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Found 5 results

  1. What's your most Favorite loved & versatile OS Android vs iOS
  2. Want to try out the latest features on your Chromebook before the rest of the world? Of course you do! Google is known for offering up products to the masses under the "beta" label. For years Gmail was a beta product (it might still be for all we know), and the likes of Google Glass is currently in beta. With Chrome OS, however, Google allows users to make the choice of whether or not to run a beta version of the operating system. There are three different channels, as Google calls them, which a Chrome OS user can opt into, each following a different update schedule and offering different features. The Stable channel is the default for Chrome OS, and the most reliable. It's updated every few weeks with bug fixes, and every six weeks or so with feature updates and changes. Next, the Beta channel is for those who like to work with the latest features even though minor issues are likely. It's updated every six weeks, but receives new features a full month before the Stable channel. Lastly, the Dev channel is where new features, but also more bugs, can be found; it's updated once or twice per week. Changing from the Stable channel to either the Beta or Dev channel is a painless process, with the majority of your invested time spent waiting for the update to download. From the home screen on your Chromebook (or any Chrome OS device), click on your profile icon in the shelf followed by "Settings" in the menu. Along the left side click on the "About" link. Alternately, you can click on the menu button in an open browser window, followed by Settings then About (or Help). Once there, you'll find details relating to the current channel your Chromebook is using. Click on "More info..." followed by the button labeled "Change Channel." The most difficult part is deciding which channel you want to move to. A word of advice: Moving to less stable channels (that is, from Stable to Beta, or Beta to Dev) is possible without losing any information stored on your device. However, going from Dev to Beta (or to Stable) will require you to completely wipe your Chrome OS device. I recommend starting with Beta, then going down to Dev later if you're feeling more adventurous. After selecting a channel, Chrome will download the update and post a notification when it's done. A simple restart is all that's required to finish the process. For more information about Google's Chrome OS Beta and Dev channels, read through this support page. Or for more Chromebook how-to content, be sure to check out this page dedicated to all things Chrome OS.
  3. Apple's iOS has emerged as the most spyware-proof mobile operating system in a test conducted by a surveillance software and hardware vendor. Detailed in a leaked document apparently from the Gamma Group, a piece of its spyware called FinSpy was used to determine whether various mobile platforms could withstand snooping attempts on phone calls, contacts, and other data. In the document seen by the Washington Post and noted by Cult of Mac, FinSpy is "designed to help Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies to remotely monitor mobile phones and tablet devices." FinSpy can gain full access to phone calls, text messages, the address book, and even the microphone via silent phone calls. It can also trace a device to determine its location. Used by law enforcement and government agencies, FinSpy has earned a reputation for itself as a powerful but controversial tool for sneaking into mobile devices. That's why iOS's ranking in the Gamma Group's document from April is a nod to Apple security. Among the major mobile platforms cited in a chart in the document, all of them were susceptible to FinSpy. The spyware was able to bully its way into Android (all versions from 2.x.x to 4.4.x), BlackBerry (versions 5.x, 6.x., and 7.x), Symbian, and Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 (Windows Phone 8 is not yet supported by the software). And what of iOS? Apple's mobile OS did make the list but only in jailbroken mode. According to the Gamma team, iOS versions 4.3.x, 5.x, 6.x, and 7.0.x are vulnerable to FinSpy but an untethered jailbreak is required. As the document explains: "The iOS target (meaning the FinSpy software itself) can be installed only under iOS jailbroken devices." Apple's security is generally considered tight, at least in the mobile world, but certainly not impregnable. Researchers at Georgia Tech reportedly have cooked up a way to hack into an iOS device, according to Wired. The one caveat: a USB connection to a hacked computer is required.So does this mean your iPhone is totally safe and secure against a product like FinSpy unless you jailbreak it? Unfortunately, few things are totally secure.
  4. A quick Terminal command can turn off App Nap, letting all of your apps run at their full capacity when hidden from view. We've covered how to disable App Nap on an app-by-app basis should you find the OS X Mavericksfeature interfering with some desired features or performance of a background app. If you are on aMac desktop, however, and don't care about the battery life gains that App Nap delivers, then you can disable the feature across your entire Mac. To do so, fire up Terminal and enter this command and hit Enter: defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAppSleepDisabled -bool YES Any apps that are running need to be restarted for the change to take effect, or you can simply restart your system to disable App Nap for all of your applications. You can use Activity Monitor to check to see if any of your apps hidden from view are using App Nap. Open Activity Monitor, click on the Energy tab and take a look at the App Nap column. To reverse this change and bring back App Nap, use this Terminal command: defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAppSleepDisabled -bool NO
  5. If you’ve joined the OS X Beta Program, then you’re in luck. Apple’s released a new build for OS X Yosemite yesterday, and the build is newer than the developer build Apple released earlier this week. OS X Yosemite Beta brings new bug fixes, but creates some bugs as well – bugs that Apple makes known to its users (after all, it is a Beta program). For one thing, you’re bound to run into a problem with playing Netflix content by way of the Safari web browser. iPhoto’s edit mode won’t show the picture you want, but instead provides a black screen. Apple says that the black screen “may†happen, showing that it doesn’t occur in all cases (but some). Family Sharing accounts’ll notice that the shared history purchase page is disabled at the moment. This’ll likely be implemented within later updates, seeing that OS X Yosemite is in beta mode. AirDrop file share’s having some problems within the OS X Yosemite Beta mode, as you’ll experience trouble sharing files with other MacBooks as well as viewing nearby Macs. Initially, iCloud Drive may show nothing in your cloud storage. Apple says that you can simply restart to correct this problem. iPhoto and Aperture are required to experience Yosemite, but having both on your Mac will likely cause problems with Photo Stream and iCloud Photo sharing when using OS X Yosemite.