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Found 4 results

  1. Satya Nadella now says he was wrong to say that women shouldn't ask for a raise. New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has apologized for his controversial comments this week about women in the workforce where he said women don't need to ask for a raise, but should instead place their faith in the system to pay them well. Nadella faced a wave of criticism through social media in the wake of these comments, and now says he was wrong to make them in the first place. Per CBS News, Nadella was asked during a presentation this week at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing event what advice he would give to women who felt uncomfortable seeking a raise. He said: "It's not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along." Nadella went on to say that not asking for a raise is "good karma" that would eventually lead a manager to see that the employee is trustworthy and capable of taking on more responsibility. But in a memo shared on Microsoft's website, Nadella said he was "completely wrong" to make these comments. He added that he "wholeheartedly" supports programs inside Microsoft and across the industry that help bring more women into the technology field and in turn close the pay gap that exists in the tech space between men and women. "I believe men and women should get equal pay for equal work," he added in his statement. "And when it comes to career advice on getting a raise when you think it's deserved, [presenter Maria Klawe]'s advice was the right advice. If you think you deserve a raise, you should just ask." In closing, Nadella said he was happy to attend the event, and that he "certainly learned a valuable lesson." Microsoft released an internal diversity report earlier this week that showed that 29 percent of the company's global workforce are women, which represents a 5 percent year-over-year increase. Nadella was named Microsoft CEO in February, becoming the company's third chief executive. He follows in the footsteps of Microsoft icons Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  2. Well, T-Mobile fans who didn’t want to see the Sprint/T-Mo merger can breathe a sigh of relief: the months-long rumor whispers are now over. And, with Sprint’s desire to return to its former glory comes a change in leadership. Sources say that former Sprint CEO Dan Hesse is out, with Brightstar Corporation founder and CEO, Marcelo Claure, in the leadership position at Sprint. Dan Hesse served as Sprint CEO for 7 years and was present in Sprint’s leadership during the WiMax transition phase. Brightstar is a Softbank subsidiary, so Marcelo Claure comes to the driving wheel at Sprint with some management knowledge – despite the fact that he’s never managed a large corporation before. Claure holds a B.S. in Economics and Finance from Bentley University in Massachusetts. He is the owner of the Bolivar Bolivian soccer team, and under his leadership, Brightstar reported $10 billion in gross revenue in 2013. He is a trustee on the Florida International University Board and has been named a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. In 2013, Brightstar made it to the Forbes’ list of largest privately-owned companies in the US. Claure has stepped down from Brightstar and will assume the Sprint CEO position on August 11th. Sprint lost another 330,000 customers last quarter and looks to be uprooted in its customer base by T-Mobile by the end of the year.
  3. We reported earlier this week that Apple may, in fact, bring T-Mobile JUMP, Verizon EDGE, and AT&T Next plans to local retail stores across the US. Well, you may have a new reason to head back to T-Mobile retail stores instead. Just yesterday, T-Mobile CEO John Legere decided to make one more move that would put T-Mobile ever closer to be the country’s true UNCarrier (in every sense). The latest move for T-Mobile involves slicing AT&T’s Family Plan prices to an even more affordable one: whereas AT&T will give a family of four 10GB of shared data plus unlimited calling and texting for $160 a month, T-Mobile’s new plans will provide the same thing for $100 a month. That’s $60 less a month for families on T-Mobile’s plan, as compared to AT&T’s “Best Ever Pricing Plan.†Keep in mind as well that after your family plan consumes 10GB of data, T-Mobile will throttle your data (but not stop it), while AT&T will tack on charges beyond the 10GB of shared data. A family of four members will have 2.5GB of 4G LTE individually to share (if you divide the shared data equally). Legere took some time when writing his post to mock AT&T, a never-ending mission for T-Mobile’s most outspoken CEO yet: “It infuriates me that they’re selling this [AT&T Best Ever Pricing Plan] to hardworking families who could use that money for more important things. And they have the nerve to call it ‘Best Ever Pricing.’ I just couldn’t stand by without speaking up and calling them on their BS.†These are quite colorful words for the Magenta Pink CEO, but they’re typical Legere. And yet, T-Mobile’s offer isn’t quite the “Best Ever Pricing†plan either, for it comes with a few conditions. First, the plan is only good from now through September. The bottom of Legere’s announcement contains some important fine print that says, “Offer ends 9/30/14. Pricing for 4 lines only 2.5GB data per line/month until 1/2/16, then 1GB data per line.â€
  4. Microsoft and social network company Yammer entered into an acquisition agreement back in 2012, two years ago, but Yammer’s retained its independence up until now. During the negotiation/purchase period, David Sacks was CEO of Yammer. Sacks has remained the CEO of Yammer for the last two years, but Microsoft’s decided to pull the plug on Yammer and integrate the social network into its Office 365 offering. No details have been given at this time, except to say that Sacks announced his own departurefrom Microsoft yesterday: “Thank you to my current and former YamFamily for 6 years and to Microsoft for the last two. I look forward to new adventures.†Microsoft had this to say regarding Yammer integration into Office 365: “Since we acquired Yammer in 2012, we have been working together to bring the integrated benefits of enterprise social to all our Office 365 customers. As we’ve seen the Yammer experience extending throughout Office – giving people new ways to collaborate and work together – it’s now time to bring Yammer organization together with our Outlook and Office 365 Shared teams as the next logical step in delivering an integrated set of social, collaboration, and communication experiences that enable companies to work like a network.â€