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Found 14 results

  1. The new boss of Canadian telecoms giant Bell Media has confessed that her own daughter is a "thief". Speaking at the Canadian Telecom Summit, Mary Ann Turcke says her 15-year-old was using a VPN to access Netflix's superior U.S. service but she quickly put a stop to it. Netflix could've done so earlier, she added, but chose not to. While the video entertainment business needs to do better, Netflix is definitely going some way to filling the online movie and TV show streaming void. Nevertheless, even when consumers put their hands in their pockets for the service, elements of the industry still find cause to complain. The issue is one of geo-location. Essentially, users of Netflix in the United States get a more content-rich service than those accessing it from elsewhere. These restrictions are easily overcome by using a VPN service to tunnel in to the U.S. from outside but that annoys content companies no end. Licensing deals are to be respected, they argue. Just lately critics of the phenomenon have switched from using terms such as “geo-blockingâ€, favoring the emotive “Netflix piracy†and “Netflix theft†instead. Yesterday another heavyweight poured more fuel on the fire and pointed the finger at her own family while doing so. Mary Ann Turcke is the new boss of BCE Inc.’s Bell Media division in Canada. In a keynote speech to the Canadian Telecom Summit yesterday, Turcke raised the issue of Netflix but surprisingly relayed a story from within her own household, triggered by a ‘Life Pro Tip’ from her own daughter. “Mom, did you know that you can hack into U.S. Netflix and get sooo many more shows?†Turcke’s 15-year-old-daughter revealed. But far from mom being impressed at the ingenuity of her child, mom found her actions tantamount to theft. “She is 15 and she was stealing,†Turcke told the Toronto audience. “Suffice to say, there is no more VPNing.†For the teenager and probably most adults, this must be a frustrating concept to grasp. After shunning the lure of The Pirate Bay and its first-run movies on tap – for free, someone in the household has done the ‘right’ thing and bought Netflix. Yet someone, somewhere, has deemed Canadians to be unworthy of the full service and when that injustice gets addressed, mom plays the ‘thief’ card. “It takes behavioral change and it is the people — friend to friend, parent to child, coworker to coworker — that set the cultural framework for acceptable and unacceptable behaviour,†Turcke said. “It has to become socially unacceptable to admit to another human being that you are VPNing into U.S. Netflix. Like throwing garbage out of your car window, you just don’t do it. We have to get engaged and tell people they’re stealing.†Despite Ms. Turcke’s enthusiasm for establishing geo-busting as a crime, Canadian law professor Michael Geist previously rejected the assertion, an opinion also shared by Ottawa intellectual property lawyer Howard Knopf. “This is another manifestation of that good old Canadian phenomenon known as cross-border shopping in a free market,†Knopf said. “‎Some Canadian rights owners and licensees seem to think it’s smart to limit Canadian choice and raise Canadian prices. Maybe they are being shortsighted or greedy but that’s what they try to do.†While Turcke sees her own child as the thief, she also lays blame at the door of Netflix for not doing more to stop so-called ‘VPN pirates’. “Digital-rights management is one of the most sophisticated and heavily negotiated relationship aspects of our deals with Hollywood,†Turcke said. “As an industry, the players up and down the value chain can’t allow Netflix to continue doing what they’re doing, and Netflix has a choice to stop it. This is a business model decision on Netflix’s part. It’s not a technical problem.†But while Turcke criticizes Netflix for allowing people to access what they like, the notion of providing content on customer-friendly terms is certainly not alien to the entertainment industry veteran. “We, Bell Media, we, the industry, need to make our content more accessible. Viewers are demanding simplicity. And they will seek it out,†she said. Noting that consumers are simply not willing to tolerate restrictions surrounding online streaming rights, ‘windowing’ and national borders, Turcke warned the audience: “It is enough to drive anyone to the dreaded Netflix. Legally or illegally.†
  2. Azealia Banks penned a song about a past abusive relationship. The outspoken singer burst on to the music scene in 2011 with smash hit song 212, which featured Lazy Jay. Her first studio album wasn't released until late last year, but the star kept her name in the headlines with numerous celebrity feuds including a Twitter spat with Iggy Azalea. However behind her tough persona, Azealia reveals she has suffered at the hands of an ex. "The song Desperado? That's about when you get beaten up by your boyfriend. For the past couple of years I have been losing my mind and driving myself past several points of insanity. But it was from that insanity that I was able to write the album," she admitted to ES Magazine. 'I was dating this guy from when I was 17 years old. He was much older than me and he had a wife and he lied to me and told me he was divorced so that I would fall in love with him. And then he told me he was going to get a divorce and I was like: 'I thought you were already divorced?' Then we broke up and I went to Montreal and wrote 212.' Their problems soon turned physical, with Azealia recalling how her ex would take testosterone, steroids and antidepressants. Things came to a head when he lashed out at the 23-year-old. "We got in to a fight and he beat me up. He actually beat me up twice because I was stupid and went back. And that is really why I am f**king crazy. Because that man has driven me crazy," she said of her own behaviour.
