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Found 20 results

  1. Movie studio LionsGate has reached a settlement with the operator of video hosting service The operator of the video hosting platform admits that he willfully infringed on the studios rights by allowing users to stream a leaked copy of Expendables 3. The exact details of the settlement remain confidential and for now the site remains operational. Last summer LionsGate suffered a major setback when a high quality leak of the unreleased Expendables 3 film appeared online. Fearing a massive loss in revenue, the movie studio sued the operators of several websites that allegedly failed to remove the infringing files. Over the past several months there has been little progress in the case, but yesterday LionsGate announced that it reached a settlement (pdf) with one of the accused site operators. In a new filing at the California district court, Jerome Gillan, the operator of video hosting site, admits to willful copyright infringement for his role in the controversial leak. While the video hosting service has nothing to do with the original leak, Gillian played a role by hosting copies of the film and allowing users to watch these through embedded streams. In addition, the operator admits that he failed to process or respond to takedown notices before the lawsuit was filed. As a result, he is liable for the resulting infringements under the DMCA. According to the proposed judgment which has been agreed by both parties, Gillan takes full responsibility by admitting to all claims the movie studio brought against him. “Gillan has willfully infringed Lions Gate’s copyright in the Film directly, contributorily and vicariously and is liable for all of the causes of action that Lions Gate has asserted against him in this action,†the proposed consent judgment reads. Together both parties inform the court that they’ve reached a confidential settlement. According to the agreement Gillan has accepted financial and other obligations to resolve Lions Gate’s claims, but how much he has to pay is not disclosed. In addition, and its operator are prohibited from “hosting, linking to, distributing, reproducing, performing, selling, offering for sale, making available for download, streaming or making any other use of any copy or copies of the Film.†The proposed judgment only applies to, the claims against other websites including the torrent search engine remain unsettled. At the time of writing the website is still online. The site has lost a lot of traffic in recent months but is still widely used to host videos. Previously the UK police also arrested several people who allegedly leaked the Expendables 3 movie online, but thus far the true source of the leak remains unknown.
  2. HBO has sent thousands of warnings to Internet subscribers whose connections were used to share leaked Game of Thrones episodes. While there are no legal strings attached for the affected subscribers, HBO hopes that some will think twice before downloading future episodes. Last week’s pre-release leak of four Game of Thrones episodes is one of the most prominent piracy cases in TV history. The first copies, leaked from a review screener, quickly spread across public torrent sites and were downloaded millions of times. While most piracy occurred through BitTorrent, HBO seemed mostly concerned with a few dozen people who watched a shoddy stream via Twitter’s Periscope. Behind the scenes, however, BitTorrent pirates were targeted as well. Over the past week HBO sent out a flurry of takedown notices to those who shared the controversial leaks in public. TF has seen several notices, which all come in the standard format. Through its anti-piracy partner IP-Echelon, HBO instructs Internet providers to relay the alerts to the account holder associated with the infringing IP-address. “1. Contact the subscriber who has engaged in the conduct described above and take steps to prevent the subscriber from further downloading or uploading HBO content without authorization.†In addition, ISPs may want to take additional measures such as disconnecting the accounts of repeat infringers. “2. Take appropriate action against the account holder under your Abuse Policy/Terms of Service Agreement.†As is always the case with DMCA notices, HBO doesn’t know the identity of the alleged pirates, so there are no legal strings attached. Nonetheless, HBO hopes that the warnings will deter some from downloading future episodes. And indeed, some users may panic when they see that their downloads were flagged. Not all warnings are effective though. Some DMCA notices were directed at VPN users who can’t be identified and never get to see the warnings in question. It’s clear that containing the Game of Thrones leaks is important for HBO, but the DMCA notices themselves are nothing new. The company has been sending these out for various shows over the years, they just never got much attention.
  3. The first four episodes of the new Game of Thrones season have leaked online a day before the official premiere. The leaked episodes, which appear to come from review copies sent to the press, have been downloaded more than 100,000 times in just three hours. Starting a few hours ago several episodes of the new Game of Thrones season started to appear online. The copies were first spotted on the private torrent tracker IPT, but they soon made their way to more public sites such as The Pirate Bay, RARBG and KickassTorrents. At the time of writing the first four episodes of the new season have been posted online. One source informs TF that the leak most likely originates from review copies sent to the press. The leaks are a huge blow to HBO. In an effort to decrease piracy the company worked hard to ensure that the fifth season of Game of Thrones would premiere in 170 countries simultaneously. Today, however, pirates have scooped up the exclusive, releasing four episodes worldwide. While it came unexpected, many Game of Thrones fans have already spotted the early leak. During the first three hours the episodes were downloaded more than 100,000 times and this number is expected to increase to more than a million later today. The episodes that were posted online thus far are in standard-definition (SD) quality. Interestingly, some commenters note that they rather wait until HD copies become available, as they are used to watching the show in a better resolution. Over the past three years Game of Thrones has been the most pirated TV-show. Based on the popularity of today’s leaks, this will be no different in 2015. — Breaking story, more info may follow Game of Thrones Leaked S05E01
  4. The first episode of the new drama series CSI: Cyber has leaked online. The show, which documents the hunt for cyber-criminals, has apparently fallen victim to its main subject. Is CBS being put in its place by 'hackers' or could the leak be some kind of promotional stunt? CSI: Cyber is the fourth series in the popular CSI franchise. The police drama, starring Emmy Award winner Patricia Arquette, revolves around the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division which investigates illegal activities on the Internet, including piracy. The new show is set to premiere tomorrow night but cyber criminals have spoiled the exclusive for CBS. Ironically, or perhaps fittingly, leaked copies of the first episode surfaced on various pirate sites during the past day. The leaked footage comes from a high quality copy and doesn’t have any visible watermarks. The leak appears to come from the P2P group “PMP†and is titled “CSI-Cyber-S01E01-HDTV-x264-PMP.†Leaked CSI Cyber Episode 1 Interestingly, however, the episode isn’t spreading through the usual torrent sites. Instead, it appeared on various streaming services and cyberlockers first, which is quite unusual. There are no traces to the video source. It may have come from a promotional screener, or perhaps the leak itself is a promotion? If so, it wouldn’t be the first time that a TV-series has been intentionally leaked to gain traction. From reading the comments of early viewers the pilot is getting mixed reviews. Some love the concept of a cyber CSI, but others are more critical of the various technicalities. “Wow. Not a good first effort at all. Did they hire any real hackers or anyone with any real working knowledge of hacking,†one cyber ‘criminal’ commented. Whether CBS plans to alert the FBI’s real “CSI:Cyber†to hunt down the leakers is unknown, but for now they remain on the loose. Torrentfreak
  5. I'm just quoting this post(not popular for some reason): submitted 1 month ago on reddit by uhx Want free torrent site DBs? I was pretty bored today and figured I might as well drop a tracker vuln. This for the newest xbtit. news.php: do_sqlquery("DELETE FROM {$TABLE_PREFIX}news WHERE id=".$_GET["id"],true); edit.php: do_sqlquery("UPDATE {$TABLE_PREFIX}files SET filename='$fname', comment='" . AddSlashes($_POST["comment"]) . "', category=" . intval($_POST["category"]) . " WHERE info_hash='" . $torhash . "'",true); Oh hey, that's a 0day. Not even going to bother finding all of the sites affected , but I'd imagine that'll be quite a few. And here's some extra fun SQLi SQLi in id param SQLi DISCLAIMER: All the sites running xbtit have already had their DBs stolen and sold to the MAFIAA, so don't bother.
