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  1. The Federation Against Copyright Theft says that it will branch out into new areas of IP enforcement. For decades the anti-piracy group has relied on Hollywood for much of its business but with that work now being carried out by the MPA and others, FACT will offer services to companies outside the audio-visual sector. Outside of law enforcement, it’s fair to say that the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) is the most feared anti-piracy outfit operating in the UK today. Over the years, FACT has been central to many high-profile operations targeting torrent and streaming site operators, theater camming incidents, and other Hollywood protection efforts. The group has been responsible for cases which have put several individuals behind bars for a number of years. However, in just a couple of months’ time, FACT’s work in this area will come to an end. In May, Hollywood decided not to renew their 30-year-old membership with the anti-piracy group. With an estimated 50% of its budget disappearing as a result, FACT has a big shortfall to make up. However, in an announcement yesterday the anti-piracy outfit said it will do so by branching out into new areas of IP enforcement, outside the audio-visual sector. “Established for over 33 years, FACT is recognized as the leader in film, TV and sports intellectual property protection,” FACT said. “However, recent changes have created new opportunities for the organization and now FACT’s expertise and technical knowledge are being extended to brands and businesses requiring support in protecting their content, brand and intellectual property.” TorrentFreak contacted FACT for more information on where new partnerships were being forged. Details are scarce, but FACT did confirm that the loss of Hollywood’s membership earlier in the year was the catalyst for change. “The withdrawal of funding earlier this year has given us the opportunity to expand our services to the wider industry,” FACT said. “Unfortunately it is early days into our working relationship and so we are unable to provide you with any more detail into our new customers.” While FACT’s skills have often been deployed to protect Hollywood’s film interests, there’s little doubt that the same expertise will transfer to almost any other content transferred digitally online. Tracking Ebook or gaming pirates, for example, could easily be achieved with the same systems. Equally, FACT’s work with The Premier League, Sky, and BT Sport could provide a good base for further expansion in the same niche – IPTV providers and modded Kodi box sellers be warned. However, the tone seems to suggest that FACT is looking further afield for enforcement opportunities, possibly in the offline counterfeiting sector. “Over the years FACT has built a reputation as experts in intellectual property protection who you can value and trust, but until now our services have been available only to film, TV and sport,” says Kieron Sharp, FACT Director General. “Now we are able to offer our expertise to brands and businesses looking for that extra support when it comes to protecting their products and content.” While pirates of all sizes will welcome FACT’s departure from movie piracy enforcement, a similar role is already being played by the Police Intellectual Property Unit. Equally, for those who get their kicks from recording first-run movies in cinemas, the job of stopping that from happening now falls to the newly-formed Film Content Protection Agency. Only time will tell which direction FACT will take, but it’s likely the group will seek to quickly stamp its authority on its chosen sectors, if its revised budget allows. Source:
  2. I veckan blev en av de inblandade i Rarat utsatt för husransakan och häktning. Detta efter en anmälan 2013 ifrån en filmorganisation som spårat en Paypal-betalningar. Skadestånd i miljonklassen befaras. Sidan kommer nu läggas ner. Google Translation: This week was one of those involved in Rarat subject to search and seizure and arrest. This follows a complaint in 2013 from a film organization that tracked a PayPal payments. Damages in the millions feared. The page will now be closed. Another one to go under.
  3. Det har nog inte undkommit er att rarat har lagt ner. Det känns tungt och bittert när den största trackern vi har i landet går i graven. Finns inga ord som kan glädjas mer än minnena som vi har ifrån trackern. Vi kan bara hylla dem idag genom att minnas vad det har gjort genom åren. Superbits öppnar en invites länk för deras ära. Ni finner den nedanför Mvh Staff Google Translation: It has probably not escaped you that rarat has been put down. It feels heavy and bitter when the largest tracker we have in the country is in the grave. There are no words that can enjoy more than the memories that we have of the tracker. We can only pay tribute to them today by remembering what it has done over the years. SuperBits has opened invites through a link in their honor. You find it below Sincerely Staff
  4. Támadás! Kedves Zések! A tegnapi nap támadás érte a Ztracker szerverét. Technikai okok miatt az oldal elérése szünetel. A probléma elhárítása folyamatban van. Türelmeteket kérjük! Google Translation: Attack! Dear Member! Yesterday there was an attack against Ztracker server. For technical reasons, reaching the site is paused. Troubleshoot the problem is ongoing. Patience please!