  3. Kelly Clarkson thinks her husband Brandon Blackstock is a 'great father'. The 32-year-old singer and her spouse welcomed daughter River Rose last year. And Kelly has opened up about her relationship in a new interview, saying she is continually stunned by just how competent a parent Brandon is. 'My husband is such a great father,' Kelly told 'He's not an audience guy-he is onstage doing the work with me. He changes diapers, he stays up, and if I've had a late night, he'll wake up with her in the morning. We're definite partners.' Kelly released her latest album Piece by Piece in February. While the record includes some incredibly emotive tracks, it also gives Kelly the opportunity to showcase a different side to herself. Speaking about the track I Had a Dream, Kelly said: 'I'm not super conservative, and I have no problem with people being risque or owning your sexuality or even putting it out there. I have a problem when it's all you are because you're not being fair to yourself; you have more depth than this. 'Women have been pioneering for years for equal rights, and we have more to offer, so I guess it frustrates me when people only bring one part of their personality to the table. It's like, you're making the rest of us look bad! You're not giving yourself enough credit.' Kelly believes that people won't remember how great an artist's voice is if all they focus on is the risque stuff. She thinks it could be seen as a generation selling themselves short. 'I just expected more from us. I was very hormonal when I was writing-I was pregnant,' she added. Kelly is also stepmother to Brandon's teenage daughter and young son from a previous relationship. But it was carrying her own child that influenced her style of writing ' and not always in the best way. 'Ugh! I didn't feel inspired,' she said. 'And everything I did write-Tightrope, Piece by Piece, and I Had a Dream-is all super intense. I didn't want a whole dark album!'
  4. This thread is about something that make your day. It can be a joke, story, picture or whatever else, let's start! :gathering:
  5. Hoping to increase its revenues, BitTorrent Inc. added advertisements to the popular uTorrent client two years ago. What many people don't know though, is that these ads can be disabled by diving into the advanced settings. "Pimp my uTorrent" now comes with a one click solution to make this process less cumbersome. When BitTorrent Inc. announced its plan to add advertising to its flagship uTorrent client a small user revolt broke out. The people complaining were mostly annoyed that there would be no option to disable the ads. Luckily, BitTorrent listened to the feedback and decided that users would indeed get a chance to opt-out from the ads. Despite the initial complaints, nowadays most users probably aren’t aware of the opt-out settings. uTorrent previously reported that it’s serving billions of ads per month, quite a significant number. Even for those users who do know, uTorrent doesn’t make it very easy for them to remove the ads. They will have to mess with the advanced settings, search for the relevant variables, and change them one by one. The developer of the torrent optimized TV-calendar DuckieTV was confronted with this issue a few days ago when he introduced a friend to BitTorrent. After first installing uTorrent, he noticed that the client was littered with ads he disabled himself a long time ago. After manually changing several settings to strip the ads, he came up with the idea to automate the process. “I turned them off for my friend, and decided to try and see if I could automate the process the next day,†Schizoduckie tells TF. For DuckieTV, the developer previously reverse-engineered BitTorrent’s Torque and BtApp.js tools, which are able to talk to uTorrent via the browser. He therefore decided to see if the same code could also be used to change uTorrent’s settings. “I remembered that BitTorrent previously ran an experiment with btApp.js that fiddled with settings, so all I needed to do was hook up the settings functionality in my library and set up a page so users can disable ads in one click,†Schizoduckie says. Fast forward a few hours and “Pimp my uTorrent†was born. Pimp my uTorrent literally requires just one click to disable the ads on Windows clients. There is nothing to install as the page uses JavaScript to communicate with uTorrent. After the “pimping†is done, uTorrent might need to be restarted before the changes are visible. People who are not happy with the result have an option to reverse them with another click. It can’t get much simpler than that. Those who are interested in what the tool does can inspect the relevant variables here. A more detailed overview of all ad related settings and how these can be changed is available in the uTorrent forums. Happy pimping!