  6. Summary: More documents leaked by Edward Snowden serve to validate claims that Skype is about as bad as one can get when it comes to private communication. GIVEN Microsoft’s very special relationship with the the NSA we were never shocked to learn about spying on Skype users (both audio and video, in real time even). Days ago more information was made available. One journalist said that the new documents show spy agencies could grab all Skype traffic. To quote: “A National Security Agency document published this week by the German news magazine Der Spiegel from the trove provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden shows that the agency had full access to voice, video, text messaging, and file sharing from targeted individuals over Microsoft’s Skype service. The access, mandated by a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court warrant, was part of the NSA’s PRISM program and allowed “sustained Skype collection†in real time from specific users identified by their Skype user names.†Here is another take which quotes: “The nature of the Skype data collection was spelled out in an NSA document dated August 2012 entitled “User’s Guide for PRISM Skype Collection.†The document details how to “task†the capture of voice communications from Skype by NSA’s NUCLEON system, which allows for text searches against captured voice communications. It also discusses how to find text chat and other data sent between clients in NSA’s PINWALE “digital network intelligence†database. “The full capture of voice traffic began in February of 2011 for “Skype in†and “Skype out†calls—calls between a Skype user and a land line or cellphone through a gateway to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), captured through warranted taps into Microsoft’s gateways. But in July of 2011, the NSA added the capability of capturing peer-to-peer Skype communications—meaning that the NSA gained the ability to capture peer-to-peer traffic and decrypt it using keys provided by Microsoft through the PRISM warrant request.†The authors of the original article previously linked to our Wiki page about Skype and also some articles we wrote about Skype. We wrote about this well before Microsoft bought Skype (proprietary software) and years before the NSA leaks. Thanks to Snowden they now have it confirmed as truth with original documents to prove/validate it.
  7. Recently released Snowden’s NSA documents published by the German magazine Spiegel reveal the NSA has a dedicated team to crack VPN traffic and feed it to their data mining software. The documents list over 200 commercial VPN providers, like Astrill, CyberGhostVPN, iPredator and PrivateInternetAccess (PIA), they include companies that no longer exist like Xerobank and also name small VPN providers. One of the leaked NSA slides says that copyright violators, pedophiles and Internet scam artists all use Internet anonymity, highlighting that terrorists using anonymity are the NSA main concern, however, this is a three year old document and contemporary news indicate that the NSA and GCHQ now also have orders of using their skills to hunt down pedophiles on the Internet. The 51 pages long slide titled “Internet Anonymity 2011†starts explaining the differences in between encryption and Internet anonymity, contrasting how encryption hides content and VPNs hide metadata, which is important for the NSA. There are commentaries in favour and against Internet anonymity and it briefly introduces the different proxies and VPN protocols available (PPTP; SSH; OpenVPN; L2TP; SSTP). A short analysis spells out how commercial VPN providers work and exposes that the NSA is listing all servers VPN providers have, with a noted complaint about a free VPN provider called HotSpotShield because their list of servers is not readily available for the NSA and the staff has to reverse engineer them. After VPN traffic has been decrypted, everything is stored in XKEYSCORE, a Google like supercomputer used by the NSA to quickly search for specific words or computer IPs. NSA VPN exploit To crack OpenVPN the NSA advises to use XKEYSCORE with X.509 digital certificates, it then shows some real examples of how they fingerprint HostSpotShield, Easy hide IP, Comodo VPN Trust Connect and SecurityKiss, enumerating the ports each service is using with references to their RSA key. Other documents mention that the NSA is aiming at processing 100,000 requests per hour by 2011, this means that they should be able to decrypt and reinject data of 100,000 VPN users, a capability that I am guessing will have considerably increased since then. There are comparisons in between single hop proxies, picking as example Psiphon, multihop proxies that pick JonDo as example and Tor, the comparison lists the advantages and disadvantages of each one of the methods and ends with the conclusion that Tor remains the safest anonymous proxy available. According to the NSA, “sophisticated targets†use Tor to access terrorist forums, it specifically names the terrorist forums al-Faloja, CEMF, al-Hisbah, shumukh, using this as the main reason why the NSA needs to identify Tor traffic, which apparently is hard to do. The only breakthrough the NSA mentions is the capability they have of identifying a few Tor servers, due to their unique characteristics of random digital certificate issuers and the certificates being always only valid for 2 hours. NSA VPN providers The secret documents call the Torbutton a “thorn in the side of SIGINT†(intelligence gathering) because it disables all active content and they have no work around. To crack Tor the presentation recommends “implanting a web server with poisoned content intended for target“, which in plain language means getting the target to download a file infected with a trojan horse. A different 43 pages long NSA presentation gives more technical details about VPN traffic cracking and they mention that all branches have a specialist VPN representative to spy on a target. The same presentation says that the VPN team provides vulnerability analysis and suggests alternative approaches if exploitation is unrealistic. In one particular slide, the NSA stresses in capital letters that VPN exploits are POTENTIAL, depending on many different factors. The second presentation illustrates the NSA success cracking PPTP traffic and goes onto name Iran Air, the Afghan government, Turkish diplomats and Kabul bank as some of those using PPTP to secure their communications. The NSA justification for spying on bank communications is that by following the money they find who is at the other end. And one very important reminder adds on the last page that “If it’s not exploitable now, that doesn’t mean it won’t be later“. GCHQ Tor exploit PPTP has been considered insecure for a long time, these documents not only confirm it, they also illustrate that it is being exploited on a daily basis. If you use a VPN make sure to only connect with the most secure protocol, OpenVPN. A second security measure should be to only sign up with a VPN company that has competent security staff, the NSA VPN exploitation for OpenVPN appears to rely on finding the pre-shared key. Other jewels found on the leaked documents are that the NSA admits to not being able to crack PGP encryption and OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging), two of the documents show metadata without any transcription for the conversation, marked by NSA staff with the sentence “no decrypt available for PGP encrypted message“. As for remailers, the “Internet Anonymity†NSA slides disclose that the agency considers Mixmaster and Mixminion the most secure remailers due to their high latency, adding that they are hardly used by anybody. Without a doubt, the leaks show that the NSA has lots of interests in wiretapping VPN traffic. People worried about illegal spying could stick to Tor since the NSA admits that they can’t crack it, but a different GCHQ (UK secret service) presentation leaked in the same article and titled “potential technique to deanonymise Tor users“, mentions that the UK secret services is considering using Tor exit nodes they own to help them deanonymise Tor users, the presentation is highly technical and appears to be a future project, that, if it has been implemented, means that the GCHQ has deployed their own honeypot Tor exit nodes to log all traffic and with it any passwords you enter. I can only see two solutions for the paranoid, one of them, is using double authentication to login to the VPN, you could use a key based SSH login with PuTTY, this places the encryption keys in your power and not in the server, this way only a trojan horse could steal your keys. The second solution, is to combine a VPN with Tor, which will slow down your Internet browsing. More information: By HACKER10
  8. Just a week ago on Christmas, the massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack from the notorious hacking group Lizard Squad knocked Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live offline, but as if it wasn't the end of disaster for Microsoft. This time it isn't a case of services being taken down — instead, the software development kit (SDK) for the Xbox Live is being freely circulated over the Internet. Another group calling itself H4LT has apparently managed to leak the Microsoft’s official Xbox One developer SDK, potentially opening the door for homemade applications and allowing unapproved developers to create unofficial software for the system. The group announced the Xbox One leak via its official Twitter account, and also provided some screenshots of the November’s release of the Durango XDK (Xbox Development Kit) files, including the accompanying development tools, device firmware and its documentation. H4LT group states noble reasons for posting the SDK — in order to allow greater "creativity and research... towards homebrew applications" on the console. The group offered the following explanation when interviewed by TechGame via a direct message, that exactly why they decided to leak the XDK: "We leaked it to the community because if something is shared then.. progress is achieved faster than alone. Something kept between us will not achieve anything. Share it with the community = creativity and research. Shared is how it should be. The SDK will basically allow the community to reverse and open doors towards homebrew applications being present on the Xbox One." H4LT group kept itself distance from the perpetrators of the recent Xbox Live and PSN outage, which indicates that it has no connection with Lizard Squad. A tweet directed toward Lizard Squad asked "You had fun by taking down servers. Can we have fun for leak-*cough* giving out this?" According to the group, there is no definite exploit at the moment that would allow developers to run homebrew applications on the console, but the group does hope that someone familiar with the inner workings of Windows 8 will be able to dig through the files and find something. "Once the SDK is out, people who have knowledge or has in the past reversed files related to the Windows (8) operating system should definitely have a go at reversing some files in there," the group added. "Why? Well, the Xbox One is practically a stripped Windows 8 device and has introduced a new package format that hasn't had much attention. This format is responsible for updating the console and storing applications (Games are under the category of 'Applications' on the Xbox One) and is a modification of Virtual Hard Disks." At the time, there is not much information about the leaked , but as time passes and further study is conducted on the leaked SDK, more hidden information will be unveiled.
  9. Leaked documents reveal in detail how Hollywood plans to take on piracy in the years to come. One of the top priorities for the MPAA are cyberlockers and illegal streaming sites, with lawsuits planned in the UK, Germany and Canada. Torrent sites are a medium priority, which the MPAA hopes to fight with criminal prosecutions, domain seizures and site blocking. The Sony Pictures leak has caused major damage to the Hollywood movie studio, but the fallout doesn’t end there. Contained in one of the leaked data batches is a complete overview of the MPAA’s global anti-piracy strategy for the years to come. In an email sent to top executives at the major Hollywood studios earlier this year, one of the MPAA’s top executives shared a complete overview of Hollywood’s anti-piracy priorities. The email reveals key areas of focus for the coming years, divided into high, medium and low priority categories, as shown below. The plan put forward by the MPAA is the ideal strategy. Which elements are to be carried out will mostly depend on the funds made available by the studios. HIGH PRIORITY For cyberlockers and video streaming sites the MPAA plans to reach out to hosting providers, payment processing companies and advertising networks. These companies are urged not to work with so-called rogue sites. Part of the plan is to create “legal precedent to shape and expand the law on cyberlockers and their hosting providers,†with planned lawsuits in the UK, Germany and Canada. Other top priorities are: Apps: Making sure that pirate apps are taken down from various App stores. Google’s removal of various Pirate Bay apps may be part of this. In addition, the MPAA wants to make apps “unstable†by removing the pirated files they link to. Payment processors: The MPAA wants to use government influence to put pressure on payment processors, urging them to ban pirate sites. In addition they will approach major players with “specific asks and proposed best practices†to deter piracy. Site blocking: Expand site blocking efforts in the UK and other countries where it’s supported by law. In other countries, including the U.S., the MPAA will investigate whether blockades are an option through existing principles of law. Domain seizures: The MPAA is slowly moving toward domain seizures of pirate sites. This strategy is being carefully tested against sites selling counterfeit products using trademark arguments. Site scoring services: Developing a trustworthy site scoring system for pirate sites. This can be used by advertisers to ban rogue sites. In the future this can be expanded to payment processors, domain name registrars, hosting providers and search engines, possibly with help from the government. Copyright Notices: The MPAA intends to proceed with the development of the UK Copyright Alert System, and double the number of notices for the U.S. version. In addition, the MPAA wants to evaluate whether the U.S. Copyright Alert System can expand to mobile carriers. MID AND LOW PRIORITY BitTorrent is categorized as a medium priority. The MPAA wants to emphasize the role of BitTorrent in piracy related apps, such as Popcorn Time. In addition, illegal torrent sites will be subject to site blocking and advertising bans. Other medium and low priorities are: Search: Keep putting pressure on search engines and continue periodic research into its role in facilitating piracy. In addition, the MPAA will support third-party lawsuits against search engines. Hosting: The MPAA sees Cloudflare as a problem and is developing a strategy of how to deal with the popular hosting provider. Lawsuits against hosting providers are also in the agenda. Link sites: Apart from potential civil lawsuits in Latin America, linking sites will only be targeted if they become “particularly problematic.