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Found 37 results

  1. After 2.5 years of operations the Mega cloud storage service has published its first transparency report. Aimed at inspiring confidence in how the company deals with complaints and protects privacy, the document reveals that Mega takes content down faster than Google and a maximum of 0.165% of users have been suspended. For the past several years the publication of a so-called ‘Transparency Report’ has become common on large technology focused sites. Reddit, Twitter and evenAmazon produce such documents. Perhaps the best known report is produced by Google. This giant database is updated on a daily basis and includes details of hundreds of millions of requests by third parties to have content removed from the search giant’s databases. Today, cloud-storage site Mega gets in on the act with the publication of its first transparency report since the company launched in 2012. The report, which details activities up until March 2015, focuses on content removal requests and third-party requests for information related to Mega’s users. Noting that the company is New Zealand-based and is governed by the laws of that country, Mega notes that it also aims to comply with regulatory requirements in other key areas in which it does business, notably the United States. Copyright takedowns “When Mega receives such notices it promptly removes or disables access to the offending file or files, depending on the type of request, consistent with the Terms of Service agreed to by every registered user,†Mega notes. Interestingly, Mega offers three options when accepting takedown requests: 1. Disable one link per file – the file will remain in the user’s account 2. Disable multiple URLs per file – the file will remain in the user’s account 3. Remove all underlying files of the supplied URL(s) – there is no user permitted to store this under any circumstance worldwide. These options allow for externally linked content to be taken down while respecting fair use, for example. “Many copyrighted materials provide the user with a licence to make a backup copy. Recently enacted UK law confirms this right. Uploading it to a cloud storage service is not infringing,†Mega explains. Overall, the numbers of files being taken down are small when compared to the total number of files stored on the service. “The number of files which have been subject to such take down notices continues to be very small, indicative of a user base which appreciates the speed and flexibility of Mega’s system for fully legal business and personal use.†Mega’s claims of a “very small†number of files being taken down is supported by the company’s data. Currently the company’s users upload an impressive 15 to 20 million files per day, or more than 200 files every second. During 2013 Q1, Mega took down 30,078 files, representing just 0.019% of the total number of files present on Mega’s servers. By the first quarter of 2015, files taken down numbered 107,146 but due to a further boost in total files stored, that represented just 0.002% of the company’s storage. Also noteworthy is the total number of requests Mega received for the removal of content. Starting in 2013 Q1, the company received 51,857 requests but 21,779 (42%) were either duplicate or invalid. By 2015 Q1 things had improved somewhat with ‘just’ 21% of requests rejected. However, 2014 Q4 was a particularly bad month, with more than a quarter of a million (63% of all notices sent) rejected due to being invalid or duplicate. Despite the large numbers of complaints received (valid or otherwise), Mega says that it deals with them all in a timely manner. “The DMCA requires links to be taken down expeditiously. Most cloud providers target takedown within 24 hours. Mega targets takedown within a maximum of 4 hours, with takedowns frequently being actioned much quicker than the 4 hour target,†the report reads. This timing is impressive. In a 2014 announcement, Google reported an average takedown time of six hours when the company took down 222 million results from Google Search in 2013. Repeat infringers With entertainment companies continuously breathing down the company’s neck, the way Mega deals with so-called ‘repeat infringers’ is an important public barometer of the company’s attitude towards protecting copyright. “Mega maintains market leading processes for dealing with users who upload and share copyright infringing material or breach any other legal requirements,†the company notes. “Mega suspends the account of any user with 5 takedown actions. In some cases the account can be reinstated where it is proved to be the subject of invalid takedown notices but most suspended accounts are terminated. Up to 31 March 2015, Mega had suspended 29,213 users.†Requests for personal information Mega bills itself as ‘The Privacy Company’ so users are likely to expect that their personal information will be as safe, if not safer, in the hands of Mega than similarly placed service providers. Mega says it values user privacy but in some cases the company will hand over information to relevant authorities when required. “Privacy is not an absolute right and is subject to limitations. We take all requests for the disclosure of user information seriously. In considering any request for user data, user information or action involving a Mega user, Mega starts from the position that user data and information is private,†the company writes. “Mega will generally only provide user details when required to do so by New Zealand law or a New Zealand court or law enforcement authority with appropriate jurisdiction but Mega may consider requests made by non-New Zealand law enforcement authorities and civil claimants.†However, considering how many people use Mega’s services, requests for personal information are extremely low. In 2013 the company received just a single request but handed over no data. In 2014 a total of six requests were received (all from overseas) and just two resulted in information being disclosed. Of that total, four requests were made by government or the police, two from corporate entities and one from a private individual. “Mega respects the need to openly disclose the level of non-compliant activity of the few users who breach its Terms of Service, even though many competitors don’t disclose such information,†Mega CEO Graham Gaylard informs TorrentFreak. “Mega works very hard to ensure that the legitimate rights of content owners are respected.†The full report can be found here.
