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Found 5 results

  1. Having battery life problems on your Windows 8.1 laptop? These tips will help you squeeze the most juice out of your battery. You shouldn't have to be tethered to your desk to use your laptop. While battery life is improving, it still isn't perfect. If you've got a Windows 8.1 machine, these tips will help you squeeze the most juice of your computer's battery. Software updates Microsoft routinely issues patches and software updates to fix bugs and add new features to Windows. It's always a good idea that you are on the latest version of Windows. Not only will these updates helpkeep your system more secure, but they can sometimes also improve your battery life. To check for updates, go to the Charms menu by swiping from right to left on the screen or moving your mouse to the lower right corner of the screen. Then, click on Settings, select the "Change PC settings" option, followed by Updates and Recovery, and click the "Check for updates" box. Tweak power settings Microsoft has bundled various power saving options inside of Windows 8.1. These settings can be accessed from the desktop by opening the Control Panel, selecting Hardware and Sound, and clicking on Power options. Here you can choose a power plan from Microsoft or you can create your own. You can tweak things like brightness, when the display will turn off, and when the computer will go to sleep, among other things. Clicking on the "Change advanced power settings" will open the door to even more customization options. Dim the display The display on your laptop uses a ton of energy. When you disconnect the power cord, it's best to dim the brightness down below half or to a level that is suitable for your eyes. This can be done by going to the Charms menu and select Settings. The brightness options are located above the keyboard icon and next to the volume menu. If your laptop includes it, you should also disable the automatic brightness feature, and dim the keyboard backlight. To do this, go to Settings, click on the "Change PC settings" option, tap on PC and Devices, followed by Display, and turn off the "Adjust my screen brightness automatically" slider. To dim the keyboard backlight, open the Charms menu, click on Search, type in "mobility," and select Windows Mobility Center. Turn off Bluetooth Even if you don't have a wireless mouse or speakers connected, having Bluetooth enabled will still draw power from your computer's battery. To disable the Bluetooth radio, go to Settings, click on the "PC and devices" option, and select Bluetooth. Disconnect any dongles As is the case with Bluetooth, a USB-connected device (such as a flash drive) will also drain your battery. If you aren't using the dongle or device, you should unplug it to prevent battery drain. If the power cord is unplugged, charging your smartphone or tablet via a USB port will also reduce your battery life.
  2. Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann praises fan-made short film based on PlayStation 3 game. What would Uncharted: Drake's Fortune's opening scene look like in real life? That's the challenge a group of European filmmakers recently took on, this week releasing a short film--called Uncharted: Ambushed--based on the PlayStation 3 game's opening cutscene. "We worked very hard on this and we are very proud of the result, and we hope fellow Uncharted fans will like as much as we did making it," filmmaker Martin Sofiedal says. The impressively produced video is in another language, though there are subtitles. It's not a shot-for-shot remake of the game's opening scene (see below), but it's well-made and makes me hopeful that theUncharted movie does in fact one day happen. The short film has drawn the praise of one high-ranking Naughty Dog developer, Neil Druckmann, whotweeted: "I <.3 it!" Druckmann is currently co-directing 2015's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  3. For the Children! Its that time of year again folks. Time to play video games live on the internet for an inordinate amount of the time! GameSpot's third annual Extra Life effort will see our entire international crew take part in a monster 100 hour gaming marathon. For the children! What will we play during that 100 hours? Well 100 games of course, chosen by live viewers at the beginning of every hour using the poles on GameSpot's chat. This year's target sits at $20,000, just over what we made last year - with all funds going to Oakland Children's Hospital and Research Center. This year's stream will once again be split across GameSpot's three international offices. Our headquarters in San Francisco will get the ball rolling at noon on Wednesday, passing over to our UK colleagues after twenty-four hours. Jess, Zorine and the team down in GameSpot AU will pick it up from them once we hit forty-eight before passing back to the San Francisco crew for the final twenty-eight hours stint. US live stream #1 Wednesday 22nd October 12:00 PT / 20:00 BST / 06:00 AEDT (23 October) UK live stream Thursday 23 October 12:00 PT / 20:00 BST / 06:00 AEDT (24 October) AU live stream Friday 24 October 12:00 PT / 20:00 BST / 06:00 AEDT (25 October) US live stream #2 Saturday 25 October 12:00 PT / 20:00 BST / 06:00 AEDT (26 October) Complicated? Yea we know! But alll you need to know is that we'll be streaming for 100 hours