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  1. I have an invite to Demonoid and would like to trade it for either a invite or a invite or FFFFound,com invite, or Waffle invite or BTN Thanks to anyone that can help.
  2. Hello All My First Giveaway 5X blu-bits 10X demonoid 6X appzuniverse Rules: 1.Like & Rep 2. Apply here. Please Do not PM me. 3. Do not post any proofs unless i ask you to do so. 4. Do not start spamming me with any possible way (Messengers, PMs etc) 5. Feedback When Get The Invite Enjoy
  3. Hello everyone. I am new here and I know it's not the best but it's all I currently have to offer. Reply here - please do no send a PM. A +rep would be great also.
  4. Hello! I have invites for Demonoid ( and BJ ( I want an invite for BrokenStones ( Actually, I was a member of BrokenStones, but since the site has been moved to Gazelle platform, everyone need to reset their password. I'm trying to do this, without success. If you can help me to contact an administrator of BrokenStones or another way to recover my password and login there again, I will really appreciate and can give you invite for Demonoid or BJ. Please, help me!!!
  5. 5x invite 2x blu-torrents invite 4x demonoid invites 1x blu-bits invite 2x arabp2p invites 1x invite 3x invites APPLY HERE. DON'T PM. PRESS REP AND THANKS BUTTON. LEAVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK AFTER RECEIVING ACCOUNT or INVITES .
  6. This is an automated message to make sure this seller really got the stuff what he/she is trying to sell, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then topic will remain closed. Best regards, Invite Scene Staff!
  7. Demonoid, once one of the Internet's most popular torrent sites, is now barring users who try to visit the site with advert blocking software Adblock installed. The move raises some interesting questions, not least the value of revenue to torrent sites and the intricacies of whether or not content really should be 'free'. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, or the so the saying goes. Nevertheless, every day millions of people use online services such as Google without paying a penny. It’s a situation the Internet generation has become very accustomed to. For millions of BitTorrent users, things move to the next level. After using any of the thousands of available torrent sites for free, content such as music, movies, TV shows, software and games flood into homes around the world, without cash directly forming part of any transaction. Of course, none of these mechanisms are truly free and for most public torrent sites it is advertising that provides the fuel to keep things running smoothly. While torrent site users don’t usually pay for access directly, by being a viewer of torrent site advertising and therefore a potential consumer, a convenient business arrangement allows ‘free’ access to ‘free’ content. Unless you’re a user of the semi-private tracker Demonoid, that is. In recent days Demonoid, once one of the most popular sites on the Internet, implemented new terms of access. If users don’t wish to contribute to revenue streams by viewing embedded advertising, they are now completely barred from the site. Disabling the popular Ad-Block browser plug-in does re-enable access to Demonoid but of course with that comes the reappearance of sometimes intrusive advertising, something which users of Ad-Block wish to avoid. Aside from familiar ‘fake’ buttons emblazoned with the words “Play†and “Downloadâ€, a strip of gaming focused ads adorn the site’s main page. While these aren’t too bad, annoying and rotating full-screen pop-under ads also make an appearance. For Demonoid and the majority of other similar sites, having users view ads is a vital part of site operations. Even if there is no intention to turn a profit, servers and other infrastructure still has to paid for and advertising is the number one way to make that happen. Just lately, however, even that hasn’t been as easy as it once was. There is a concerted effort around the world to stop major brands from advertising on so-called ‘pirate’ sites, so the pool of agencies willing to place ads on sites like Demonoid is dwindling. Solutions are still being found (Demonoid ads include well-known gaming outfits and large betting companies) but with site blocking around Europe and measures by Google to downrank sites, overall traffic is dwindling. With reduced traffic comes reduced revenue, a situation that may have prompted Demonoid to introduce its “No Ad-Block†policy in order to maximize returns, but even that has its unintended side effects. One of the pages that doesn’t carry ads is the “upload page†where Demonoid users can upload content to the site – content that arguably keeps the site going more than the ads do. Whether that’s intentional is unknown, but at least one user with 500 plus torrents to his name tells TF that he won’t be using the site or seeding while the Ad-Block policy is in place. “Some of us support the site by uploading content. Now I haven’t uploaded in a while, but I still support some 535 of my past Demonoid lossless torrents with a fast connection. Torrents I uploaded some three to six years ago,†the user says. “For now I think I will boycott the site. The few lossless people that post only on Demonoid aren’t posting right now. So I can get content from KickAss.†Of course, there is another large can of worms to be opened. By blocking non-contributing users because they aren’t ‘paying’ for content, some might argue that Demonoid is submitting to similar methods currently employed by the studios and labels when they apply for ISP site blocking injunctions. In both cases perceived content free-loaders are being barred from the system. Granted, both can overcome blocks relatively easily, but it’s nevertheless interesting how torrent sites and their arch enemies feel compelled to take similar steps to protect revenues when the going gets tough. Update: Demonoid informs TF that ad revenue has decreased a lot plus the site has had difficulty collecting money from affiliates. The site can accept donations via Bitcoin but Demonoid says that users are reluctant to use it. “We need to implement some measures, or we face closure,†the site concludes.