  2. The first four episodes of the new Game of Thrones season have leaked online a day before the official premiere. The leaked episodes, which appear to come from review copies sent to the press, have been downloaded more than 100,000 times in just three hours. Starting a few hours ago several episodes of the new Game of Thrones season started to appear online. The copies were first spotted on the private torrent tracker IPT, but they soon made their way to more public sites such as The Pirate Bay, RARBG and KickassTorrents. At the time of writing the first four episodes of the new season have been posted online. One source informs TF that the leak most likely originates from review copies sent to the press. The leaks are a huge blow to HBO. In an effort to decrease piracy the company worked hard to ensure that the fifth season of Game of Thrones would premiere in 170 countries simultaneously. Today, however, pirates have scooped up the exclusive, releasing four episodes worldwide. While it came unexpected, many Game of Thrones fans have already spotted the early leak. During the first three hours the episodes were downloaded more than 100,000 times and this number is expected to increase to more than a million later today. The episodes that were posted online thus far are in standard-definition (SD) quality. Interestingly, some commenters note that they rather wait until HD copies become available, as they are used to watching the show in a better resolution. Over the past three years Game of Thrones has been the most pirated TV-show. Based on the popularity of today’s leaks, this will be no different in 2015. — Breaking story, more info may follow Game of Thrones Leaked S05E01
  3. Spain's National Court has ordered ISPs to block, a comprehensive unlicensed music streaming site popular with locals. The order, the first of its type against a dedicated music site, follows the instruction to block The Pirate Bay last month on copyright grounds. After long maintaining a reputation for being one of the softest countries in Europe on piracy, in recent years Spain has really toughened up its approach to online infringement. Last month the strength of new legislation became evident when a Madrid court gave local Internet service providers just 72 hours to block notorious torrent site The Pirate Bay (TPB). The legal action against TPB was launched by the Association of Intellectual Rights Management (AGEDI) last year, but that wasn’t the only domain in the anti-piracy group’s sights. AGEDI and music group Promusicae had also been targeting Goear, an unlicensed music streaming service providing access to an estimated four million tracks. Early efforts to bring down the site didn’t go to plan when a Madrid court refused to issue an order to block the site’s IP address back in March 2014. Undeterred, AGEDI responded with an appeal and complaint to the country’s Intellectual Property Commission. Complaining that Goear provides access to copyrighted music without any permission from artists or rightsholders, AGEDI built a case highlighting commercial aspects of the site, particularly its advertising efforts which offered to put products in front of three million registered users via “millions of quality impressions.†Goear had previously actioned some copyright takedowns, AGEDI said, but it was never enough to keep up with the rate that infringing content reappeared on the site. After reviewing the case the National Court has now sided with AGEDI. Handing down an order similar to that issued last month in respect of The Pirate Bay, local ISPs have been given just 72 hours to block the site at the subscriber level. Currently the Goear website is hosted in the Netherlands. “This new resolution adds to the one recently handed down in Spain against The Pirate Bay and confirms web blockades as the only effective measure to eliminate the websites that violate intellectual property rights,†said Promusicae and AGEDI president, Antonio Guisasola. “The block against Goear means that the site will no longer be able to profit from the works of others. I always insist on the absolute need to act decisively to stop these kinds of sites that represent true unfair competition to other [authorized sites] that offer all the guarantees for consumers and producers of music.†Whether local users will rush to unblock the site will remain to be seen. There are many dozens of similar portals offering access to the same level of content, none of which appear to be shutting down anytime soon.
