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Found 13 results

  1. Since it's about time you were all updated on the current situation with the site, it's probably best to start at the beginning. You shall have the full story, nothing left out. Our first issue came when the PayPal account was frozen and all funds within. We have been fighting since the first day it was frozen to rectify the situation and free up the funds that were there. Since we operate on a smaller budget than most of our fellow sites, the funds were not substantial and equated to a little over 1 month of bills. Staff covered the bills of the site for as long as they could, but eventually something had to give. First on the culling list was the 10Gbit Auto Box which is why the Pre times have dropped quite a bit and another reason why the Auto is currently either not running or pretty patchy from time to time. Our second issue raised it's ugly head when we believe someone to have reported the Domain for not having the correct "Whois" info. This meant that it was subsequently suspended. This seems a common tactic these days to easily take sites offline. Our third and most recent issue was due to a staff member who had control of the server and the payment links being away on holiday. This meant that none of the other staff could access the payment info in order to pay for the server (again out of staff pockets) The server was suspended and we moved to an old back up as a temporary solution. So here we are with no funds and now no Domain and an expired server !...... Yeah Great ! But not to be beaten...... At the last minute, the payment information was able to be sent to another staff member who paid the bills, which enabled us to set about getting the server back online again. This was finally completed yesterday. We had funds in the BTC account so we managed to get hold of another Domain to use. The .me that we now operate under. The costly ddos protection for the site was also renewed at this time.. The following, further steps are currently being taken to get us back on track. A Mass Email is being sent to all accounts that have not logged in within 1 week. We will notify them of the change to our Domain and this will hopefully allow more users to find their way back home to us. We urge you to also let people know the new URL as and where you can. We are looking at new ways to accept donations. PayPal is hard to get away from and we pay many of our bills this way. Currently we are going to reactivate the Donate page, but donations can currently only be accepted in BitCoins (BTC) until we can find suitable methods for keeping a PayPal account unfrozen. We currently have a half assed plan to somehow convert BTC and transfer to a PayPal account and then pay bills, but one of the things that worries us is the lack of popularity in BTC. But at least it's a start right ? So there you have it. Our problems and, hopefully, our solutions. I understand their has been talk in IRC about our demise and the possibility of us vanishing. Please don't listen to it. We have come this far. We have been taken down before, Domains taken away from us and yet we keep bouncing back. This time will be no different. We are just in a dark place right now, but together, as a team, as a family, as a community ! We can come through it. We WILL come through it. //Staff
  2. Dear Loyal Members, As you have noticed - we had a challengefull couple of past days. Many websites been target of a massive DDOS Attack including our site, but we KNOW who we are..... ExtremeDesi Community... born in year 2006 and still surviving.. why? cause we are getting .. stronger..faster..better.. We dont care of any other site's fame as we have our own to care, and we never will. and its not a secret that, this is not the first time we have been under attack. we been there and survived everytime. now we are stronger. Our Tracker has been giving problems due to some attacks on it, but our tracker is from today on permanent fixed and stabilized. Durring our downtime, a couple of new newbie Desi Torrent sites arrived, and i recommend you all not to use and trust them - they could very well be the "bad people" trying to catch you?! and bring us down ...think.... We are the only Trustworthy Desi Community there is - You should know that.. if you dont then think twice. Current status is: Fully loaded and stable. As for future plans - we are here to stay forever... We are currently working on updating our platform to latest and a dual redundant Tracker with CDN optimzation and ALL this costs us alot of money but we do it to Serve you best! As we are NoneProfit Desi Community with "0/zero" earnings. Blessing upon you all, Love, ExtremeDesi Management and Staff Peace....Love...Loyalty...Trust...Freedom
  3. Evolution Studios has deployed a new game update and server upgrades in a bid to ameliorate the connection woes. Driveclub developer Evolution Studios is "working around the clock" to fix online issues for the PlayStation 4 racing game, which was released nine days ago and is still facing problems. In a statement posted to the game's Facebook page, Evolution wrote that it's now deploying a new game update--alongside server upgrades--that should help improve server performance, as well as clubs and multiplayer functionality. "We are working around the clock to improve connectivity and will keep you informed as we continue to make progress" -- Evolution In addition, Evolution said it is "running essential diagnostics" periodically that should help the studio improve network performance. However, these tests "may disrupt online play," Evolution cautioned, noting that "this will be kept to a minimum." "We're glad that more of you are getting to play online but we are sorry that many players are still having a hard time getting connected," Evolution said. "We are working around the clock to improve connectivity and will keep you informed as we continue to make progress." Earlier this week, Evolution said that its "continual upgrades" to Driveclub's servers are "building a steady increase in performance," in turn allowing more and more players to connect. Driveclub's server woes were not anticipated. Game director Paul Rustchynsky said that he "had confidence" the game's release would go smoothly, based on performance testing held prior to launch. In the wake of Driveclub's launch woes, the studio has not ruled out compensating those affected by the connection problems. For more on Driveclub, check out GameSpot's review and what other critics are saying. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  4. Plus, game director says studio "had confidence" that the PS4 racer wouldn't face launch issues of this magnitude. Driveclub developer Evolution Studios "had confidence" that the socially-inspired PlayStation 4 racing game wouldn't be impacted by the kind of significant server struggles that it's facing currently, according to director Paul Rustchynsky. Rustchynsky has been busy on Twitter responding to questions about the game's online state. In one tweet, he assured fans that Evolution "did performance testing prior to launch & we had confident in the servers then." Asked to clarify what, exactly, is wrong with the game, he said: "We've got no limits to the amount of servers of the quality of hardware; it's purely down to the server code having some bugs." Another high-profile console game, Battlefield 4, underwent a successful and smooth beta test before launching publicly and facing serious and significant server issues. Rustchynsky also says that Evolution has not ruled out offering some kind of compensation for early adopters, though it remains to be seen if this would be in the form of free DLC or something else. He also had no update to provide regarding when the free PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub would be released, but said fans can expect a "new update" on the game sometime later today. On Friday, Evolution again apologized for Driveclub's online woes, adding that it was working "non-stop" to help players get online "as soon as possible." Driveclub players who can connect should not experience any connectivity issues during their play sessions, Evolution said last week. However, the studio has implemented a one-in-one-out program to manage demand, meaning you aren't able to connect until another player disconnects. "This is obviously not ideal, especially given that there are a lot of players waiting to connect, but that's how it's working right now," the developer said previously. For more on Driveclub, which was originally expected to be released in November 2013 as a PS4 launch title, check out GameSpot's review and what other critics are saying.
  5. Some players unable to download bonus missions given as pre-order bonus; Sega aware of the issue and looking into it. The release of Alien: Isolation this week did not go smoothly for everyone. Some gamers are reporting that they are not able to download the bonus missions promised to them for preordering. The good news is that publisher Sega is aware of the issue and is working towards a fix. Responding to fans on Twitter, the official Alien: Isolation channel says, "We've had a few reports on this and are looking into this now." On the Alien: Isolation forums, numerous players are reporting the issue, which appears to be most widely affecting PlayStation 4 users. Representatives for developer The Creative Assembly recommend that youcontact customer support if you're experiencing the bug. Alien: Isolation launched on October 7 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more, check out GameSpot's review and what other critics are saying. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  6. Last week NetNames produced a report on "shadowy" file-hosting sites which surprisingly included The file-hosting company responded by threatening "further action" unless it was removed from the "defamatory" report. Now, as promised, the New Zealand-based company is taking things to the next level. Last week the Digital Citizens Alliance and NetNames released a new report with the aim of shining light on the business models of “shadowy†file-storage sites. While listing some domains that may well live up to that less-than-flattering billing, the authors of Behind The Cyberlocker Door: A Report How Shadowy Cyberlockers Use Credit Card Companies to Make Millions, also decided to include New Zealand-based Mega. Mega was founded by Kim Dotcom but the site bears little resemblance to his now defunct Megaupload. Perhaps most importantly, Mega was the most-scrutinized file-hosting startup ever, so every single detail simply had to be squeaky clean. As a result the site took extensive legal advice to ensure that it complies with every single facet of the law. Nevertheless, NetNames took the decision to put Mega in its report anyway, bundling the site in with what are described as some of the market’s most dubious players. This was not received well by Mega CEO Graham Gaylard. In a TorrentFreak article he demanded a full apology from NetNames and Digital Citizens Alliance and for his company to be withdrawn from the report. Failure to do so would result in “further actionâ€, he said. TF asked NetNames’ David Price whether his company stood by its allegations. The response suggested that it did and no apology was forthcoming. It’s been a week since that ultimatum and as promised Mega is now making good on its threats. “Mega’s legal counsel has written to NetNames, Digital Citizens Alliance and The Internet Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) stating that the report is clearly defamatory,†Mega CEO Graham Gaylard told TorrentFreak this morning. Given NetNames’ and Digital Citizens Alliance failure to respond, it comes as little surprise that Mega’s formalized demands now go beyond an apology and retraction. Firstly, Mega’s legal team are now demanding the removal of the report, and all references to it, from all channels under the respondents’ control. They also demand that further circulation of the report must be discontinued and no additional references to it should be made in public. That’s a tough one. NetNames’ effort is currently the most-circulated report in the ‘piracy’ space and TorrentFreak is also informed that the paper is set to become the supporting documentation to Hollywood and the labels’ follow-the-money anti-piracy drive. Mega are also demanding a list of everyone who has had a copy of the report made available to them along with details of all locations where the report has been published. Again, that will be an interesting one to see Mega’s targets fulfill. Finally, Mega is demanding a full public apology “to its satisfaction†to be published on the homepages of the respondents’ websites. What form that could take without discrediting the rest of the report is probably up for negotiation, but having Mega in there at all was bound to be a controversial and potentially damaging move. Mega has given the companies seven days to comply with the above requests. No official line has been provided as to what will happen if Mega is met with a refusal, but it seems that the company is serious about protecting its reputation and will do whatever it takes to do that. It’s perhaps of note that to our knowledge none of the other sites listed in the report have come out publicly to protest their inclusion in it. That’s not to say that some weren’t wrongfully included of course, but when a company like Mega stands up in order to protect its brand that should set off alarm bells. Do ‘pirate’ sites with “shadowy†business models ever bother to publicly defend their reputations unless they’re the ones being hauled into court?
