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Found 19 results

  1. For the fourth year in a row KickassTorrents is celebrating Happy Torrents Day by encouraging users to download and share as much as possible. The initiative was started to celebrate file-sharing and is growing bigger every year. The latest edition features various challenges and also sees the debut of a Kickass magazine and a Torrents Day album. With millions of unique visitors per day KickassTorrents (KAT) has become the most-used torrent site on the Internet, beating even The Pirate Bay. The site also has a very active community of torrent aficionados from all over the world. On March 30th the site staff and its members come together to celebrate their beloved pastime on “Happy Torrents Day.†The event was started by KAT administrator Mr. Pink. Initially it was a small celebration but over the years it has turned into a recurring tradition with many thousands of people participating. TF spoke with Mr. Pink who notes that Torrents Day is a celebration of file-sharing. With the news being dominated by lawsuits, domain name trouble and torrent takedowns, this day is focuses of the positive. “The main purpose is to get everybody to believe that what we do is worth fighting for. Everybody is equal. Yes it started on Kickass with us but it’s not about us. It’s about every person that believes in file sharing,†Mr. Pink says. In recent weeks a lot of torrents have disappeared from the site as a result of an increase in DMCA takedown notices. The idea behind Torrent Day is to get people focused on something positive again. “The DMCA is clamping down on us hard lately. And it’s becoming tougher so we need to give the userbase something to believe in,†Mr. Pink notes. In celebration of the festive day several challenges and initiatives have been launched. A Happy Torrents Day album has been released for example, as well as the first issue of KAT’s official magazine “The KATalyst.†Besides KAT, Torrents Day is spreading to other sites as well. ExtraTorrent, another large community, previously joined in and is expected to do the same again this year. If everything goes according to plan Torrents Day 2015 is expected to drive a lot of traffic to the site and perhaps set several new records. “The support from other sites and the KAT team has been amazing,†Mr. Pink says. “We expect the site’s traffic and upload records to be broken today. We have a few ideas up our sleeves to make that happen.†Records or not, judging from the activity on KAT’s website there’s definitely plenty of interest. So to all those who are celebrating: Happy Torrents Day!
  2. There has been a decent amount of movement on the announced sequel to Independence Day, from the sci-fi film landing a release date to director Roland Emmerich confirming various casting moves. We weren’t exactly sure what the movie was going to be about, though even those details now are snapping into place. Insiders close to the production are telling Bloody Disgusting that the Independence Day sequel is going to go by the name of ID Forever, and will be about the following: 20 years after the events of the first film, a new wave of alien "reinforcements" arrive at our planet in response to a distress signal sent up by the "first wave" of extraterrestrial visitors. As expected, insanity ensues. That plot synopsis, while simplified, makes sense. If we had just destroyed a series of ships sent to our planet to explore and possibly take over, then the overlords who commissioned that journey likely would want to find out what happened. Why wasn’t any data sent back from planet Earth? How come none of the ships returned safely from the voyage? Is this Pullman, or Paxton? Setting the sequel 20 years after the initial events of the 1996 blockbuster also helps explain why certain cast members like Will Smith have chosen not to return for further alien adventures. Maybe arrogant but talented Captain Steven Hiller went down in flames on a previous mission. Or maybe he’s still so torched by the failure of After Earth that the idea of trying more science-fiction is terrifying. There’s another bit of interesting information in the Bloody Disgusting report. The site claims that its sources are telling them that ID Forever (such a terrible name) is going into production as "Part 1 of a new series," meaning that 20th Century Fox might be trying to do what Sony, Warner Bros. and Disney are doing with Ghostbusters, DC Comics and Marvel superheroes, in general. Create a new world. Build a franchise. Milk multiple sequels for millions of dollars. So far, we know that original Independence Day stars Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum are returning, and that they will be joined by Liam Hemsworth and Jessie Usher, who reportedly will be playing Hiller’s step-son in the film. Things are happening, and if reports are to be believed, this is the start of a long run of ID4 movies. Now, can we get to work about changing that title?