  4. Rights Alliance chief Willy Johansen says that his anti-piracy group has shut down its first Norway-based movie piracy site. Police raided the operator of the Norskfilm portal and the man subsequently confessed, but with music piracy all but eliminated in the country, isn't this just a return to force over finesse? Due to the borderless nature of the Internet, online piracy is very much an international affair. The world’s most popular torrent and streaming sites attract audiences from all around the globe. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of smaller sites that have a much more geographically restricted aims in mind as they cater to mainly local audiences. Norway’s was one such site. The site appeared on the radar of anti-piracy group Rights Alliance (Rettighetsalliansen) during the past year although at one point appears to be have been hosted in the United States. Offering international movies and TV shows on top of local content and subtitles, Norskfilm soon became the subject of a criminal investigation. Following hundreds of tweets announcing the latest movies, last month the site’s Twitter account fell silent and soon after the site itself disappeared. Rights Alliance chief Willy Johansen now says that was due to his organization closing down its very first ‘pirate’ website. “This is the first time we have succeeded in halting a page operated from Norway,†Johansen told local media Friday. Lawyer Torje Arneson confirmed that Vestfold Police had raided the home of a 20-year-old man and seized computer and telecommunications equipment. After questioning the man confessed and was subsequently charged with copyright infringement offenses. While Norwegian police have previously investigated ‘scene’ groups and anti-piracy companies have chased down key individuals in special file-sharing cases, in recent years raids against websites have been pretty much non-existent. Instead, groups like Rights Alliance have focused on pushing for fresh legislation enabling them to monitor file-sharing networks and have ISPs block sites at the subscriber level. But according to Johansen it’s still not enough. As it stands today the flow of pirate movies simply cannot be stopped and with the advent of services such as Popcorn Time and their increasing popularity in Scandinavia, there can only be one solution. “I think we need a change of legislation,†Johansen says. But is that really needed? According to figures from the music industry, almost certainly not. During December 2014 music industry group IFPI conducted a nationwide survey among under 30-year-olds and discovered that just 4% of respondents were using illegal file-sharing platforms to obtain music. A similar 2009 IFPI survey returned a figure of 70%. The reason for the drop? Improved legal music platforms. “We are now offering services that are both better and more user-friendly than illegal platforms. In [the past] five years, we have virtually eliminated illegal file sharing in the music industry,†said IFPI Norway chief Marte Thorsby. But as highlighted again last month, the movie industry is still painting itself into a corner. Instead of making content freely available from the start, its windowing business model ensures that the public is kept waiting for months to be granted access to content. This only fuels piracy. Fix that and there will not only be no need for new laws in Norway, but also less need for Rights Alliance to shut down its second pirate movie site.
  5. HDAccess is need of a couple more people to support all member's questions and problems that staff members do not currently support. FLS need to be around daily. All who apply to FLS need to choose 2 categories for which support you can offer and the languages you know. for example: IRC, Uploading (ENGLISH&GERMAN). All aplication must be posted here. If you want to apply you need to not have a trader/seller history and at least a basic knowledge of BT and its workings. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME! APPLICATION ARE OPEN NOW
  6. The first episode of the new drama series CSI: Cyber has leaked online. The show, which documents the hunt for cyber-criminals, has apparently fallen victim to its main subject. Is CBS being put in its place by 'hackers' or could the leak be some kind of promotional stunt? CSI: Cyber is the fourth series in the popular CSI franchise. The police drama, starring Emmy Award winner Patricia Arquette, revolves around the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division which investigates illegal activities on the Internet, including piracy. The new show is set to premiere tomorrow night but cyber criminals have spoiled the exclusive for CBS. Ironically, or perhaps fittingly, leaked copies of the first episode surfaced on various pirate sites during the past day. The leaked footage comes from a high quality copy and doesn’t have any visible watermarks. The leak appears to come from the P2P group “PMP†and is titled “CSI-Cyber-S01E01-HDTV-x264-PMP.†Leaked CSI Cyber Episode 1 Interestingly, however, the episode isn’t spreading through the usual torrent sites. Instead, it appeared on various streaming services and cyberlockers first, which is quite unusual. There are no traces to the video source. It may have come from a promotional screener, or perhaps the leak itself is a promotion? If so, it wouldn’t be the first time that a TV-series has been intentionally leaked to gain traction. From reading the comments of early viewers the pilot is getting mixed reviews. Some love the concept of a cyber CSI, but others are more critical of the various technicalities. “Wow. Not a good first effort at all. Did they hire any real hackers or anyone with any real working knowledge of hacking,†one cyber ‘criminal’ commented. Whether CBS plans to alert the FBI’s real “CSI:Cyber†to hunt down the leakers is unknown, but for now they remain on the loose. Torrentfreak
