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Found 14 results

  1. Several organizations including domain name registrar Namecheap are asking the public to protest a new ICANN proposal that will ban private domain name registrations. The proposal was heavily lobbied for by various copyright holder groups, who want to make it easier to expose pirate site operators. In recent months copyright holders have been increasingly pushing for changes in the domain name industry. Groups such as the MPAA and RIAA, for example, want registrars to suspend domain names of clearly infringing websites. While this is unlikely to happen on a broad scale in the near future, a new ICANN proposal may put an end to private domain name registrations for some websites. A new proposal (pdf) will no longer allow ‘commercial’ sites, which could include all domain names that run advertisements, to hide their personal details through so-called WHOIS protections services. This change is backed by copyright holder groups including the MPAA, who previously argued that it will help them to hold the operators of illegal sites responsible. “Without accurate WHOIS data, there can be no accountability, and without accountability it can be difficult to investigate and remedy issues when individuals or organizations use the Internet in illegal or inappropriate ways,†MPAA’s Alex Deacon said recently. “Ensuring this data is accurate is important not only to the MPAA and our members, but also to everyone who uses the Internet every day.†On the other side of the spectrum, the proposal has ignited protests from privacy advocates and key players in the domain name industry. Digital rights group EFF points out that copyright holders can already expose the operators of alleged infringers quite easily by obtaining a DMCA subpoena. This is something the RIAA has done already on a few occasions. EFF further warns that the new rules will expose the personal details of many people who have done nothing wrong, but may have good reasons not to have their address listed publicly. “The limited value of this change is manifestly outweighed by the risks to website owners who will suffer a higher risk of harassment, intimidation and identity theft,†EFF’s Mitch Stoltz writes. Namecheap, one of the largest domain registrars, also jumped in and sent a mass-mailing to all their customers urging them to tell ICANN not to adopt the new proposal. “No WHOIS privacy provider wants their service to be used to conceal illegal activity, and the vast majority of domain owners are not criminals. Using a WHOIS privacy service is no more suspicious than having an unlisted phone number,†Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall notes “These new proposed rules would wreak havoc on our right to privacy online. ICANN is moving quickly, so we should too – contact them today and tell them to respect our privacy,†he adds. ICANN is currently accepting comments from the public and Namecheap is encouraging its customers to use the Respect Our Privacy campaign site to protest the proposed changes. Of course, Namecheap has more to worry about than the privacy of its users alone. The company itself operates the Whoisguard service and earns a lot of revenue through these private registrations. Thus far most of the responses received by ICANN have come in through the special campaign site, arguing against the proposal. The commenting period closes in two weeks followed by an official report. After that, the ICANN board will still have to vote on whether or not the changes will be implemented.
  2. After hearing argument from both the prosecutor and the organization in control of Sweden's .SE domain names this week, the Stockholm District Court will now consider the fate of two key Pirate Bay domains. With a verdict due in less than two weeks, will the Court order a historic confiscation or will the notorious site maintain its Swedish links? A small Scandinavian country in Northern Europe, Sweden has become a key battleground for international copyright holders looking to stamp their authority on millions of BitTorrent users. Attacking the sites they populate is a key strategy and above all others the destruction of The Pirate Bay is paramount. Born and developed in Sweden, the now notorious site is no longer the most popular in the world (that crown is currently worn by KickassTorrents) but its profile ensures it remains a target with massive propaganda value. When The Pirate Bay is crushed a corner will have been turned, Hollywood and the record labels believe. Over the years the site has been squeezed out of Sweden, and Sweden has been squeezed out of the site. Numerous court orders and raids have ended its physical presence in the country and its Swedish management have long since gone. Indeed, as far as its operations at this moment are concerned, the only big connection the site has with Sweden is its domain name – – and authorities are now doing whatever they can to break that most visible link. (the site’s main domain) and (a lesser used alternative) are being targeted by Prosecutor Fredrik Ingblad, the man behind the operation thattook the site down in December. Filed back in 