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Found 8 results

  1. Hi to all Have: - account with email XThor - invite - invite HDChina - account with email HDCMCT - account with email NorBits - account with email - account - account - invite Elite-Tracker - account - invite - account with email - invite - invite PiratHub - account PolishTracker - account - account - invite - invite Want: - invite or account with email - invite or account with email - account And many more just tell me your wish for my wanted trackers or give me your offer for another good tracker. Or money, PM me and I will tell you the price.
  2. Hi to all Have: BVT - invite Want: Or money, PM me and I will tell you the price. Only trusted members.
  3. Hi to all Have: BVT - invite Want: Or money, PM me and I will tell you the price. Only trusted members.
  4. New Zealand authorities have placed 18.8% of the Kim Dotcom-founded cloud hosting service Mega under restraining order. The actions involve multi-millionaire William Yan, one of Mega's largest shareholders, who is alleged to be involved in money laundering. Mega itself is not suspected of wrong-doing. While facing an extradition to America for his role in the so-called “Megaupload Conspiracyâ€, Kim Dotcom launched a new cloud storage venture, Mega. Now, this new service is being indirectly linked to a crime ring by local authorities. Today Mega announced that one of its major shareholders William Yan, also known as Bill Liu, is suspected of having connections to a large crime ring. Pending further investigation the police has put the 18.8% share held through Yan’s companies under restraining order. Yan has not been formally charged and through his lawyer denied any wrong-doing. Mega itself is not believed to be connected to the alleged crimes. “The Police have commented that their action does not affect any innocent third parties (such as Mega) who have had business dealings with Mr Yan,†Mega CEO Graham Gaylard says commenting on the news. “Mega has been extremely diligent to ensure that all its operations are fully compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements. Mega does not undertake any illegal activities and does not wish to be associated with any such activity,†Gaylard adds. Kim Dotcom says that William Yan was properly screened before he became a shareholder. The New Zealand entrepreneur, who himself is accused of money laundering by the United States, said that no alarm bells went off at the time. “He is an investor who put money into Mega because he believed in it. I had no idea he had any problems or issues,†Dotcom told the Herald. The news comes at an unfortunate time for Mega, which intends to go public on the New Zealand stock exchange through a backdoor listing. As a result of the restraining order the trading in shares of the backdoor listing vehicle TRS has been temporarily halted. Despite the problems of its shareholder, Mega’s CEO doesn’t believe the company will be affected. Gaylard stresses that all funds received by Mega were paid by Yan’s lawyers through banks that operate under stringent anti money laundering policies. “Mega has never had any reason to suspect that such funds resulted from any illegal activity, and the Restraining Order will not affect the operations of Mega,†Gaylard says. “For us it is business as usual.†
  5. The former admin of a pair of file-sharing sites that had their domains seized in 2012 has this week been handed a 22 month suspended jail sentence. Also punished were the man's parents, who were sentenced to 10 months after using their bank account to accept site advertising revenue. Back in February 2012, Italian media began reporting on the sudden closure of two popular file-sharing sites said to have 270,000 users. Acting on a court order, the Guardia di Finanza (financial police) seized the domains of and and ordered ISPs to block the IP addresses of the sites’ servers in the Netherlands. The order also authorized seizure of bank accounts connected to the site. The order was granted based on allegations of copyright infringement from local entertainment companies and claims of receiving stolen goods/money laundering. At the time the sites were said to be making around $300 a day from advertising. It’s taken more than two years but this week the Italian legal system finally wrapped up the case against the sites’ former operator and his family accomplices, finding all three guilty as charged. Fortunately the now 23-year-old will not spend any time behind bars, having been handed a 22 month suspended sentence after generating around 137,000 euros from the sites. Interestingly, his parents also became involved in the case after allowing their bank account to be used to collect advertising revenue. “The parents, who owned the bank account where the money from ads were allocated, were sentenced for money laundering,†Enzo Mazzo of music industry group Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana informs TorrentFreak. The couple received a 10 month suspended sentence after benefitting to the tune of 48,000 euros. “It’s a very good decision,†Mazza adds. “Our anti-piracy team FPM assisted during the case and we are really satisfied with the decision which has shown clear evidence of the link between piracy and the collection of money through advertisements.†In the future FIMI and its local associates will be looking to take a more proactive approach by stopping revenue reaching pirate sites in the first place. Earlier this month a new Italian coalition announced its plans to continue the “follow-the-money†theme being played out around Europe and the United States.
  6. With the MONEY K is not to be uploaded here at BS, unless you have found a work around, which I highly doubt. The game has been deleted several times and due to its size, this is hitting members quite heavily. For further info, cheak the related thread and you can join in the the discussion.
  7. Have 25 euro on paypal want 25 euro on skrill anyone interested please contact me
  8. It seems that the social network is ready to launch a money transfer service in Europe which would allow Facebook to compete with the likes of Western Union, while providing users the option to store money with Facebook or buy items online. Facebook is currently seeking regulatory approval in its EU base in Ireland for "e-money" status that would see the company issue digital credits convertible into cash by recipients. Facebook can make some forms of money transfer in the United States that allow payments within apps, from which the company takes a 30% cut. According to financial reports, Facebook facilitated $2.1bn in transactions in 2013, mostly to games publishers. Approval in Ireland would allow the company to operate an e-money service across Europe using “passporting†– in other words, digital payments can be used across EU member states without approval from each one. Although the company declined to comment on the development, this move highlights the scale of the global money transfer market. The social network has made mobile platforms the focus of its expansion strategy in developing markets like India – the latter accounts for over 100 million of Facebook’s 1.2 billion users. In addition, mobile broadband subscribers far outrun fixed-line users in developing nations. In developed nations, the social network competes with established technology platforms like Apple’s iTunes and Amazon, both having millions of customers with credit cards attached to the service. Since payment schemes are the equivalent to credit cards in emerging markets, Facebook can make progress here, particularly in places where banking infrastructure is not as mature as in EU or US. Regulatory approval from Ireland would subject the social network to the same controls as a bank, i.e. the company will be required to segregate funds equivalent to the amount of e-money it issues. Industry observers confirm that payments and e-money services are currently expanding in financial services and technology market. They also note that Facebook’s rivals are more focused on payment systems than money transfers. For example, Amazon’s CEO has made payment systems a priority focus, claiming that his company’s payments team should intensify its efforts to be successful in the space.