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Found 4 results

  1. Since it's about time you were all updated on the current situation with the site, it's probably best to start at the beginning. You shall have the full story, nothing left out. Our first issue came when the PayPal account was frozen and all funds within. We have been fighting since the first day it was frozen to rectify the situation and free up the funds that were there. Since we operate on a smaller budget than most of our fellow sites, the funds were not substantial and equated to a little over 1 month of bills. Staff covered the bills of the site for as long as they could, but eventually something had to give. First on the culling list was the 10Gbit Auto Box which is why the Pre times have dropped quite a bit and another reason why the Auto is currently either not running or pretty patchy from time to time. Our second issue raised it's ugly head when we believe someone to have reported the Domain for not having the correct "Whois" info. This meant that it was subsequently suspended. This seems a common tactic these days to easily take sites offline. Our third and most recent issue was due to a staff member who had control of the server and the payment links being away on holiday. This meant that none of the other staff could access the payment info in order to pay for the server (again out of staff pockets) The server was suspended and we moved to an old back up as a temporary solution. So here we are with no funds and now no Domain and an expired server !...... Yeah Great ! But not to be beaten...... At the last minute, the payment information was able to be sent to another staff member who paid the bills, which enabled us to set about getting the server back online again. This was finally completed yesterday. We had funds in the BTC account so we managed to get hold of another Domain to use. The .me that we now operate under. The costly ddos protection for the site was also renewed at this time.. The following, further steps are currently being taken to get us back on track. A Mass Email is being sent to all accounts that have not logged in within 1 week. We will notify them of the change to our Domain and this will hopefully allow more users to find their way back home to us. We urge you to also let people know the new URL as and where you can. We are looking at new ways to accept donations. PayPal is hard to get away from and we pay many of our bills this way. Currently we are going to reactivate the Donate page, but donations can currently only be accepted in BitCoins (BTC) until we can find suitable methods for keeping a PayPal account unfrozen. We currently have a half assed plan to somehow convert BTC and transfer to a PayPal account and then pay bills, but one of the things that worries us is the lack of popularity in BTC. But at least it's a start right ? So there you have it. Our problems and, hopefully, our solutions. I understand their has been talk in IRC about our demise and the possibility of us vanishing. Please don't listen to it. We have come this far. We have been taken down before, Domains taken away from us and yet we keep bouncing back. This time will be no different. We are just in a dark place right now, but together, as a team, as a family, as a community ! We can come through it. We WILL come through it. //Staff
  2. The Nintendo eShop can truly be a wonderful place, as it allows developers to release a myriad of creative games to millions of consumers with relatively low risk. Unfortunately, the eShop also allows quite the opposite to happen, with a increasing number of low quality games sneaking by quality control and vying for digital shelf space with truly amazing games. These titles are often unoriginal takes on top selling games and offer little to nothing new onto the original concept. Plenty of Fishies falls firmly into this unwanted category. Plenty of Fishies offers up three different game modes to choose from, though none of the choices are particularly fun to play. The main Adventure mode pits you against an endless number of other fish, of varying sizes, and encourages you to eat other fish to grow into the largest fish in the sea. You control your Clown Fish with the left control stick and eat fish by running into them. This is a gameplay idea that has been executed countless times before, and Plenty of Fishies does nothing to attempt to make it seem original or different, or even as good as the games that inspired it. You simply swim around, eating other fish, until you're the largest