†In the email the MPAA’s top executive does not consider the above strategies to be “final†or “set in stoneâ€. How much the MPAA will be able to carry out with its partners depends on funds being availble, which appears to be a subtle reminder that the studios should keep their payments coming. “…the attached represents priorities and activities presuming online CP is adequately resourced. Your teams understand that, depending upon how the budget process plays out, we may need to lower priorities and activities for many sources of piracy and/or antipiracy initiatives,†the email reads. The leaked strategy offers a unique insight into Hollywood’s strategy against various forms of online infringement. It exposes several key priorities that were previously unknown. The MPAA’s strong focus on domain name seizures for example, or the plans to target cyberlockers with lawsuits in the UK, Germany and Canada. torrentfreak
  10. Due to an online leak of her new single Tulisa has been forced into releasing her new single, due December 7th, right now. The most talked about UK star of 2014, Tulisa, makes her hugely anticipated return new single 'Living Without You'. 'Living Without You' welcomes Tulisa back to her first love ' her music, and sees her confidently reclaiming the dance floor as if she has never been away. Her first release in two years, 'Living Without You' begins with a piano-led intro, before an electro beat kicks in to an instantly memorable, contemporary dance track. Contrasting garage influences and pop synths with lyrics about desperation and heartbreak. Tulisa's powerful vocals and emotive delivery soar on this unmissable club tune that effortlessly demonstrates why she became a household name as a chart topping pop star. The track is produced by STL, the same team behind Tulisa's No.1 single 'Young', 'Living Without You' has been rush released today. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  11. Image credit: WP Central.HBO Go, the app that gives users on demand access to the premium cable channel's movies and shows like Game of Thrones, might be coming to Xbox One soon. According to WP Central, a user on the r/xboxone sub-Reddit linked to a Microsoft OneDrive account that contained pictures of the app running on Xbox One, which the user said is currently in testing. The images of the app have since been removed. In June, Microsoft announced that more than 45 new entertainment apps are coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 around the world by the end of the year, including HBO Go (which is already out on the Xbox 360). Some of these include Vine, ShowTime Anytime, Comedy Central, Major League Gaming, and new embedded Twitter functionality. Once these apps arrive, Microsoft's app catalog will increase by 25 percent to more than 225 apps in total. There are around 180 apps available now, Microsoft said on the Xbox Wire. At the moment, you need to pay for a pricey subscription to a cable or satellite TV service in order to use HBO Go, but earlier this week, HBO CEO Richard Plepler also made the surprising announcement that HBO will launch as a stand-alone service in the United States next year. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  12. Official website allegedly suggests new features for PC, Xbox One and PS4; Leak yet to be verified. Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will include a new first-person mode in both vehicles and on foot, according to an alleged Rockstar Games web page. The first-person mode is part of a raft of new features that were listed on Rockstar's official website--although, the post is believed to be unfinished--before the web page was taken offline. However, aGooglecache of the alleged article still exists. If the page is accurate, the next-gen versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 will also include a "newly overhauled character selection screen," as well as "a wealth of new easter eggs and random events for Story Mode". However it is possible that the Googlecache page, found by a Reddit user, could be the work of a hoaxer. Even if genuine, the unfinished page could have been pulled because some of the features were not final. GameSpot has contacted Rockstar for clarification. In terms of graphical improvements, the web page writes that the next gen version will boast "increased draw distances, finer texture details, denser traffic, and enhanced resolutions all work together to bring new life to the cities, towns, deserts and oceans of Rockstar North’s epic reimagining of Southern California." Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto Online will benefit from "an extensive array of new Jobs, an arsenal of new weapons, scores of new vehicles, new properties and player customizations will also be available for the PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One and PC with much more to come." The webpage then goes on to list the following features: A brand new first person mode for vehicles that shows the interior of the vehicle, including working speedometers, tachometers, dash lights, and more. A brand new first person mode while on foot. A wealth of new easter eggs and random events for Story Mode. New animals roaming Los Santos. Players that transfer characters from Xbox 360 or PS3 will receive free new weapons and a free garage in GTA Online. Newly overhauled character selection screen. In mid-September, Rockstar delayed the GTA V PC release date to late January, but confirmed that the GTA 5 PS4 and Xbox One release date is set for November 18 across North America and Europe. Rockstar has officially listed a range of improvements to the game already, such as: New weapons, vehicles and activities Additional wildlife Denser traffic New foliage system Enhanced damage and weather effects Those who pre-order the next-gen and PC versions will also receive $1,000,000 in-game bonus cash to spend across Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. As previously speculated, the development team at Rockstar North will also bolster its in-game radio stations with more than 100 new songs and new DJ mixes. Meanwhile, for the next-gen versions of GTA Online the player count has increased, allowing up to 30 players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. All existing gameplay upgrades and content released on GTA Online will also be available on the next-gen and PC editions, with Rockstar pledging "much more to come". See below for the latest batch of GTA V screens for next-gen consoles. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  13. The makers of The Expendables 3 are continuing their crackdown on everything piracy related. Movie studio Lionsgate has now started to warn downloaders of the film, with alerts also going out to seedbox users. Over the past few weeks movie studio Lionsgate has rolled out an unprecedented anti-piracy campaign to stop people from sharing leaked copies of The Expendables 3. Aside from dragging six file-sharing sites to court, Lionsgate sent out hundreds of thousands of takedown notices to websites that linked to pirated copies of the leaked movie. As a result all traces of the movie were completely wiped from many file-sharing sites. However, the movie studio still isn’t satisfied and is now going after individual downloaders as well. Lionsgate has started sending takedown notices targeting people sharing the movie via BitTorrent. The notices are being sent to various ISPs who are urged to forward them to the customers whose accounts were monitored sharing the movie. Interestingly, this also includes those who use remote servers known as BitTorrent seedboxes. While many believe that seedboxes keep them safe from the prying eyes of piracy monitoring firms, this is not always the case. Yesterday, a customer of the Canadian seedbox provider Whatbox received the following notice. Via an email Whatbox urged the customer to delete the file in question, or face account suspension. “A copyright complaint has been received for content existing on your account. To prevent account suspension, please delete the affected content within the next 24 hours,†the notice reads. TorrentFreak contacted Whatbox, who explained that this takedown procedure is standard policy. As an Internet access provider it properly processes all incoming requests form copyright holders. “When we receive a notice we check for the infohash and email the appropriate customer asking them to remove the file(s). Nothing is passed along to the copyright enforcement group except to confirm that the content was found and subsequently removed,†Anthony Ryan of Whatbox says. “If a customer causes a large number of copyright complaints, we reserve the right terminate their service with a prorated refund and 24 hours of complimentary service to backup all their non-infringing files,†Ryan adds. The above notice confirms that Lionsgate’s takedown efforts are now targeting individual downloaders, through their ISPs. The action appears limited to warning letters and at least for now there are no signs that Lionsgate will drag file-sharers to court. Nu Image, another studio involved in the production of The Expendables 3, hasn’t taken any legal action either. However, they are more familiar with the topic than Lionsgate, as they sued a record breaking 23,322 U.S. Internet users for downloading a copy of the first Expendables film. To be continued? The makers of The Expendables 3 are continuing their crackdown on everything piracy related. Movie studio Lionsgate has now started to warn downloaders of the film, with alerts also going out to seedbox users. Over the past few weeks movie studio Lionsgate has rolled out an unprecedented anti-piracy campaign to stop people from sharing leaked copies of The Expendables 3. Aside from dragging six file-sharing sites to court, Lionsgate sent out hundreds of thousands of takedown notices to websites that linked to pirated copies of the leaked movie. As a result all traces of the movie were completely wiped from many file-sharing sites. However, the movie studio still isn’t satisfied and is now going after individual downloaders as well. Lionsgate has started sending takedown notices targeting people sharing the movie via BitTorrent. The notices are being sent to various ISPs who are urged to forward them to the customers whose accounts were monitored sharing the movie. Interestingly, this also includes those who use remote servers known as BitTorrent seedboxes. While many believe that seedboxes keep them safe from the prying eyes of piracy monitoring firms, this is not always the case. Yesterday, a customer of the Canadian seedbox provider Whatbox received the following notice. Via an email Whatbox urged the customer to delete the file in question, or face account suspension. “A copyright complaint has been received for content existing on your account. To prevent account suspension, please delete the affected content within the next 24 hours,†the notice reads. TorrentFreak contacted Whatbox, who explained that this takedown procedure is standard policy. As an Internet access provider it properly processes all incoming requests form copyright holders. “When we receive a notice we check for the infohash and email the appropriate customer asking them to remove the file(s). Nothing is passed along to the copyright enforcement group except to confirm that the content was found and subsequently removed,†Anthony Ryan of Whatbox says. “If a customer causes a large number of copyright complaints, we reserve the right terminate their service with a prorated refund and 24 hours of complimentary service to backup all their non-infringing files,†Ryan adds. The above notice confirms that Lionsgate’s takedown efforts are now targeting individual downloaders, through their ISPs. The action appears limited to warning letters and at least for now there are no signs that Lionsgate will drag file-sharers to court. Nu Image, another studio involved in the production of The Expendables 3, hasn’t taken any legal action either. However, they are more familiar with the topic than Lionsgate, as they sued a record breaking 23,322 U.S. Internet users for downloading a copy of the first Expendables film. To be continued?
  14. We’ve seen some early photos of themid-range Lumia 830, but we’ve now received new photos the supposed device. And the camera seems to be even better than we first reported. Some said that the mid-range Lumia 830 would come with an 8MP rear shooter, but the new images show a rear shooter even better than we dreamed. A Verizon source says that the Lumia 830 will ship with a 20.1MP PureView camera instead of the expected 8MP (or even 13MP) that many were expecting – which changes things immensely. Apart from the camera, the Lumia 830 matches the Windows Phone and Lumia experience with which we’re familiar, the difference being that new Lumia 830 photos will now show the Cortana integration that’s become a part of the Windows family via Windows Phone 8.1. As for what we know about the Lumia 830, it’ll feature a 4.5-inch display with 1280 x 720p screen resolution, a microSD card slot for memory storage expansion, and “some decent specs.†Microsoft’s already sent out an invitation to its IFA 2014 announcement that happens to contain a camera symbol – a sign that the company’s bringing the best of the Lumia series a little further than it’s been in the past. While today’s photos do show Windows Phone and the Lumia hardware, we know little else about the device except for a leaked video that shows Cortana on the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. As we receive more from our sources, we’ll return to provide updates until Microsoft’s IFA announcement.