  8. Onion address We have a new onion address! http://demonhkzoijsvvui.onion:8080/ You can visit us there using the TOR browser:
  9. Tracker's Name: Demonoid Genre: General Sign-up Link:
  10. One of the oldest torrent trackers, Demonoid, has been fighting for its place in the sun over many years. Now the semi-private BitTorrenttracker has changed its .ph domain name for the Palau-based .pw. The operators of the service have yet to officially announce the change, which will help to improve the Demonoid’s availability on the Internet. Earlier this year, Demonoid returned after almost 2 years of downtime, which began after a DDoS attack and legal troubles in its home country, Ukraine. Since then the tracker has been rebuilding its community and now accounts for millions of monthly visitors, which makes it one of the largest BitTorrent trackers on the Internet once again. Copyright holders are still trying to obstruct the Demonoid’s growth, and the site is currently plagued by blocking requests from them. Back in November, Italian Internet service providers blocked Demonoid. In addition, a few days ago major broadband providers in the United Kingdom were requested to do the same. Moreover, the ranking of the site in Google search results has significantly diminished: if you search for “demonoidâ€, you will see a Wikipedia entry as the top result, because the was removed from the Google search results following a takedown notice. In respond, Demonoid switched domain names. Now it is domain to The .pw domain was registered just a few days ago, following the reports of the UK court orders to block the tracker. However, it should be noted that the effects of such move will be limited: while it is easy to circumvent bans in Italy with a new domain, UK providers are usually quick to update their blacklists.
  11. The semi-private BitTorrent tracker Demonoid has traded its domain name for the Palau-based The site's operators have yet to officially announce the change, which helps to improve the site's availability online. As one of the oldest torrent communities online the Demonoid tracker has had its fair share of troubles over the years. Earlier in 2014 the site returned after nearly two years of downtime, which began following a DDoS attack and legal troubles in Ukraine. Since then Demonoid has been rebuilding its community up to a point where it now has millions of visitors per month, making it one of the largest torrent sites online once again. In an effort to obstruct the site’s growth Demonoid is now plagued by blocking requests from copyright holders. Last month the site was blocked by Italian ISPs and a few days ago major ISPs in the UK were told to do the same. In addition, the site’s visibility on Google has significantly diminished. Those who Google for “demonoid†will see a Wikipedia entry as the top result because the domain was removed following a takedown notice. In what appears to be a response to these censorship efforts, Demonoid switched domain names today. Out of the blue the site began redirecting its .ph domain to which uses Palau ‘s TLD .pw. The new domain was registered this weekend just days after reports of a fresh UK High Court injunction ordering ISPs to block the site. The true motives for the recent domain changes remain unconfirmed at this point. TorrentFreak reached out to the Demonoid team for more details but we have yet to hear back. If it’s indeed an effort to beat the various censorship attempts, the effects will be limited. While Italian ISP blockades are relatively easy to circumvent with a new domain, UK ISPs are generally quick to update their blocklists. For now is still accessible in the UK via most ISPs, although it has to be noted that some still have to implement the most recent block. ISP blockades aside, the torrent site will definitely start with a clean sheet on Google. This means that it’s only a matter of days before Demonoid will have its own domain as the top result again, for as long as it lasts. ------------------------------ Source: Torrentfreak ------------------------------
  12. Tracker's Name: Demonoid Genre: General Review (If Any ): Sign-up Link: Closing date: soon Additional Information: World largest general tracker.