  3. This thread is about something that make your day. It can be a joke, story, picture or whatever else, let's start! :gathering:
  4. It's that time of the year when any leftover money you've got after buying gifts, arranging holiday travel, and donating to worthwhile causes is going to go PC games. The Steam Winter sale is live, and we'll be updating this story every day with what we think is the best of the best as well as all of the other day's deals. Things are structured little different this year: New featured deals pop up every 24 hours, but will last for 48 hours Flash Sales will update every 12 hours, but those deals will be available for 24 hours Community's choice deals will update every 24 hours What are you picking up (or hoping to buy) during Valve's quarterly sales event? Let us know in the comments below. Day 5: December 22, 2014 Our pick: Grand Theft Auto IV -- $4.99 (-75%) Sure, everyone might be more focused on getting Grand Theft Auto V on PC, but that doesn't mean that $5 for GTAIV isn't a steal. And with a crazy modding community that's been supporting the game for years, there's plenty to explore outside the main game as well. Read our review of the game and check it out onSteam here. Other Day 5 Deals: Train Simulator 2015 -- $27.49 (-50%) The Walking Dead: Season Two -- $6.24 (-75%) Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends -- $16.99 (-66%) Chivalry: Medieval Warfare -- $4.99 (-80%) Endless Legend -- $17.49 (-50%) The Escapists -- $7.49 (-50%) Saints Row IV -- $4.99 (-75%) Outlast -- $4.99 (-75%) Flash Sale: Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines -- $4.99 (-75%) Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 -- $4.99 (-75%) X-Plane 10 Global -- $29.99 (-50%) Papers, Please -- $2.49 (-75%) Mount Your Friends -- $1.99 (-60%) Tabletop Simulator -- $8.99 (-40%) Community's Choice: Clickteam Fusion -- $33.99 (-66%) 3DMark -- $4.99 (-80%) Fuse Character Creator -- $33.99 (-66%) Day 4: December 21, 2014 Our pick: Bulletstorm -- $3.99 (-80%) There are some bigger and newer games on today's list, but with an 80 percent discount that brings it down to $4, you should take the opportunity to catch up with Bulletstorm, a score-driven first-person shooter with some really great, original weapons. Other Day 3 Deals: Age of Mythology: Extended Edition -- $7.49 (-75%) Alien: Isolation -- $24.99 (-50%) Portal 2 -- $3.99 (-80%) Spore -- $4.99 (-75%) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -- $4.99 (-75%) Spintires -- $10.19 (-66%) Never Alone -- $10.04 (-33%) Five Nights at Freddy's 2 -- $5.35 (-33%) Shadow Warrior -- $3.99 (-90%) Flash Sale: Grim Dawn -- $12.49 (-50%) Craft the World -- $9.49 (-50%) Project Zomboid -- $9.74 (-35%) L.A. Noire -- $4.99 (-75%) Bound By Flame -- $9.99 (-75%) Wargame: Red Dragon -- $9.99 (-75%) Community's Choice: Winner: Bulletstorm -- $3.99 (-80%) Panzer Corps -- $6.79 (-66%) Cities XL Platinum -- 10.19 (-66%) Day 3: December 20, 2014 Our pick: Metro 2033 Redux -- $12.49 (-50%) Metro 2033 was released four years ago, but with the Redux treatment, it's still one of the best-looking first-person shooters on PC. If you didn't play it back then, you owe it to yourself to pick up the discounted version. Read GameSpot's Metro 2033 Redux review and check it out on Steam here. Other Day 3 Deals: Prison Architect -- $5.99 (-80%) NBA 2K15 -- $40.19 (-33%) Stronghold Crusader -- $33.49 (-33%) Europa Universalis IV -- $10 (-75%) 7 Way to Die -- $12.49 (-50%) Rise of Nations Extended Edition -- $4.99 (-75%) The Binding of Isaac Rebirth -- $10.04 (-33%) The Vanishing of Ethan Carter -- $11.99 (-40%) Flash Sale: Mass Effect 2 -- $4.99 (-75%) Trine 2 -- $1.99 (-90%) Dreamfall Chapters -- $17.99 (-40%) The Golf Club -- $13.99 (-60%) Risk of Rain -- $2.49 (-75%) Lord of the Rings: War in the North -- $4.99 (-75%) Community's Choice: Winner: Rage --$4.99 (-75%) Ruse -- $2.49 (-75%) Cities in Motion 2 -- $4.99 (-75%) Day 2: December 19, 2014 Our pick: Castle Crashers -- $1.49 (-90%) At 90% off, there's no reason not to buy developer The Behemoth's colorful beat-em-up. It makes a good gift as well; after all, the game is a lot more fun with friends. Read our Castle Crashers review and check it out on Steam here. Other Day 2 Deals: Depth -- $14.99 (-40%) Fable Anniversary -- $17.49 (-50%) Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel -- $29.99 (-50%) Ryse: Son of Rome -- $19.99 (-50%) Batman: Arkham Origins -- $4.99 (-75%) Killing Floor -- $4.99 (-75%) Valkyria Chronicles -- $14.99 (-25%) Assassin's Creed Unity -- $40.19 (-33%) Community's Choice: Winner: Hack n Slash -- $4.54 (-66%) Neverending Nightmares -- $6.74 (-55%) The Amazing Spider-Man 