  15. We’ve heard some things about the Galaxy Note 4 over the last few months, and we’ve even seen the device in AnTuTu benchmarking. Now, some three weeks before its unveil, Galaxy Note 4 photos have leaked across the Web. The new Galaxy Note 4 photos show Samsung going with a touch of aluminum, aluminum siding, which seems to be a change from the ribbed faux-metal design of the siding on the currently-reigning Galaxy Note 3. Samsung seems to be going for a plain metal siding on the new Galaxy Note 4. Also of “note†(pun intended) in the Galaxy Note 4 photos is that the speaker grille is no longer enclosed, as it was on the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung seems to be after an a speaker grille design that allows for a more open sound from its speaker – which will possibly result in a better sound than before. The Galaxy Note 3 has been stellar in its audio output, but we have a feeling that Samsung wants to create more of a “boom sound†(Yes, we used an HTC feature word here!) than ever before. If these Note 4 photos are genuine, then Samsung’s bringing a little of its Galaxy Alpha design language to the Galaxy Note 4. Galaxy Alpha photos leaked in recent weeks show the same open speaker grille at the same bottom left side of the device that is now present in the Note 4 photos. We don’t know, however if Samsung looks to provide dual speakers or just stick with one mono speaker as it did with the Note 3. At this point in time, we can only make out one bottom speaker, and it appears to be in the same place as the bottom speaker on the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung likes to place the speaker on the back cover of the Galaxy S5, but we have no idea why they wouldn’t place the speakers on both phones in the same position. There are two other noticeable features about these Galaxy Note 4 photos. First, the back cover seems to be yet another textured plastic but it also appears to have a different look (and will likely have a different feel) than the current “plastic leather†or “pleather†design of the Galaxy Note 3. The Galaxy Note 4 design language also strays from the dimpled plastic texture of the Galaxy S5. Some have called the Galaxy S5’s dimpled back cover nothing short of a “Band-Aid,†but it doesn’t appear to be a Band-Aid up close. In any case, for those who don’t want a Band-Aid design, you won’t have to worry about it in the Galaxy Note 4. Galaxy Alpha customers, however, will see it on the Galaxy Alpha, which means that the Galaxy Alpha will prove to be a “Galaxy S5 Plus†in some ways. Another interesting tidbit here is that Samsung is now branding its “SAMSUNG†name on the back of the device as well as at the top of the front display – a sign that the company wants its brand to be seen and visible on any device it makes. That’s not a bad thing, but some will go the distance and say that Samsung’s trying to make the Galaxy Note 4 look like an iPhone with its back name branding. Last but not least, the Galaxy Note 4 photos seen here show us that the camera and the LED flash will be separate and in distinct places on the back of the Galaxy Note 4. Perhaps Samsung’s decided to do this to provide better lighting for its photos, seeing that the company also separated the 16MP camera and the LED flash in the Galaxy S5 – and it turns out that Samsung’s also got a superior camera in the Galaxy S5 than it had in the Note 3 experience. The distinct placement of the LED and the camera mimics the photos we’ve seen of the LTE-Advanced Galaxy Alpha, the phone that’s designed to be the iPhone 6 killer this Fall. Interestingly enough, the LED flash on the Galaxy S5 retained a space for the heart rate monitor, but we’re not sure Samsung will offer it on the Galaxy Note 4. If the company does (which we imagine they’ll do), then it’s likely under the LED flash on the Note 4. This is good news for those who have chubby fingers at least. In our time with the Galaxy S5, we found that the enclosed space containing the flash and heart rate monitor slot was too small for chubby-fingered individuals. If Samsung could implement the heart rate monitor on the Galaxy Note 4 in an open space without making it too small, consumers would have yet another reason to celebrate. As for the back cover itself, you can celebrate once more – it’s still removable, nothing different from what we’ve come to expect with Samsung devices. This means that the 32GB Galaxy Note 4 (or the 64GB model if you get your hands on one) will still provide a microSD card slot for additional memory storage expansion. There’s one other factor that may or may not influence your decision to buy the device: there seems to be no USB port cover on the Galaxy Note 4 – indicating that the Galaxy Note 4 may not come with water resistance. Now, some have said in forums recently that Samsung may well be able to implement water resistance without covering up the USB port (supposedly, there’s a new method). If it is, however, what’ll happen to the USB port if water is enclosed in it? This seems to indicate that there won’t be water and dust resistance on the new device. If Samsung does emerge with water and dust resistance for the new model, we’ll rejoice, but it doesn’t appear to be that way for now. This may be a pre-production model meant to show off the new device. The remaining touches may still need to be made, so don’t assume that the Note 4 won’t have water resistance. We just wanted to point this out for now so that we can at least give Samsung owners a heads-up about what the device could and couldn’t have. Last but not least, the tried-and-true home button will likely provide the same fingerprint scanner we’ve seen on the Galaxy S5. Samsung’s sticking with its thin bezels as it did in the Galaxy Note 3, so that users will enjoy the large screen real estate. Are these genuine photos of the Galaxy Note 4? With new photos always comes the question, “Are they real? Can we trust the Galaxy Note 4 photos?†We believe so, for a few reasons. First, they match much of the design language we’ve seen in the Galaxy Note series, and the photos are very similar to what we’ve seen in the Galaxy Note 3 – with a few slight changes, which seems to be the way manufacturers work these days (slight tweaks). These slight tweaks can be seen in the SAMSUNG brand on the back of the phone, the separation of the LED flash and the camera, the more open nature of the bottom audio speaker, and the aluminum metal siding seems to be plain and not ribbed as we’ve seen on the Galaxy Note 3. At the same time, however, the lack of a USB port cover has us wondering, “What’s Samsung doing with the Note 4? Will it be water and dust resistant?†It may be the case that Samsung chooses not to make the Note 4 water and dust resistant – and with good reason. If the rumors are true that the company looks to bring a Gear Solo smartwatch to market, then Samsung may very well abandon the notion of water and dust resistance on the Note 4 to encourage sales of the Gear Solo smartwatch. We know for certain that the Gear Solo will come with IP67 water resistance, if not a better IP water and dust resistance rating than the current Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatch offerings. In the end, Samsung may very well have its own reasons for not making the Note 4 water and dust resistant, and it may have something to do with water and dust resistance issues from the Galaxy S5 (or even the Galaxy S5 Active). At this point, we’ll take the optimistic route and say that Samsung’s got some way to make the Galaxy Note 4 water and dust resistant apart from the port covers found on the Galaxy S5 – although we don’t know what that would be. Last but not least, the leaked photos also show the Galaxy Note 4 box in white, with the words “Galaxy Note 4†above it and a date on the phone display as “Tuesday, September 15.†This doesn’t trouble us since Samsung revealed the Note 3 last year around mid-September and didn’t make the device available at American carriers AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile until the first week of October. With the company’s decision to schedule an early unveil this year, then, the box shows us photos that are a few weeks old, to say the least. Samsung already changed the date of its Galaxy Alpha unveil from August 4th (the original announcement date) to August 13th – so it’s typical for Samsung and other manufacturers to play around with dates here and there. At the same time, we could be looking at the Note 4 release date (Sept. 15). It wouldn’t be surprising to see Samsung edge its phones on the market just a few days before Apple releases the iPhone 6. We here at Inferse trust the photos and they look legitimate. We would tell you to take these photos with a gallon of salt, but they look too similar to the real deal for us to say otherwise. While we could always be wrong about these photos, we’ll tell you to believe them unless new evidence says otherwise
