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  1. I have : SceneHD KG Xthor CHDBits HDCorea MTV AsianDvdClub M-Team invite ( it can take me a couple of days to bring it ) Animebytes invite ( it can take me a couple of days to bring it ) BizTorrents CartoonChaos invite I want: PTP invite BTN invite Pedros invite or account with mail Empornium invite or account with mail invite or account with mail BiB invite or account with mail UHDBits - at least 16 weeks old account
  2. I'm new here and i want to giveaway my last one CHDbits Temp(>>> 30 -1 ) invite. Rule Please give me your one true speedtest proof. Add Rep and Thank Don't pm me.I will pm you.
  3. To bring in the new year, lets all give a little back to the community today!!! Today we have two up for grabs, and we all know how hard it will be to get in this site once they reach their member limit. These two invites will go to deserving members here that have put forth a little effort into helping other members of this great forum. So if you think you have been a good member, and are not a trader or seller please apply here, I may ask for ratio proofs. I will pick these within a few days so hurry and apply. Rules: 1. Apply here, Do Not Pm Me. 2. Rep + Feedback Please 3. Invite will go to active members that are here to help others. Good luck and happy torrenting! (((((((((((((((( Happy New Years To All!!!!!! )))))))))))))))))
  4. There are rumours all around that, Zhou was sentenced to 5 years in prison and fined 1,000,000 yuan also his friends are sentenced to prison from 3-5 years which is a terrible news to the lovers of CHDBits and HDWings. I admit that CHDBits and HDwings are two great HD trackers but this is not the end of the world if you seek for a new HD tracker. You can always contact me for the new alternatives. Final words, rest in peace CHDBits and HDWings... Wolfie P.S. These are rumours will most probably be true in the following hours/days.
  5. I have the following: - bitHUmen inv. - nCore inv. - BCG inv. - KG very old PU account + Mail - FL account with invites and nice buffer - FFFFound account Looking for HDWing or CHDBits invite or account with mail. You can choose 2 from the list.
  6. Site is down for maintenance, please check back again later... thanks
  7. Cartoonchaos invites X1 will be expired in 11 days Only want CHD.
  8. This is an automated message to make sure this Trader really got the stuff what he/she is trying to trade, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then thread will remain closed. Best Regards, IS Staff Team!
  9. I am looking for CHDBits account with email send me a PM if interested
  10. i have an invite to and i need an invite to
  11. Penalty notice on the recent leak passkey lead to leakage of exclusive resources Recently found that some members because passkey leak, resulting in leakage of resources exclusive forum for members to respect the hard work release, the following members were banned leaked passkey download January punishment. Members List leaked passkey link : Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  12. CHD official group waiting for you to join (click: CHD official birth of the first QQ group QQ group official name: CHDBits official exchange a group official group number: 384 373 570 (2000 crowd has been upgraded, please continue to add) group manager: TBD (Member may apply) requirements and group management system (temporarily order): 1, plus group must apply for a personal "station ID" application, administrators have the right to refuse to join otherwise; 2, the official theme of the exchange group learning experiences and methods to promote common progress; ban within the group published several irrelevant content, abuse others or other bad behavior by persuasion invalid, administrators have the right to move it out of the official group, advertising and other inappropriate content (prohibited by state law), the administrator directly to their removal; 3, if group members were complaints of harassment to others or have other excesses, confirmed after the administrator has the right to move it out of the official group; CHD official group expect you to join! ! ! ! ! !
  13. æœåŠ¡å™¨å°†äºŽ2014.9.7日凌晨2点更新 尊敬的会员您们好,在中秋æ¥ä¸´ä¹‹å³ï¼Œæœ¬ç«™å°†äºŽ2014.9.7日进行日常更新,修å¤å·²çŸ¥BUG,预计更新时间为2å°æ—¶ã€‚期间红ç§è¯·ç­‰å¾…æœåŠ¡å™¨æ›´æ–°å®Œæ¯•å³å¯ã€‚å› æ­¤ç»™å„ä½å¸¦æ¥çš„ä¸ä¾¿ 请广大会员è§è°…ï¼ Server will update 2014.9.7 day 2:00 Dear member you are good at Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching that, this site will 2014.9.7 date daily updates, fixes known BUG, is expected to update the time of two hours. Please wait for the server during the red species can be updated. So to give you a general membership inconvenience please forgive me!
  14. Recently, an inspection was carried out against seedbox users according to the "Rules and regulations on the usage of Seedbox" guideline. Some members were found guilty during the process (details:) These members were stopped from downloading for a month as first warning. PS: Due to time constrain, some members might not be listed but this doesn't mean they are innocent or safe from the banhammer. Random inspection will be carried out and the next penalty will be more severe than 30 days ban. Members who turn themselves in and act accordingly will be exempted from penalty (for this time only).