  5. Tisztelt felhasználóink! Sajnos egy kis technikai probléma merült fel az oldalon.Aki nem tud letölteni az oldalról és piros neki a kliensben a torrent akkor ez a teendő seednél és letöltésnél: Miután utorrent-ben elindítjátok a torrentet, jobb gomb, tulajdonságok és ott kellett átírni, Átmenetileg ez a folyamat teszi lehetővé az oldalon a letöltést és a seedelést. A hiba elhárításán folyamatosan dolgozunk! Megértéseteket és türelmeteket köszönjük. A vezetőség Google Translation: Dear users! Unfortunately, a technical problem has occurred in the site Whoever can not download from the site and his torrent client shows red at seedind and downloading, do this: After you launch uTorrent, right click on torrents, properties, and there replace with, Temporarily, this process allows to download from site and seeding. We're working to resolve the error! Thank you for your understanding and patience. Admin
  6. Anti-piracy group BREIN is reporting successes in cracking down on Facebook piracy. According to the Netherlands-based outfit, Facebook has complied with a request to delete nine groups where thousands of music albums were being shared without permission. When peer-to-peer file-sharing was in its infancy, Internet forums were the places where the enthusiasts came to meet. Regular users hung out with file-sharing site owners, while developers offered the latest builds of their new clients. For a number of years, these forums housed thriving communities but slowly but surely most fell out of use, hit by a double whammy of failing to stay current alongside the advent of social media. For many, sites like Facebook and Reddit became the go-to place for discussion and news. Of course, these platforms can be used for outright piracy too, with users posting links to the latest content on groups dedicated to file-sharing. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the entertainment industries who often put sites like Facebook under pressure to take action. According to anti-piracy outfit BREIN, that’s exactly what’s just happened. BREIN says that it complained to Facebook about nine groups which were being used to share several thousand music albums without permission from rightsholders. “Links to infringing files hosted on cloud services were indexed on the pages. Knowingly posting links to infringing files is itself a violation,” BREIN says. After being contacted by BREIN, Facebook responded by deleting all nine ‘pirate’ groups. However, this wasn’t the first time the social network has taken this kind of action. BREIN says that earlier this year Facebook removed a number of similar groups following complaints of infringement. But while shutting down ‘pirate’ groups will have some short-term effect, the people that were participating in them are likely to regroup and set up elsewhere. Of course, BREIN can follow them to their new homes but it’s also aware of the value of targeting individuals. “The posters of the infringing links are also often the illegal uploader of unauthorized files [on cyberlocker sites],” BREIN says, adding that in some circumstances it will seek to hold those people responsible for their actions. “BREIN did this already with other intermediaries such as Google, Usenet providers and hosting providers of torrent sites, cyberlockers and streaming link sites.” BREIN chief Tim Kuik says there are now plenty of affordable legal alternatives but choosing the unauthorized route could prove costly. “Illegally offering free links and files causes damage to authors, rights holders and legal online services. They should realize that this can be expensive,” Kuik says. That message hit home earlier this year when BREIN tracked down a prolific cyberlocker uploader who shared pirated music in a dedicated Facebook group. The man agreed to sign a €7,000 settlement and left the group, which was shut down soon after.