  16. Movie studio Lionsgate is continuing its crackdown on sites and services connected to the leak of The Expendables 3. The additional sites now being targeted have not been approached directly - Lionsgate has chosen to go after their Internet service providers and domain name registrars instead. Today sees the official premiere of The Expendables 3, but what was supposed to be a celebration for the makers has turned into a fiasco. Three weeks ago a high quality leak of the film appeared online. This resulted in millions of downloads long before it reached the big screen. Fearing a massive loss in revenue, Lionsgate issued thousands of takedown requests to limit the leak’s availability and sued six file-sharing sites that allegedly failed to respond to these notices. It now appears that Lionsgate has more tricks up its sleeve. The owner of cloud hosting service informs TorrentFreak that he never heard from Lionsgate, yet the movie studio is now going after his DDoS protection provider Cloudflare and domain registrar Easyname. TorrentFreak obtained a copy of the notice, which is also believed to have been sent to the service providers of several other file-sharing sites. In the notice Lionsgate’s law firm Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton requests that these companies render the sites in question unavailable. The law firm lists several allegedly infringing URLs and points out that the hosting providers and domain name registrars have to take responsibility. The following text comes from a notice Cloudflare and others received, accusing the company of potentially assisting a criminal operation and ignoring a previous notice. “In accordance with the DMCA, we have already notified you of the infringement, but you have continued to cause, enable, induce, facilitate and materially contribute to the infringement by continuing to provide your users with the means to unlawfully distribute, reproduce and otherwise exploit The Expendables 3,†the email reads. The same takedown notice was also sent to the domain name registrar Easyname, who were encouraged to “take action†against the allegedly infringing site under ICANN rules. In their notice Lionsgate appears to hint at a domain name suspension. “If you are the domain name registrar for the domain name referenced above, under ICANN rule 3.18.1, you are required to take reasonable and prompt steps to investigate and respond appropriately to any reports of abuse,†the notice reads. “You are hereby put on notice that despite Rule 3.18, and the website owner’s representation to you that it is not using the domain name ‘in violation of any applicable laws’, the owner is either directly infringing the rights of Lionsgate or contributing to such infringement through the distribution of the stolen work referenced above,†it adds. Lionsgate’s methods are unusual as the operator of was never contacted by the movie studio’s law firm. There were abuse mails sent by other outfits though, and the URLs listed in the takedown notice were already taken offline. This means that the infringing pages listed by Lionsgate were directed to a 404 page. The owner of informs TF that he’s not happy with the pressure Lionsgate has put on the companies he works with, especially since they failed to first contact the site itself. “It might be nice if these complaining entities actually checked that their emails have a valid claim before firing them off to everyone under the moon,†’s owner notes. “The majority of notices I get daily are dud but at least none of them go out of their way forwarding their gripe to everyone who has anything remotely to do with the site,†he adds. In this case the notices haven’t yet caused any trouble for, but it’s not hard to imagine a scenario in which smaller companies are easily threatened to pull the plug on an accused site.
  17. We’ve seen some photos and heard rumors about what we can expect from Sony’s Xperia Z3. As we reported earlier, it looks to be nearly identical to the Xperia Z2 – so Sony Xperia Z2 users need not worry about the new smartphone for now. As Sony has done before, it’s now bringing a “little brother†to the Xperia Z3, a phone that’ll likely cost less than the Z3. The Xperia Z3 Compact name has been leaked in photos that show a clear label of the phone, alongside of various phone parts. One photo shows the microSD card slot, a signature feature for any Android smartphone that looks to succeed these days. Another photo shows the 20.7MP camera that we know will return to the Xperia experience in the Xperia Z3. Sony first implemented the 20.7MP camera in the Xperia Z1 and seems content to maintain the 20.7MP camera – although we’d like to see the megapixel count jump. At the moment, however, Sony’s camera surpasses every other Android smartphone in terms of megapixel count, so it’s likely the case that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it†applies here. We don’t have any other details from the photos, though rumors point to the Xperia Z3 compact having a 4.6-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) with 720p screen resolution. Since the company wants to sell a more affordable version of the Xperia experience, 720p is the preferred display of choice rather than 1080p. Another reason as to why Sony would maintain a 720p display for this device is that the Xperia Z3, the Compact’s larger brother, will feature a 1080p display. Sony decided not to opt for a 2560 x 1440p display in the Xperia Z3, from what we’ve heard. The 4.6-inch display makes sense, too, seeing that the Xperia Z3 – which has been leaked in photos beside Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 – looks to be a little over 5 inches. As with Samsung, Sony doesn’t want to cannibalize sales and overlap its smartphone offerings. Note 4 rumors tell us that Samsung wants to keep the Galaxy Note 4 display at 5.7 inches diagonally because its Galaxy Mega series contains 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch screens. According to the rumors and photos, then, Sony wants to maintain a competitive price on the Xperia Z3 Compact so that it can go head-to-head with Samsung’s own Galaxy Alpha that’ll feature a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED display with 720p resolution. Of course, the Galaxy Alpha will feature an 8MP instead of Sony’s 20.7MP camera, so photographers at heart may very well look to Sony’s device. The Snapdragon 801 makes sense, too, considering that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 (a high-end device in a different category than the mid-end Xperia Z3 Compact) will contain the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip. We’ve also heard that Samsung and processor chip maker Qualcomm have struck a deal whereby Samsung will get a discount (who’s ever heard of that?) on the Snapdragon 805 for the Galaxy Note 4. If even Samsung needs a discount (and the company’s sales figures, have seen better days), then placing an 801 processor into the Z3 Compact will save Sony and Z3 Compact users money as well. You can expect Android 4.4.3 or Android 4.4.4 KitKat with this device since Google doesn’t look to reveal Android L (Android 4.5 or Android 5.0) until October. With Sony’s Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact announcements in September, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4 announcements a little earlier than IFA (when Sony will reveal its devices), Android 4.4.4 KitKat will be the most recent Android update. And yet, at the same time, we’re still waiting on the Verizon Sony Xperia Z phone that we’ve seen leaked by Sony, then pulled from Google+. Sony’s 20.7MP camera leads the pack and ties with Samsung’s 16MP ISOCELL camera, but Samsung will continue to outsell Sony until it mass-produces the Xperia Z line for not only international but also American markets.
