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Found 19 results

  1. Hello All [HAVE]Tehconnection,beyondhd,uhdbits ( Account ) [WANT]Cinemageddon,FileList,Animebytes (Account Or Invite ) Any One Can Apply For Account Or Invite
  2. Applications for the uploader rank was reset , so if you have previously applied and been denied , you have a chance now Apply here !
  3. The tracker was removed from public announce list and everything returned to normal. If you find something wrong, please contact a member of staff. The public tracker has been removed from the announce list and everything is back to normal, if you find something that doesn't work as it should, please contact the staff. I know that some of you may have been revolted when you heard that we added the public tracker, but please understand that our userbase is mainly formed from people that live in Romania, where we have no regulations against torrenting so because of that, we added the public tracker for those who really wanted to download from us. As I was saying above, everything is back to normal and our (private) tracker is the only on in the announce list. We are sorry once again for notifying you only after it was added.
  4. 2015-04-07 We are sorry that it went right through our mind, but we should have specified the fact that we have temporarily added "demonii", which is a public tracker, to the announce list because of the still existing issues with our tracker. So if you are from a country that has laws against torrenting, please DO NOT download from us untill we announce that this issue has been resolved.
  5. Întâmpinăm niște probleme tehnice, ne cerem scuze pentru eventualele neplăceri cauzate și vă rugăm să aveți răbdare, acestea se vor remedia în cel mai scurt timp posibil. O seară plăcută! Google Translate: We're having some technical problems, we apologize for any inconvenience caused and please be patient, they will fix as soon as possible. Have a nice evening!
  6. Please read the full post. 4-5 times even knowing the rules do not excuse anything. General information There will be 24 teams divided into 4 groups. Each group will have 6 participants, and since they will go ahead only teams ranked locul1 and 2. After registration, you will see the schedule and order of the matches. This topic will be included only captains. Each captain makes his own team, choose a name and then you can post in this topic. Championship rules are down a bit. Rules! Read carefully! Captain chooses the players and team creates. The captain will be responsible for everything related to the team. No excuses will go with so much attention. Each team is allowed to have more than 1 standin. It must be said when announcing the captain's participation. This standin may not be part of any team participating. Each captain must ensure that his players will take part in team matches. If you get down is strictly your problem. If you played games during established, you will be switched to drop and lose matches. Teams that do not participate in any 3 consecutive times in the championship match will be disqualified. Captains post everything and only team captains will discuss details of the organization, matches etc. Captains are required to notify each team member every detail important and necessary. After each match, team captains must save the screenshot to the final table of the game (where it is clear who won, players list appears, score etc). Each player must ensure that it can meet the schedule and will be able to play matches. We are going to organize more such tournaments and if you can not play you will be banned and you can not participate again. Each player must take into account the filelist. Enter matches After each game, captains must save the screenshot to the final table of the match (the captains of both teams). After BO2 and BO3 or BO5 captains will post screenshots here and the final score. Concrete example: X-Play Team vs Team Y a BO3. After 3 matches (or 2 if the score 2-0) both captains come here and post the score so topic: Team X Y vs Team Final score: 2-1 and make links with images from each match. If you have played three matches will be 3 files. So do both captains. The pictures you can host on Sign teams Take time 1 week to join the team. So read this topic carefully and take your time to choose players. Lack of players can cost you around participation in this championship + automatic enrollment in blacklist, so choose carefully and make sure that players will play games. Only the team captain will post for enrollment. You need 5 players (4 players + captain) and a team name. Optionally you can add a standin. Model registration: Quote: Team name: FileList (FL) Captain Name: Toxic - - [division: Diamond V] Player Name: UsernameFL1 - lolking link - [division: xxxx] Player Name: UsernameFL2 - lolking link - [division: xxxx] Player Name: UsernameFL3 - lolking link - [division: xxxx] Player Name: UsernameFL4 - lolking link - [division: xxxx] Standin Name: UsernameFL5 - lolking link - [division: xxxx] (optional) Organization and Program If not enroll 24 teams, the tournament will take place; The group stage will be played BO2, and then to the semifinals (inclusive) BO3. The final will be BO5. If it's a tie in points between 2nd and 3rd place at the end of the group, is also playing a match and the winner goes on Matches will be fixed and will display the maximum to which one can play the game Exceptions can be made small organization and program, but do not rely on it. The organizers can decide whether or not. Awards First Place 6 months VIP (for each individual player) 2000 FLCoins (for each individual player) Place II 4 months VIP (for each individual player) 1000 FLCoins (for each individual player) Place III 2 months VIP (for each individual player) FLCoins 500 (for each individual player) Organizers Ragnar, toxic Match list The match list, you will see the teams that have been accepted and will play.