  13. Hello there folks, I have Demonoid invites from an old account, and I need invites from either QuebecTeam ( or Unlimited Tracker ( in the first place, or any other French DVD/Cartoon or general based torrent tracker in French. Thanks ahead, Marc
  14. Demonoid Is Blocked in Italy. A number of record labels, including Sony, Warner and Universal, have forced the Italian Communications Regulatory Authority to order all Italian Internet service providers to block access to the popular BitTorrent tracker. Demonoid was blocked under new regulations that do not require legal overview, but the industry experts point out that such process may be ruled unconstitutional in the future. Demonoid has been down for 20 months during 2013 and 2014 and recently came back online. The once popular service slowly started to rebuild its community and has now gained millions monthly visitors back and attracted attention of various copyright owners. The Italian Communications Regulatory Authority (AGCOM) has received a complaint on behalf of record labels submitted by the Italian anti-piracy group FIMI against the BitTorrent tracker a few weeks ago. The Authority is a regulatory body able to order website blockades without court interference, provided that websites are deemed to be infringing copyright. The complaint listed a number of tracks by Italian musicians that were made available on Demonoid. After consideration of the complaint, the Italian Communications Regulatory Authority has ordered ISPs to block the entire website instead of separate infringing works. So, Italian users can’t access Demonoid any longer – at least not in conventional way. The Italian lawyer specializing in online and copyright disputes explained that the scope of the preliminary injunction seems way too broad and disproportional. The suggestions are that this practice can be canceled in the future, as the Court of Rome repeatedly ruled that blocking orders must be directed only at the infringing content, and not the whole website. For example, earlier in 2014, the Court of Rome recalled a blocking order against, the local video streaming service, arguing that partial blocking of a specific content is preferred over site-wide bans. Apparently, this clearly didn’t happen with Demonoid, which can contest the measure that appears to be illegitimate, and the AGCOM procedures appear unconstitutional. The problem is question has also been raised by a number of consumer groups asking the court to review legitimacy of the Italian Communications Regulatory Authority. These complaints were finally referred to the Constitutional Court to examine whether this procedure violates right to freedom of expression and free speech. In the case that AGCOM is deemed to be unconstitutional, all existing blockades can be lifted in the future. Moreover, the lawyer believes that the wrongfully blocked services can even receive compensation for the damages caused by the blockade. But as long as the Constitutional Court lingers with the decision, AGCOM continues to operate normally. The Italian anti-piracy group is happy with the decision and the new blockades against the BitTorrent tracker.
  15. Following a complaint from Sony, Warner and Universal, the Italian Communications Regulatory Authority has ordered all local ISPs to block access to the popular torrent tracker Demonoid. The blockade was issued under new regulations which don't require legal overview, a process that may be ruled unconstitutional in the future. After 20 months of downtime the infamous Demonoid BitTorrent tracker came back onlineearlier this year. The site slowly started to rebuild its community and is now getting millions of visitors per month again. At the same time, however, the torrent site is also drawing attention from various copyright holders. On behalf of Sony, Warner and Universal, Italian anti-piracy group FIMI submitted a complaint against Demonoid to the Communications Regulatory Authority (AGCOM) last month. AGCOM is a regulatory body that has the power to order website blockades without court interference, if sites are deemed to be infringing. The labels’ complaint listed several tracks by Italian artists including Laura Pausini, Max Pezzali and Vasco Rossi, which were made available on Demonoid. However, instead of ordering blockades for these infringing works, AGCOM has now instructed ISPs to block the entire website. As a result, Italian Internet subscribers can no longer access Demonoid. TorrentFreak contacted Fulvio Sarzana, a lawyer specialized in Internet and copyright disputes, who told us that the scope of the preliminary injunction is too broad and disproportional. “The order, in my opinion, is not proportional. The Court of Rome repeatedly ruled that blocking orders must be directed only at illegal content, and not the whole site,†Sarzana says. The lawyer refers to a ruling earlier this year, where the Court of Rome recalled a blocking order against the video streaming site The Court argued that partial blocking of a specific URL is preferred over site-wide bans, something that clearly didn’t happen with Demonoid. “Demonoid would do well to contest the measure which appears to be illegitimate,†Sarzana notes, adding that the AGCOM procedures may be unconstitutional. This issue has also been raised by several consumer groups who asked the court to review AGCOM’s legitimacy. Earlier this week the Court of Rome referred these complaints to the Constitutional Court. Here it will be examined whether the current procedure violates right to freedom of expression and free speech, among other things. If AGCOM is indeed deemed to be unconstitutional there’s a good chance that all existing blockades will be lifted. In addition, Sarzana believes that the wrongfully blocked websites may then be entitled to receive compensation for the damages they suffered. However, until a decision from the Constitutional Court arrives AGCOM will continue to operate normally. FIMI is happy with this decision as well as the new blockades against Demonoid. “We are extremely satisfied with this new blocking order and also about the outcome of the decision from the administrative Court of Rome on the regulation,†FIMI’s Enzo Mazza tells TorrentFreak.