  6. Taylor Swift agreed on her new apartment when she saw Gandalf sitting "in his pyjamas" in the kitchen. The 24-year-old singer is currently busy travelling the globe promoting her latest album 1989, her first ever pop release, but made the time to house-hunt for a new pad. She looked at various properties in New York earlier this year and one in particular stood out, mainly due to the magical quality it held. "So basically, I found this apartment online and was looking at all these different places in New York, and I had my realtor reach out to the realtor who rented this apartment, and we kept trying to get a showing, and they kept putting us off and not responding, so it became like a mystery: why can't we get into this apartment? What's in there? Why do they have it on the market but clearly don't want to sell it?" she recalled during an appearance on talk show Alan Carr: Chatty Man, which airs in the UK tomorrow. "And then so, as I do, we just obsessively called - 'Can I see it? Can I see it? Please? Can I see it?' And so eventually that worked and I got a showing, and I'm walking in kind of like 'What is the deal?'. I fall in love with the place immediately, and then I walk into the kitchen and [Lord of the Rings and Hobbit character, portrayed by Sir Ian McKellen] Gandalf is sitting at the kitchen counter, in his pyjamas. It was magnificent. I was like 'I'm buying it. Does he come with it?'" It turned out to be director Peter Jackson's home, who has helmed all the fantasy movies, and Ian was simply staying at the property at the time. Taylor herself has recently been in the headlines regarding her Los Angeles home, inviting fans over earlier this year when previewing her new record and filming the music video for debut single Shake It Off. There were 25 followers who visited in total, but only one odd disappearance. "I think, one of the soaps went missing. Because one of them was like 'she doesn't have any soap in her bathroom', and I was like 'well if there's no soap, it's because somebody took the soap,'" she quipped. "So then I just put all these little soaps in the bathroom, so that if they wanted to take them they could. If you want to take the soaps, then I will make it readily available for you to steal them. At least no one's going to go without soap now, I don't want to come off as unclean." Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  7. Hasbro has announced its latest big-screen nostalgia fest will be a brand new adaptation of My Little Pony, with Variety reporting the animated film is set to arrive in 2017. The colourful characters, who first made their bow as toys back in 1983, have already appeared in four animated series, but this will be the first time they have been brought to the big screen. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift’s Joe Ballarini is reportedly on board to pen the script, with the film set to be released through Habro’s new label, Allspark Pictures. Nothing has been confirmed in terms of plot details, although the film may well be linked to recent series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, which was an unexpected smash when it hit the small screen back in 2010. Hopefully Hasbro will enjoy better success than met its last big-screen release, the disastrous Battleship back in 2012. Ponies are cuddlier than aliens after all… Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  8. Nicole Scherzinger has elephant knees. The stunning singer is the envy of women around the world thanks to her exotic looks, luscious hair and washboard stomach. However, instead of basking in her own glory, the 36-year-old was more than happy to share her body insecurities during an appearance on British TV show This Morning. "Oh my gosh, first of all: yes. I've got these elephant knees, these chunky long knees god blessed me with," Nicole giggled to husband-and-wife hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford. "Yeah we all have our own things like, 'Yeah I only think this is the good side of my face.' "Or I've definitely had my struggles with weight. And I think in The [Pussycat] Dolls so much of the emphasis was put on the look and the concept and the visuals of it, you know? For me, at heart, I just wanted to sing. But I've matured as a woman." Nicole's battle with bulimia has been well documented, but she assures fans she is now happier than ever with life. The brunette beauty, who is dating long term boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, admits she's still a work in progress but has found a good balance now she's a little older. She also confesses to being over the moon at One Direction's success, as she helped put the group together when the five boys appeared on the UK's X Factor in 2010 as solo artists. "I'm so happy about the boys, they're massive around the world now - good for them," she smiled. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  9. Jessie J turned down superhero movie roles to concentrate on singing. The British musician has made a name for herself with her unique voice and is busy promoting her new album Sweet Talker, which was released this week. While many singers like to prove how talented they are by breaking into the film industry, Jessie prefers to give all her attention to one venture. 'I've been offered superheroes. I was also offered a part in the last Kick-Ass movie. There was a role written for me in the film," she admitted to British newspaper Daily Star. 'I went and met with them but I couldn't do it. My schedule is ridiculous. 'I've been approached again about another film but I'm somebody who definitely likes to focus on one thing so it doesn't get diluted." The 26-year-old added it's a "pet hate" of hers when an artist's album suffers because they are juggling too many things at once. However, she wouldn't completely dismiss following the path of fellow Brit singer Rita Ora, who has scored her first movie role in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey. 