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Found 14 results

  1. Alright ladies & fellas , we are looking for the best Film Director of ''IS'' :cool: , Please feel free to share ur thoughts with us ! Who is ur favourite Director? Don't forget to use ur vote! I'm stuck between Steven Spielberg and Stanly Kubrick , but my vote goes tooooooooo '' Steven Spielberg '' Regards.
  2. I have these invites 2 x SDBits | 2 x Secret-Cinema | 1 x Karagarga Post here and pm me your gmail
  3. have 10 invites for and 1 for Want invites for and hey.fux0r. If anyone has please contact me. Thank you.
  4. Staff from four of the UK's most popular cinema chains have been given cash rewards for hindering the work of suspected movie pirates. Eleven individuals stepped in to interrupt nearly a dozen so-called 'camming' incidents on movies including Fifty Shades of Grey and The Theory of Everything. The interventions led to four arrests but things don't always go to plan. While the Internet provides an unrivaled distribution mechanism for illicit digital goods, cinemas themselves are often depicted as the front line against pre-release piracy. Just as the latest blockbusters air for the first time to an eager public, in their midst are individuals who aim to record movies and place them online for the enjoyment of others. And even as discerning consumers seek out pristine high-definition content, third-rate ‘cammed’ copies of movies are still gobbled up online. In an effort to mitigate the number of titles that end up on the Internet from UK sources, the Hollywood-funded Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) promotes the Take Action initiative. In place since 2006, this anti-piracy scheme is funded by UK film distributors via the Film Distributors’ Association (FDA) and encourages local cinema staff to catch ‘cammers’ in the act. In its latest report, FACT says that staff from four of the UK’s largest cinema chains – Cineworld, Odeon, Vue and Showcase cinemas – stepped in during the past six months to interrupt those suspected of recording movies including The Hunger Games, Fifty Shades of Grey and The Theory of Everything. In all 11 cinema employees were involved in a total of 11 incidents. Police reportedly attended on all occasions, leading to four cautions and three arrests. cambustersFor their efforts the cinema staff pictured right were invited to a ceremony hosted by Universal Pictures where they were presented with certificates and cash rewards. The precise amounts aren’t being released but for the period the maximum is £500 per person. However, FACT now reports that for a limited time more money is on the table. Any cinema staff who prevent and report unauthorized recording between 20th April and 30th June 2015 can expect to get paid a maximum of £1000. “FACT’s strategy, funded by the film distributors and put into action by cinema staff across the UK, seeks to identify and prevent the initial recording that seeds piracy globally,†says FACT Director General Kieron Sharp. “We continue to work together with UK cinema operators to support the success of the cinema experience and to allow continued investment by FACT’s members in exciting entertainment for all audiences.†Despite the successes, the number of incidents in the current reporting period is up on the previous set of figures published last year. Stats released in September 2014 reveal that there were seven “incidentsâ€, all of which were attended by the police. In five incidents the alleged cammers accepted police cautions, with just one incident leading to an arrest. Nine cinema staff picked up rewards. During the reporting period April 2013 to December 2013, a dozen alleged cammers of major movies were spotted in UK cinemas resulting in five arrests but no prosecutions. A total of 15 cinema workers picked up rewards. Although groups like FACT have a vested interest in publicizing the negative fates of alleged cammers, those with less than favorable outcomes are largely avoided. The most recent involved the November 2013 arrest and early 2014 trial of a man accused of attempting the world’s first in-cinema 3D recording of the movie Gravity. It didn’t go well. The case fell apart, with the judge commenting that “It ought to have been absolutely clear there was no legal basis for it.†Although the defendant, a Birmingham-based student, did enter a cinema with camera equipment, he did not record a moment of the film. Nevertheless, he was reported by cinema staff who called in the police. It’s not clear whether any reward was paid in that case. Also of interest is a December 2014 incident when staff at a Cineworld cinema dialed the national 999 emergency number after spotting a group of 12-year-old girls with iPhones and iPads at a showing of The Hunger Games, a movie mentioned in the most current rewards report. After a police search at the scene turned up nothing incriminating the girls were allowed back in. However, the teens waited outside, reportedly in tears, until their parents came to pick them up. It is not clear whether any cinema staff were given a reward for this incident either. While a little extra cash will no doubt be welcomed by some cinema staff and effective hindering of real pirates greatly appreciated by the studios, there is always a risk that the money available will cloud judgement. Nevertheless, police seem ever more willing to get involved. Documents previously obtained by TorrentFreak revealed that in 2008 there were 50 UK camming incidents, with police attending on just two occasions. If current figures are to be believed, in today’s climate they are almost guaranteed to respond.
  5. We are currently looking for coders with experience in mysql and php who have some free time they could give to the site. If you are interested please pm rickandmary
  6. Tracker Name: Adult-cinema Genre: XXX Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A
  7. 2014-09-30 NEW PotM: "Sting like a Bee: Great Boxing Films". See here.
