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Found 53 results

  1. Hi to all Have: - account with email XThor - invite - invite HDChina - account with email HDCMCT - account with email NorBits - account with email - account - account - invite Elite-Tracker - account - invite - account with email - invite - invite PiratHub - account PolishTracker - account - account - invite - invite Want: - invite or account with email - invite or account with email - account And many more just tell me your wish for my wanted trackers or give me your offer for another good tracker. Or money, PM me and I will tell you the price.
  2. What do you like better, Windows or Mac. I would definitely go with Windows.
  3. I have invites for TorrentDay and IPTorrents and I want an invite to MyAnonamouse or ebooks-heaven. Thank you!
  4. have PolishTracker with over 3TB buffer want hdcorea or dvdseed or I am also able to sell it
  5. Which one you like to play and has the best graphics,gameplay,skills and more realistic.I like to play FIFA,it's amazing. FIFA 15 PES 15
  6. SceneAccess (SCC) for SALE (Cheap) or TRADE PM me here or use: One of the most wanted, well organized, well managed, well secured, well designed trackers in the BT world. Site is full of rich contents. This is one of things that users get attached to the tracker. Huge freeleech packs, single episodes in different formats, various kind of releases etc. you can decide all of those things by looking at those big category lists below. They tell the story well. Speeds are well how can I say this "unbelievable". Most of users there use high end seedboxes or Internet connections to transfer their data. Sort of hard to compete with those users if you have somewhat a low end connection. Speed of pre-times is another important thing about this tracker. I think there are one or two trackers out there to compete with pre-times of this tracker. Most of pre-times are too quick.
  7. This is an automated message to make sure this seller really got the stuff what he/she is trying to sell, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then topic will remain closed. Best regards, Invite Scene Staff!
  8. For years popular sports streaming site Rojadirecta has been operating from Spain without trouble. This week, however, a Madrid court threw up a significant hurdle by ordering Rojadirecta to stop linking to certain football streams or have its site blocked by local ISPs. The site's operators are refusing to cave in without a fight and have already announced an appeal against the preliminary injunction. As one of the most prominent live streaming sites, Rojadirecta is a thorn in the side of many international sports organizations. The website is operated by the Spanish company Puerto 80, which previously won two lawsuits in Spain, declaring the site as operating legally under local law. Even the U.S. Government couldn’t bring the site down. In 2011 the Department of Homeland Security seized the site’s domain name, but facing a legal battle the authorities chose to hand it back to the rightful owners. Now, several years later the odds seem to have turned. Following a complaint from the Professional Football League (LFP), a Madrid court has ruled that Rojadirecta can no longer link to unauthorized streams of football events to which Mediapro and Gol Television own the rights. The court issued a preliminary injunction that orders the site’s operators to cease these activities within seven days. If the company fails to comply, local Internet providers will be instructed to block access to Rojadirecta. Martinez Trujillo, director Strategic Projects of the Spanish Football League, praised the court’s decision while openly insulting one of the defendants. “We have great news issued barely an hour ago,†Martinez Trujillo announced yesterday. “The Football League has been working intensively against piracy during the last 18 months and today we won the first great battle against this man, who is really a crook.†Speaking with TF, Rojadirecta stresses that the Madrid court issued the injunction without delving into the merits of the case. The company maintains that it’s operating legally and will appeal the verdict in a full trial. “This does not affect our right to continue operating the website,†a Rojadirecta spokesperson says, adding that they don’t expect to make any significant changes to the site. As a result, Rojadirecta may soon be blocked by Spanish ISPs but the company is confident that it can overturn the preliminary injunction in the long run. “Rojadirecta is advised in Europe by a number of legal teams with the best experience regarding Internet operators liabilities. We are very aware of the legality of Rojadirecta; our operations now and in the future are not reckless.†The preliminary injunction is based on misleading statements from the Spanish Football League, according to the streaming site, who note that the verdict would have been different if they were given the opportunity to defend themselves. There is no doubt that the injunction puts Rojadirecta at a disadvantage, but the company believes that it will win in the end, securing yet another legal precedent. “In any case, we continue to work this issue with hope. In the end we will win, but we will have to fight quite a bit. This new challenge will end up putting us in a better position,†Rojadirecta concludes.
  9. Have Want: or HDSpain or TheVault or TheOccult or Music.Vid Invites + ? or Offers
  10. I got a new BitMeTV account + Mail hardly use i need fux0r or other good offers let me know
  11. This is an automated message to make sure this seller really got the stuff what he/she is trying to sell, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then topic will remain closed. Best regards, Invite Scene Staff!
  12. < Have > BF Germany Prívát Tracker < Want > db9 LushLife PTP Music.Vid TTG Sinderella HDSpain TheVault TheOccult TS-Tracker SceneHD BitVault BTN Sparvar Exigo Offers ?
  13. have: XSpeed.account buffered and seedbox VPS 750 GiB / 1Gb/s Want: SceneHD or or Music.Vid or Sinderella offers ?
  14. Hi to all Have: BVT - invite Want: Or money, PM me and I will tell you the price. Only trusted members.
  15. Hi to all Have: BVT - invite Want: Or money, PM me and I will tell you the price. Only trusted members.
  16. Have: Stalker.Societyglitch - invite - invite - invite - invite - invite Want some of this: BitSeduce TLFBits
  17. I really need an invite for and have invites to IPT and TVT. Please PM if interested in trade.
  18. good for seedboxes A DDoS attack aims to render a server unavailable by overloading it with simultaneous requests from several points on the internet. x4w has deployed anti-DDoS protection throughout the x4w network. In the event that your server stops responding (no Ping response), our technical teams are present 24/7/365 in the different datacentres that host your x4w servers. The x4w datacentres are fed by two separate electrical power supplies. The electricity generators can continue autonomously for 48hrs, allowing for any possible network failure to be repaired. All fibre optic connections are at least redundant, and in some instances tripled. This makes it possible for us to guarantee you a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA). With x4w, you can benefit from a wide selection of Open Source distributions, virtualisation hypervisors, graphic interfaces and online storage and sharing solutions. You get a custom reverse DNS in the management interface.
  19. I hope to write a well-accepted topic. Here is a list of private trackers with IRC recruitment or invite application : - ScienceHD - PsyTorrents #invites - MyAnonamouse - InTheShadows (iTS) - GazelleGames - - CosaNostra (CN) - ChronicTracker irc:// - AsianDVDClub - PiXELHD If you know other trackers, please post here.
  20. Hi to all here Whether anyone here has some information for TTG whether it is still down or not, for me work only login page but I can not login I see only this:
  21. Hi, I have invites. Looking for Movie and TV Invites. Thanks you!
  22. Hello, just pm me if you have good offer
  23. Hey Guys , [Have] Fuxor invite BitmeTV invite Waffles invite FrenchTorrentDB account with mail [Want] BTN invite PTP invite or good offers Offers on PM Regards
  24. want THC invite or account have iptorrent invite tl invite ncore (for )buffer account bithq buffer acc hdaccess invite