  16. utpalme


    Tracker Name : Demonoid Signup Link : Genre : General Closing Date : N/A Additional Information : Good General Tracker
  17. AsAp


    Tracker Name :Demonoid Signup Link : Genre : General Closing Date : N/A Additional Information : Good General Tracker
  18. kouki007


    Tracker's Name: Demonoid Genre: General Sign-up Link: Additional Information : croatian general tracker
  19. Google Blocks Demonoid for Spreading Malicious Software In one of the harshest moves a search engine can take against a site, during the past few hours Google flagged torrent site Demonoid as likely to harm users' computers. After arriving at the conclusion that malicious third-party ads had caused the problem, Demonoid responded by disabling every single advert on its site until further notice. In recent months, entertainment industry bodies have been working hard to ensure that companies become more aware of where their ads are being placed, with the aim of strangling site finances and eliminating any idea that brands are in partnership with pirates. Just recently the tactic branched out into describing most leading pirate sites as malware havens, a claim that some described as exaggerated. However, during the past few hours a pretty big and related drama hit semi-private torrent site Demonoid. After being off-air for 20 months after hosting trouble in Ukraine, the site relaunched this March. Former members of the site were pleased to find that their old logins worked and ever since the site has been trying to get back to its former glory. Yesterday, however, problems with third party adds provoked a harsh response from Google, one that continues today. Those searching for Demonoid are currently warned in search listings that “This site may harm your computer†and even those who choose to ignore the warnings aren’t allowed to access the site via Google. Instead they are diverted to the following page: Google’s advisory reports that after checking 59 pages on the site during the past 90 days, 7 pages resulted in “malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consentâ€, something likely to worry most users. Google goes on to report that the malicious software in question was hosted on another domain – – and further investigation reveals that the site is the source of a huge number of problems. According to malware analysis the Romanian-hosted domain carries 177 exploits and 2 trojans, which together have led to the infection of not only Demonoid, but more than 2,000 other sites. Aware that Demonoid along with thousands of other sites had been blacklisted by most search engines and web browsers, Demonoid’s operators announced that all advertisements would be removed from the site until the problem could be identified. “We run content from a lot of ad networks in our ad banners, and a lot of banners from each,†the management team said in an announcement. “One of those banners started serving malware, so we disabled all ads until we are 100% sure of the culprit and get it removed. We are also taking the proper steps to get us out of all the blacklists.†This latest advertising controversy comes just a week after the publication of a report which claimed that 90% of the Internet’s top 30 “pirate†sites contain malware, “potentially unwanted programsâ€, or items designed to deceive. While seemingly not Demonoid’s fault in this instance, one has to question if these kinds of malware events will become more prevalent in the months to come. With entertainment industry companies scaring away advertisers, options for torrent and streaming site operators to do business with ‘up-front’ ad networks are likely to narrow, forcing them further into the arms of those who carry the kind of junk experienced in the past 24 hours.
  20. Tracker Name: Demonoid Genre: General Sign-up link: Closing date: Soon Additional information: Registrations are OPEN for Limited Sign-up
  21. Hello guys!! After some well deserved vacations, here we are, back online. The site is now cloud based and there have been many changes to the code. As a result, you might see some weird glitches here and there. We'll do our best to have everything working smoothly as soon as possible so please bear with us. The guys from the site staff are already back, please take a moment to visit our forums and say hello. As before, the forums are separate from the main site login so you will need to register there separately. Enjoy your stay, and welcome back - The Demonoid Site Staff
  22. Good news! CONFIRMED! Forum Demonoid is operational and functional ,just need them to fix some bug and fix some things to make the official relaunch, so quiet that when this happens we'll know whether or if. Regards ..... Sign-up Link: