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Found 4 results

  1. During his annual year-end press conference today, United States president Barack Obama spoke out about Sony Pictures' recent decision to cancel controversial Seth Rogen/James Franco movie The Interview in the wake of widespread cyberattacks, saying the film company "made a mistake." "Sony is a corporation. It suffered significant damage," Obama explained, as reported by The Associated Press. "There were threats against its employees. I am sympathetic to the concerns that they faced. Having said all that, yes, I think they made a mistake." "I wish they had spoken to me first," Obama went on to say about Sony executives who made the decision to scuttle movie, a satire about an attempt to assassinate North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un. "We cannot have a society in which some dictatorship someplace can start imposing censorship." Obama went on to suggest that Sony's cancellation of the movie could lead to other, similarly damaging situations if leaders of other nations "start seeing a documentary that they don't like or news reports that they don't like." The president's speech came just hours after the FBI officially pointed the finger at the North Korean government for the massive hack against Sony Pictures. "As a result of our investigation, and in close collaboration with other U.S. government departments and agencies, the FBI now has enough information to conclude that the North Korean government is responsible for these actions," the FBI said in a statement on its website this afternoon. The statement goes on to say that the FBI will pursue and "impose costs and consequences" on any person, group, or nation state that launches cyberattacks against the US or its interests. For its part, North Korea has denied any involvement in the widespread hacking. The perpetrators have leaked troves of internal documents, ranging from executive salaries to the script for 2015 James Bond movie Spectre. For lots more on the Sony hacking case, check out GameSpot sister site CNET's in-depth coverage.
  2. Developer Uber cited a lack of confidence that their original RTS project would raise the necessary $1.4M. If you were won over by the unique art style of Human Resources, a game just announced earlier this month, you may be in for some disappointment. The Kickstarter has been canceled by the developers citing that they anticipate coming up "woefully short" of the $1.4 million they were hoping to raise. In a note to backers, lead designer John Comes wrote, "The time has come to shut down the Kickstarter for Human Resources. Every Kickstarter prediction model is showing that we will come up woefully short of our goal. Running a Kickstarter is a full-time job for several people. As a small indie, we can't continue spending time and money focusing on a project that won't get funded. We simply don't have the human resources. #seewhatididthere." The project was originally slated to complete funding by November 4. But that doesn't mean all hope is lost for the project. Comes notes that they plan to "regroup and figure out what to do next." However, he also writes, "One thing is for sure, Human Resources, as pitched in this Kickstarter, is over. But we adore the world of Human Resources and will endeavor to do what we can to bring it to life in some form." You have a few options if you want to keep up with what developer Uber has in store next. According to Comes, you can follow updates on the developer's (Uber) website, John's Twitter, Nate's Twitter, and Uber's Twitter. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  3. "Supporting the 8 GB model is a consideration, it is neither a deal-breaker nor the only challenge." The Wii U version of Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, the remake of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee first released on PlayStation in 1997, is having some trouble, but it's not canceled. Speaking on the Fragments of Silicon podcast, the series' creator Lorne Lanning said that publisher Oddworld Inhabitants is facing challenges, but is committed to bringing the game to new platforms, especially the Wii U. "If you're going to make a game for the Wii U it better run on the 8 GB unit, otherwise it's not really a Wii U game. I'm desperate to get on Nintendo, I believe it will resonate with that audience." The Wii U comes with either 8 or 32 GB of storage, and Lanning said that the limited space is posing a problem. The Oddworld Inhabitants Twitter account later clarified the situation: "New 'n' Tasty is not cancelled on Wii U," it said. "We are currently having challenges with the platform that we are striving to overcome. Regarding Wii U, while supporting the 8GB model is a consideration, it is neither a deal-breaker nor the only challenge." New 'n' Tasty is currently only available as a downloadable title on PlayStation 4, but PlayStation 3 andPlayStation Vita versions will follow with Cross-Buy support. PC and Xbox One versions are in the works as well. GameSpot's review of New 'n' Tasty on PS4 gave the game an 8/10 for its gorgeous graphics and deep and engaging puzzle platforming. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  4. New details about the Rogue Squadron collection and an online multiplayer Rogue Squadron for the Xbox 360. Julian Eggebrecht, the former President of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron developer Factor 5, shared some details about a canceled Rogue Squadron collection and other games the studio worked on but never released before it shuttered. "As you might remember, it leaked from LucasArts that we were working on a trilogy compilation, and that was actually for the [original] Xbox," Eggebrecht said on IGN's Nintendo Voice Chat podcast. The game would have included Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Star wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, and Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, all reworked for the first Xbox, but the project was canceled by LucasArts, which Disney closed in 2013 after it acquired the company alongside LucasFilm. Eggebrecht said that Factor 5 then began working on a Rogue Squadron game for Xbox 360 that would have been the first to introduce online multiplayer to the series. Star Wars Rogue Squadron: X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, as the project was called, emphasised cooperative multiplayer, where players reenacted famous space battles from the movies. "The moment it [Rogue Squadron] was cancelled, Shu[hei] Yoshida from Sony basically held out his hand and basically said 'come on, guys, come on to the PlayStation team. We're still looking for PlayStation 3 launch titles.'" That game eventually became the PlayStation 3, dragon-flying launch title, Lair, because Sony wanted to have their own IP. Eggebrecht said that Factor 5 later even tried bringing the Rogue Squadron collection to Wii, but that they couldn't finish the project because of the financial crisis of 2008, which eventually led to Factor 5 going out of business. The Rogue Squadron series, in case you're not familiar with it, let players fly the original trilogy's iconic spaceships in a series of missions, some of which were also based on the movies. The last game in the series, Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, was released on GameCube in 2003. For even more details on Factor 5's canceled Star Wars projects, give the Nintendo Voice Chat a listen.