straight over at The Extra Life charity stream is a massive highlight for all of us at GameSpot. So before we start this year's mega-marathon, we once again want to thank every one of you who watched and donated the previous two years. It's been an honor to be part of this incredible moment each year, and this year more than ever we're looking forward to showing how online gaming communities can be massive forces for good. If you'd like to help us reach our goal of $20,000 for the kids of Oakland Children's Hospital and Research Center, please donate at Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  4. Fans seeking to raise $150,000 to launch advertising blitz to encourage Valve to release the long-awaited game. A group of Half-Life fans have launched a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo with the hope of raising money to create a "We Want Half-Life 3" advertising campaign so large that Valve can't ignore it. The group, which says it is backed by advertising agency McKee Wallwork & Company (we've contacted them for comment), is looking to raise $150,000 "to get Valve to finish the game we've dreamed about for all these years." The Half-Life 3 advertising blitz is aiming to be so massive that it will reach "every single employee at Valve." How will the group do this? If the campaign hits $3,000, they will create a Google AdWord campaign that specifically targets Valve's employees. This ad would simply state: "WE WANT HALF-LIFE 3." If funding reaches $9,000, they will also rent a truck with a giant billboard on it to drive around Bellevue, Washington--where Valve is headquartered. "We'll plaster it with our propaganda and besiege Valve HQ in Bellevue, Washington until their white flag is raised. Or, at least until the end of the day when our driver's shift is over," the group says. Beyond that, should funding reach $45,000, the group will hire a squad of Gabe Newell doppelgangers to approach Valve's HQ wearing "We Want HL3" t-shirts. "Who knows, maybe they will sneak into a strategic meeting and release Half-Life 3 themselves," they write. If this stretch goal is reached, the group promises to film the event for all to see later on. Finally, should funding reach $150,000, the group will hold a huge concert in Seattle and invite all Valve employees to attend. The purpose of this is so Half-Life fans can speak directly to Valve employees about their request for Half-Life 3. The Half-Life 3 campaign organizers, Chris Salem and Kyle Mazzei, say all proceeds will go towards encouraging Valve to release Half-Life 3; they won't make any money on this, they say. Backing the project at $5 gets you a personalized "thank you" card, while a contribution of $15 or more gets you a "We Want Half-Life 3" pin. Giving $75 to the campaign will net you a "We Want Half-Life 3" t-shirt, as well as all previous perks. You can read more about the campaign at its Indiegogo page. While Kickstarter has an all-or-nothing policy regarding funding, Indiegogo does not, meaning the "We Want Half-Life 3" campaign could still become a reality even if the full $150,000 is not reached. The most recent Half-Life game was 2007's Half-Life 2: Episode Two. That game advances the story of previous entries Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One. A third episode was planned, but has not seen the light of day. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  5. On Day 2 of the New York Comic Con, had a chance to sit down for an interview with a veteran actor who has come into his own in recent years with appearances in many popular films and television shows. Most people probably know Ron Perlman as Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy from two popular movies, but others will know him from six seasons playing "Clay" Morrow on FX's popular "Sons of Anarchy" series. Others will remember him from the hit TV series "Beauty and the Beast" or may even his starring role in Jeunet's City of Lost Children. At the age of 64, the New York-born Perlman may seem a little young to be writing his memoir but he has indeed written one called "Easy Street (The Hard Way)" which has been out for a few weeks and he was brought to this year's New York Comic Con to be honored with a special Spotlight panel to meet his adoring fans. While he was mainly there to push his memoir, it just so happens that he's also provided his voice for the role of Xibalba in Jorge Gutierez's animated family film, coincidentally titled The Book of Life. It was produced by Perlman's long-time friend and collaborator Guillermo del Toro as well. Just last week, it was announced that Amazon has bought a full season of "Hand of God" in which Perlman plays a judge seeking vengeance, which should also keep him busy now that "Sons of Anarchy" has finished. He also expects to return as Hannibal Chau in Guillermo del Toro's sequel to his popular Pacific Rim, although he will have to figure that into his schedule for 2015. spoke with Perlman about all these things as well as some of his career hallmarks (like his first film Quest for Fire) in the video interview below. The Book of Life opens theatrically on Friday, October 17, and Ron Perlman's book "Easy Street (The Hard Way)" is now available at Amazon (where you can also watch the pilot of "Hand of God") and other fine book retailers. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post