  15. Have Torrentleech invite if someone wants to trade for Bitmetv or chdbits
  16. According to a recent feedback and a lot of testing, we find that the software “Thunder†has a new function supporting for the encrypt links from the beginning of the V7.8. As a consequence, the shield of thunder has already failed. To ensure the benefit of everybody, please make sure the DHT function is already disabled, or it may leaked your passkey! If we find that your account is more than one people hold, we will freeze your account. Please be sure to that your DHT function in the client has been closed when you see this announcement. We will begin to patrol in seven days, please cherish your accountï¼ ==== CHD Staff==== ====2014.8.28====
  17. ================= é‡è¦é€šçŸ¥ =================== æ ¹æ®æœ€è¿‘会员å馈的情况以åŠæˆ‘们大é‡çš„测试å‘现,迅雷普通版从7.8版本开始,迅雷尊享版,迅雷æžé€Ÿç‰ˆï¼Œè¿…雷精简版等å„个版本都已ç»å¼€å§‹æ”¯æŒåŠ 密链接,防迅雷å¸è¡€è®¾ç½®å·²ç»å½»åº•å¤±æ•ˆï¼Œä¸ºäº†ä¿è¯å„ä½CHDer的利益,请å„ä½ç«‹å³ç¦ç”¨è‡ªå·±æ‰€ä½¿ç”¨çš„下载客户端的DHT功能,DHTä¸ç¦ç”¨è¿˜å¯èƒ½å¯¼è‡´PASSKEY的泄露。PASSKEY泄露å¯èƒ½è¢«åˆ¤å®šä¸ºå…¬ç”¨å¸å·å¯¼è‡´å¸å·è¢«å°ç¦ï¼Œè¯·å„ä½åŠ¡å¿…在公告å‘出åŽä¸ƒå¤©å†…确认自己客户端的DHT功能已ç»å…³é—­ï¼Œåœ¨7天åŽç®¡ç†ç»„将开始进行清查,passkey泄露严é‡ä»¥åŠå¼€å¯DHT网络的会员å¸å·å°†ä¼šè¢«ban,请å„ä½åˆ‡è®°ã€‚ ---------------------- 我是分割线 ----------------------- é™„åŠ é€šçŸ¥ï¼šç›®å‰windows azure开放å…费试用,有部分会员利用其高速带宽当作盒å­ä½¿ç”¨ï¼Œè¯·è¿™éƒ¨åˆ†ä¼šå‘˜ç«‹å³åœæ­¢ä½¿ç”¨ï¼Œå¹¶ä¸”自行备案,管ç†ç»„åŒæ ·åœ¨7天åŽå¼€å§‹æ¸…查,如果å†æœ‰ä½¿ç”¨çš„会员,处ç†åŒä¸Šï¼Œè¯·ä¸è¦ä»¥èº«çŠ¯é™©ã€‚ CHD管ç†ç»„ 2014å¹´8月28æ—¥ Google Translate ================= IMPORTANT NOTICE =================== According to recent member feedback and extensive testing we found that the Thunder ordinary version from 7.8 version, Thunder Exclusive Edition, Ultimate Edition Thunder, Thunder Lite, and various versions have already begun to support encrypted link, anti-vampire settings have been completely ineffective Thunder in order to ensure that the interests of Members CHDer, please immediately disable the download client they are using the end of the DHT function, DHT can not help but use may also lead to PASSKEY leakage. PASSKEY leak may be judged to be a public account led to the account being banned, please be sure to confirm within seven days after publication of the notice their clients DHT function has been turned off in seven days the management group will begin an inventory, passkey disclose serious and open DHT network members account will be ban, please remember. ---------------------- I am a dividing line ----------------------- Additional notice: currently open windows azure free trial, some members use their high-speed bandwidth as a box, please stop using it immediately and some members, and their own record, the same management group at 7 days after the inventory, if we have a membership to use, process above, please do not put their lives at risk. CHD Management Group August 28, 2014
  18. 2014.08.19 - CHD3D Team Recruitment suppression personnel In order to enrich the site of the 3D re-coding resources, grow CHD3D group, the management group decided that all HD enthusiasts now facing repression personnel recruiting 1-2. A recruitment requirements: 1, at least 18 years of age, have full civil capacity. 2, the re-encoding 3D resources have a strong interest, with or without experience can be suppressed, we will have someone hands-on training. 3, there is a fixed and relatively ample spare time, to complete assigned tasks on time leader with responsibility and perseverance, refusing to three minutes heat! 4, with I5 CPU configuration of the machine and above, and preferably have a 3Dplayback device can be tested for 3D resources. 5, with a 10M or more broadband network conditions. Second, the benefits: 1, we do not for commercial profit, all work with personal hobbies and interests, no any money in return! 2, CHD3D suppression personnel level was promoted to uploader! 3, the monthly magic value reward. Member candidates please email. Please attach the following,without having to upload text attachments One, fixed-line time: Second, the personal circumstances: 1 Age: 2, the network conditions: 3, repression computer configuration: 4,3D playback device: 5, contact information (QQ): 6, E-mail: 7, PT Username:
