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  1. The RIAA has scored an important victory against CloudFlare after the company refused to terminate services to a Grooveshark replacement. District Court Judge Alison Nathan ruled that CloudFlare actively helps the pirate site to spread copyrighted works, and ordered to company to stop doing so. Last month the long running lawsuit between the RIAA and Grooveshark came to an end. However, within days a new site was launched aiming to take its place. The RIAA wasn’t happy with this development and quickly obtained a restraining order, preventing domain registrars and hosting companies from offering their services to the site. This was somewhat effective, as Namecheap quickly suspended the original domain name. However, not all parties were as cooperative. Popular CDN-service CloudFlare refused to take action on the basis that it is not “aiding and abetting†piracy. The RIAA disagreed and asked New York District Court Judge Alison Nathan to rule on the matter. In an order (pdf) just published, Judge Nathan agrees with the music group. CloudFlare argued that they were not bound to the restraining order since they were not in “active concert or participation†due to the automated nature of its services. In addition, the company countered that even if it disconnected Grooveshark, the site would still be accessible. In her order Nathan notes that she finds neither argument persuasive. The fact that CloudFlare is aware of the infringements and provides services that help the public to easily access the infringing site, shows otherwise. “Connecting internet users to in this manner benefits Defendants and quite fundamentally assists them in violating the injunction because, without it, users would not be able to connect to Defendants’ site unless they knew the specific IP address for the site,†Judge Nathan writes. “Beyond the authoritative domain name server, CloudFlare also provides additional services that it describes as improving the performance of the site,†she adds. The argument that the ‘new’ Grooveshark will still be around after CloudFlare suspends the account was found to be irrelevant. A third-party can still be bound by a restraining order even if terminating its services doesn’t render a website inaccessible. “… just because another third party could aid and abet the Defendants in violating the injunction does not mean that CloudFlare is not doing so,†the order reads. Finally, the Judge agrees that there may be other services that are not covered by the order. However, in this case CloudFlare is directly facilitating Grooveshark, with specific knowledge of the accounts that are responsible. For CloudFlare the ruling comes as a disappointment, opening the door for a slew of similar requests. The CDN has several of the largest pirate sites as clients, including The Pirate Bay, which is now a relatively easy target. At the time of writing is no longer accessible, suggesting that CloudFlare has already complied with the order.
  2. The Pirate Bay has lost one of its new domain names after an intervention from South Georgia's .GS registry. While the domain suspension wasn't unexpected and the proverbial Hydra has now lost one head, TPB says that it can easily grow some more. Earlier this week the Stockholm District Court ordered the Pirate Bay’s .SE domains to be handed over to the Swedish state, arguing that they were linked to copyright crimes. The Pirate Bay was fully prepared for the negative outcome and quickly redirected its visitors to six new domain names. Since then the site has been accessible through the GS, LA, VG, AM, MN and GD domain names, without even a second of downtime. Marking the change The Pirate Bay updated its logo to the familiar Hydra logo, linking a TLD to each of the heads. However, we can now reveal that one head has already been chopped off. The site’s .GS domain name has been suspended by the registry, and is now listed as “ServerHold†and “Inactive.†The Pirate Bay informs us that the .GS domain has indeed been lost, which didn’t come as a complete shock. In fact, one of the reasons to move to six domains was to see which ones would hold up. “We have more domain names behind, if needed. We are stronger than ever and will defend the site to the end,†the TPB team tells us. At this point it’s unclear for how long the other domain names will remain available. Hoping to find out more, we reached out to the respective registries to discover their policies on domains being operated by The Pirate Bay. The Mongolian .MN registry informs TF that they will process potential complaints through ICANN’s Dispute Resolution Policy, suggesting that they will not take any voluntary action. The VG Registry referred us to their terms and conditions, specifically sections 3.4 and 7.2, which allow for an immediate termination or suspension if a domain infringes on the rights of third parties. However, it could not comment on this specific case. “We will review any complaint and act accordingly. Please understand that we cannot make any predictions based on theoretical options,†a VG Registry spokesperson says. It won’t be a big surprise if several more Pirate Bay domain names are suspended during the days and weeks to come. That’s a Whac-A-Mole game the site’s operators are all too familiar with now, but one that won’t bring the site to its knees.