  8. New items in the pharmacy!
  9. Nine cinema staff in the UK have been rewarded by the movie industry after disrupting the activities of so-called movie "cammers". The cash payments are part of an ongoing scheme which offers incentives to those who help to prevent the unauthorized distribution of first-run content. Every few months the UK’s Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) reports on a scheme designed to cut down on the instances of camcorded movies appearing on the Internet. The Take Action initiative, which has been in place since 2006, is funded by UK film distributors via the Film Distributors’ Association (FDA). In addition to funding educational campaigns and school resources on copyright, the project also provides night-vision goggles for catching potential pirates in the act. In a new bulletin FACT and FDA report that nine members of staff from Cineworld, Odeon and Vue cinemas have become the latest to be commended for disrupting unauthorized movie recording in the UK. “FDA is delighted to recognize the on-going vigilance of our colleagues in cinema exhibition across the UK,†said FDA Chief Executive Mark Batey. “They are at the frontline of the fight against film theft, and a vital part of our programme to make the UK as secure a market in which to release movies as possible.†THE CAMMER CATCHERS In addition to general recognition, the individuals pictured above were presented with certificates and unspecified cash rewards. Although not quantified by FACT this time around, in the past rewards have varied, from up to £700 per person in 2012 down to £500 per person in 2013. FACT reports that the nine individuals were involved in seven ‘incidents’, all of which were attended by the police. In five incidents the alleged cammers accepted police cautions, with one incident leading to an arrest. The latest statistics are down on figures last reported by FACT, both in terms of overall incidents and people being rewarded. During the reporting period April 2013 to December 2013, a dozen alleged cammers of major movies were spotted in UK cinemas resulting in five arrests but no prosecutions. A total of 15 cinema workerspicked up rewards. It’s noteworthy, however, that apprehending those who record movies and then illegally distribute copies online doesn’t have to start and end in the cinema. FACT’s recent private prosecution of a man who recorded Fast and Furious 6 led to a prison sentence of almost three years, even though he managed to record the movie without being spotted. FACT are quick to recount this cautionary tale. “As the recent sentencing of Philip Danks to a 33 month custodial sentence demonstrates, the illegal recording of films is a serious crime which carries serious consequences, both for the perpetrators and the industry they violate,†said FACT Director General Kieron Sharp. The latest camming figures reported by FACT vary enormously from events six years ago. Documents previously obtained by TorrentFreak revealed that in 2008 there were 50 camming incidents in UK cinemas, with police attending on just two occasions. One resulted in a couple receiving official cautions but in the majority of cases people observed camming simply left the building. It’s unclear whether today’s lower figures indicate a growing reluctance to test out the patience of both FACT and the police. However, even for those who do get away with the initial recording, recent events show that subsequently uploading that content to the Internet has the potential to elicit a big response.
  10. Secret-Cinema : News
  11. Movies | Secret-Cinema | SC | Movies | August 2014 Exclusive Review Tracker Name : Secret-Cinema ( SC ) Tracker URL : Tracker Signup : Closed/Invite Only Tracker Type : Ratio Based Maintaining Ratio : Easy Bonus System : N/A Tracker Genre : Movies Tracker IRC : N/A Tracker Description : Secret-Cinema is a private tracker with good content in old/rare movies. Tracker ScreenShots : Home : Categories : Browse Torrents : Top 10 : Top 50 : Top 100 : The 50 most popular torrents of the past 31 days : Requests : Upload : Forums : Rules : Faq : Stats : My Ratings : Content : 8/10 (in rare movies) Speed : 8/10 Rarity : 9/10 Community : 9/10 My Overall Experience : 8,5/10
  12. We can hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach
  13. Hello and Welcome to Bitleechers Today MEMATI has added a new feature to allow members to watch full movies right from our site. The "Cinema" tab can be located in the sites Menu for all members. We want to see how this featire works with our members before we make a decision if it should only be for VIP's only. Eventually in time we will be changing this feature to allow only members who donate to view the Cinema. Staff and uploaders will be adding movies to the Cinema so you have many choices what you would like to watch. We hope you all will like this new feature. If you would like to comment on this new feature please follow this link. Please keep in mind that we are still working on this new feature and will continue to update it. Content will be added soon and the page will be sorted so please bare with us before you make any comments. MEMATI has also decided to open the doors for a short period to allow new members to join. We obviously need more active members using the site. So, please be active because we are not going anywhere anytime soon lol. Tell everyone we are here to stay We would like to THANK all the members who have donated last month and also in the past months to keep the site moving forward! It would be nice to see other members contributing to the server costs each month instead of the same members that care and support us month after month. Please donate and when you donate you are automatically promoted to VIP class for the duration of the amount you have donated. As the previous announcement we have changed the IP of the site and IRC. Details are below and it would be nice to see some new faces in the IRC. Description: Bitleechers IRC Server: OR IP: Port: 6667 +6697 ssl Group: Bitleechers /join #announce /join #chat /join #pre /join #tv /join #help (If YOU need assistance) /join #uploader (If you are an Uploader) If not you will be kicked! Thank You, Bitleechers Staff Team
  14. 1) Tracker Name : Adult Cinema Network 2) Genre : Adult 3) Sign-up link : 4) Closing date : Soon 5) Review link : -/- 6) Additional Comments :