  7. First on Net - Jinn (2014) BlurayRip 720p [Eng-Hindi] By [Avenger] Team ExD Click Here To Download!!
  8. In a first of its kind case a student accused of attempting to pirate the 3D movie Gravity has been completely cleared by a court in the UK. The presiding judge said there was absolutely "no legal basis" for the case and instructed the jury to find the 28-year-old not guilty. There have been a number of so-called “camming†cases in the UK in recent years with the MPAA-affiliated Federation Against Copyright Theft keen to stamp out the practice. Punishments can be severe. Fast and Furious 6 ‘cammer’ Philip Danks was sentenced to 33 months in prison last year for recording, uploading and selling physical copies of the popular movie. But prosecutions can be complex and sometimes things can backfire in the biggest possible way. Earlier this month, Birmingham student Ciprian Florea went on trial accused of attempting to ‘cam’ the space blockbuster Gravity. The case was special in a number of ways, not least that this was the first time that an individual had been accused of going equipped to capture a movie in full 3D. According to the prosecution, Florea attended a Cineworld cinema in the city during November 2013 equipped with a home-made recording rig consisting of a pair of high-def cameras fashioned together in a device held on the man’s chest. Florea, a student of film technology at Birmingham City University, is said to have hired the cameras the day before his arrest. These had been placed in a custom-made box in order to record the left and right eye as required for 3D imaging. But before he had even entered the screening the student was spotted by a security guard who confiscated the device and called the police. Florea said he had no intention to record the movie and only had the device to record his friends. He attended the screening without the device. In the light of the fact that the UK has no specific “anti-camming†legislation and no copyright works were ever recorded, the prosecution accused the student of possessing a 3D camera with intent to commit fraud, i.e the recording and subsequent distribution of the movie. The Judge didn’t buy it. “I am sure everything was done with the best of motives. However I have real concern as to whether this prosecution should have been brought at all,†said Mr Recorder Nolan QC. “It ought to have been absolutely clear there was no legal basis for it,†he added. The Judge added that there was nothing to suggest that Florea had intended to commercially exploit any copy. Going further, he noted that even if a copy had been made and posted online, the offense may have been a breach of copyright but would not have amounted to fraud. This may well present a problem for similar future prosecutions. With no uploading to the Internet and no evidence to support that was the intent, it appears claims of copyright infringement and/or fraud are effectively ruled out. In a case like this, where the movie hadn’t even been recorded, it’s not difficult to see why the case fell apart. Nevertheless, the Federation Against Copyright Theft, who supported the prosecution, told TorrentFreak that the student’s behavior suggested he intended to break the law. “The circumstances of Mr Florea’s actions in entering a cinema with equipment constructed to capture a 3D film provided strong evidence that he intended to commit a criminal offense,†FACT said. “FACT supported the prosecution brought against him by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service on the basis of the serious damage caused to the film industry by those who illegally record films in cinemas. We are disappointed with the verdict, but respect the decision of the court.†In comments to the Birmingham Mail after the verdict, Florea said he was glad the whole thing was over. “I am relieved. It has taken a year and to be honest it has been a big pain in my life,†the student said. “Although I won the case it has really been hard for me in my third year of my course. It was the first test of my final year’s project. I was just taking film of friends at the cinema.†
  9. Billed as the first case of its kind, a man has gone on trial in the UK accused of attempting to camcord the movie 'Gravity' in full 3D. The 28-year-old film student allegedly constructed a rig using a pair of hi-def cameras but was thwarted when cinema staff spotted and confiscated his device. Despite their reputation for being poor quality, so-called ‘cam’ copies of movies remain popular with movie fans. On the other hand, these bootlegs – which are the product of unauthorized in-cinema recording – remain terribly unpopular with the movie industry itself. Over the years Hollywood has lobbied for draconian laws all around the world to deal with the problem. On home turf legislation is now particularly tough, with lengthy jail sentences for those caught recording the latest blockbusters. Elsewhere the strength of the law varies, but that hasn’t stopped the industry from using all of the tools at its disposal. There have been a number of “camming†cases in the UK in recent years, some of which have resulted in lengthy sentences for the accused. And in what appears to be a