  3. A few days after music streaming service Grooveshark shut down and settled with the major record labels, the site was 'resurrected' by unknown people. While the reincarnation bears more resemblance to a traditional MP3 search engine than Grooveshark, the labels are determined to bring it down. Earlier this month the long running lawsuit between the RIAA and Grooveshark came to an end. Facing hundreds of millions in damages, the music streaming service settled the dispute for $50 million while offering an apology for the mistakes that had been made in the past. The record labels celebrated the outcome as a victory, but after a few days they had a new Grooveshark problem on their hands. A person naming himself “Shark†had launched a new music service using the familiar Grooveshark brand. Contrary to most press reports proclaiming a near-complete return of Grooveshark, the site itself appeared to be mostly an MP3Juices clone. However, the use of the Grooveshark name was enough to have the record labels worried. In a complaint filed under seal at the Southern District of New York, the labels are now suing the people behind Grooveshark’s reincarnation. The labels accuse the site’s operators of counterfeiting, trademark infringement, cybersquatting and copyright infringement and immediately applied for countermeasures to shut the site down. Earlier this week District Court Judge Deborah Batts sided with the labels, issuing the requested temporary restraining order as well as a seizure order directed at the site’s operators, hosting providers and domain registrar NameCheap. “There is good cause to believe that, unless the Defendants are restrained and enjoined by Order of this Court, immediate and irreparable harm will result from the Defendants’ ongoing violations,†the Judge writes. Under the temporary restraining order the site’s operators are barred from using Grooveshark trademarks and logos and it also prohibits hosting providers from working with the site. In addition, NameCheap was ordered to seize the domain until further notice. Letter to Namecheap Namecheap swiftly complied with the order and as a result the site’s domain names including are now inaccessible. The operator of the ‘new’ Grooveshark, however, is not impressed by the legal fireworks and will continue to run the site from the new domain name that was just launched. “I have one message for those responsible for this hostile take over: You will not stop us. We won’t give in to this type of bullying,†Shark informs us. “On the contrary! The harder you come at us the stronger we’ll fight, and now after this hit we’re more determined than ever to keep Grooveshark alive and kicking,†he adds. In addition to relocating to a new domain name Shark says he’s added several developers to his team. A few days ago the team released the much requested playlist feature and in the near future he hopes to make the entire project Open Source. And so a new game of Whac-A-Mole has started.
  4. Without prior warning the popular file-hosting service disappeared about a week ago. The sudden shutdown came after a German court issued an injunction against the site's operators. While this appeared to be a victory for the copyright holders, Netload has now made a comeback under a new domain name. For several years copyright holder have branded Netload a piracy haven. A few months ago the MPAA reported the site to the U.S. Government as a “notorious market†and in Germany several music groups have taken the site to court. Back in 2011 record labels started legal proceedings against the site’s operator, demanding the names and addresses of uploaders. The site owner initially refused to do so, but eventually caved in when faced with a prison sentence. Now, three years later, trouble continues for Netload. Music industry lawfirm Rasch recently obtained an injunction from a Hamburg Court ordering Netload to stop the distribution of a pirated music album. “The District Court of Hamburg decided on Netload’s obligation to cease and desist from aiding their users to make a certain album available to the public,†Rasch lawyer Mirko Brüß informs TF, adding that he couldn’t name the album in question. Under German jurisprudence this means that Netload will have to monitor external forums and search engines to make sure that these are not linking to the infringing work. If the site fails to do so the service faces a fine of hundreds of thousands of euros. “If we find another (working) link to the album, Netload faces punitive fines of up to 250,000 euro per infringement,†Brüß notes. The lawfirm served the operator of Netload with this injunction last week, and soon after the site vanished. Initially the lawyers and their clients believed that the site had shut down, but the assessment came too quickly. While is still offline a copy of the site has reappeared at This site is allegedly operated by the same people and the old logins are functional. “It appears Netload is going to relaunch using the .me-domain. It’s the same company in the imprint and the old user logins are working. Uploads are not working so far,†Brüß tells TF. Despite the change of address the injunction still stands, so the music industry lawyers will keep a close eye on the site to see if the infringing album appears. Netload was contacted for a comment on the recent troubles but the company has yet to respond to our inquiry.
  5. A new Hollywood commission report investigating the revenue sources of more than 600 supposedly infringing sites has controversially included file-hosting site Mega. The listing marks the second time in a matter of months that the cloud-storage service has been accused of online piracy via an industry-connected report. Yet again, the report's authors are refusing to comment. In September 2014, NetNames published a report titled Behind The Cyberlocker Door: A Report How Shadowy Cyberlockers Use Credit Card Companies to Make Millions. While the report was informative in many respects, NetNames made the questionable decision to include cloud-hosting service Granted, Mega’s Kim Dotcom connections might paint the site in an unfavorable light in some eyes, but the fact remains that covers all the bases when it comes to copyright law. And let’s face it – the site has had no other choice. As the most scrutinized file-hosting startup in history, any breach (even of the overseas DMCA) would prove absolutely catastrophic. Nevertheless and largely