  19. Title says it all. I [Want] CHDBits invite or acc, I [Have], Waffles, TL, and bH invite for it. PM me if you're interested! EDIT: SCC invite is gone
  20. [Have] IPT Invite [Want] BTN
  21. 为了给æèµ ç”¨æˆ·æ›´å¤šçš„æ¶ˆè´¹é€‰æ‹©æƒï¼Œæ‹Ÿå†³å®šå°†åŽŸæ¥çš„â€œå›žé¦ˆä¸Šä¼ æµé‡æ–¹å¼â€å˜æ›´ä¸ºâ€œå›žé¦ˆå¯¹åº”æ•°é‡çš„魔力值方å¼â€ã€‚ 注æ„: 1.回馈的魔力值数é¢ä¼šè·Ÿéšé­”力值兑æ¢ä¸Šä¼ æµé‡ä»·æ ¼çš„调整而å˜åŠ¨ï¼ˆå³ï¼šå¦‚æžœä¸Šä¼ æµé‡å…‘æ¢çš„ä»·æ ¼å‘生调整,则æèµ å›žé¦ˆé­”åŠ›å€¼ä¹Ÿä¼šåŒæ­¥è°ƒæ•´ï¼‰ã€‚ 2.å¦‚æžœä½ æ˜¯éžé»„æ˜Ÿä¼šå‘˜åœ¨è€ƒæ ¸æœŸæ— æ³•å…‘æ¢æµé‡ï¼Œç„¶è€Œä¸€æ—¦ä½ æèµ æˆåŠŸï¼Œåˆ™å¯å³æ—¶å…é™¤è€ƒæ ¸ï¼Œåœ¨éžè€ƒæ ¸çŠ¶æ€ä¸‹ä½ å°±å¯ä»¥ä½¿ç”¨é­”力值兑æ¢æ‰€éœ€è¦çš„ä¸Šä¼ æµé‡ã€‚ 3.新政策实施åŽï¼Œé’ˆå¯¹æèµ ä¼šå‘˜é­”åŠ›å€¼å…‘æ¢ä¸Šä¼ é‡çš„分享率é™åˆ¶å°†äºˆä»¥å–消。 例如: 1)æèµ äººæ°‘å¸200元或40ç¾Žå…ƒï¼šåŠ 12个月æèµ ä¼šå‘˜æ ‡å¿—(黄星),黄星状æ€æœŸé—´åŒå€é­”力值增长且å…è€ƒæ ¸ï¼Œèµ é€800Gä¸Šä¼ æµé‡ã€‚ 2)æèµ äººæ°‘å¸400元或80ç¾Žå…ƒï¼šåŠ 12个月æèµ ä¼šå‘˜æ ‡å¿—(黄星),黄星状æ€æœŸé—´åŒå€é­”力值增长且å…è€ƒæ ¸ï¼Œèµ é€2000Gä¸Šä¼ æµé‡ã€‚ å˜æ›´ä¸º 1)æèµ äººæ°‘å¸200元或40ç¾Žå…ƒï¼šåŠ 12个月æèµ ä¼šå‘˜æ ‡å¿—(黄星),黄星状æ€æœŸé—´åŒå€é­”力值增长且å…è€ƒæ ¸ï¼Œèµ é€33.2万点魔力值。 2)æèµ äººæ°‘å¸400元或80ç¾Žå…ƒï¼šåŠ 12个月æèµ ä¼šå‘˜æ ‡å¿—(黄星),黄星状æ€æœŸé—´åŒå€é­”力值增长且å…è€ƒæ ¸ï¼Œèµ é€83万点魔力值。 ä»¥ä¸Šï¼Œè¯·å¹¿å¤§ä¼šå‘˜æŠ•ä¸Šä½ å®è´µçš„一票,对比票数的结果将确定新的政策是å¦å¾—ä»¥å®žæ–½ï¼Œè°¢è°¢ï¼ Translate In order to donate more consumer users the option, to be decided the original "feedback upload traffic way" to "repay the value of a corresponding number of magic the way." Note: 1 Amount Mana Mana feedback will follow the flow conversion price adjustment upload changes (ie: If you upload traffic exchange price adjustments occur, then donated back Mana will sync adjustment). 2 If you are a non-member of the yellow star in the assessment of the flow can not be converted, but once you donate is successful, you can instantly relieve assessment, the assessment in the non-state you can use Mana exchange needed to upload traffic. 3 After the new policy, the share rate limit for members of Mana donation amount will be converted to upload canceled. For example: 1) donated 200 yuan, or $ 40: Canadian 12-month membership donated flag (yellow star), double Mana yellow star status during the growing and free assessment, presented 800G upload traffic. 2) donated 400 yuan, or $ 80: Canadian 12-month membership donated flag (yellow star), Mana double yellow star status during the growing and free assessment, presented 2000G upload traffic. Change to 1) donated 200 yuan, or $ 40: Canadian 12-month membership donated flag (yellow star), Mana double yellow star status during the growing and free assessment, giving 332,000 points Mana. 2) donated 400 yuan, or $ 80: Canadian 12-month membership donated flag (yellow star), double Mana yellow star status during the growing and free assessment, giving 830,000 points Mana. Or more, the majority of members to vote on your valuable vote, the results of comparison of votes will determine whether the new policy is implemented, thank you!
  22. CHD subtitles group long-term recruitment of the original disc subtitles OCR production staff
  23. [HAVE]: TTG invite HDWing invite BH invite [WANT]: CHDBits acc + email