  7. Az oldalon a héten szabad meghívózás van, ami annyit jelent, hogy a meghívókat nem vonjuk le, nem kell meghívó a meghíváshoz és nincs meghívási korlát sem, vagyis annyi embert hívtok meg, amennyit csak tudtok. Google Translation: This is the site's free invitation week, which means that the invites are not deducted from your profile, you do not need an invitation in order to invite, there is no limitation to invitation, that means you can invite as many people as you can.
  8. Downtime Hello fellow metalheads We had some problems around and downtime occurred. The situation is not stable yet, it will be fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. Stay metal
  9. The Motion Picture Association of Europe (MPA) has once again convinced the High Court to force all of the United Kingdom’s largest broadband ISPs to block access to 13 extra websites, which were all found to facilitate Internet copyright infringement (piracy). As usual the MPA first attempted make a voluntarily request for BT, Virgin Media, O2, Sky Broadband, TalkTalk and EE to block the sites, which is traditionally refused because ISPs won’t impose such a block without legal grounds to do so. Failing that they launched an injunction against the providers, which succeeded in harnessing Section 97A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (CDPA) in order to force the ISPs into imposing a court ordered block. The latest list includes a number of popular, albeit unlawful, video streaming websites (plus any mirrors or proxies of the same site that may be created in the future). The blocks are likely to be introduced over the next few weeks. The 13 New Website Blocks 123movies Geektv Genvideos Gowatchseries Hdmovies14 Hdmovieswatch Themovie4u Moviesub Movietubenow Series-cravings Spacemov Streamallthis Watchmovies So far well over 100 websites have been blocked by this approach and that’s not even counting the many proxies or mirrors that frequently crop up. But blocking like this isn’t cheap and Wiggin LLP last year revealed that an unopposed application tends to cost around £14,000 per site. On top of that the additional admin required to maintain the block and keep ISPs up-to-date with related IP changes and new URLs (Proxy Servers) comes to around £3,600 per site per year. At the same time ISPs also incur on-going costs as part of their work to introduce the blocks. EE previously suggested that a “near four figure sum” was involved with each update, while Sky hinted at a “mid three figure sum” and then roughly half that for future updates. Similarly Virgin Media pegged their own annual costs at a “low five figure sum“. Meanwhile those looking to access such sites can easily circumvent the restrictions by using all sorts of different approaches, such as DNS changes, HTTPS, Proxy Servers or Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections etc.
  10. Announcement: PtN Review Team Howdy, pirates ! Recently, PTN is looking for a tough Internal Review Squad to share their personal opinions regarding recently watched movies. So we are seeking for a few members to join us. To apply for this position, you only need to have at least 3 movies reviews and some free time to post 1-2 review(s) / week in a fair good English. We appreciate quality, not quantity. If you are a passionate movie watcher and you fulfill the requirements mentioned earlier, just leave us a comment in our form
  11. MTV Recruitment Hey guys, Hope you all had a great Christmas! The holidays are a time of giving back to people who have helped support you through the past year. Because of this we have decided as a community to open our doors for new members one last time before the holidays are over. The recruitment channel will be open for the next three days for anyone who wants to get in. So tell your friends, tell your family, tell your enemies to get in here while they still can! Please remember it is the holidays so we may not be able to respond immediately, be patient and we will respond when we’re available. Thank you! Here's the info you may need : Or via irc client. Server : Channel You will need also to use pastebin since there will be an interview. The interview period will be betwewn December 28th-31st, 2015.
  12. It's hard to believe but it's been 9 years since MV started out. 9 long years made us one of the best music video sites on the web and we couldn't have done it without our community. We hope that our anniversary will also be a holiday for you and we would like to thank each and everyone of you for shaping our tracker and making it what it is now. Accept our sincere gratitude and take a day off uploading in order to get all that you've wanted to get in this freeleech which begins right now. Freeleech and Double Upload will last until next Tuesday. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience. Just as usual Exclusive torrents are NOT freeleech.