thanks to the NetNames report, payment processors including Visa, Mastercard and PayPal recently pulled the plug on the company. Then this week, just eight months after the NetNames report, came another turn of the screw. Titled The Revenue Sources for Websites Making Available Copyright Content Without Consent in the EU, a new MPA-commissioned report published by Incopro examined the money-making techniques of more than 600 ‘unauthorized’ sites in the file-sharing space. The study’s overarching tone is that the sites surveyed are criminal enterprises run by shady individuals aiming to get rich on the backs of the entertainment industries. In respect of many sites on the list it is difficult to argue with the assertion. But, yet again, finds itself on the list alongside the likes of The Pirate Bay and other similarly copyright-hostile domains. Just as we did following the NetNames report, TorrentFreak contacted the report’s authors and asked why Mega, a company with robust copyright protection mechanisms, had been included in the report. We received no response to what shouldn’t have been a particularly difficult question. It’s worth pointing out, however, that Incopro do list the factors that get hosting sites on the list. They say the factors “are drawn from case law†and are “typically used by courts†to “determine the status†of a site. They’re listed in bold below: Users are not charged for storage of files, instead revenue is accrued from subscription fees permitting download; per-download charges; and/or advertising While the above could indeed describe an infringing site if bad intent was present, it also describes the business model of YouTube. It seems unlikely that a court would find a site illegal on this basis alone. Anonymity for Users: The use of the service can be enjoyed in complete anonymity Allowing users to be anonymous is no indication of criminality, unless a service intentionally encourages its users to commit a crime. For the record, Mega users are not anonymous – the service logs user IP addresses to counter abuse. Anonymity for the Operators: Quite often the operators of the site will also be anonymous or based in jurisdictions where enforcement of the rule of law is quite difficult. Such sites tend to move less frequently, but will do so in response to perceived threats of legal action. While anonymity for operators can be an indication that facing the law isn’t a key priority, it is blatantly clear that is going nowhere. The company and its directors are registered in New Zealand, are public faces, and are currently pursuing a stock market listing. The Pirate Bay this most certainly isn’t. Inducement/Reward Scheme: Rewards for uploaders of large and popular files (with a particular emphasis on file size, i.e. additional rewards for popular files of over 200 megabytes, which are consistent with long-form copyright-protected audiovisual content). It is well known that some of the most shadowy file-hosting services use these kinds of affiliate schemes to attract uploaders of pirated content, but their presence alone is not an indicator of criminality. Again, YouTube is happy to share revenues with uploaders of popular files. In any event, Mega offers no such scheme. Ability to share files in the following formats (all consistent with long-form copyright-protected AV content): .rar, .zip, .avi, .wmv, .mpg, .mhv, .mp4, .divx, .xvid, .flv, .mov and .mpeg. That the hosting of these filetypes can result in a site being labeled as infringing is beyond ridiculous and doesn’t even warrant a detailed rebuttal. Free access for stored files is limited (in an attempt to encourage the purchase of premium membership) by methods such as increased wait times, bandwidth throttling, caps on the number of downloads freely accessed and online advertising. Again, many of these techniques are indeed employed by some of the most notorious file-hosters but on their own they are not indications of criminality. However, the important thing here is that none apply to Mega. Enabling Sharing of Links: Provision of ‘forum codes’ and ‘URL codes’ to facilitate the incorporation of links on third party indexing and linking sites. Providing a URL to stored content indicates that a site is pirate? Watch out Dropbox! THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS, THE ONES THAT REALLY MATTER Although not listed directly for hosting sites, Incopro does note that other factors can determine whether a site is likely infringing or not for the purposes of its report. This is where the meat of their claims against Mega and any other site should really hold up. The clear (and often stated) purpose of the sites is copyright infringement and facilitation of copyright infringement. The sites are highly structured and the content is referenced, categorized, curated and moderated. The operators are believed to exercise control over the content on the website. The sites provide guidance and deploy a variety of means of encouragement to users in accessing and making available content and advertise the availability of content on third party sites. The sites either don’t operate a takedown policy at all or such policies are mere window-dressing or even a sham. To even the most casual observer it must be clear Mega does not fit into any of these categories. Most importantly the company has a robust DMCA-style policy that has even seen it remove its own founder’s music following a bogus DMCA complaint. Conclusion When a site fails to meet any of the criteria for inclusion in a piracy report yet still finds itself included, one needs to ask why. Sadly (and like NetNames before them) the creators of this otherwise enlightening report refuse to answer that simple question. So why then have two big reports, both of which are likely to shape policy in the coming months and years, branded a legitimate file-hosting site a piracy haven? If it’s because Mega is breaking the law, the aggrieved parties should step up to the plate and say so. Better still, those funding the report (the MPA) should have their lawyers do something about it. If, however, it’s because Kim Dotcom founded Mega and everything he touches must now be destroyed at all costs, people should have the nerve to admit it. As noted earlier, both reports have their merits, but when suspicions of hidden agendas become apparent, their value is only diminished. Mega informs TorrentFreak it is analyzing the report with its lawyers.