2 -- $17.99 (-55%) Flash sale round 1: Galactic Civilizations III -- $24.99 (-50%) Spacebase DF9 -- $6.79 (-66%) The Legend of Korra -- $9.89 (-34%) Deus Ex: Human Revolution -- $3.99 (-80%) Guns of Icarus -- $2.24 (-85%) Space Run -- $5.09 (-66%) Flash sale round 2 Insurgency -- $4.49 (-70%) Transocean -- $17.99 (-40%) Planet Explorers -- $14.99 (-40%) DmC: Devil May Cry -- $12.49 (-75%) Hammerwatch -- $1.49 (-85%) Orcs Must Die 2 -- $3.74 (-75%) Day 1: December 18, 2014 Our pick: Dark Souls 2 -- $14.70 (63%) The follow-up to the crazy-hard Demon's Souls and the crazy-hard Dark Souls is... still crazy-hard. The game might not be to everyone's tastes, but it's a series that you have to respect for sticking to its punishing formula. Read our Dark Souls 2 review and check it out on Steam. Other 48-hour deals: State of Decay -- $4.99 (-75%) Euro Truck Simulator 2 -- $3.74 (-85%) Space Engineers -- $9.99 (-50%) Civilization: Beyond Earth -- $29.99 (-40%) Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition -- $14.98 (-75%) Sniper Elite III -- $24.99 (-50%) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes -- $13.39 (-33%) Rocksmith 2014 -- $20.99 (-65%) Community's Choice hasn't kicked off yet, but here are the first six flash sale games: Flash sale round 2 Monaco -- $1.34 (-91%) Broforce -- $10.04 (-33%) Broken Age -- $8.49 (-66%) Dead Space 2 -- $4.99 (-75%) Defense Grid 2 -- $8.49 (-66%) Doorkickers -- $9.99 (-50%) And an additional six flash games (note that the deals below didn't expire 24 hours after posting. Flash sale round 1: Damned -- $4.99 (-75%) Styx: Master of Shadows -- $14.99 (-50%) Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition -- $4.99 (-80%) Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar -- $4.49 (-85%) Injustice Gods Among Us -- $4.99 (-75%) SpeedRunners -- $2.49 (-75%)
  5. EU release dates adjusted; Pre-downloading begins for 45 GB game; Spartan Ops Delayed. Xbox One owners can begin to pre-download Halo: The Master Chief Collection from Friday, October 17, meaning that the game can unlock instantly on its day of release. However, a day-one patch weighing about 20 GB will need to be downloaded and installed to unlock all of the game's content. The size of the game itself is already quite considerable, at about 45 GB. Dan Ayoub, the studio head at 343 Industries, says that some of the game will be accessible while the vast patch downloads. Other key features will not. "You’ll be able to start playing Campaign and more as the content is installing, with some features and multiplayer content being added via the update," he wrote on the Xbox news wire. "Yes, the update is large, but we weren't about to cut corners to save disc space. This ensures that you are getting every bit of Halo goodness we can fit in." Halo: The Master Chief Collection contains four complete Halo games, with every multiplayer map ever released, along with all the console and PC DLC. Both Halo 1 and 2 have been remastered, resplendent with high-definition graphics and updated textures. However, the whole package won't be released all at once. Spartan Ops, the episodic co-op game fromHalo 4, will now release in December. Microsoft has also announced that development of the Xbox One anthology has been completed. It has also amended the release dates in some territories so that the game can release internationally at the same time. As a result, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will ship across North America and Europe on November 11. There are some exceptions, however. The game will ship in Belgium on November 12, in Japan Nov 13, and in France on Nov 14. Ayoub said the team was "really happy to get it as close to a simultaneous worldwide release as possible so that we can all celebrate on November 11 and start playing together." Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  6. You won't always have complete control over which game you're playing in matchmaking. The selection of multiplayer playlists that will be available in Halo: The Master Chief Collection's multiplayer at launch have been revealed, and it looks like you won't always have control over which Halo game you play when using matchmaking. Many of the playlists will be familiar to Halo multiplayer veterans--Big Team Battle, Team Slayer--but with a catch: a number of them encompass multiple games included in MCC (Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4). If you were wondering how 343 Industries would prevent playlists from ending up empty, we now have the answer. Sadly, there is no dedicated Grifball or Rocket Race playlist--at least yet, as 343 will undoubtedly be rotating new ones in over time. The