  13. Inactive (very low usage) accounts - 21/02/15 Starting in June 2015 we will start disabling users who do not use the site. This means that accounts with a (counted) download amount of less than 1GB per week (on average!) will be disabled. You can see your download per week amount in your profile. See the FAQ for more information. We hope this will clear out some space for new users and encourage some users to start using the site (again/more). Of course, we're also interested in knowing why you are using the site so little, so please feel free to shoot us a PM or use the forum to give us feedback as to what we might do to make you start using the site more! We appreciate that this might seem a little unfair, but almost all of you use the site far more than this. It really is a very low threshold.
  14. Unfortunate to report that is dead. Återigen har Henrik Pirate Pontén visat att är en stor nagel i ögat för Rättighetsalliansen. Det har visat sig att han via mailkontakt begärt ut uppgifter från Cloudflare för att kunna spåra den riktiga platsen för servern som hostar Sparvar. Vi väljer att stänga sidan nu, vi vet inte vad som kommer att hända med Sparvar, framtiden är oviss. En sak är dock säker, sparvars plats på den svenska trackerscenen kommer bli svår att slå om ens möjligt i dessa tider. Efter att ha sett konversationer mellan Rättighetsalliansen och serverproviders/Cloudflare så vill vi uppmana staff på andra svenska trackers att tänka över om risken dem tar verkligen är värt det. Allt som krävs är ett mail till Cloudflare och sedan har dem IP direkt, vi hoppas att ni inte har era servrar direkt bakom Cloudflare vilket innebär en stor säkerhetsrisk. Vi hoppas och tror att ni kör någon form av reverseproxy. Vi vill också påpeka att inga uppgifter/data har nått rättighetsalliansen, det är vi själva som står för nedstängningen Till er som nyligen donerat via spendon vill vi också säga att de senaste donationerna inte är inlösta. De är alltså fullt användbara till annat. Vi i staff tackar alla användare för denna tid, vi ses säkert igen // Sparvar Staff Ps. Känslor över detta skickas till: hidden@hidden.hidden Translate: Again, Henrik Pirate Pontén shown that is a major thorn in the side of the Right Alliance.It has been shown that he asked out via e-mail contact information from CloudFlare to track the real location of the server hosting the Sparrows. We choose to turn the page now, we do not know what will happen to Sparrows, the future is uncertain.One thing is for sure though, saving the place on the Swedish tracker scene will be hard to beat if even possible in these times. After seeing the conversations between the Right Alliance and server providers / CloudFlare so we urge staff at other Swedish trackers to think about the risk they take is really worth it.All that is required is an email to CloudFlare and then have them IP directly, we hope that you do not have your servers directly behind CloudFlare which means a big security risk.We hope and believe that you are running some kind of reverse proxy. We would also point out that no information / data has reached the right alliance, it is we ourselves who stands for shutdown To those who recently donated through spendon we also want to say that recent donations are not redeemed. They are therefore quite useful to others.We, the staff would like to thank everybody for this time, we have seen safe again // Sparvar Staff Ps. Feelings about this sent to: hidden@hidden.hidden
  15. 请完善IMDbåŠè±†ç“£è¯„分显示 ç›®å‰æ–°å¼€å‘çš„IMDbåŠè±†ç“£è¯„分显示功能已上线,这为下载æ供了更多å‚è€ƒï¼Œæ›´è¿›ä¸€æ­¥çš„æ–¹ä¾¿äº†å¤§å®¶å¯¹å½±ç‰‡çš„æ£€ç´¢ã€‚ä¸ºäº†è®©æœ¬ç³»ç»Ÿæ›´åŠ çš„å®Œå–„ã€ç‰ˆé¢æ›´åŠ 完整,在此鼓励大家填补评分空缺。 有两个倡议: 1.请å„资æºçš„å‘布者检视自己的ç§å­ï¼Œåœ¨è¿‘期手动完æˆåŒæ·»åŠ ,åŒæ—¶ä¹Ÿæ¬¢è¿Žçƒ­å¿ƒä¼šå‘˜å¸®å¿™å¡«è¡¥é“¾æŽ¥ç©ºç¼ºã€‚ 2.强烈建议今åŽå‘布时将IMDbé“¾æŽ¥å’Œè±†ç“£é“¾æŽ¥éƒ½åŠ ä¸Šï¼Œå°½é‡ä¸è¦ç•™ç©ºã€‚ 这也是为了让数æ®è¶Šæ¥è¶Šå®Œæ•´ï¼Œå¤§å®¶ä»ŠåŽè¶Šç”¨è¶Šæ–¹ä¾¿ã€‚ 关于本功能更多的说明请点击: 感谢朋å‹ä»¬çš„支æŒä¸Žé…åˆï¼æœ‰ä½ çš„å‚与HDAreaæ›´åŠ ç²¾å½©ï¼ Translate: Please complete and watercress score IMDb display Currently, the new development of IMDb and watercress score display feature is on the line, which provides more reference to download, and further facilitate the retrieval of the film everyone. To make the system more perfect, more complete layout, we are encouraged to fill in the vacancy rates. There are two initiatives: 1. Posted by each resource to view their own seed, in a recent double manually add, also welcomed the enthusiastic members to help fill the vacancy link. 2. It is strongly recommended IMDb link and add watercress links when publishing future, try not to be left blank. Which it is to make the data more complete and more people in the future more convenient to use. Further explanation about this feature click: Thank friends for their support and cooperation! Your participation HDArea more exciting!
  16. Update 26th June few small changes. upload scene upload offline for some tweaks etc, Freeleech untill 5h of july.
  17. "Welcome to HDAccess Support Channel! | You might we wondering what happened to HDA , we are no more our owner has decided to close the site indefinitely. Current Tracker Status: Off! | HDAStaff: With a sad heart, I regret to inform you all, that as of today HDAccess is no more"
  18. åŠ¨åŠ¨ä½ çš„æ‰‹æŒ‡ï¼Œæ”¯æ´ä½ çš„ç½‘ç«™ï¼ TTG首款è”è¿æ¸¸æˆå¼ºåŠ¿æ¥è¢­ï¼Œé€Ÿé€Ÿä¸‹è½½ä¸€èµ·æ¥æˆ˜. 具体请å‚阅: Translate: Move your finger to support your website! TTG first game strong incoming transport, come quickly download a war together. For details, please see:
  19. 页游ç¦åˆ©ã€ç§å­è§„则强调ã€ä»¥åŠè“莓的公告 å„ä½ä»»æ€§å°ä¼™ä¼´ï¼š 好了,由于欧洲那å°æœåŠ¡å™¨è¢«æŸäººæ‹¿åŽ»åšç§å­é¸¡é¸¡äº† 但是站长是个正直的人,åªå¥½å†æ‹¿å‰©çš„ä¸å¤šçš„å·¥èµ„åŽ»ç ´äº†ä¸€å°å›½å†…æœåŠ¡å™¨ æ¬å®¶è¿‡åŽ»äº†ï¼Œä¸ç”¨æ‹…å¿ƒä½ ç™½çŽ©äº†ï¼Œæ•°æ®éƒ½è¿˜åœ¨å“¦ï¼ 这下大家的延迟应该都会é™ä½Žåˆ°100ä»¥å†…å•¦ï¼ æ¬¢è¿Žä¹‹å‰å› 为å¡æ²¡çŽ©çš„朋å‹ç»§ç»­æ¥çŽ©ï¼ˆå¦å¤–,用æµè§ˆå™¨ç¬¬ä¸€æ¬¡ç™»é™†éƒ½ä¼šç­‰å¾…比较久,第二次就ä¸ä¼šäº†ï¼Œå› 为æœåŠ¡å™¨æ¬å®¶äº†ï¼Œå¤§å®¶è€å¿ƒç­‰å¾…肯定能进入的) 地å€è¿˜æ˜¯ä¹‹å‰çš„ å¦‚æžœåŠ è½½é¡µé¢åªæ˜¾ç¤ºè¿›åº¦æ¡è€Œä¸æ˜¾ç¤ºå†…容,大家å¯ä»¥ç”¨è¿™ä¸ªIP地å€è¯•è¯•建议大家最好从我们PT站页é¢åº•éƒ¨çš„链接里é¢ç‚¹å‡»è¿›åŽ»ï¼‰ è¿™æ ·å¯ä»¥å…于记地å€çš„苦痛 