  6. Popular TV-torrent distribution group EZTV is in trouble again. The site's new domain name has fallen into the hands of 'scammers' who are trying to cash in through various ads. EZTV, the go-to place for many torrenting TV fans, has suffered its fair share of troubles in recent months. In January the group lost its .it domain name, which was then taken over by impostors in March. The torrent distribution group meanwhile continued to operate from the new domain name, but during the past few hours this new home also became compromised. Instead of hosting official EZTV torrents the .CH domain now links to the same content as the ‘hijacked’ site. While there are plenty of TV-torrents available, these are sourced externally from RARBG. And there are more signs pointing to a hostile takeover. Users are not able to login for example, and the scam warning that was previously listed on the .ch domain in gone as well. In addition the site now serves various ads including popunders. TF reached out to ETZV’s Novaking to find out more about the apparent takeover, but we have yet to receive a reply. Upon close inspection it appears that the domain name was taken over at the registrar level. The WHOIS information was updated and now lists the UK-based “EZCLOUD LIMITED†as owner, which is the same company that registered the .it domain. The scammers who’ve taken over EZTV are looking to cash in from the site. EZCLOUD director Hernandez Dominguez Emmanuel previously said that he offered to partner with EZTV or sell the domain for a profit. “The business proposal to Novaking was straightforward: he pays us a slightly bigger amount than we have paid at the auction or we somehow partnership by uniting both entities: and and we will earn in the course of the next months by percentage of the ads revenues,†Emmanuel told TF. Novaking rejected this proposal and blocked the .it domain from using official EZTV torrents. EZCLOUD did not give up, however, and now appears to have taken complete control of ETZV’s new domain as well. — Breaking news, more updates may follow
  7. People who run 'pirate' sites out of Russia have been given a final warning by the government. Amendments to local copyright law that come into force May 1 not only protect more content than ever before, but also contain provisions to permanently block sites that continually make unauthorized content available. Following massive pressure from both local and international rightsholders, 21 months ago Russia took steps to improve its reputation of going soft on piracy. On August 1, 2013, the country introduced a brand new intellectual property law which provided a mechanism through which sites could be blocked by intermediaries should they not comply with rightsholder takedown requests within 72 hours. A year later telecoms watchdog Roscomnadzor revealed that during the law’s first year of operation the Moscow City Court imposed preliminary interim injunctions against 175 sites following copyright complaints. It went on to block just 12 file-sharing domains for being unresponsive to takedowns, many of them BitTorrent trackers. With complaints from copyright holders continuing to mount, Russia decided to make further amendments to the legislation. Initially only video content was covered by the law but with an expansion scheduled for May 1, 2015, all multimedia content (photographs excluded) will receive protection. Furthermore, the law also amends the provisions on preliminary injunctions. Although it remains unclear how the new system will work in practice, the theory is that intermediaries (ISPs and webhosts) can be ordered by the Court to permanently block websites that continually host or provide access to infringing content. At least at this early stage it appears to be the kind of system U.S. copyright holders are pushing for elsewhere, one in which content that is taken down, stays down. With the new law just over a week away, State Duma Deputy Speaker Sergei Zheleznyak has been underlining the legislation’s reach. “The anti-piracy legislation that created the ability to block access to sites that distribute copyright-infringing films and TV shows entered into force on 1 August 2013. On May 1, 2015 amendments to the Act will come into force that apply to music, books and software,†Zheleznyak says. “This development will mean that the systematic violation of intellectual property rights will result in sites providing access to stolen content being blocked forever.†Putting operators of torrent and similar sites on notice, Zheleznyak issued a stern warning. “I would like to warn those who are still abusing piracy: you have until May 1 to try to and enter into constructive dialogue with rightsholders. They are open to cooperation,†he said. “Our common goal is to ensure that all work is adequately rewarded and that the benefit from successful books, music and wonderful computer programs is enjoyed by those who created them, and not those who stole them. If [site owners] are not interested in legal business, the response of the state will become quite obvious.†Russia’s first attempt at site blocking legislation failed to produce the apocalyptic conclusion many predicted. Only time will tell what the results of these latest tweaks will mean for local sites.
  8. The fifth season of Game of Thrones began with a bang. The first episode of the season broke ratings records but at the same time piracy surged to new highs. During the first week 32 million people pirated GoT episodes through torrent sites, with most downloaders coming from the US, France and Brazil. High-definition downloads became the new standard. More than a week after the opening episode of the new Game of Thrones season aired it’s evident that piracy is still rampant. The good news for HBO is that the official broadcast broke ratings records. However, pirated releases have also done the same. TorrentFreak received some extensive data from media intelligence firm Tru Optik, covering both public and private BitTorrent trackers. With the four leaked episodes and the “A Day in the Life†documentary included, the company found that there were 32 million downloads across 18 million IP-addresses during the first week. The first episode generated most interest and was downloaded over 13 million times, which is significantly more than last year. Interestingly, the data for the post broadcast torrent also shows that most downloaders grabbed high quality copies. The 720p version was most popular with 43.5 percent of post broadcast downloads, followed by the 480p and 1080p copies with 35.1% and 31.4 percent respectively. In part, this tendency towards high quality content can be explained by the fact that many fans of HD content skipped the lower quality pre-release leak. Looking at countries from where the downloads were actioned we see that the United States comes out on top. More than 10 percent came from the U.S. followed by France, Brazil, China, Russia, UK, India, Canada, Australia and Spain. Australia has the most downloaders per capita from that list, and it also has a relatively high piracy ratio compared to legal views. Of all ‘viewers’ in Australia during the first three days, 32 percent are pirates. In the U.S. the rates are much lower at 8 percent, and the UK and Canada are in the middle with 22 and 19 percent respectively. Commenting on the findings, Tru Optik notes that there are a lot of potential customers out there, if HBO can connect with them. “In the US alone, nearly one million consumers downloaded Episode 1, which translates to $44 million in unmonetized demand potential if each of these viewers subscribed to HBO Now for the 3-month duration of GoT Season 5.†“Many of these viewers are prime prospects for unbundled services like HBO Now,†the company adds. Over the past three years Game of Thrones has been the most pirated TV-show. Based on the number of downloads over the past week, the same result will be achieved in 2015. Now let’s see if they can break the “quarter million†swarm record of last year’s season finale.
