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Found 6 results

  1. In recent days gaming fans worldwide have enjoyed playing an amazing in-browser fan recreation of the Nintendo classic Super Mario 64. The full HD offering has proven itself a huge hit but the party is now over. Following a compliant to Cloudflare by Nintendo, the main hosting page has been pulled offline. While 3D games had been around for a couple of decades prior to its release, the launch of Super Mario 64 alongside Nintendo’s then flagship console N64 in 1996 was a gaming moment to behold. Coupled with its revolutionary controller, the N64’s hardware placed flesh on Mario’s traditional 2D bones, bringing the iconic character into the 3D world in a way no other game had previously managed. Little wonder then that the gaming media was filled with delight late last week when news broke that the game’s most iconic level had been recreated by developer Roystan Ross. Not only had Bob-Omb Battlefield been brought back to life in full HD, but also via the Unity Engine meaning that players were given the first ever chance to play the game via a web browser – a black magic achievement by 1996 standards. But just as dozens of stories were heralding the return of the king, Nintendo has gatecrashed the party and shut down the fun. In a complaint sent by Nintendo of America via attorneys at the Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP lawfirm, the game company has ordered CDN outfit Cloudflare to disable access to the site hosting the popular browser version of the game. “The copyrighted work at issue is Nintendo’s Super Mario 64 video game (U.S. Copyright Reg. No. PA0000788138), including but not limited to the audiovisual work, computer program, music, and fictional character depictions,†the company told Cloudflare. “The web site at displays, and allows users to play, an electronic game that makes unauthorized use of copyright-protected features of Nintendo’s Super Mario 64 video game. Nintendo requests that CloudFlare, Inc. immediately disable public access to†In an email to the person operating the server (not Ross himself), Cloudflare said that it had revealed the name of the actual host to Nintendo’s lawyers and forwarded the complaint to the host itself. “We have provided the name of your hosting provider to the reporter. Additionally, we have forwarded this complaint to your hosting provider as well,†Cloudflare advised. The complaint from Nintendo was enough to take the browser version immediately offline. “Thank you for forwarding the request to me. I was hosting this work for a good friend who is an avid fan, and built the project from scratch as a tech demo. As mentioned on the original blog post, and noted in various big name media press, there is no intention to monetize this, ever,†the hoster told Cloudflare. “All back-end properties hosting the original files have been updated and files removed. I trust that the issue is fully rectified.†But while the browser edition is now well and truly offline following Cloudflare’s intervention, the desktop versions remain available hosted by Mediafire and with mirrors provided by Microsoft. Whether they’re next on the takedown list remains to be seen but Nintendo’s actions thus far will be viewed as a real loss by gaming fans around the world. The release of a browser version of a single level of this iconic game was a real achievement and consigning it to history a crying shame. That being said, it seems more than likely that replacements won’t be far away.
  2. Six websites setup as "fan pages" to the popular Popcorn Time software have been shut down by anti-piracy group BREIN. All reportedly reached a financial settlement with the Dutch group and currently display a notice advising against the use of the so-called "Netflix for Pirates". Released in the first quarter of 2014, any minute now Popcorn Time will celebrate its one year anniversary. It’s been a roller-coaster ride for the various forks of the project after generating hundreds of headlines between them. Needless to say, many have focused on how the project provides sleek access to unauthorized content. Predictably that ease of use has proven most popular in the United States but interestingly Popcorn Time also proved itself a disproportionate hit in the Netherlands. Last September one fork reported 1.3 million installs in a population of just 17 million. No surprise then that Popcorn Time has appeared on the radar of Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN. The Hollywood-affiliated group has been relatively quiet in recent months but is now reporting action aimed at stemming the flow of users to the popular torrent streaming application. Denouncing Popcorn Time as an “illegal serviceâ€, BREIN reports that it has recently shut down “six Dutch Popcorn Time sites†and reached a settlement with their operators. BREIN usually keeps the names of shuttered sites a closely guarded secret, but on this occasion has chosen to name four out of the six.,, and are now non-operational and currently display the warning message below as per their agreement with BREIN. This site has been removed by the BREIN foundation for propagating Popcorn Time Software. Popcorn Time encourages illegal use and uses an illegal online supply of films and television