world first, a trial currently underway in central England involves the prosecution of an individual alleged to have gone equipped to “cam†a movie in full 3D. According to reports from Birmingham Crown Court, Ciprian Florea attended a Cineworld cinema in the city during November 2013 with the express intention of making an unauthorized copy of the space blockbuster ‘Gravity’. Making effective camcorder copies of 3D movies is not straightforward but the prosecution said the 28-year-old had prepared for the job in hand. Florea, a student of film technology at Birmingham City University, is said to have hired two special high-definition cameras the day before his arrest. These had been placed in a custom-made box in order to record the left and right eye as required for 3D imaging. Florea admits making the device and taking it into the cinema, but denies he intended to make a copy of the movie. “It is not disputed that the defendant made that camera. He says he did not intend to use it in the auditorium,†said Sally Cairns, prosecuting. “The prosecution say that is exactly what he intended to do. That is why he went to the cinema, that is why he bought the tickets to see the 3D film Gravity on that night.†With no specific “camming†legislation available to the prosecution, Florea stands accused of possessing a 3D camera with intent to commit fraud, i.e the recording and subsequent distribution of the movie. “This trial is about piracy, film piracy,†Cairns said. “Specifically the illegal recording of films from cinema screens and then potentially distributing them, showing them, sharing them with others.†According to the Birmingham Mail the case is also unusual in that Florea had not even reached the screening room before his device was confiscated by security. “He had something around his neck, a sort of box,†a security guard told the Court. “I saw a red light and that is when I turned around. I though this could be a recording device. It did not look like a usual camera.†The Federation Against Copyright Theft confirmed to TF that the case is underway but declined further comment. For the Cineworld chain involved in the case, this is the second time in the headlines in as many months. In December 2014, Cineworld made headlines when staff called police to tackle children they believed had been recording the movie The Hunger Games. The innocent kids were cleared by police of all wrong doing. A representative for Cineworld informs TorrentFreak that following the event the chain is now revisiting its policies. “It is for the police to decide whether they feel it is appropriate to act on the information provided to them. In this case, the police decided that there were sufficient grounds for suspicion and chose to attend the cinema,†a spokesperson said. “However, we have taken on board the concerns expressed by the parents and we are reviewing how the policy is applied to younger customers.†
  10. Those who attended this year’s San Diego Comic-Con got a look at some elements from Guillermo del Toro’s new gothic horror Crimson Peak, mostly props and chunks of the set. Now we have a proper glimpse at one of the main characters, with a shot of Jessica Chastain in costume provided by The Film Stage. Crimson Peak finds Mia Wasikowska as author Edith Cushing, who is freshly wed to the charming, heroic Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston). She moves to live with him in the titular massive, crumbling family pile in Cumbria. But soon after she arrives, she discovers that her husband is not who he appears to be, and the house itself has some very dark secrets. That she didn’t realise this when she learned it was called “Crimson Peak†is, frankly, her own lookout. Chastain plays Lady Lucille Sharpe, Sir Thomas’s sister, a woman who no doubt carries her fair share of dangerous mysteries swirling about her. She certainly doesn’t dress like someone who is all about a warm welcome. With Charlie Hunnam, Burn Gorman, Doug Jones, Leslie Hope and Jim Beaver aboard, Crimson Peak will haunt our cinemas on October 16 next year.
  11. Popular sandbox game comes to yet another platform. Microsoft, the new owner and operator of the Minecraft franchise (that's still somewhat weird to write), today released the Windows Phone version of the popular sandbox game. It's available now to download from the Windows Store for $7, the same price as the iOS and Android Pocket Editions. The Windows Phone version of Minecraft comes with everything found in the other mobile versions, including Survival mode, Creative mode, and multiplayer over Wi-Fi. Notably, however, the game is only playable on Windows Phones running 8.1. Microsoft, in one of the biggest game industry news events of the year, acquired Minecraft and developer Mojang in September for $2.5 billion. As part of the deal, three of Mojang's founders, including creator Markus "Notch" Persson, left the studio. With its release today for Windows Phones, Minecraft is now essentially available on all major, modern platforms. The game is already available for PC, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android. For more on the Windows Phone version of Minecraft, check out the image gallery below.
