 2014 Review Additional information: CGPeers is a Private Torrent Tracker for GRAPHICS SOFTWARE / TUTORIALS / ETC Enabled Users: 277,711 Users active today: 23,822 (8.58%) Users active this week: 62,518 (22.51%) Users active this month: 105,750 (38.08%) Torrents: 17,151 Requests: 7,607 (40.71% filled) Snatches: 26,510,815 Peers: 117,235 Seeders: 106,566 Leechers: 10,669 Seeder/Leecher Ratio: 9.98
  15. Hi, I have invites. Looking for Movie and TV Invites. Thanks you!
  16. Tracker's Name: MacTorrents Genre: Other Sign-up Link: Closing date: not specified Review's Link: Mac-Torrents | MT | MAC | 2014 Review
  17. The MPAA has long criticized Google on the issue of piracy but revelations from recently leaked emails indicate that Hollywood has embarked on an organized political campaign against the search giant. The fight has now bubbled over, with the MPAA and Google slamming each other in public. Even after running for weeks, the fallout from the Sony hacking fiasco is showing no signs of waning. In fact in some areas it appears that matters are only getting worse. Earlier this month a TF report revealed how the MPAA (with a SOPA defeat still ringing loudly in its ears) is still intent on bringing website blocking to the United States. The notion that Hollywood was intent on reintroducing something so unpopular didn’t sit well with critics, but that was only the beginning. A subsequent article in The Verge revealed a campaign by the MPAA to attack “Goliath†– a codeword for Google – by “convincing state prosecutors to take up the fight†against the search giant. The MPAA budgeted $500,000 for the project with costs potentially rising to $1.175 million. The Hollywood group subsequently called on SOPA-supporting Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood to attack Google, which he did. The New York times has a copy of the letter he sent to the search giant – worryingly it was almost entirely drafted by the MPAA’s lawfirm Jenner and Block. After a week of “no comment†from Google, the company has just broken its silence. In a statement from SVP and General Counsel Kent Walker, Google questions the MPAA’s judgment over its SOPA-like aims and apparent manipulation of an Attorney General. “Almost three years ago, millions of Americans helped stop a piece of congressional legislation—supported by the MPAA—called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). If passed, SOPA would have led to censorship across the web. No wonder that 115,000 websites—including Google—participated in a protest, and over the course of a single day, Congress received more than 8 million phone calls and 4 million emails, as well as getting 10 million petition signatures,†Walker writes. “We are deeply concerned about recent reports that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) led a secret, coordinated campaign to revive the failed SOPA legislation through other means, and helped manufacture legal arguments in connection with an investigation by Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood.†Then, in what can only be a huge embarrassment for the MPAA and the Attorney General, Walker turns to the letter AG Hood sent to him in 2013. “The MPAA did the legal legwork for the Mississippi State Attorney General. The MPAA then pitched Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood, an admitted SOPA supporter, and Attorney General Hood sent Google a letter making numerous accusations about the company,†Walker explains. “The letter was signed by General Hood but was actually drafted by an attorney at Jenner & Block — the MPAA’s law firm. As the New York Times has reported, the letter was only minimally edited by the state Attorney General before he signed it.†The Google SVP ends with a shot at the MPAA and questions its self-professed position as an upholder of the right to free speech. “While we of course have serious legal concerns about all of this, one disappointing part of this story is what this all means for the MPAA itself, an organization founded in part ‘to promote and defend the First Amendment and artists’ right to free expression.’ Why, then, is it trying to secretly censor the Internet?†Walker concludes. Without delay, Google’s public comments were pounced upon by the MPAA who quickly published a statement of their own. It pulls no punches. “Google’s effort to position itself as a defender of free speech is shameful. Freedom of speech should never be used as a shield for unlawful activities and the internet is not a license to steal,†the statement begins. “Google’s blog post today is a transparent attempt to deflect focus from its own conduct and to shift attention from legitimate and important ongoing investigations by state attorneys general into the role of Google Search in enabling and facilitating illegal conduct – including illicit drug purchases, human trafficking and fraudulent documents as well as theft of intellectual property.†And, in a clear indication that the MPAA feels it acted appropriately, the Hollywood group lets Google know that nothing will change. “We will seek the assistance of any and all government agencies, whether federal, state or local, to protect the rights of all involved in creative activities,†the MPAA concludes. The statements by both Google and the MPAA indicate that in this fight the gloves are now well and truly off. Will ‘David’ slay ‘Goliath’? Who will get hurt in the crossfire?
  18. Tracker's Name: Genre: Other Sign-up Link: Closing date: NA
  19. Tracker Name: AsiaTorrents Genre: Movies Review (If Any ): Sign Up Link: Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: AsiaTorrents is a Private Torrent Tracker for Asian Movies, Music, TV Drama releases.
  20. Tracker Name : AppzUniverse Genre : Misc Review (If Any ) : Sign Up Link : Closing Time : Within 8 Hours Additional Information : AppzUniverse is a Private Torrent Tracker for Misc releases.
  21. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  22. The FBI is currently investigating reports that a number of major American banks have been targeted by hackers who tried to steal sensitive customer data. News agencies blamed Russians, who allegedly managed to extract gigabytes of sensitive information. Some believe that those attacks follow the recent hacking attempts against European banks, and investigators were quick to “find links†to both the Russian government and to Russian criminal networks. In reality, it could be anyone, and Eastern European criminals are recognized as another potential source. However, neither cyber security experts nor American government officials have yet confirmed that the attacks were linked to the recent sanctions against Russia. The latter didn’t even feel them, by the way. The FBI only admitted it was currently cooperating with the Secret Service to find out the source of the attack. As for JPMorgan Chase, the bank also declined to comment about the attacks, saying that companies of its size experience cyber attacks almost every day. The bank also emphasized it has multiple layers of defense to counteract any threats. According to cyber security experts, those kinds of crimes normally aim for obtaining intellectual property, rather than causing damage to companies. Due to the global nature of financial systems, it is believed that attacking a financial system will cause mutual disruption and financial loss. For instance, Russia has money in the US financial system like any other big nation, and it will affect any nation. In case of a state sponsored attack, it would be about intellectual property theft aimed at increasing home competitive advantage or making a political statement. According to the experts from Kaspersky Lab, the hackers are constantly developing more ways to target companies at scale, and large American banks look like a gold mine for this sort of information. Earlier, the hackers have been going after individual people’s money, but now their attacks have evolved – instead of stealing a few dollars from individuals, the hackers go straight to the banks. In the meantime, it is known that Russian hackers were wise enough to steal the credit card details of up to 110 million shoppers from the American department store chain Target a few months ago and hack in to a BBC file transfer server. Last month, Wisconsin-based Hold Security claimed that the Russian hacking collective named CyberVor obtained data from over 420,000 websites to amass 4.5bn records. The leaked data contained 500,000 email addresses and twice more the username and password combinations. The same company also uncovered the Adobe Systems attack a year ago, where almost 3 million customer IDs and passwords were also stolen by the intruders. At the time, the leaked data included customer names and encrypted debit/credit card numbers with expiration dates.
  23. Tracker Name : GFXPeers (GFX) Signup Link : Genre : Other Closing Date : N/A Additional Information : Graphics , tutorials and Misc ..
  24. Tracker's Name: Appzuniverse Genre: Software/Other Sign-up Link: Closing date: 17 hours Additional information: Be Quick There is Less than 17 hours to go!