2013 at the District Court of Stockholm, the motion targets Punkt SE, the organization responsible for Sweden’s top level .SE domain. This week the parties met in the Stockholm District Court, each putting forward their side of the argument. Ingblad didn’t respond to TorrentFreak’s offer to contribute to this article, but we know that he believes that Pirate Bay domains are criminal tools that enable copyright infringement, tools that should be confiscated by the state. Punkt SE, on the other hand, maintains that holding a registry responsible for infringement has no basis in law. Furthermore, disabling domains is an ineffective way to deal with infringement. “We believe it is wrong to pursue legal action against a top-level administrator like .SE to take away a service from the internet,†Punkt SE’s Maria Ekelund informs TF. “To confiscate a domain name is ineffective and disproportionate to achieve the impact of the earlier judgment, that is, to suspend access to the service itself.†In 2009, Swedish ISP Black Internet was ordered to stop providing Internet access to The Pirate Bay. The ISP initially declined to appeal the ruling but appeared to change its mind after its infrastructure was subjected to a huge cyber-attack. While the appeal was granted, the ISP failed to have the original decision overturned and subsequently blocked all traffic into and out of the IP addresses used by The Pirate Bay. For The Pirate Bay, the dream of trouble-free hosting in Sweden was largely over. But still, the site has found a way to stay online, no matter where in the world it has thrown anchor. Punkt SE believes that taking away Pirate Bay’s domain will do little to change that. “To remove a domain name can be likened to taking away a sign that shows the address to a store operating illegally. Just because the sign disappears, does not mean the business disappears,†Ekelund adds. “However, we think it is good that the issue should be examined because the legal situation is unclear. This case differs from previous cases because it is not only directed against the holder, but also directly against .SE.†So now the waiting begins. In less than two weeks the Stockholm District Court will hand down its decision. Victory for Punkt will underpin the registry’s stance on limited liability and will buy The Pirate Bay more time. A win for the prosecutor will deliver a fairly serious blow to the site and draw a line in the sand for others looking to embark on similar adventures. But, perhaps more importantly, in the event the Court sides with the prosecution, Sweden will at last rid itself of the site that put the country in the crosshairs of the United States. No longer serviced from Swedish soil, with hardware or domain names, The Pirate Bay will be cut adrift to float at sea. Where will it dock next? That will remain a secret, at least for now.
  3. The social network's Chinese website blocks objectionable content globally -- a policy the company says it is "strongly considering changing." LinkedIn is weighing a change to its censorship policy in China that could free up more content for the rest of the world, according to Bloomberg. The company currently blocks content on its Chinese website considered taboo by the government. But that content is blocked not only in China but worldwide, preventing Chinese users from sharing information outside the country. Now LinkedIn is considering a revision that would allow such content to be seen globally, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. LinkedIn spokesman Doug Madey sent this statement to CNET: "We can confirm that LinkedIn is strongly considering changing our policy so that content from our Chinese members that is not allowed in China will still be viewed globally. Beyond that, nothing to add at this time." Since launching a site in China in February, LinkedIn has run into the same challenges faced by other US companies that want to do business there. The Chinese government imposes strict censorship rules on what content can be seen by its citizens. Companies that want to take advantage of the large, lucrative Chinese market must abide by such rules. Announcing the Chinese deal in February, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner laid out the following ground rulesfor how it would handle itself there: Government restrictions on content will be implemented only when and to the extent required. LinkedIn will be transparent about how it conducts business in China and will use multiple avenues to notify members about [its] practices. The company will undertake extensive measures to protect the rights and data of [its] members. In June, LinkedIn faced its first major test when it was criticized for blocking certain content related to the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Responding to a request from the news site China Real Time, LinkedIn spokesman Roger Pua said at the time that the company is "strongly in support of freedom of expression....[but] it's clear to us that in order to create value for our members in China and around the world, we will need to implement the Chinese government's restrictions on content, when and to the extent required."