  9. Dear members, On behalf of the IPT Staff, I have the great pleasure to announce the appointment of DinoRider I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate DinoRider on his new Elite Uploader role. I am sure everyone wants to join me to wish him the best. Congrats M8 and welcome to the Elite. Regards, ghost Systems Operator
  10. UPDATED: 13 April 2015 - Now you can add Music torrents. - Account section is functional, allows you to change password. - Displays torrent files. We are excited to announce, that the early beta version of new AsiaTorrents website is online!!! We would like to request everyone to help us test! What to do? - register and login to use to the website! - Download some torrents! - Upload few torrents! *** Most of things doesn't work! Please don't complain! *** Everything you upload will be deleted! *** User accounts will be deleted, If you cant login, create a new user! Comment or Suggest on our forums Poll: Should we have lighter or darker theme on new AsiaTorrents? Vote Here FAQ - Will new AsiaTorrents be on a new domain? I dont know yet, I am thinking about changing, new domain is always better for torrent sites! - Will i lose my ratio, bonus and download history? No, we will migrate your account as it is!
  11. Sylvester Stallone has given thanks to the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit following the arrest of a man in the UK yesterday. The unnamed 26-year-old is believed to be responsible for leaking several movies including Expendables 3. "It is important to protect the rights of creatives around the world from theft,†Stallone said. Last year the movie The Expendables 3 leaked in extremely high-quality several weeks before its theatrical debut, sparking huge Hollywood controversy. The fully finished DVD Screener copy of the action movie featuring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared late July 2014 and was downloaded millions of times before its official release mid August 2014. Three months later came the first news of arrests in connection with the case. During November 2014 the Intellectual Property Crime Unit of City of London Police (PIPCU) announced that two men aged 33 and 36 had been taken into custody after being arrested in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, and Upton, Wirral. This morning the same police unit announced the arrest of a third man, again in the UK. In what is being described as a joint investigation with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), City of London Police arrested the 26-year-old at his workplace in Leeds yesterday morning. He was taken to a local police station for questioning. “The suspect is believed to be involved in obtaining high-quality films, which are either only available at the cinema or are unfinished movies which have yet to be released, and then leaking them on to the internet. It is estimated his actions are costing the industry millions of pounds,†PIPCU said in a statement. “Officers from PIPCU and HSI searched the man’s home in Halifax where several computers and mobile devices were seized.†News of the arrest was welcomed by Sylvester Stallone himself, who expressed gratitude to the authorities for their work in apprehending the man. “I’d like to thank the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) at the City of London Police for working with US Homeland Security Investigations to apprehend the suspect in this case. It is important to protect the rights of creatives around the world from theft,†Stallone said. Commenting in the arrest, City of London Police Detective Inspector, Mick Dodge, said that the operation was indicative of the international reach of the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU). “PIPCU has a remit to protect the UK’s creative industries but we are also committed to ensuring the UK is not a safe haven for criminals seeking to attack international businesses from our shores,†Dodge said. “Working with law enforcement partners across the world, PIPCU is coming down hard on criminals exploiting intellectual property for their own financial gain and today’s action should serve as a warning to online pirates. “This joint investigation also demonstrates our close working relationship with the US Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) which was recently marked with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.†Matthew Etre, U.S. Embassy London’s Attaché for US Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) said that dealing with the issue of online piracy remains a top priority for law enforcement, despite the perception that infringement is a victimless crime. “Too often these types of crimes are regarded as immaterial because they are seemingly without victims; however, when a business suffers a loss, it is felt at all levels, from the C-suite to the mailroom,†Etre said. “In cases such as this, preventing piracy is akin to protecting people’s livelihoods. This arrest is yet another success story highlighting what strong, collaborative relationships between law enforcement agencies can accomplish. HSI London values its relationship with the PIPCU and continues to work closely with them to battle against intellectual property crime.†According to PIPCU, yesterday’s arrest stems from a tipoff received by Homeland Security in July 2014 regarding movie piracy. To date, no arrests in the United States in connection with the case have been made public.