full set of launch day playlists follow below (via IGN): Game-Specific Playlists: Halo: Combat Evolved -- 4v4 mix of Team Slayer and objective modes Halo 2 Classic -- 4v4 mix of Team Slayer and objective modes Halo 2: Anniversary Rumble -- 8-player free-for-all matches Team Halo 2: Anniversary -- 4v4 mix of Team Slayer and objective modes Team Halo 2: Anniversary Social -- 5v5 unranked mix of Team Slayer and objective modes Halo 3 -- 4v4 mix of Team Slayer and objective modes Halo 4 -- 5v5 mix of Team Slayer and objective modes Multi-Game Playlists: Team Slayer -- 4v4 Team Slayer matches across all five games Big Team Battle -- 8v8 matches across all five games Team Hardcore -- 4v4 "tournament-approved" modes in Halo 2 and 3 Halo eSports -- 4v4 official eSports playlist SWAT -- 4v4 SWAT game modes in Halo 2, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4 The Master Chief Collection launches on November 11 for Xbox One. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  7. The scammers trick people into paying “support†charges by running a fake site that offers antivirus downloads intentionally failing on installation and telling the user to call the scammers. The fake “tech support†convince victims that their machines have a virus infection, install the software and charge annual fees. This kind of scam has already cost victims millions dollars around the world. The security company Malwarebytes discovered the new version of the scam. The experts have reported several websites and informed LogMeIn, a legitimate remote support tool used by the scammers, of the codes used so they can be blocked. Indeed, there are too many fraudulent companies today, which are overly aggressive in reaching out to people by any means. In this business environment, the companies that have started an honest business can realize how easy it is to earn millions using deceptive practices. This can’t be good news for people who are looking for support. Most of the scammers work from Kolkata in India and use phone directories to cold-call people and convince them they are “from Microsoft†and that their computer has been reported as transmitting viruses. The victims are told they have errors in the system but can solve the problem for up to hundreds of dollars. They use remote support tool to obtain remote access to the system, and help people to “fix†the nonexistent problem. 4 years ago it was exposed how such “support scams†were being run from India. The UK newspaper the Guardian obtained details of 3 people from India and Canada, who allegedly were the leaders of the scam. They were believed to use an online payment company for routing their payments from victims. The newspaper passed all information it collected to police. Two years later, the FTC froze the American bank accounts and assets of some scammers in India under the allegation that thousands of Americans have been tricked into paying for the fake support. Apparently, this move was not enough to stop gangs in India from scamming victims. As you understand, older people normally are unaware that Microsoft doesn’t make such calls. While the authorities do know that there are many scammers in India and the United States, it is hard to get an exact picture of interconnections between them. Part of the problem is that these groups use multiple identities, sites and phone numbers. As for the abovementioned antivirus scam, it was located in India, but the callers spoke perfect English language, in fact sounding like British. The investigators had to pick upon tiny details which could help to identify various accents and put people involved in the scam on a map – the hint was that accents vary per region in India. Taking into account that an average support call center receives 3,000 calls a day, and the price for support services is $200-400, these operations turn into a multimillion dollar industry that is being exploited by the scammers every single day.“tech+supportâ€+scammers+receive+3+000+calls+a+day.html