one and win the level. This single stage can take upwards of thirty minutes to beat, due to an odd moving pattern of your fish, who turns in very wide arcs and is significantly slower than most of the other fish. Why does your fish need to be so slow and difficult to control? We don't know. Once this stage is completed, if you ever get that far, there are even more levels to attempt to beat before you run out of lives, including one where you need to eat every fish in the sea. Yes, every single fish. In the whole sea. It takes longer than you think it would, and the scope of the level is far too large. And there are even more levels after this as well. The main problem is that you need to beat them all in a row, in on sitting. As such, most players will never even know there is a stage two, let alone reach the end. If you ever finish with Adventure mode, or just (wisely) skip it, you'll run into another Flappy Bird clone. What is a Flappy Bird clone doing in Plenty of Fishies? We don't know, as it serves no real purpose to the game whatsoever. It is very difficult to get anywhere in due to awkward controls and moving enemies, and is just altogether bad. Controlling your fish here feels like trying to accurately guide an angry fish you're reeling in on a fishing pole, and works terribly. The third mode is a survival game, in which you cart around a trail of fish eggs behind your clown fish, and attempt to keep them alive as long as possible. This usually takes about a dozen seconds. The other fish are faster than you, can turn more easily than you, and simply catch you and eat the eggs. There's not much you can do either. They always defeat you in the cheapest ways possible as well, making this game mode basically a waste of a minute or two. There's no real point in even trying to survive, as fish will randomly appear and eat some of your eggs as you awkwardly try to turn around in a ridiculously wide arc. So what is there to enjoy about Plenty of Fishies? Well, the developers included a Multiplayer feature for each regular mode, so you can show off your poor swimming skills to your friends and family. Provided you can actually convince someone to play this shipwreck of a game with you, that is. To top off this extraordinary experience, full of simplistic game modes, graphics and looping tracks, is an absolutely awful framerate. The fish move at about one mile per hour in the first place, but the framerate makes everything just look plain weird. Fish swim awkwardly, and it does nothing to help the already bizarre controls and turning. The bizarre thing is that the developers did this to save space in the memory of the game. Why they thought making a game unplayable for the sake of some memory is beyond us. But it makes for a bad time for the player for sure. Somehow, even with this quite low frame rate, Plent of Fishies manages to squeeze one last surprise into the mix. No, not an additional game mode- we're talking about lag here. In a game this simple and small, and with frame rate issues, you'd think lag would be the last thing to be found in Plenty of Fishies. But it is here, and as bad as it has ever been. On top of odd controls and annoyingly difficult game modes, your fish will lag as he swims around. The end result is the equivalent of listening to a terrible song on Youtube on a Dial Up connection- you see and hear random bits of blandness, and it moves terribly slowly. You'll likely attempt to wait it out, but it will never end, and you'll walk away unsatisfied and wishing you had all that lost time back. Plenty of Fishies is simply one of the worst games available on the eShop right now. It certainty has it all, with lag, low frame rates, boring and copy cat game modes, pointless multiplayer, strange movement patterns that badly try to mimick real fish and slighlty simplistic graphics. There's isn't really any redeeming quality to this game other than the fact that a patch is promised for next year to remove the lag from the game. Despite intentions from Nitrolic Games, it will take a lot more to save this sinking ship of a game. 1.5 / 10
  3. Is it a specific game? Consistent online connectivity? More Sequels? More innovative titles? After the last few days, more consistent online connectivity is certainly high on my list, but I am also looking forward to more innovative games – the kind of games that will sneak up on me and surprise me. Of course, there are a lot of sequels I am excited about as well, like The Legend of Zelda Wii U, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Halo 5.