  12. Hi dear user, Sorry for spamming PM to you all, just a reminder. Please download more then 5GB before end of this months. Cause we going to update our system for new user, this might impact your account also. If the system disable your account you have to e-mail us and wait our reply, to avoid you waiting. Please help yourself to have download stats more then 5GB before end of this month. For new rules, we going to adjust 5GB minimum for new registered user. So they will have 14 days (2 weeks) to complete this task or their account will be disable. We will complete ignore account that been disable on this matters! Like in rules said, "USE YOUR ACCOUNT OR LOSE IT". Hope you guys can comply to this notice. Have a great days! and happy downloading. Regards, LandLord / LTTi Staff
  13. We have updated our Description Writing Rules with what is required in the torrent descriptions, any torrents not following said rules after March 27th 2015 shall be deleted forthwith. Please be sure to read the Description Rules and follow them so that all may enjoy your torrents. Thank you. Description Writing Rules
  14. Multi-platinum pop-star Mika has announced the release of his much anticipated new album 'No Place In Heaven' to be released on 15th June via Virgin EMI. Following on from his multi-million selling worldwide debut 'Life In Cartoon Motion' and subsequent releases 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much' and 'The Origin of Love', Mika's fourth album 'No Place In Heaven' is a striking record that has been crafted by Mika over the past two years. Mika enlisted long-time collaborator and Grammy nominated producer Gregg Wells (Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Adele, Rufus Wainwright) to produce the new album. The pair creating a mature new record that exhibits Mika's incredible song writing talents and breath-taking vocals, evoking memories of classic 70s pop albums created by acclaimed song writers Billy Joel, Todd Rundgren, Elton John etc. Mika has spent the past couple of years conquering the hearts of audiences across Europe, appearing as a judge on the X Factor Italy, a coach on The Voice France and topping the charts in France with the release of "Boum Boum Boum". In addition to his musical achievements, Mika has been working closely with global watch company, Swatch, as their creative ambassador to create some unique designs for their collections. More recently Mika has been collaborating with renowned Italian fashion house, Valentino, producing bespoke suits with their creative directors. To celebrate the announcement of his new album, Mika is gifting 'Last Party' as an instant grat track to fans when the album is pre-ordered through iTunes. 'Last Party', an ode to Freddie Mercury, will be accompanied by a simple yet stunning , shot by celebrated fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh, the first time Peter has ever collaborated with a music artist. Mika rounded off his last album in the UK with an incredible string of live shows including a sold out show at Heaven and a headline slot at Lovebox Weekend as well as performing a live set at the 2012 Olympics in London and numerous European tour dates and festival appearances. Mika's previous single 'Popular feat. Ariana Grande' recently hit 100 Million views on YouTube and Vevo and has certified gold in the USA with over 500,000 sales. Mika has also sold over 10 million records and received Gold or Platinum awards in 32 countries worldwide across his previous three albums 'Life in Cartoon Motion', 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much' and 'The Origin Of Love', winning Brit and MTV Awards in the process.
  15. The world's newest blockade of The Pirate Bay has been thwarted in a matter of minutes. After a court in Spain ordered the country's ISPs to block the notorious site on Friday, users who tweaked their connections to use Google's DNS instead of the one provided by their service provider were back on the site in seconds. One of the major strategies of the world’s leading entertainment companies is to have sites like The Pirate Bay blocked at the ISP level. The idea is that when subscribers can’t access ‘pirates’ sites they will flock to legal alternatives. While there can be little doubt that some will take the opportunity to test out Netflix or Spotify (should they be available in their region), other users will be less ready to take the plunge. In Spain, where online piracy is reportedly more widespread than most other European countries, users faced a Pirate Bay problem on Friday when a judge ordered the country’s service providers to block the site within 72 hours. Some ISPs blocked the site immediately, provoking questions of where to get free content now that The Pirate Bay is off-limits. Of course, there are plenty of alternatives but for those a little more determined, access to TPB was just a click or two away. The problem is that for whatever reasons, thus far Spanish ISPs are only implementing a Pirate Bay ban on the most basic of levels. In the UK, for example, quite sophisticated systems block domain names and IP addresses, and can even automatically monitor sites so that any blocking counter-measures can be handled straight away. But in Spain users are finding that blocks are evaded with the smallest of tweaks. By changing a computer or router’s DNS settings, Spaniards are regaining access to The Pirate Bay in an instant. Both Google’s DNS and OpenDNS are reported as working on several Spanish discussion forums. “I’ve [followed the instructions] and in two minutes you can enter Pirate Bay. And I am a computer illiterate and have no idea what a DNS is,†a user of a gaming forum writes. Another user, who moved away from his ISP’s DNS a while ago, wasn’t even aware that any block had been put in place. “If the block is using DNS, I would not call that blocking, really. I’ve been using the DNS of Google for years and I have not even noticed anything,†he notes. While Spaniards will be pleased that the blockade is easily circumvented, it’s the reaction to the news that’s perhaps the most interesting aspect. News that the site is being blocked is hardly being welcomed, but there is a definite absence of panic among those who are supposed to be some of Europe’s most hardcore pirates. Whether that’s chiefly down to the weak blocking method being employed by some ISPs is up for debate, but having seen blocks do little to stop file-sharers across Europe – particularly in the UK where the practice is widespread – the Spanish probably see no real reason to break into a cold sweat just yet.