å“ˆå“ˆï¼Œè¿™æ˜¯ç¬¬ä¸€ä¸ªå¥½æ¶ˆæ¯ å¦å¤–呢,我们è¦åŠ å…¥äºŒçº§åˆ†ç±»å›¾æ ‡ 但是呢,å‘现很多亲爱的å‘ç§å­å¡«å†™ä¸è§„范导致现在比较尴尬,我们会é€æ­¥ä¿®æ”¹ å†æ¬¡å¼ºè°ƒï¼å¦‚果是压制盘,那么就应该是encode,而ä¸åº”该是blu-rayï¼ é¢ï¼Œç«™é•¿è¿™ä¹ˆè€¿ç›´ï¼Œå¤§å®¶å°±æ”¯æŒä¸‹ç«™é•¿æœ‹å‹çš„è“莓å§ï¼Œæœ‰é—®é¢˜æ‰¾ç«™é•¿ï¼ è“莓活动大家å¯ä»¥åœ¨è®ºå›å…¬å‘ŠåŒºçœ‹åˆ°ï¼ 好了,ç¥æˆ‘们在一起的时光越æ¥è¶Šå¤šçš„ç²¾å½©ï¼ Translate: Page travel benefits, seed rules emphasized and Blueberry announcement Members wayward small partners: Well, that server is the European get someone to do a seed penis But Master is a man of integrity, wages had to retake the few remaining broke a domestic server Moving past, do not worry you play white, the data are still Oh! This time we will delay should be reduced to less than 100 it! Welcome because the card did not play before friends continue to play (in addition, the browser will be the first landing relatively long wait, the second would not, because the server move, we'll be patiently waiting to enter) Address or previous If you load the page displays only a progress bar without displaying the content, you can try to use this IP address (suggest that you click on the link we go from PT station inside the bottom of the page) This note addresses from pain Haha, this is the first good news In addition, we want to join two classification icon But it found that many dear send seeds to fill in irregularities lead to embarrassing now, we will gradually modify Emphasize again! If the disc is pressed, then it should be encode, and should not be blu-ray!
  20. We the staff at AHD are always on the lookout for new encoders to join the internal team as such we have decided to open the doors outside of AHD and as such would like it if you would share the below message with anyone you know. Would you like to join a team dedicated to working on creating the best looking encodes on the Internet? Well, now is your opportunity. The staff and internals of AHD are throwing open their doors to anyone who has the ability to encode or the desire to learn. Now, we haven't gone completely crazy and are letting any Tom, Dick or Harry in. Yes, anyone who agrees to take up this challenge will be given an invite, however, there will be conditions involved. The main one being that you are prepared to release material on a regular schedule. If you accept and are invited you will be required to follow along with the user-release program that exists at AHD which means releases must be approved by staff/internals and follow the AHD Internal Release Group Standards until such times that your work has proven to be of the correct level. If you believe you are capable of doing this email us on with details of you encoding experience (if you have none say so - we are happy to work and train people provided they have the desire to do it, but anyone found to be doing this just for the invite will be banned permanently). The AHD Staff P.S. we have a one account per lifetime policy. If you have had an account previously let us know in the email. You will be discovered if you don't. P.P.S Let your friends know spread this message!