  12. It seems a little cobbled together, but if you're looking to make the game even harder, this will do the trick. Dark Souls fans have a real taste for punishment. As if Dark Souls II wasn't hard enough as it is, now a fan has created a mod that let's you play the game in the first-person perspective. It seems a little cobbled together. Basically, the mod just tells the game's camera to stay zoomed in all the way. Modder Benzoin-Gun explains that it places the camera slightly behind the character's head, so you'll sometime notice your character clip through the camera, as you can see here when lighting a torch. More importantly, you can turn the camera in a different direction than your character is facing, so you need to remember to move forward to keep them aligned, and that when fighting, your character is locked to the enemy. You'll also want to play this mod with the higher turn sensitivity of a mouse and keyboard as opposed to a controller. Check out the video's description on YouTube to find out more and download the mod. And in case you missed it, you can grab the Steam version of Dark Souls II from the official Bandai Namco store today for $20. What do you think is harder, finishing Dark Souls II in first-person or with a Rock Band guitar controller? Let us know in the comments below. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  13. Neil Young will present his first ever art exhibition in Santa Monica in November. Young has created a series of watercolours to be displayed as the art exhibit called 'Special Deluxe' at the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica, California. Young will attend the opening of the exhibition on November 3 at the gallery and then his work will remain on display until the end of the month. One of the paintings served as the cover of Young's new album 'Storytone', also due in November. Robert Berman Gallery is at the Bergamot Station Arts Center, 2525 Michigan Ave. B7 Gallery. Santa Monica, CA Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  14. Viewers will also get to see developer interviews about Master Chief Collection and watch the first episode of Halo: Nightfall. Microsoft announced today that it will hold a special "HaloFest" live-stream event the night before Halo: The Master Chief Collection's release on November 11 for Xbox One. Viewers will get to see developer interviews, the first footage of the Halo 5: Guardians gameplay, and the debut episode of Halo: Nightfall. You can tune in through Twitch, Xbox Live, and HaloFest will take place at the Avalon Theatre in Los Angeles on November 10, one day before The Master Chief Collection launches worldwide. The event begins at 8 PM Pacific. Here's what's on tap for the HaloFest live-stream: First look at Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta -- This will include an exhibition match between professional players, giving fans a first look at how the game plays. The game's beta begins December 29, though you'll need to buy The Master Chief Collection to get in World premiere of Halo: Nightfall -- Viewers will get to watch the first episode in Alien director Ridley Scott's series, which introduces Agent Locke, a central character in Halo 5. You can watch a new trailer for the series above. Interviews -- 343 Industries developers such as Bonnie Ross (studio manager), Frank O'Connor (franchise development director), Dan Ayoub (executive producer), and Josh Holmes (executive producer) will be featured during the event. In addition, 343 executive producer Kiki Wolfkill will talk about Nightfall during the stream, which will also feature "celebrity Halo fans." Outside of the HaloFest stream, Microsoft will hold a Halo tournament on November 8-9. 32 players from around the world will compete for $50,000 in prizes in Halo 2: Anniversary's multiplayer mode. This will take place at the ESL's headquarters in California, and all coverage will be streamed live through the Halo Twitch channel. Highlights will be shown during HaloFest. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  15. Tracker Name : First Sky Genre : General Review (If Any ) : N/A Sign Up Link : Closing Time : N/A Additional Information : Hungarian Private Torrent Tracker for 0Day / General Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  16. The opening legal maneuver in the lawsuit against Led Zeppelin over the song Stairway to Heaven has gone against the band. The lawsuit, which was filed by the family of the late Randy California (Randy Craig Wolfe) of Spirit, claims that Zeppelin used a significant part of the Spirit song Taurus in their composition Stairway to Heaven. Led Zeppelin opened for Spirit during 1968 and would have heard the song as part of those performances. The lawyers for Zeppelin had stated in court that they didn't feel that the courts of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania had jurisdiction to hear the case, saying that no members of the band owned property in the state nor any ties to any person in that area. The lawyer for the family of California countered by stating the 'Defendants are subject to specific jurisdiction in this district because they make millions of dollars from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania by directly targeting this district for the exploitation of Stairway to Heaven through CD sales, digital downloading, radio and television play, advertising, marketing, concert performances, other performances, licensing, and otherwise targeting resident individuals and businesses to profit off the exploitation of Stairway to Heaven.' U.S. District Court Judge Juan Sanchez ruled for the plaintiffs and against Led Zeppelin without specifics. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  17. The park is open… The first poster has arrived online for Jurassic World, teasing a long-awaited return to Isla Nublar. Featuring the classic Jurassic Park logo against a foreboding, smoky background, the new poster aims for ominous and does a nice job of getting the goosebumps going ahead of next year’s release. “The park is open,†booms the official tagline, making us want to pile into the nearest jeep, head off into the rain-soaked jungle in search of a luckless goat, and wait for feeding time. The new film will take place some 22 years after the events of the original, with the action returning to the remote Isla Nublar, where the park is back up an running once more, and finally open to the public… Directed by Colin Trevorrow and co-starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Vincent D’Onofrio, Jurassic World will open in the UK on 12 June 2015. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  18. Welcome to Weyworld. Publisher DeNA and Peter Molyneux's studio 22 Cans released the first major expansion to its god gameGodus. The expansion gives players a whole new land to explore: Weyworld. To get there, players must build a massive Ark, which 22 Cans said will take a "considerable amount of time and resources to complete." It will carry 500 Followers, along with 500 Ore and 700 Wheat. It's also a one-way trip for your Followers, but you'll still be able to return to Homeworld at any time via the Lighthouse. Weyworld has a distinct, desert-themed visual style, and introduces a number of unique features like new types of terrain, rival tribes, and a new Timeline with new cards and stickers to unlock. Some new godly abilities you'll earn in Weyworld will let you blast layers of granite apart with a comet, summon storms, and stronger meteor strikes. The update also comes with a bunch of new features and improvements for both the mobile and PC versions of the game, which you can read about in detail on Godus' official website. The PC version of Godus was released last year on Steam as an Early Access game. You can buy it today for $20. The game is free on the iTunes App Store, and 22 Cans said it will be coming soon to Google Play for Android devices. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  19. When you think about it, the first loot cave in Destiny has become a burial ground where thousands, if not millions, of enemies were butchered at spawn point. Now it's a dank, dark, and drear cavity where no one treads. Naturally, it's going to be haunted. As part of Bungie's latest Destiny update, the loot cave has now been adorned with scorched cadavers of Fallen grunts. Get close enough and a command prompt will ask you to "disturb remainsâ€. What happens next can be found in the video above, or maybe you'd like to find out for yourself in the game. Without wanting to spoil the reveal, it's interesting that this change to Destiny's first loot cave now makes it, technically, canon. Then again, the story is atrocious, so it probably doesn't matter. On Tuesday, Bungie made a number of changes to Destiny as part of a sweeping update. Key to the changes is the weakening of the Auto Rifle and various enhancements made to Scout Rifles. Find out all the details here. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  20. Star Citizen video from Citizen Con 2014 takes you from outer space to the surface of a planet. Star Citizen, the upcoming PC space sim from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, showed off planetside gameplay for the first time at its Citizen Con event in Los Angeles last night. Roberts, who introduced the demo on stage, said it was 100 percent in-game, but still in the early prototype phase. As you can see in the video, the player can stop piloting and start exploring the ship in the first-person. Later, we see the player fly through a city, land, and explore a base in the first and third-person perspectives. Roberts explained that players will be able to shop and trade in these areas, which will change depending on what's happening in the universe. "If you land on a bustling successful planet, there will be a lot of people going about their business, the place will look great," Roberts said. "If you land on a planet that's not doing so well then you'll see graffiti and maybe there's more crime and not as many people. We'll also have a fair amount NPC, PvE kind of stuff that's going to happen on the planet." The crowdfunding campaign for the gamehas now reached $57.6 million, a big boost from last week's $55 million mark. Roberts revealed the new funding milestone through the game's website, saying that it "confirms my feeling that a working universe is much more interesting that just a battlefield." For more on Star Citizen and Roberts himself, check out part one and part two of GameSpot's interview with the legendary designer. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  21. The very first trailer has arrived for Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland, starring Britt Robertson as a sparky teen thrown into the mysterious realm that gives the film its title. The new trailer shows Robertson encountering the futuristic domain for the very first time, as she touches a strange totem that appears to transport her from one world to the next. This first teaser does a good job of establishing the basic premise while keeping the finer details under wraps, and will almost certainly leave you wanting more. Much more… Take a look at the new trailer, below… Not a huge amount to go on then, but more than enough to suggest that Robertson is a bona fide star in the making, and that Tomorrowland itself is going to be a lot of fun to explore… Directed by Bird and co-starring Hugh Laurie, Tim McGraw and Kathryn Hahn, Tomorrowland will open in the UK on 22 May 2015. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  22. Xbox One Forza Horizon 2 Gets First DLC Today Microsoft today launched the first DLC expansion for its racing game, Forza Horizon 2, which was released last week across Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Available today for the Xbox One version of the game is the Mobil 1 Car Pack, which features six new cars (full list and images below). The Mobil 1 Car Pack is included with the Forza Horizon 2 Car Pass ($25) or can be purchased by itself for $5. Once you buy the expansion, the cars are yours to race and customize right away, Microsoft says in apost on the Xbox Wire. Forza Horizon 2 car pack expansions will normally feature five new cars, but today's Mobil 1 Car Pack includes a bonus vehicle--the 1988 BMW M5--at no extra cost. Microsoft did not say when the Mobil 1 Car Pack will be released for Xbox 360. The Mobil 1 Car Pack includes: 2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 2013 Renault Clio RS 200 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco 16v 1957 Maserati 300 S 1977 BMW M5 Check out the gallery below to see the vehicles featured in the Mobil 1 Car Pack. Be sure to click each image to see a full-size version. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  23. Tracker Name : First Sky Signup Link : Genre : General Closing Date : N/A Additional Information : Hungarian Private Torrent Tracker for 0Day / General