  16. Due to increased concerns regarding account security and to decrease the chance of users unknowingly entering any bad invitation practices, we have decided to update our invite offering policy. Any suggestion of trading or swapping Invites, whether for other sites, for credits or for money, is strictly prohibited and any/all parties to such transactions will be banned outright immediately. Effective immediately, all previous invite-related threads will be archived and new threads will be put in their place. Use only the designated sticky threads. Never create new threads for invites. No one is to request invites any longer. Only offers will be allowed. It will be very crucial for everyone to list all their offers and keep them current so others can find the invite they want. Invite Offers will be allowed for Elite users and above. If you do not have this rank, it is very easy to gain upload on BitHQ so you should get there soon enough. We want to make sure everyone participating is a good member and have the dedication to prove it. Posts must be kept up-to-date. Posts with no more offers will be deleted to keep things tidy. If you have an update, edit your post unless it has been deleted. Nothing other than offers will be allowed. Inquiries must be made via PM and do not post any conversations or other messages in the invite thread. These will be deleted appropriately. Unlimited invite offers will now be an Extreme Elite User perk. There will also be a do not offer list. Never offer any invites to the sites who have requested to be on this list. This is in the best interest of everyone. Users found to be in violation of these new policies may receive warnings or worse. please be sure to follow our new policies regarding invites.
  17. Virgin Media subscribers in the UK are being shaken down over alleged porn downloads by a Cyprus-based company. Worryingly, letter recipients are invited to ring a premium rate number for advice and the website operated by the company is not only non-functional but also has improper registration information. For the second time in a week UK-based Internet subscribers have found themselves on the wrong end of so-called ‘copyright troll’ threats. On Tuesday TorrentFreak revealed that Sky Broadband were handing over the details of an unknown number of customers to TCYK LLC, a US-based outfit aiming to extract cash payments from alleged pirates of the Robert Redford movie The Company You Keep. And today we have news of another attempt, this time executed by the masters of copyright trolling – the porn industry. The case dates back to last year when TF discovered that several porn producers had teamed up in an effort to force ISP Virgin Media to hand over the names and addresses of an estimated 1,500 subscribers said to have downloaded and shared adult content without permission. The companies (Sunlust Pictures, Combat Zone Corporation and Pink Bonnet, Consultores de Imagem LDA), none of which appear to be based in the UK, worked with Wagner & Co, a London lawfirm previously known for working with another troll, GoldenEye International. Sunlust Pictures, an adult movie company founded in 2009 by former porn actress Sunny Leone, has previously been involved in US-based trolling. Combat Zone Corporation (CZN) is an adult movie company based in California. They’re no strangers to the cash settlement model either. To keep things centralized these companies hired Mircom International Content Management & Consulting Ltd (MICM), a company already demanding cash payments from Internet users elsewhere in Europe. It is Mircom that are now sending out letters to Virgin Media customers. Copies received by TorrentFreak highlight the company’s case. One reads as follows: “It is with regret that we are writing this letter to you. However, the Claimants are very concerned at the illicit distribution of films over the internet,†the letters begin. “CZN is the owner of the copyright in the film sold under the name “SEXY BRAZILIAN LESBIAN WORKOUT (“the WORKâ€). The Work has been made available for sale in the United Kingdom. MICM has a license to act for CZN in relation to these claims.†Mircom claims that a “forensic computer analyst†searched for IP addresses making the content available on P2P networks without the necessary license. Virgin Media told TF that they previously challenged the reliability of the software used (FileWatchBT). In the letters Mircom accuses recipients of infringement and invites a “full written response as soon as reasonably possible.†After stating that “the High Court has not yet considered the merits of our claim against youâ€, the letter acknowledges that the letter recipient may not be the infringer, but then tries to bully that person into revealing who the infringer might be. “In the event that you were not responsible for the infringing acts outlined above because, for example, another member of your household was the user of the computer, you should make full disclosure to us of the other parties at your residence using your internet connection to make the Work available for download,†the letter reads. In common with all similar trolling attempts to these, one might also conclude that if Mircom is so confident of the accuracy and usefulness of its systems and evidence, Mircom itself should be the one naming names, rather entering into a information fishing expedition with account holders who may merely pay the bill. Nevertheless, Mircom continues with the threat that “failure to make such disclosure may lead to the claim being made against you with the court being asked to conclude, on the balance of probabilities that you were the user of the computer.†Further threats are leveled at those who might decide to treat Mircom’s threats as spam. “Should this matter ultimately be heard and determined by a court, adverse costs consequences against you could follow from a failure to constructively respond to this letter,†the letter adds. However, while all of these attempts at so-called “speculative invoicing†should raise alarm bells with consumers, this current effort by Mircom and its partners adds even more fuel to the fire. Firstly, while Mircom is taking action in the UK, the initial address provided – Spyrou Kyprianou 32 Nicosia, Cyprus – is the home of dozens of other companies. The UK address provided – Winston House, 2 Dollis Park, Finchley, London, N3 1HF – is also the home of dozens of further companies. If that isn’t enough to put recipients on alert, the contact number provided by the company should. Instead of providing a local number, Mircom provide a premium rate number (0871 990 3150) which can cost up to 40p per minute. As can be seen from this page there are already reports from letter recipients inquiring about the number. Also at issue is the email address provided by Mircom. The company lists as its web address but the site is non-functional and merely links to a web-hosting company’s landing page. The company’s WHOIS entry raises more eyebrows. In order to opt out from the requirement that certain domain holders must publish their personal details, Mircom has wrongly declared itself not as a company, but as a “non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service.†For the record, Nominet is clear on the matter. “Only domain name holders who are ‘non-trading individuals’ can opt out of having their address details published on the WHOIS. In other words, if the registrant is not a business or organization and – in the case of domain names registered to individuals – you do not use or plan to use your domain name for business, trade (such as pay-per-click advertising, etc.) or professional transactions, you may opt out of having your address displayed.†Those receiving letters are welcome to contact TF in confidence but in the meantime the advice remains the same. Read the Speculative Invoicing Handbook Second Edition cover to cover, contact Citizens Advice, and if a legal opinion is required Michael Coyle from Lawdit Solicitors (who has dealt with these kinds of cases previously) is at hand. Finally, bear in mind that Mircom’s current solicitors – Wagner & Co – who represented Goldeneye International in an almost identical case to this – also promised to take people to court and sue them for infringement. Not a single case has gone forward despite hundreds of threats.