  21. Google Chrome Data Saver If you have Chrome browser with data saver turned on; you are breaking the rules at GFT since it uses a proxy. Proxies and vpn's are never allowed, unless it's from a major well-known paid seedbox provider (such as leaseweb, whatbox, ovh, etc.). Data Saver is also a security risk. It stores EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE you EVER go to; be it your bank, your email, torrent sites, EVERYWHERE. GFT highly suggest you never use it and I, personally, plead of all to spread the word about this security risk to your family and friends. For more information check out this link from Google itself: Please surf safely! -BadWolf
  22. Free Registration Free reisztráció is currently the site.
  23. 3 Days freeleech! Wahaaa! Looks like you guys made it and managed to hit the points needed for global tracker freeleech. Thanks to all those contributed to the global freeleech pot with their bonus points, the tracker will be freeleech for 3 days from now. Move your cursors over the “FreeLeech ON†to see when this madness will end! Remember: You still need to seed what you download and that your upload still count. Happy leeching!
  24. Forum Logo Design Contest Winners Announced! We couldn't have hoped for a better response to our forum logo design contest and I would like to thank each and every member that entered. We've seen some truly outstanding and talented entries, so many that it was extremely difficult to choose a top three and especially an outright winner. To see the winning entry results please visit: Remember that everyone who submitted a reasonable entry is a winner because you will be credited with 50 GB of upload credit even if you didn't make the top 3 places. Each and every member who entered will receive a PM from myself over the next couple of days once I've issued your prize!
  25. Hozzászólok a fórumban! Kedves Felhasználók! A mai napon tiltásra kerülnek az xvid kódolású filmek és sorozatok. A továbbiakban kizárólag staff engedéllyel kerülhetnek fel, amihez nyomós indok szükséges. Ezzel együtt feloldásra kerül a dvdrip x264 tiltás/korlátozás az említett kategóriákban. Külföldön már 2-3 éve előnyben részesítik az x264-et, ezért a fejlődés érdekében mi is hasznosnak találtuk ezt a lépést. Röviden és mindenki által érthetően összefoglalva, az x264 és az xvid közötti különbség az, hogy az x264 kisebb méretben biztosítja ugyanazt- vagy esetenként akár sokkal jobb képminőséget is. A technika fejlődésével mára elértük azt a szintet, hogy az utóbbi években megjelent eszközök kivétel nélkül lejátsszák az x264 kódolást. A régebbi lejátszóval rendelkező felhasználóknak sincs mitől tartania, mivel kb. 1 havi internetköltség árán vásárolható egy újabb, kompatibilis eszköz. Addig pedig számítógépen mindenki meg tudja nézni a napi film/sorozat adagját. Mivel egy látszólag elég nagy változásról van szó, ezért biztosítunk a fórumon egy felületet ahhoz, hogy mindenki fel tudja tenni a kérdéseit és tájékozódni tudjon a témában. Megragadva a lehetőséget, jelezni szeretnénk azt is, hogy a hét folyamán HelpDesk felvétel lesz az oldalon, amely részleteiről majd a fórum megfelelő részén kaptok bővebb tájékoztatást. Translate: Add a comment in the forum! Dear Users! Today are disabled Xvid encoded movies and series. In the following, only authorized staff may be put, subject to overriding reason. Along with this it will be resolved in dvdrip x264 ban / restriction of the categories. 2-3 years abroad, it has a preference for the x264 was, so we have found it useful step toward improvement. In brief summary, and clear to all, the difference between the x264 and xvid is that the smaller size provides ugyanazt- x264 or sometimes even better picture quality. The evolution of technology has now reached a level that appeared in recent years played on the x264 encoding devices without exception. Users of the older players do not have to fear, since approx. 1 can be purchased at the cost of a monthly Internet costs another compatible device. In the meantime, everyone can watch the daily film / series dosage computer. Because apparently a pretty big change, that is why we provide the board with a surface in order to be able to put all the questions and are informed on the subject. Seizing the opportunity, we would like to indicate also that during the week will be HelpDesk recording the site, which you will receive further information and details of the corresponding part of the forum.