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Found 16 results

  1. Have paypal need bitcoin. Can buy many.
  2. This is an automated message to make sure this seller really got the stuff what he/she is trying to sell, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then topic will remain closed. Best regards, Invite Scene Staff!
  3. Hi, i have 3 new accounts for trade. TVault and Waffles with customizable email address. only with original email adress PM with good offers !
  4. This is an automated message to make sure this seller really got the stuff what he/she is trying to sell, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then topic will remain closed. Best regards, Invite Scene Staff!
  5. I have IPTorrents invite, I need TemplatesP2P. If some one have. Kindly PM me. Thanks
  6. It shouldn't even be controversial. If you're lying about holding a copyright monopoly to something, you're infringing on that work's distribution, and should suffer the same penalties as any other infringer does today. Last week there was a story on TorrentFreak about a copyright monopolist who had gone absolutely insane and sent so-called “takedown notices†to everybody and their brother, from EFF to TOR – basically anybody with a download page. It’s a complete mystery why this isn’t a criminal behavior. The fact that it isn’t is why it continues and harms innovation, creativity, free speech, and the Internet. The Swedish Pirate Party had a very clear policy on crimes like this: if you lied about holding an exclusive right to something, the same penalty that would have applied to an infringer of that exclusive right would instead apply to you. This is only fair, after all: you are infringing on the distribution of a creative work by dishonest means. For repeat offenders, or organizations that committed this crime on a commercial basis or commercial gain, like that idiot record label in the TorrentFreak story – they would be declared criminal organizations and have all their assets seized. The individuals doing so for commercial gain would go to jail for a couple of years. The thing is, this should not even be contentious. This is how we deal with this kind of criminal act in every – every – other aspect of society. If you lie as part of commercial operations and hurt somebody else’s rights or business, you are a criminal. If you do so repeatedly or for commercial gain, direct or indirect, you’re having your ill-gotten gains seized. This isn’t rocket science. This is standard bloody operating procedure. The copyright industry goes ballistic at this proposal, of course, and try to portray themselves as rightsless victims – when the reality is that they have been victimizing everybody else after making the entire planet rightsless before their intellectual deforestation. The irony is that at the same time as the copyright industry opposes such penalties vehemently, arguing that they can make “innocent mistakes†in sending out nastygrams, threats, and lawsuits to single mothers, they are also arguing that the situation with distribution monopolies is always crystal clear and unmistakable to everybody else who deserve nothing but the worst. They can’t have it both ways here. It’s a matter of incentives, at the end of the day. If there’s no risk at all in lying and causing pain to other people, along with a very small reward, then sociopaths – like those in the copyright industry – will do so at an industrial scale, accompanied by the most Stalinesque of laughters. This is also the behavior we observe now. There must to be a risk associated with willfully lying and causing injury or damage. Today, there isn’t. And because there isn’t, Google alone receives on the order of thirty millionnastygrams per month. Most or all of them automated at the sender’s end. There’s no cost or risk in sending them, after all, and that has to change. The U.S. DMCA – what a horrible mistake that was – does state that somebody sending a takedown notice does so under penalty of perjury. However, that only applies to the claim of representing the person believing to hold the copyright monopoly to the work; not to the claim of actually holding the exclusive right you claim to hold. A bare legislative minimum would be to extend the penalty of perjury to include the actual – not believed, but actual – holding of the copyright monopoly somebody claims to hold. The very least you can ask is that committing a crime such as fraudulent exclusive rights carries a risk with it. It’s not rocket science. Torrentfreak
  7. Hello Guys, I would like to buy a NAS to setup a seedbox, in order to download/seed torrents 24/24 7d/week using my personal line which is good enough to do this... I've checked Buffalo (linkstation 210/220 or 410/420) or Synology (DS214 or DS213) NAS... I would like to know if someone of you are using a NAS, if yes, which one and your personal feedback (uptime, speed, torrent client, autodl script etc...)? My goal is to share about 200torrents max (so about 2To max) at the same time, on less than 10 trackers. I would also need a kind of autodl via RSS or something similar... I want also play movies from the NAS to the TV using a DLNA server... Today my prefered choice would go to the Buffalo LS410, 2TB, Marvel Armada 370 1.20GHz, for the power of the procesor and the price... Well hope someone could help me in my choice... Thx, Vince
  8. HOT HOT HOT HAVE torrentbytes gft blackcats bithuman ltti lasttorrent clonebits chromo>>>>>gone bitgamer freakleech bitleecher tvchoas pt WANT OFFERES
  9. Aretha Franklin thinks it's 'ridiculous' she hasn't collaborated with Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson. The legendary singer is giving fans a treat with her new album Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics, a compilation of covers. She's had many special moments in her life, but there are still a few things the 72-year-old hopes to achieve. 'The presidential inauguration for Mr. Clinton and Mr. Obama and President Carter. And the Grammy moment of course, a wonderful moment. I've sung at the Oscars maybe four times.' she recalled to TV show Good Morning Britain when asked about her stand-out moments. 'I'd love to do something with Stevie [Wonder], I'd love to do something with Smokey [Robinson], and it's ridiculous after all these years that we have not done something together.' As part of her new album, Aretha covers British singer Adele's track Rolling in the Deep. The 26-year-old is known for her soulful voice and Aretha revealed what attracted her to the song. 'I'd seen one of her promotional pieces. I love that song, I love that hook,' she gushed. Other classics on the record include a mash-up of Chaka Khan's I'm Every Woman and Aretha's Respect, Alicia Keys' No One and Midnight Train to Georgia, originally by Gladys Knight & the Pips. While the musician is proud of her work, she knows fans will make the call on how popular the album is. 'People make the final decision. You can love it in the studio but the people make the final decision. You never know whether they will like it or not,' she reasoned. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  10. i need tell me what you want in exchange.
  11. i need invite to filelist for a friend . tell me what you whant for it thanks
  13. This is an automated message to make sure this Trader really got the stuff what he is trying to trade, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then thread will remain closed. Best Regards, IS Staff Team!
  14. Open only few hours!!! Need only HDCity (li not chinise org)
  15. Written by w00t Monday 24th of February 2014 06:11:16 PM The help from our users was astonishing! Until now we have recovered more than 60% of the missing .torrent files! We did some improvements to the matching algorithm, so even if you uploaded your .torrent files yesterday please do so again today! Please keep uploading your .torrent files from the torrentleech tracker on this url Login :: THANK you again!!