  4. Summer is officially over and with that comes the doldrums of early fall. But even as moviegoers recover fromGuardians of the Galaxy, Transformers, and X-Men, the industry marches on and tries its best to draw audiences in this month. Unfortunately, finding worthwhile releases for September is easier said than done. This month features an eclectic mix of YA adaptations, gritty crime thrillers, stop motion animation, and even an offbeat horror flick. It also boasts two A-listers playing well within their comfort zones. That being said, not all of these films are going to be winners and most will probably only do middling business at the box office. But we think there are still a handful worth seeing. Here are the 5 movies we’re looking forward to in September. - The Maze Runner (Release Date: September 19th) YA adaptations have been mostly hit or miss, but more often than not the ones that do hit deal with some sci-fi element. It’s for that reason that we’re keeping an eye on The Maze Runner, based on the novel by James Dashner. At the same time, we’re also prepared for this one to disappoint. For those who might not be familiar with the story, The Maze Runner follows a group of teens living just outside an ever-changing and mysterious maze. What’s in the maze? Why are these kids chosen to run the maze? These are all questions with answers that could add up to an intriguing sci-fi picture…if done well. Fans of the book are certainly hoping the property catches on, but we’ll have to wait and see whether casual audiences turn out. Check out the trailer for The Maze Runner. - Tusk (Release Date: September 19th) A Kevin Smith-directed horror film about a guy being slowly transformed into a walrus has all the makings of either a bizarrely awesome fall flick or B-movie schlock. About a decade ago we would have been lining up to see Tusk on day one, but Smith’s standing among the fan community has tapered off considerably as of late. Granted, the director has ventured into more daring cinematic territory, but to mostly mixed results. Tusk is no different, and as a result it teeters somewhere in the middle. The concept certainly sounds interesting, and the cast is strong, but there’s no telling whether Smith’s writing style will mesh with darker material. Color us curious, but cautiously optimistic. Check out the trailer for Tusk. - A Walk Among the Tombstones (Release Date: September 19th) Liam Neeson has already had two hits this year with Non-Stop and The LEGO Movie, and he’s very likely to have another with A Walk Among the Tombstones, based on the novel by Lawrence Block. Some have begun to criticize Nesson for playing very same-y characters, but so far that has worked for the Oscar-nominated actor. However, putting him in a gritty R-rated film might either be the shot in the arm fans were looking for, or it could be the thing that turns them off completely. There’s also the question of the source material, and whether Lawrence Block fans believe Neeson is the right for the Matt Scudder character. From our perspective, he seems like a perfect fit to play the reckless, alcoholic ex-cop. And if this one hits, Neeson will have likely secured his next action franchise after Taken. Check out the trailer for A Walk Among the Tombstones. - The Boxtrolls (Release Date: September 26th) Laika’s stop motion animated features are something of an anomaly. Critically acclaimed but oftentimes overlooked, these films usually offer something a little different and struggle as a result. Laika’s latest film, The Boxtrolls, is based on thechildren’s book Here Be Monsters!, about a boy raised by underground creatures with makeshift clothing. That premise in and of itself might not hold a grand appeal with kids, but the stop motion animation could draw in adults. Laika has done well to get the world out early, and so far critics appear to be singing The Boxtrolls‘ praises. Now if only they can get it to hit with audiences… Check out the trailer for The Boxtrolls. - The Equalizer (Release Date: September 26th) Although few will remember the ’80s TV series, The Equalizer was something special back in its day. Essentially, the series was like a solo A-Team, where an ex-Spec Ops officer named Robert McCall helped even the odds for people in need. As far as we can tell, this 21st century adaptation retains all of those key elements, but condenses them into a single feature-length adventure. Oh, and it featuresDenzel Washington in the lead role. That alone should be enough to get the people in the seats, but in case you need something more, we should note that The Equalizer reunites Washington with hisTraining Day director Antoine Fuqua. And the last time those two teamed up, Denzel Washington came away with an Oscar. Check out the trailer for The Equalizer. - Slim pickings doesn’t even begin to describe September, but such is the way of the business in early fall. We figure that The Equalizer and A Walk Among the Tombstones should have no problem finding success thanks to their leads, but the rest is up in the air. The Maze Runner could be a surprise hit, or it could be a huge flop. The Boxtrolls has that family-friendly appeal, but Laika productions don’t always hit. We also wouldn’t be surprised if No Good Deed or Dolphin Tale 2squeaked out a decent opening weekend, even if they didn’t make our list. Readers will also note that this is a very back-loaded month, with practically nothing to offer for the first two weeks. So while there may be some films worth seeing, it’s going to be an agonizing wait to get to them. Once again, here are the 5 films we’re interested to see: September 19th: The Maze Runner, Tusk, A Walk Among the Tombstones September 26th: The Boxtrolls, The Equalizer