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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, Couple things We have a new cat x265 we will just have the one cat for now if the scene take it up we will expand the cat tv and movies etc https://www.acid-lou........;cat[0]=85 Coders slowly working through the site bugs then they will move onto some improvements Thats about all I got, If you want to help with donations check out our donation packages Remember if we met our donation goal weeks free leech Cheers AK
  2. Tracker Name: HDBits or (HDB) Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: HD Tracker Access: Invite Only Tracker Type: Starting on 20th March 2006,began the epic journey of one of the most important and cherished HD tracker "". Soon after its start it picked up a position of great respect among the bit-torrent community. It is a tracker which specializes in high-definition contents. Among the contents are scene HD release,user encodes. After reaching its maximum user limit it went invite only, which too soon closed. Last time HDBits opened their invite system was on 16th December 2009, after that it completely shut down its invite system ( except for staffs and VIP's who can invite ) Tracker Logo: Tracker News, Poll and Stats: Browse: Film: TV: TV Recommendations: Offered: Upload: IRC: Top 10: Wishlist: Log: Subtitles: Rules: Links: RSS: Bonus: HDWiki: FAQ: Upload Guide: Files: My Ratings: Being one of the greatest HD tracker in the bittorrent world, HDBits holds a lot of contents and surprises for its users. It has by far the largest number of internal encoders, release qualities are awesome and pretimes for scene releases are also very good. Let us come to the contents of this tracker. Well, with 90+ internal encoders, what do you expect? This tracker has the most number of internal releases which are superb in quality. They sure do know, how to encode. The HDTV caps are also perfect. They have got a request page as well as offered page in the forum. Requests are filled real quick. So if you are a HD maniac. You need! Now about speeds, you will find the torrents there very well seeded so far speed is awesome. No complain about that. Well all that remains is the community. They have quite a large userbase with over 19,000 users. The forum is real busy with lots of daily posts, so is the irc. Whats most amazing about the forum is their tutorials on HD encoding and HDTV capping. Overall, at this moment is one of the most respected High definition bittorrent tracker and is the dream of many HD lovers! Rating: Overall - 9/10 Torrents - 10/10 Speed - 10/10 Community - 9/10
  3. SceneAccess Review 2014 SCC is One from The Best 0DAY Trackers There you can find only Scene Releases with great pretime Tracker name : Tracker genre : Oday Tracker type : Ratio based + Free2 leech section (Archive) Tracker url : Tracker registration : Invite only Maintaining ratio : Easy Bonus system : Yes ( for invites only ) Home page Browse Archive Rules FAQ User classes & Prmotion IRC Forum
  4. Polishtracker Review 2014 One of the best and oldest scene trackers out there online since 2004 and still groving with fantastic speeds beautiful design and good pretime Tracker name : polishtracker Tracker genre : Oday Tracker type : Ratio based + Free2 leech Files Tracker url : Tracker registration : Invite only Maintaining ratio : Easy Bonus system : No Home page Browse & Categories Rules FAQ User classes & promotion Top 10 Forum
  5. Tracker name: iLoveTorrents (ILT) Tracker url: Tracker type: General Seed difficulty: Easy Sign-up: closed (invite only) Tracker speed: 7/10 Tracker content: 7/10 IRC:, #love Small description: iLoveTorrents is a decent general tracker, it has fair content. Categories and torrents by seeders Forum Rules User classes Helpdesk Donate
  6. Tracker name: Bithorlo Tracker url: Tracker type: General Seed difficulty: Easy Sign-up: closed (invite only) Tracker speed: 8/10 Tracker content: 8/10 Members: 80.000 Torrents: 38.000 Small description: Good Hungarian tracker (with english content). You can upload torrents Categories and torrents Forum Request Recommendations Bonus User classes
  7. Tracker name: KHDBits Tracker url: Tracker type: HD Seed difficulty: Easy Sign-up: closed (invite only) Tracker speed: 7/10 Tracker content: 6/10 Small description: Chinese hd tracker (with english content) but mostly Chinese and Korean movies. Stats Categories and torrents Forum Upload Rules User classes Donate
  8. Tracker name: BeLoad Tracker url: Tracker type: General Seed difficulty: Easy Sign-up: open Tracker speed: 7/10 Tracker content: 7/10 Members: 87.000 Torrents: 21.000 Small description: BeLoad is a growing Hungarian general tracker (English content too), You can upload torrents.It has free torrents.BeLoad hasn't forum!! Categories an torrents by seeders Request Rules User classes Donate
  9. Tracker name: Ethor (Thor's Land) Tracker url: Tracker type: General Seed difficulty: Easy Sign-up: Closed (invite only) Tracker speed: 7/10 Tracker content: 7/10 Small description: French general tracker, It has free torrents. Stats Categories and torrents by seeders Request Forum Upload User classes
  10. =============================================================================================================== 2014-06-06 It changed something in the forum who have problems are asked to press CTRL + F5 2014-06-04 We have a new contest for you! New forum pics! More details here: If all refreshed I grabbed a forum I said good opportunity to do a contest. was cut to the chase. what to do? want to change these images: So you will have to do those 4 files, but we need 2 sets. A forum set to go with the theme color in dilute (like Gray) and a set for dark forum theme (like Silver). So 8 files in total.Dimensions: 30x30 Format: png (logic) what gain? award will be based on image quality, the more I like more the higher the prize 'll reward the top 3 places. Here (in this topic) post images directly. contest you one week. So until 11 June 2014. Spor and good luck I see you do not get along ... 4 files, those of you have made ​​will be for a single subject. One theme, say Gray's light needs 4 images. Two light-colored images (subject read lock without lock) and two dark images (topic unread with lock and without lock). those four images that I put in the first post are for one theme. And you have given me only 2 files for one subject. I said clearly, it takes 8 pictures. 4 light theme and dark theme 4. Hope now understood everything. You can still post and specify: Tema light: and put the 4 files and then dark theme and put the other 4 images.