  7. Facebook’s given its user base approximately one week to download the new messaging app in which texting abilities are being separated from the core Facebook app. Some users that have already downloaded the Facebook Messenger app are finding it to be offensive. One Facebook user in particular said that she is outraged at the privacy approvals users must give Facebook in order to download the Facebook Messenger app. “It makes me feel really angry. I think it’s a complete invasion of my privacy. We are growing up in a digital age but it’s hard knowing that everything you do is followed. It’s weird that Facebook and other apps are getting involved in your phone. It’s weird that I completely overlooked it,†she told CBS 6 News. Facebook’s new Messenger app is designed to let you text other Facebook friends, but you have to give away some privacy in order to gain texting capabilities. Here are the permissions you must give the new Facebook Messenger app: Identity Find accounts on the device Read your own contact card Contacts/Calendar Read your contacts Location Approximate location (network-based) Precise location (GPS and network-based) SMS Edit your text messages (SMS or MMS) Receive text messages (SMS) Read your text messages (SMS or MMS) Phone Directly call phone numbers Photos/Media/Files Read the contents of your USB storage Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage Camera/Microphone Take pictures and videos Record audio Wi-Fi connection information View Wi-Fi connections These permissions do not count others, such as the permission to give Facebook full network access to your phone and to even “change network connectivity.†For all of these permissions, you can view them by going to the Facebook Messenger app at Google Play, then scroll down to the section above “Google Play Content†that says “permissions.†While some are what normal apps require, we have to admit: the “edit and read your text messages,†as well as “record audio†permissions are a little weird for Facebook Messenger. If the company wants to learn more about its users, we’re not sure this is such a good idea. The best advice we can give users is this: read the permissions before agreeing to download the app. If these permissions make you feel uncomfortable, or if you think they give Facebook too much control, then do not download it. If you downloaded it in the past and you now feel uncomfortable, then the best thing to do is to use a carrier messaging app such as Verizon’s Message+, or some other carrier app that you think does a better job at maintaining privacy (FaceTime, or iMessage, for example). It’s likely the case that Instagram comes with many of the same permissions as Facebook Messenger.
  8. Ever heard the saying that “slow and steady wins the race?†Well, today’s races don’t operate according to this saying. In most cases, the most swift and speedy wins the race. And the same can be said for the world of smartphones, tablets, and mobile gadgets in general. When it comes to Android, the King of Android smartphones belongs to Google’s Nexus line. The Nexus line belongs to Google, and Google owns Android – so Nexus devices get the latest Android update first. It’ll be no different this Fall when Google releases Android L. Motorola was getting some of the action in early updates, but her transfer to Lenovo will likely put things back to normal in Android Land. It’s become a bragging right on the Web when someone can comment, “I’ve had Android 4.4.2 KitKat for two months now – what took your update so long?†And Google’s Nexus line gives users the opportunity to continue the bragging tradition.
  9. BTN has encountered some hardware issues We expect to be down for up to 24 hours due to an unexpected hardware failure. We anticipate very little, if any, data loss. Apologies for the inconvenience!
  10. Last night, Sony released v1.70 firmware update for the PlayStation 4, adding numerous key features including HDCP disabling and the addition of ShareFactory. Unfortunately, users have flocked to Reddit to note issues and bugs they are having with the update. One Reddit user reported a black screen bug upon disabling HDCP. After disabling HDCP and launching SHAREfactory, the user wrote: "After playing around with a BF4 clip for a few minutes, and being quite impressed I realized I couldn't hear any sound. So I backed out, went to Amazon to quickly play some TV to check that sound was working (quicker than loading a game, or so I thought) and went straight to a black screen. Despite numerous reboots, I've since been unable to connect directly from PS4–>HDMI–>TV. I just get the black screen." Another user in a separate thread said, "Ever since I updated my ps4 has been flickering like crazy, even when not attached to my elgato capture card. It seems like once I turn HDCP off, it blinks like a mad man, and won't stop til I turn it back on.. really confused and disappointed about this." Within each thread, others noted they were seeing similar issues, and some even offered solutions. If you are having problems, it is worth clicking through the links above. For more information on the update itself, here is the full update list via Sony.
  11. PayPal has, for the second time, frozen our account. At the time of the freeze there was a little over €100 in the account. We are currently looking into possible alternatives, but at this moment in time we need funds for the server bill that is due next week. Any donations would be truly appreciated and we hope to have a new, more reliable way to donate available by this time next month.
  12. PayPal has, for the second time, frozen our account. At the time of the freeze there was a little over €100 in the account. We are currently looking into possible alternatives, but at this moment in time we need funds for the server bill that is due next week. Any donations would be truly appreciated and we hope to have a new, more reliable way to donate available by this time next month. -staff.