  18. As the fallout from the leak of The Expendables 3 continues, stars of the movie have been speaking out on the red carpet in advance of its world premiere in London. While Sylvester Stallone expressed sadness at the leak, Kellan Lutz was more upbeat, predicting that Internet pirates would still go to the theater following their illegal downloads. The worldwide roller-coaster for The Expendables 3 continues to grab headlines and the movie hasn’t even been released yet. Normally that kind of situation would be coveted by movie makers, but the leak of the movie last month has put a different complexion on matters. Last evening stars of the show were treading the red carpet in advance of the movie’s world premiere at the Odeon in Leceister Square, London, and of course questions turned to the inevitable topic. Sylvester Stallone, who plays Expendables leader Barney Ross, was the first to be questioned. The 68-year-old said that while piracy leaves him sad, for some it had become a habit. “That makes me feel really sad, but you know I understand that a lot of people have accepted that’s kind of a way of life,†Stallone said. But while Stallone expressed disappointment, he also suggested that as a big star he probably wouldn’t be so affected. Others would, however. “I think it’s unfortunate because it isn’t about me, i’m ok, but there’s thousands of people that won’t make movies. They won’t get a chance because they’ve lost a lot of money, that’s the trouble,†the star said. Interestingly, another star of the movie viewed the leak in a more positive light. Kellan Lutz, who plays former Navy Seal John Smilee, said that while people are downloading illegally, that try-before-you-buy would lead them to still purchase theater tickets. “So for the people who downloaded it, I actually think they’re gonna wanna watch it in the theaters because it’s a good movie,†Lutz said. “They’re gonna watch it online, then they’ll be like ‘I gotta watch this in theaters now’, because all the one-liners that kind of go under-layered throughout the action, you just can’t hear that on a little iPad or computer,†the 29-year-old noted. But while Lutz was looking on the bright side, Lionsgate continued to work flat-out behind the scenes in what they see as a damage limitation exercise. As reported yesterday, the company has been issuing thousands of takedowns to remove unauthorized links to the movie online. This is in addition to legal actionbeing taken against several torrent and other file-sharing sites.
  19. Lionsgate has filed a lawsuit against six file-sharing sites that allegedly distributed leaked copies of The Expendables 3 film. The movie studio claims that the sites in question failed to respond to takedown requests. Lionsgate demands a permanent injunction to stop further distribution of the film, as well as seizure of the sites' domain names and bank accounts. expendablesLast week saw the leak online of the brand new Expendables movie. Scheduled for an August 15 U.S. release, Expendables 3 leaked in near DVD quality a full two weeks ahead. The timing and quality combined to make the leak one of the most prominent in recent years. The movie studios behind the film have been rather quiet, but behind the scenes they have been trying hard to limit the damage. Lionsgate in particular sent takedown requests to numerous file-sharing sites. While most sites complied by taking down infringing links or copies, some failed to respond. In response to this apparent lack of cooperation, Lionsgate has now sued the operators of six file-sharing sites –,,,, and The complaint (copy below) filed at a federal court in California accuses the sites’ owners of direct, contributory and vicarious copyright infringement. Limetorrents is the only torrent site in the lawsuit, and Lionsgate notes that the Expendables leak was still prominently available on the site when the complaint was drafted. “To date, the operator(s) of the site have not responded to Lions Gate’s demands. Rather, as of the date of this filing links to the torrents allow users to access ‘swarms’ where the Stolen Film is being shared remain on the site, including in the fifth-ranked position for ‘Movie torrents’ on the site’s home page,†the lawyers write. In the complaint, first reported by THR, the movie studio demands a wide range of measures. Lionsgate asks the court for a temporary restraining order, a preliminary injunction and a permanent injunction to stop the sites from further distributing the film. This includes a request to suspend the sites’ domain names, or transfer them to Lionsgate. In addition, the movie studio also wants all financial institutions who do business with the sites to freeze their assets. If granted, Lionsgate could severely damage the sites in question even if the operators remain silent. Finally, the movie company demands actual or statutory damages for the financial loss it has suffered. Since there is only one film at stake, the statutory damages are limited to $150,000 per site. At this point it is unknown whether Lionsgate is also investigating the source of the leak, which isn’t related to any of the sites listed in the complaint. A third option would be to go after individual filesharers, which Nu Image did when they sued 23,322 alleged pirates who shared the first Expendables movies. Thus far well over two million copies of The Expendables 3 have been shared via BitTorrent, so there are plenty of targets for sure.
  20. Microsoft said recently that it looks to compete in the lower-end smartphone segment of the market with its Lumia line. It seems as though Redmond is prepared to attack the lower-end segment immediately. Some photos have leaked in recent weeks that indicate that Microsoft’s ready to bring a Lumia 820 successor to the market, but nothing’s yet been confirmed by Microsoft or usual leaksters. Now, based on the photos leaked, a render’s been supplied that gives some idea of what Nokia Lumia users can expect from what is being referred to as the Nokia Lumia 830. The pictures show a large PureView camera according to some (that’s likely to come in at 13MP), but the hardware seems to have some kind of aluminum frame. Rumors state that the Nokia Lumia 830 will feature a 4.5-inch display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, along with 1GB of random access memory (RAM). Just for reference, the Lumia 820 featured a 4.3-inch display with an 800 x 480 screen resolution, a 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, an 8.7MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics and 1080p video recording, and a 1,650mAh battery. The Lumia 830 will feature a slightly wider display with an improved camera (from 8.7MP to 13MP), but that’s all we know at the moment. Seeing that the device will be more of a mid-range device than anything else, a Snapdragon 400 or 600 could power the Lumia 830 this year, and the battery may see a small increase in battery to something around 2,000mAh.