  7. A time came again to open recruitment for internal encoding group, playHD. But this time, we do things a little differently, more precisely, we provide tutorials, then you decide if you want to join this group or not. GUI Tutorial Tutorial CLI After reading one of the tutorials (or both) and you find that you are able to follow, please log on IRC. Server: Channel: # filelist.recruitment If the answer is delayed, chances are very great to sleep or have other jobs, but "With patience and great pass". You must be #filelist channel (tutorial), otherwise, you will be kicked and 5 min ban FAQ. wrote: What are we doing? People serious, decent and PCs on which we can build long-term. How long does the process of encoding? There are too many variables at stake to be able to say, but say it's somewhere to 5 hours up to 720p and 1080p up 8:00. What will happen on IRC? I have to report anything? You'll take a little interview, our goal is to see what kind of person you are, how things quickly processed and how quickly assimilate information; Please have a link handy CPU-Z, we can give you more information about a encode duration; There is likely to ask you to return a sample from an encode, so be prepared! What do I get in return encode sites? Receive 10FLC / uploaded torrents; Receive 300FLC / encode made for lottery (explanations after the promotion); Is there any chance of higher values ​​of FLC from staff officers dealing encoder if you encode good sites; The opportunity to ask various favors staff; What benefits I like (Essential) Encoder? Donor star (on / off - unlimited); Transfer upload to a friend, lover, lover, etc. (up to 2 TB per month); Invite unlimited; Recovery email change (maximum of 2 times per year); The ability to ask renaming account (maximum every 2 months); A warm fuzzy feeling.
  8. We implemented a new topic ( Wood) . To activate it , go to your profile and select from the dropdown Wood theme from the Stylesheet .
  9. După cum unii deja ştiţi, am reînceput să luăm măsuri împotriva celor care nu stau la seed şi au raţie foarte mică. Din ce în cei mai multe torrente recent uploadate şi descărcate de foarte multe ori rămân cu puţini seeders, ceea ce nu este deloc benefic, atât pentru noi, ca staff, însă mai ales pentru voi, utilizatorii. Aşadar, cei care au raţie sub 0,7 vor fi avertizaţi în permanenţă printr-un mesaj afişat în partea de sus a site-ului. Este de la sine înţeles că dacă sunteţi în această situaţie şi doriţi să vă păstraţi contul, trebuie să staţi la seed şi să faceţi tot posibilul pentru a vă ridica raţia. În acest topic vă oferim soluţii despre cum vă puteţi mări raţia. În cazul în care nu puteţi face download/upload, citiţi acest topic. Translate As some already know, I restarted to take action against those who are not very small seed and ration . Increasingly the more recent torrents uploaded and downloaded very often remain few seeders , which is not beneficial for us as staff , but especially for you , the users. So those who ratio below 0.7 will be warned by a message permanently displayed at the top of the website . It goes without saying that if you are in this situation and want to keep your account, you must stay at the seed and do everything possible to raise your ration . In this topic we offer solutions on how you can increase your intake . If you can not download / upload , read this topic .
  10. users received permanent move , and warn them were deleted all FLCoins . One 's top had given thanks over 38,000 sites and have 19,000 FLCoins . Lost them all , of course , and especially with dust account . Follow and others who do abuse . However , considering how many users we have only a few were believed cleverest , good to know that most of them are people with common sense and do not abuse. Thank you ! // Edit: About 200 accounts were punished for abuse .
  11. Did someone say "FLCoins"? The staff will have prepared some contests FL, but will be others in the coming period! Enter here, we participate and take prizes. Happy holidays and good health!
  12. FileList Facebook News: Dear friends, soon we celebrate seven years since FileList beautiful performance and walls broke in a hurry to get on top of the best trackers in Romania. As of September 4, we open our doors and spread the red carpet that those steps will not have the opportunity now to be with us and spread forth which raised huge success of community paternal barrier. It was not easy but we did because we started with the idea that we are and always will be the best! Thank you for joining us and we invite you to continue to be close and many beautiful moments with us! - Sincerely, The staff FileList
  13. 08/14/2014 UPDATE: We have made ​​some changes and torrents categories, thus: Movies XviD is now Movies SD . was added a new category 3D movies . were removed categories Old Movies and Movies VCDs . We are pleased to announce that the old menu button, Docs , was replaced by Internal page will contain all torrents uploaded by internal groups FL.
  14. Pentru toti impatimitii fotbalului si nu numai, acum aveti ocazia de a paria pe meciuri din UCL si campionatele tari ale Europei. Mult noroc tuturor! Translate: For all football lovers and others, now have the opportunity to bet on matches in the UCL and championships European countries. Good luck to all!
  15. i need invite to filelist for a friend . tell me what you whant for it thanks
  16. 2014-06-28 We worked on the browse page. Ctrl + F5 in case you do not see something better. Torrents that are freeleech green background.
  17. =============================================================================================================== 2014-06-06 It changed something in the forum who have problems are asked to press CTRL + F5 2014-06-04 We have a new contest for you! New forum pics! More details here: If all refreshed I grabbed a forum I said good opportunity to do a contest. was cut to the chase. what to do? want to change these images: So you will have to do those 4 files, but we need 2 sets. A forum set to go with the theme color in dilute (like Gray) and a set for dark forum theme (like Silver). So 8 files in total.Dimensions: 30x30 Format: png (logic) what gain? award will be based on image quality, the more I like more the higher the prize 'll reward the top 3 places. Here (in this topic) post images directly. contest you one week. So until 11 June 2014. Spor and good luck I see you do not get along ... 4 files, those of you have made ​​will be for a single subject. One theme, say Gray's light needs 4 images. Two light-colored images (subject read lock without lock) and two dark images (topic unread with lock and without lock). those four images that I put in the first post are for one theme. And you have given me only 2 files for one subject. I said clearly, it takes 8 pictures. 4 light theme and dark theme 4. Hope now understood everything. You can still post and specify: Tema light: and put the 4 files and then dark theme and put the other 4 images.