  4. The curious tale of Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight has taken another unexpected turn, after the filmmaker temporarily canceled his plans to make the movie western – in response to the script being leaked well ahead of time, that is. Since then, however, the Hateful Eight screenplay has been brought to life as a live reading by the movie’s potential cast – which includes several Tarantino favorites (Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, etc.) – and, most recently, got an official poster that confirmed the Weinstein Company intends to have the film in theaters by 2015. /Film has now discovered that the Alberta Film Ratings Board recently classified a one-minute, forty-second longHateful Eight trailer. Moreover, after having ben contacted by “multiple theater employees,†the site uncovered a notice on the Weinstein Company page (see below), asserting that a Hateful Eight preview will be attached to select prints of the Frank Miller graphic novel adaptation Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, which opens next week. In addition, the notice reveals that this Hateful Eightpromo will be included with Sin City 2 prints in theaters only, rather than be made available online at some other date. There is, of course, a precedent for major studios releasing theaters-only trailers; quite recently, for example, Universal attached a preview for the Ouija adaptation to select movies screening in theaters, before it unveiled the film’s proper trailer online for everyone to watch. Amityville: The Awakening, for those who haven’t heard yet, was previously titledAmityville and is a new film installment in the Amityville Horror franchise, scheduled for arrival in January 2015; point being, now is about the right time for the project’s marketing to begin. Hence, it would make sense for the Amityville trailer to premiere with the new Sin City flick (both are being distributed by the Weinsteins) – something that lends credibility to what is otherwise a Hateful Eight rumor, for the time being. Similarly, it’s widely-known that Tarantino and Sin City co-director Robert Rodriguez are friends – Tarantino even directed a scene in the first Sin City movie – and there’s very much overlap between their fan bases. In addition, having an exclusive look atHateful Eight attached to A Dame to Kill For would surely help to promote both films – especially the latter, which is arriving nine years after its predecessorand hasn’t generated a whole ton of pre-release buzz (good or bad). Obviously, since Tarantino hasn’t actually begun principal photography for Hateful Eight yet, there won’t be any proper footage in the trailer. However, that does not rule out the possibility that one (or more) of the film’s stars have recorded some dialogue from the script, alluding to the movie’s storyline about a “mistrustful group [trapped] in the middle of nowhere.†A similarly minimalist preview was put together for the director’s Kill Bill Vol. 2, so a move like this wouldn’t be entirely without precedent for a Tarantino project – especially one that’s already begun traveling an unusual road to the big screen. Hateful Eight will arrive in theaters in 2015.
  5. It looks as though Warner Bros. is adapting the Dragonriders of Pern novels for the big screen, with the intent of launching a new multi-platform franchise. For those not familiar, the Dragonriders series is a sci-fi/fantasy amalgam that takes place in the world of Pern, where Dragonriders – warriors that form a telepathic bond with dragons which allows them to work together – must battle a dangerous airborne spore (“Threadâ€) that is capable of devastating the Pernese environment. Dragonriders was started up by American-Irish author Anne McCaffrey in 1967 with a pair of novellas, before the first full-blown novel (titled “Dragonflightâ€) was published a year later. The property now encompasses 22 books and multiple short stories, which have spanned around 2500 years of history from the Dragonriders universe; as such, there is a plethora of material to be drawn from for inspiration, where it concerns the film adaptation(s). Deadline is reporting that WB executive Drew Crevello, who worked on the X-Men movie franchise during his time as VP at 20th Century Fox, and producer Julia Spiro (Now You See Me) are involved with development on the Dragonriders movie. A few years back, screenwriter David Hayter (The Scorpion King, X2) was reported to have begun work on a film adaptation of the “Dragonflight†novel, but it sounds as though the project is essentially starting from scratch at this point. Will Dragonriders become the next Harry Potter and/or Lord of the Rings franchise success story for WB? Well, probably not in terms of scale, though the series certainly has a strong fan following and nearly fifty years of literature for intrigued newcomers to dive into, so there’s very much promise there. Then again, WB doesn’t, per se, need Dragonriders to be massive cash cow, given some of the other franchise titles that the studio has in the pipeline (see: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, etc.). At the same time, though, WB will also be retreading some well-trod territory over the next few years, with new installments in franchise such as Tarzan and King Arthur – film properties that, despite their age, are relatively questionable box office prospects nowadays. That is to say, having something a little fresher on the menu (along the lines of Dragonriders) doesn’t sound like a bad idea, either. We’ll keep you posted on development for Dragonriders of Pern.