  18. HDAccess is need of a couple more people to support all member's questions and problems that staff members do not currently support. FLS need to be around daily. All who apply to FLS need to choose 2 categories for which support you can offer and the languages you know. for example: IRC, Uploading (ENGLISH&GERMAN). All aplication must be posted here. If you want to apply you need to not have a trader/seller history and at least a basic knowledge of BT and its workings. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME! APPLICATION ARE OPEN NOW
  19. Mark Knopfler partners with Talenthouse to empower film and video directors for new single. Mark Knopfler, best known as the lead guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for the band Dire Straits, has partnered with Talenthouse to offer film and video directors the opportunity to get their break in the music video making business by creating an original music video for Mark's new track, Wherever I Go, taken from his forthcoming album Tracker. Mark is looking for either a music video or a lyric video. It can be shot, animated or short film, and film and video makers have until 23 March, 2015 at 6pm GMT to submit their ideas here: The Selected Artist, as judged by a panel including Virgin EMI, will receive $4,000 and work with one of the greatest guitarists in the world. Their work will become the official video for Mark's new track, Wherever I Go, and receive global exposure as it will be promoted across VEVO and Virgin EMI's social media channels. #WhereverIGo @talenthouse
  20. French Minister of Culture Fleur Pellerin has presented the country's new framework for dealing with online piracy. In addition to the graduated response system and site blocking, draining the financial resources of pirate sites will become a priority through greater cooperation with advertisers and payment processors. Across Europe countries are continuing their struggle with online piracy but France was the first brave enough to introduce a system of warning file-sharers. The so-called Hadopi law received widespread coverage, with praise and criticism arriving from many corners, but the big question of whether the process has been effective has never been definitively answered. Whatever the program’s achievements, if any, the French are still looking to reduce online copyright infringement in an attempt to boost the creative sector. Now the government has announced the next wave in its continuing anti-piracy drive. Fleur Pellerin, France’s Minister of Culture and Communication, has now presented a paper to the Council of Ministers outlining a plan of action against all sites involved in online piracy. The range will be broad, to include sites that not only stream or offer copyrighted material for download, but also those that “take advantage†of pirate content in other ways. The first part of the program is a familiar one. In common with the United States and the United Kingdom (1,2)where similar programs have been in place for some time, France will seek to deprive piracy related websites of their revenue streams with a particular focus on those that utilize advertising. On March 23 at the Ministry of Culture and Communication, advertisers and advertising agencies will come together with representatives from rightsholder bodies to sign an anti-piracy charter. The agreement will formalize a commitment to keep advertising off platforms deemed to benefit from online piracy. The next phase also mirrors developments elsewhere, particularly in the United States under pressure from government. Being able to process payments is crucial for some online file-sharing sites, particularly those in the file-hosting sector that rely on subscriptions to stay afloat. Moves already taken by Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are already underway elsewhere and negotiations in France will now commence with a view to the signing of an agreement in June 2015. Continuing on the financial front the French Government says it will mobilize to fight against those benefiting from illegal channels of revenue and will consider “all the tax consequences of these activities.†Site blocking is another anti-piracy method utilized extensively elsewhere and it’s clear that the French wish to follow the same path. Blocks against a handful of sites already exist but the Minister of Culture says that enhanced judicial efficiency and a system to monitor the effectiveness of these and other measures will be introduced. Effectively rightsholders will still have to go to court to get sites blocked, but unlike the UK where they are relatively free to keep adding sites to blocklists as and when they see fit, in France they will still have to go back to court for enhanced blocking, if a site moves domain or introduces proxies for example. Also on the cards is a sharpening of coordination between departments responsible for dealing with online piracy. To this end the Ministry of the Interior will assume responsibility for the direction of the fight against cybercrime. Finally, the government will look at the role that sites like YouTube play in the distribution of unauthorized content. Sites will be expected to streamline their processes in ways that make it easier for rightsholders to monitor and remove unauthorized material. Whether these measures will prove to be a boost to the entertainment sector remains to be seen, but it’s now clear that a coordinated and revenue-attacking response to dealing with piracy is now developing on a global scale.
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  24. The new crop of safe uploads - posted 2015-02-14 14:47:33 by LostinAZ Looking for something to upload? Click here for shows that ended in 2010 Top 5 - posted 2015-02-14 14:46:08 by LostinAZ Your personal top 5 downloaded from / Recommends Join us and share your top 5
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