series. WARNING: Popcorn Time software uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technology allowing users to both up – and download. Streaming, uploading and downloading of illegal content is prohibited by law and will therefore result in liability for the damages caused. NOTE: Uploading is illegal and causes greater damage than a single download. SUPPORT CREATIVITY: Go to and see where you can legally download and stream. According BREIN each site operator also agreed to pay a financial penalty relative to the circumstances of his or her case, but the big question is just how important these sites were. The answer in all cases is “not veryâ€. Firstly, none of the sites were affiliated in any way with either of the current large forks located at and None hosted the software either, instead preferring to link to their official sources. “We are not a part or makers of Popcorn Time. This is just a fansite. Not hosting content, merely linking to files hosted elsewhere,†an archive copy of reads. “ is a fanpage Popcorn Time,†that site declared before being targeted by BREIN. “ hosts no downloads of Popcorn Time on its server. has no links with the developers and designers of Popcorn Time.†None of the sites were particularly popular either. Alexa currently scores as the most visited of the bunch with a global rank of 205,405 and 3,215 in the Netherlands. is the least visited and ranked the 1.84 millionth most popular site in the world. Nevertheless, BREIN is warning that it will continue to take local “Popcorn Time sites†offline. Legal proceedings could be initiated against those who fail to comply and the anti-piracy group isn’t ruling out criminal referrals either. “For Popcorn-Time sites that entrench themselves in foreign countries including the illegal torrent sites which are used, BREIN cooperates with similar national and international organizations,†the group warns. Considering the Netflix-related news that broke mid-January, it was almost inevitable that BREIN wouldn’t wait long before positioning itself against Popcorn Time. In a letter to the company’s shareholders, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings specifically highlighted the Popcorn Time ‘problem’ in the Netherlands, describing the app’s popularity in the country as “soberingâ€.
  3. Halo's Pillar of Autumn, a massive UNSC spaceship, has been recreated in Lego form. Fan Lee Jones writes on this Lego fan creation community site that he spent 3.5 years and $7,000 to build the impressive brick ship. The ship is over six feet long and weighs more than 200 pounds. It's quite an impressive feat overall, though the most impressive part is probably the epic-looking engines, which you can see in the image at left. More images of Jones' Lego Halo ship are available at the Lego fansite. Lego does not make official Halo toy sets, though competitor Mega Bloks offers a range of similar toys for children based on the series. The next core Halo game is 2015's Halo 5: Guardians, which launches next fall on Xbox One. Everyone who bought Halo: The Master Chief Collection can play the game's beta beginning next week or today if you're an Xbox One Preview member. Thanks, Kotaku
  4. Remarkable stunts and beautiful city life showcased by talented YouTubers. There's something so relentlessly enjoyable about roaming the urban and rural landscapes of Grand Theft Auto 5. The sheer freedom to experiment with its vehicles, people, and constructions, has resulted in a game with near-limitless potential on how much fun you can make for yourself. Now the game's developer, Rockstar, is putting the spotlight on undiscovered YouTubers who have created some of the most beautiful and bamboozling user-created videos for the game, from impossible stunts to professional-grade music videos. These new videos follow GTA 5's release on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and expect more to follow when the game ships for PC on January 27. Rockstar's collection of nine fan videos can be found here, and below we've highlighted what we consider to be the best five: Los Santos by Night, by The XXI, offers a wonderful montage showcasing how GTA V is beautiful for all its little details. GTAV Online, from PS3 to PS4, by Kokonitos, is possibly the most unflatteringly generic title for this wonderful music video piece. The meticulously arranged footage features wonderful pop culture nods, such as the Terminator 2 chase scene, and is infused with mauve and purple hues. The music, a Daft Punk cover by indie folk band Daughter, makes for an excellent choice too. Freestyle Daytage, by Fishy Dizzle, is quite extraordinary. It's BMX stunt riding across the city, sometimes in third-person and sometimes in first, which makes ingenious use of Los Santos' many rails and platforms. The trick pulled off at 2:16 makes all that vulgar dubstep in the background completely worth it. Now for something completely different, called GTA5 Next Gen Skydive, by Ash0191. This is a highlight reel of improbable skydive stunts pulled off with god-like precision. As Woody once put it, this is falling with style. First Person Scorcher Tower Wallride, by VaNilla, is a quite possibly the coolest thing ever done in GTA V. We won't spoil it for you, but how this trick was even conceived is mind-boggling in itself.