  8. For the first time ever Google is now processing an average of one million removal requests per day. The new record follows an upward trend with copyright holders reporting more and more allegedly infringing search results in an effort to deter piracy. In the hope of steering prospective customers away from pirate sites, copyright holders are overloading Google with DMCA takedown notices. These requests have increased dramatically since Google began making the data public. A few years ago the search engine received just a few dozen takedown notices during an entire year, but today it processes millions of allegedly infringing links per week. Over the past months the number of reported URLs has continued to rise. Now, for the first time ever, Google has processed an average of more than one million URLs per day. Last week Google was asked to remove more than 7.8 million results, up more than 10% compared to the previous record a week earlier. The graph below shows the remarkable increase in requests over the past three years. To put these numbers in perspective, Google is currently asked to remove an infringing search result every 8 milliseconds, compared to one request per six days back in 2008. The massive surge in removal requests is not without controversy. It’s been reported that some notices reference pages that contain no copyrighted material, due tomistakes or abuse, but are deleted nonetheless. Google has a pretty good track record of catching these errors, but since manual review of all links is unachievable, some URLs are removed in error. Google says it’s doing its best to address the concerns of copyright holders. Last year the company released a report detailing the various anti-piracy measures it uses. However, according to some industry groups the search giant can and should do more. For the RIAA the staggering amount of takedown requests only confirms the notion that the process isn’t very effective. Brad Buckles, RIAA executive vice president of anti-piracy, previously suggested that Google should start banning entire domainsfrom its search results. “Every day produces more results and there is no end in sight. We are using a bucket to deal with an ocean of illegal downloading,†Buckles said. The issue has also piqued the interest of U.S. lawmakers. Earlier this year the House Judiciary Subcommittee had a hearing on the DMCA takedown issue, and both copyright holders, Internet service providers, and other parties are examining what they can do to optimize the process. In the meantime, the number of removal requests is expected to rise and rise, with 10 million links per week being the next milestone.
  9. Hello, On day 15 of August hdwing will open invites and I have the points needed for one invite. I am looking for BTN account or invite. Thanks
  10. In order to make sure we get our next months server bill paid, we are having a 7-Day Double Upload/Free Leech Offer. Also for the first time we are giving double free leech, which means you will receive double the amount of time than usual as well as double upload credit.
  11. I have Invites on: TorrentDay: 2 invites XtremeZone: 20 invites, can more at any time GFxDomain: 1 invite, Hopefully soon maybe I'll add an invite to IpTorrents. Want just an invite on one of the following: Passthepopcorn (favorite) Bitme, BitmeTV Also will consider other offers if provided. PM me if you want me to provide ratio+seedbox proofs Hope someone will be able to help me Add Rep+Thanks!
  12. Would love to swap my TorrentDay invites (i have 2) for 1 invite please! *edit* Also have multiple HD-bits invites as well, just really wanting a invite if anybody can help pleease!
  13. Tracker name: TorrentShack Tracker url: Tracker type: 0-day, general Seed difficulty: Ratioless Sign-up: closed (invite only) Tracker speed: 9/10 Tracker content: 9/10 Description: TSH is a relatively new scene tracker, very good content and speed TSH has P2P releases too. Stats Categories and Torrents Request Forum Rules User classes Donate
  14. Tracker Name: Genre: 0day / General Sign-up link: Additional information: Acid Lounge (A-L) is a Private Torrent Tracker for 0DAY / GENERAL Awesome Great Tracker Screens Special ReGister Key:2g5bb9 Please Click My Thanx And Reputation Love All My IS Family Friends :islove: :islove: :islove: :islove: :islove: :islove: :islove: :islove: :islove: :islove:
  15. Tracker name: PiSexy Tracker url: Tracker type: 0-day , General Seed difficulty: Easy Sign-up: closed (invite only) Tracker speed: 7/10 Tracker content: 7/10 PiSexy is not a large but, good private tracker, easy to seed, pretime is also good Pi has small but, active good community. Categories Statistic Torrents Upload Forum Faq Member classes Donate
  16. Tracker name: Bitleechers Tracker url: Tracker type: 0-day, General Seed difficulty: Ratioless (seed at least 1:1 or for 48 hours) Sign-up: Closed (atm) Tracker speed: 8/10 Tracker content: 8/10 IRC: port :6667 ssl: +6697 (channels : #chat , #help , #announce) Bitleechers is a very good private tracker, with good pretime and fair content. BL has good bonus system too. Statistic Categories & Torrents Forum Member classes Bonus Donate Helpdesk
  17. Tracker Name: D3SIM Genre:0-Day Signup Link: Closing Date:N/A Additional comments: Desi private torrent site , home team is D3Si MaNiACs. Great Bollywood Torrent Movies Site