  6. HD center Review 2014 Tracker name:HD center Tracker url: Tracker type: movies Seed difficulty: medium to hard Sign-up: invites only Tracker speed: 8/10 Tracker content: 8/10 Home page: Tracker statistics: Browse & Categories: Requests: Rules: FAQ | Ratio system: FAQ | Allowed clients: Forum:
  7. Do you think that things are cheaper in the third world? The Chinese don’t. Not anymore. The local governments of the United States are trying to attract the Chinese companies to their states in the hope they will set up shop. According to the recent Yahoo news, the free market failed to provide states like Alabama with jobs, and in result the region suffered from a high unemployment rate. The problem was solved after the state began looking for investors from the Communist Henan Province in China. The searches were successful – Henan’s Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group has already opened a plant in Alabama in May 2014, and it is not the only one of its kind: the trend of the Chinese outsourcing to the US is being noticed across the country. Indeed, the Chinese companies have already invested a record $14 billion in the US in 2013. What is more important, they collectively employ over 70,000 Americans. The market confirms that the rules have changed: Chinese workers are getting more and more expensive, while the energy prices in the United States are falling. So, now mayors and economic development officials can be seen lining up to welcome Chinese investors, though a few years ago they would have called them “Commie infiltratorsâ€. The researchers point out that it is in the more conservative Southern states, where obsession with blocking health care defined a higher number of people on welfare being at the forefront of attracting the Chinese. Today any market expert would admit that the United States has some advantages of cheaper Chinese manufacturing facilities: aside from access to cheap Mexican labor, companies that set up in the States will save a fortune on transport costs.
  8. Tracker name: ICETorrent Tracker url: Tracker type: General Seed difficulty: easy Sign-up: open (atm) Tracker speed: 7/10 Tracker content: 7/10 Description: Decent general tracker with good speed and good content too. You can upload torrents. Free torrents available. Categories and torrents Request Forum Bonus User classes Rules
  9. Tracker name: Blu-Evolution (BluEvo) Tracker genre: HD (General) Tracker url: Tracker registration: Invite only Maintaining ratio: easy IRC: My Ratings: Speed - 8/10, Content - 8/10 Note: Blu-Evolution is general tracker for all HD related contents. Home Page Statistics Torrents Rules FAQ Forum Donate
  10. Perhaps, the well-known secure networking service will close down 1/8 of its capacity because of the Heartbleed bug. Tor, which allows everyone to access the Internet untraceably, works on a network of donated servers that bounce encrypted data between themselves prior to returning back on to the open web. If there are enough internal relays, you won’t be able to determine which traffic is coming from which machines. The problem is that some Tor nodes are operating on servers with OpenSSL versions 1.0.1 to 1.0.1f installed, which are vulnerable to the Heartbleed flaw. In other words, an attacker could theoretically exploit the bug on those servers to find internal information relating to the service itself, thus compromising the security of the whole network. This discovery was reason for Roger Dingledine, one of the initial developers of Tor, to suggest that nodes which run the vulnerable versions of OpenSSL should not be used in the network anymore. He admitted that if the other directory authority operators follow suit, Tor will lose about 12% of the exit capacity plus 12% of its guard capacity. The plans are that the servers are allowed to be back on once they have upgraded their OpenSSL. However, if they remain vulnerable, Dingledine really doesn’t want that identity key on the Tor network even after they have upgraded their OpenSSL. Hopefully, the cut won’t be noticed by ordinary users.