  5. Lady Gaga is applauding a young fan for nailing her choreography in a news report. The pop star recently had nearly a week off from shows on her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball tour before she resumed performances in Birmingham, England Wednesday night. And she didn't want fans to think she missed a viral video that recently made the rounds, showing a young boy stealing the spotlight from a local reporter at the opening of a Las Vegas shopping centre. 'I know I was on vacation, but when are we going to talk about the boy who did applause choreography in the background of a news report,' she asked her 67 million Facebook followers, expressing her delight. Within minutes, thousands of fans had liked and shared the post and continued linking to the clip, showing the boy clapping his hands and shaking his hips to the beat. Gaga's meanwhile scheduled to continue playing shows throughout Europe until the end of November, with her final performance slated to take place in Paris on the 24th of the month. She's also looking forward to joining jazz legend Tony Bennett on the stage at a New Year's Eve bash in Las Vegas. Earlier this month, the star took to Facebook urging fans not to miss out before tickets sell out. 'Tickets to Tony Bennett's and Lady Gaga's New Year's Eve celebration at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas are available right now. This will surely be a New Year's Eve to remember. See you soon, Las Vegas!' she wrote. Gaga and Tony collaborated on new album Cheek to Cheek. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  6. The signs on the stadium floor were (almost) better than the stadium show itself. Here are the 10 funniest. A One Direction stadium concert is unlike any current experience in pop music because of the fandom involved -- weeping teen girls, inexorable screams and dozens upon dozens of fan signs. From the standard "Sing to me, it's my birthday!" sign to the old "Take ur pants off" chestnut, the fan signs are the perfect, glitter-heavy way for young fans to channel their passion, and are just as important to the 1D live show as 1D themselves. On Tuesday night (Aug. 5), One Direction performed its second straight New York-area show at MetLife Stadium outside in East Rutherford, N.J., as part of its current Where We Are international tour. Here are the 10 fan signs we spotted from the stadium floor that went above and beyond as paeans to Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis: 10. "I'd Pay U To Punch Me" A problematic sign, to be sure -- don't pay anyone to punch you, much less pop stars, little girl! But it sneaks into the Top 10 based solely on shock factor. 9. "I've Gone BANANAS For Harry!" A perplexing sign, until you remember that Harry Styles love bananas. He ate one onstage toward the end of Tuesday night's show. That's fan knowledge at its finest. 8. "Hi We're Single" Simple, direct, friendly. 7. "Turn Down For WWAT" The "WWAT" stands for "Where We Are Tour"… although why is anyone turning DOWN for the Where We Are tour? Someone needed a proofreader! 6. "PROM?" A few signs asked the 1D lads to become prom dates, but this sign -- one word, all-caps -- was the least subtle and most effective. 5. "Suck My Ass" Wow! A bold, bizarre statement. Points for originality. 4. "Niall You're IRISHistible!" One Direction's Niall Horan hails from Mullinger, Ireland. This sign was printed on top of an Irish flag. Smart, silly, well-researched… a classic sign. 3. "Bring Us Backstage (Plz, We're 20!)" In case the guys were considering not bringing these girls backstage, the clarification that they are 20 years old and the "plz" probably (slightly) increased their chances. 2. "Harry!!! Stop Cheating on Me!!!" Liam Payne actually picked up this sign from the crowd during the group's encore and snapped a photo of it. Huge cred-booster. 1. "We <3 You More Than Wi-Fi" Classic millennial fan sign. The kids love their wireless Internet, but they can't LIVE without their One Direction.