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Found 13 results

  1. Apply Here and tell me why are you applied for it! 1 x StopThePress 1 x DanishBits 10 x Bit-HDTV 3 x The-Devils-Sanctum 1 x SocietyGlitch 3 x bitGamer 3 x BitSpyder 2 x FunFile 2 x Secret-Cinema Requirements: - Rep + THX - Leave me a positive feedback after receive the invite - Good Luck Do not send my any PM unless I ask you!
  2. English Bits new changes one hour and 24 minutes ago During the brief to the Danish Bits change dramatically. We have given up trying to make custom subs as those who sit with the part is completely lost. Therefore will shortly see only Midget pr0n Animal pr0n Gay Pr0n etc. Below is already the first link to our new style: torrents.php? id = 439204 torrents.php? id = 439203 torrents.php? id = 439201 torrents.php? id = 423565 We hope you all will welcome Denmark's first tracker with a focus on alternative Of course you can praise us for our new initiatives here
  3. Merry Christmas We here at English Bits, will wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  4. Unity fullness one year today - Many Happy Returns! Thanks to you, amazing DB users can Unity now celebrate a whole year of English bits. We have tried to give you movies in numerous variations and genres, and hope that I have been happy with it. Thus, we have depleted our account, and can allow all users 10 gb. uploading. We have made ​​a count and have come to that we have given you in the neighborhood of 320 different movies during our time. We look forward to another year of English Bits . Thanks for the support. // Unity
  5. Hello. I want accses to the tracker: - does someone in here have an invitation? :-) I can trade it with a Danishbits invitation Regards
  6. have Danish bits Hdtorrent playbits waffle bitspyder bithuman trellas high voltage lossless deathlord hotvibes asiatorrents torrent.0day d4ever see hd Good offers thanks OLSO HAVE SAVETHEPRINCESS BITHUMAN ADDED
  7. English Bits seeking even more Torrent Editors There is still much to be added to our torrents, and therefore we have some goodies for your help in the form of bonus points. Generally, it is not so much your skills we are looking for, but we are looking more those who have the time for a fun and exciting cooperation. following main rules apply to TE: - You need to fix my. 50 per torrent. months. Otherwise, you are automatically a demotet our system. - It is a requirement that you joiner irc, which is our live chat (you get help to set it up) - You must have a ratio of at least 0.8 when you apply to be TE. - You must have the time and desire to make a difference. Bonuses for TE: - TE get 10 bonus points for edited torrent and 5 bonus points for cover added. - TE can be the only buy 50% in download 24 hours for 1000 points (only 50% of download counts). However, one sea been TE for 3 weeks. Each new user we get offered a mentor will help you get started with all rules, IRC and other issues to changes in torrents. you can apply for TE here: helpdesk.php? action = Helpdesk & subject = 12 If you have further questions or comments, please write here: forums.php? action = viewthread & threadid = 12962 Add Rep and Leave a feedback
  8. Payment is working again and just updated prices. We made ​​a couple of weeks a fix on our donations page that has inadvertently made ​​the VISA payment method has not been available for the majority of our users. This has been corrected today, so we apologize to all of you who have tried to support since vain. Besides this we have chosen to set the price of Gigabyte / Ratio significantly down, and added the ability to buy 500GB. The old prices were set many years ago, before BluRay, HD, etc. were widespread, they have long pushed an update. // English Bits staff
  9. As a novelty, we have decided to re-introduce our roof system on the DB. You now have the option to search for tags and even set tags on torrents. forums.php? action = viewthread & threadid = 12283 In the same vein, we have chosen to give Torrent Editors opportunity to earn bonus points by specifying Tags. Is it for you to get Torrent Editor and earn bonus points? forums.php? action = viewthread & threadid = 12284
  10. Tracker name: DanishBits Tracker url: Tracker type: General Seed difficulty: Normal Sign-up: closed (atm) Tracker speed: 7/10 Tracker content: 7/10 IRC: Channel : #Danishbits Additional information: Seed at least 1:1 or at least 36 hours (within 30 days) Categories and torrents Request Forum Movie index Top User classes
  11. Once again a new game to DanishBits users This time it was to "GB Lottery" Here's your chance to win 50GB Upload! You will find the new game here: / / DansihBits Staff