'Maybe next year or the year after, if the right role comes along," she reasoned. Jessie's last record, Alive, was put out last year but had a disappointing response in comparison to her 2011 debut Who You Are. Now she's determined to make Sweet Talker count, and has spent much of her time promoting her tracks in the US. 'I'm not abandoning anyone,' she assured her UK fans. 'I'm a 26-year-old woman and if I want to live in LA I can. 'I'm British-born and bred. Whether I live in LA, Paris or Taiwan, it's my choice. 'I love my fans in the UK I just feel like they've had me for a long time. 'Any change is hard for them to get used to but they're gonna have to get used to it a little bit, because the US is calling me.' Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  10. Jennifer Lopez has to deal with her friends playing Cupid. The 45-year-old's divorce from Marc Anthony was finalised earlier this year and her relationship with dancer Casper Smart ended in June, amid rumours he'd cheated on her with a transsexual model. She has two other failed marriages behind her and is now content just focusing on herself. "My friends are constantly trying to set me up but I'm just not there right now. It's not something that's a priority. I have gone from relationship to relationship but, at the end of the day, I am not ashamed of the path I have taken or the lessons I have learned," she is quoted as saying by British newspaper The Mirror. 'I am who I am and I am human. I do what feels right in the moment. And right now it feels good to just be on my own and have some 'I love Jennifer' time, which I haven't done a lot in my life." The star has six-year-old twins Max and Emme with Marc and has been spending time with the kids in the wake of her latest split. She still believes in love, but calls being a mother her "number-one priority" right now. Jennifer suffered a shock last month when she and friend Leah Remini were involved in a car accident, which saw a drunk driver slam into the rear of their vehicle. She opened up about the incident, recalling the fear she felt. 'We were only five feet from the restaurant when a guy just slammed into the back of us. I swear I thought a boulder had fallen on top of us. It was so scary and I got out of the car and started yelling and screaming because I was so frightened the kids could have been hurt. It was a very scary situation and my daughter was sobbing," she shuddered. 'The guy was driving drunk and got arrested. But we were all fine. The kids were all in the backseat with their seatbelts on, thank goodness.' Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  11. Mydlms Review 2014 Tracker Name: My Download Maniacs (mydlms) Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type: Radio Based Bonus System: Yes Tracker Birthday: n/a Maintaining Ratio: Easy Tracker Signup: Closed/Invite Only(for now) Tracker URL: Banned Countries: n/a Tracker IRC: n/a IRC Bonus: n/a Tracker Twitter n/a account: Tracker Facebook n/a account: Description: Mydlms is greek general,ratio type private tracker,pre time is good,have freeleech torrents,but seeders its little. Screenshots: Category: Browse: Torrent by seeders: Most Completed torrents: Bonus Points: Upload: Forum: Rules: Faqs: Statistics(at time of post): Invites: Shoutbox: Radio: Ratings: Pretimes: 8/10 Speed: 8/10 Content: 8/10 Community:7/10 Rarity: 7/10 Over all my experience:8/10
  12. Marianne Faithfull said in a recent interview that her boyfriend at the time, a heroin dealer named Jean de Breteuil, was responsible for Doors frontman Jim Morrison's death in the summer of 1971. The singer recalled a sense of foreboding when Breteuil told her he intended to visit the Doors frontman so she decided to stay at their hotel and take barbiturates. "He went to see Jim Morrison and killed him," Faithfull told Mojo. "I mean, I'm sure it was an accident. Poor bastard. The smack was too strong? Yeah. And he died. And I didn't know anything about this. Anyway, everybody connected to the death of this poor guy is dead now. Except me." In the same interview, Faithfull also discussed the fate of Amy Winehouse, another singer who died at age 27 of a drug overdose. "Amy was very, very wary of me," Faithfull said. "She knew that I knew and she didn't want me to say anything. There's a level of narcissism which is all mixed up with self-hatred. I know it well.... But I can't think what I could have done apart from take her and shake her! 'You stupid little cunt! Wake up!'" Faithfull said she was "appalled" by the younger singer's death. In September, Faithfull will release a new record, Give My Love to London, which features songwriting collaborations with Roger Waters, Nick Cave, Steve Earle, Anna Calvi, Tom McRae and more. Her backing band on the record features members of Cave's Bad Seeds and Portishead's Adrian Utley. She also plans on publishing a book of photos from throughout her career with autobiographical captions, Marianne Faithfull: A Life on Record, in October.
  13. Tracker Name: Bite My Torrent Genre: Other Review: N/A Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: One of those trackers on the radio shows
  14. Tracker name: My Anonamouse Tracker URL: Tracker genre:E-lerning Tracker acces:Invite only Tracker type:I'm a very active user there because of the great content and the great community easy to seed also Tracker logo Tracker stats Categories Browse Forums Rules User classes Okay friends hope that you will like the review. I'm new at this but I'm doing my best. Have a great day to all