  24. Official website allegedly suggests new features for PC, Xbox One and PS4; Leak yet to be verified. Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will include a new first-person mode in both vehicles and on foot, according to an alleged Rockstar Games web page. The first-person mode is part of a raft of new features that were listed on Rockstar's official website--although, the post is believed to be unfinished--before the web page was taken offline. However, aGooglecache of the alleged article still exists. If the page is accurate, the next-gen versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 will also include a "newly overhauled character selection screen," as well as "a wealth of new easter eggs and random events for Story Mode". However it is possible that the Googlecache page, found by a Reddit user, could be the work of a hoaxer. Even if genuine, the unfinished page could have been pulled because some of the features were not final. GameSpot has contacted Rockstar for clarification. In terms of graphical improvements, the web page writes that the next gen version will boast "increased draw distances, finer texture details, denser traffic, and enhanced resolutions all work together to bring new life to the cities, towns, deserts and oceans of Rockstar North’s epic reimagining of Southern California." Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto Online will benefit from "an extensive array of new Jobs, an arsenal of new weapons, scores of new vehicles, new properties and player customizations will also be available for the PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One and PC with much more to come." The webpage then goes on to list the following features: A brand new first person mode for vehicles that shows the interior of the vehicle, including working speedometers, tachometers, dash lights, and more. A brand new first person mode while on foot. A wealth of new easter eggs and random events for Story Mode. New animals roaming Los Santos. Players that transfer characters from Xbox 360 or PS3 will receive free new weapons and a free garage in GTA Online. Newly overhauled character selection screen. In mid-September, Rockstar delayed the GTA V PC release date to late January, but confirmed that the GTA 5 PS4 and Xbox One release date is set for November 18 across North America and Europe. Rockstar has officially listed a range of improvements to the game already, such as: New weapons, vehicles and activities Additional wildlife Denser traffic New foliage system Enhanced damage and weather effects Those who pre-order the next-gen and PC versions will also receive $1,000,000 in-game bonus cash to spend across Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. As previously speculated, the development team at Rockstar North will also bolster its in-game radio stations with more than 100 new songs and new DJ mixes. Meanwhile, for the next-gen versions of GTA Online the player count has increased, allowing up to 30 players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. All existing gameplay upgrades and content released on GTA Online will also be available on the next-gen and PC editions, with Rockstar pledging "much more to come". See below for the latest batch of GTA V screens for next-gen consoles. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  25. Fans of adult-oriented animation have all sorts of options these days, such as Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Archer, the new Netflix series Bojack Horseman and everything on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming. It could be argued that if not for Fox’s iconic series The Simpsons, none of this would be possible. Now closing in on its 26th (!) season, we’re already looking forward to the upcoming episode which will see The Simpsons host friendly rival Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy characters the Griffins in a crossover event, but it appears the show also has a similar treat up its sleeve. EW brings us details and a first image (below) of a planned crossover between The Simpsons and thefrequently-cancelled fan-favorite Futurama, another creation of Matt Groening. The episode, called ‘Simpsorama,’ is tagged in its opening credits as “a show out of ideas teams up with a show out of episodes.†And according to Groening: “That was a really tough one to negotiate, because I had to talk to myself.†Al Jean, executive producer of The Simpsons, commented that since Futurama was going off the air, pairing it with its cousin series just made sense. Jean also said: “We’re always looking for things that are compatible with us, and I thought, ‘Well, what’s more compatible?’ We do a joke, actually, about how similar Bender and Homer look. Like, they just erased Homer’s hair.†The crossover episode will include essentially every core member of the Futurama cast: Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, Lauren Tom, Phil LaMarr, Tress MacNeille, and Maurice LaMarch. As for the episode’s epic-sounding plot, the story is described as: …a complex, ‘Terminator’-esque story that involves Bart blowing his nose on a sandwich that he places in a time capsule. When that mixes with Milhouse’s rabbit’s foot and some radioactive ooze, it creates a global catastrophe in the future, prompting Bender to travel back in time to kill Bart and prevent this mega-mess. If that weren’t enough to excite fans, Al Jean added that the episode will, as expected, be full of Easter eggs and references to both shows, for instance: “There’s a thing in ‘Futurama’ code where if you solve it, it says, ‘Congratulations! You’re a nerd.’ †While such a crossover is catnip to dedicated fans of both shows, this is technically not the first time the shows have merged. A 2010 comic book crossover by Groening called The Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis exists, but it seems to have been created as a kind of “official†version of fan-fiction. The ‘Simpsorama’ episode is arguably a better fit – and may prove more purely entertaining – than ‘The Simpsons Guy.’ We’ll find out for sure this fall. What about you, Screen Ranters? Are you excited to see The Simpsons and Futurama join forces in the name of weirdness? The Simpsons/Futurama crossover episode ‘Simpsorama’ airs November 9, 2014 on FOX.